At that, Director Li’s expression immediately became somber. He didn’t even look at Su Shen and said to the male reporter who asked the question, “I don’t know why there is such a rumor. In my films, actors and actresses are chosen based on whether they fit the character or not. Every role in the film is chosen by me, and no one can intervene. At first, I felt that Su Shen’s image was more suitable for the female lead, and I even wanted her to try auditioning for it, but it was she who wanted to audition for the supporting female lead.”

At this, Ding Yan’s smile became a little forced. Isn’t the director saying that she was picking up a role that others didn’t want?!

“At first, I didn’t think highly of it, but I still let her audition for it. However, her performance was beyond my expectations. Among all of those who had auditioned for this role, no one suited the role more than her. Moreover, she especially learned to smoke for this role. In the beginning, someone joked with me that her acting was very poor, and I was shocked. Although she was not as good as those experienced actors, I haven’t met a newcomer at her age as expressive as her.”

The director’s high praise startled Su Shen. If this was in the palace, it would be a flattering remark containing a double-edged sword. However, with Director Li’s status, what he just said was a thorn in the flesh, and if he said anything wrong, it would also be a slap to his face. 

Therefore, those reporters were exhilarated. No matter whether Su Shen’s acting was good or not, it would be a headline with what Director Li just said. 

“Yep, Su Shen’s usually very hardworking. If she doesn’t understand anything, she would come to find me or Zheng Tong. I think she’s a very earnest and dedicated girl.” Ding Yan added. 

If this was to be dissected very closely, it meant that she flattered those on top and stepped those on the bottom. There were so many people in the crew, yet she chose to ask the two leads. The antis would definitely libel her for wanting to stick to Zheng Tong. 

Just when Su Shen was about to say something, Zheng Tong looked at the camera and said unhurriedly, “I’ve known Su Shen for a long time. She’s really a person who’s just absorbed into her work. Due to an NG, she often has to smoke a lot for a scene. In the end, she would be there coughing.” 

At that, Su Shen couldn’t help but glance at Zheng Tong. They weren’t really familiar with each other, yet he was willing to speak for her. 

Even Ding Yan couldn’t help glancing at Zheng Tong. She couldn’t see that they had known each other for a long time. However, this Su Shen’s really formidable, to actually have so many people speaking out for her. 

Zheng Tong was not a person who liked to get involved in other things in the entertainment industry. Now, he was actually willing to speak for Su Shen. Those reporters seemed to have found another thing to write about.

“Then Su Shen, what do you think about the news that you chased after Xie Yan online?” A female reporter extended her mic toward her. 

Facing so many cameras, Su Shen’s expression remained the same, and replied calmly, “We’re really good friends. It’s absolutely not true.”

“Yes, I remember that Xie Yan’s girlfriend was introduced by Su Shen,” the director interjected with a smile. 

Ding Yan tried her best to keep a smile on her face. If she weren’t facing so many cameras, she would’ve rolled her eyes. 

Su Shen also laughed and said nothing. Yes, she introduced herself.

Perhaps those reporters felt that they had enough news to write about, so they began to ask about the film. After half an hour was up and the interview was over, those reporters took some photos of the set and then left. 

After they left, Su Shen couldn’t help but thanked the director. 

The director sat in front of the monitor and looked at her with a smile. “Just treat me to a wedding toast when you and Xie Yan get married.” 

Su Shen couldn’t help blushing and then found an excuse to leave. 

Filming continued until 10:00 pm. The video of the interview from the day was posted online by those media outlets. Not long after, she shot through to No. 1 on Hot Search. 

Netizen A: Those who said that my Su Su relies on connections, does your face hurt? Does your idol who relies on connections choose not to play as the female lead but as the supporting female lead?

Netizen B: For those who don’t know Su Shen’s acting, go and watch The Song of Troubled Times. Her acting isn’t bad. I feel that with Director Li’s status, he isn’t one to lie. Maybe Su Shen did get the role through her own effort.

Netizen C: Thank you for your clarification, Director Li. Your praise is too high. My Su Su has always wanted to be a great actress. Soon, those antis will come to slander her again. But who told my Su Su to get a slice of such a good cake? Of course, some people will be jealous of her. [smiley face]

Netizen D: I think Su Shen’s acting is not bad but isn’t it a little too much to say that she’s the best of the new generation?

Netizen E: introduced a girlfriend to Xie Yan [sob] why didn’t you just let him be single!

Netizen F: My Crab Cake CP sunk again [smiling with tears]

Netizen G: The biggest mystery in the entertainment industry. So, who on earth is Xie Yan’s girlfriend? [sob]

Netizen H: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Miss Su’s really amazing. All of a sudden, she’s the best among the starlets and to even have Director Li help her boast. How formidable is her background? To even audition for the female lead role. With all due respect, if she doesn’t have connections, how could Miss Su audition for the female lead with her fame?

The comments online were all mixed, and the antis still didn’t stop. She had to rely on terminating her contract with Starlight and having He Hua announce that she had changed to Huayan, only in this way could they perfectly explain why she had such good opportunities. 

It began to drizzle again at night. Sitting in the car and looking at the rain outside the window, Su Shen was somewhat lost in thought. After the car stopped, she put on her cap and walked to the hotel. 

Just at this moment, her phone suddenly rang. It was from He Hua. Su Shen pressed the elevator button before answering the call. 

“I spoke with Starlight’s Qin zong today, and the termination fee is a given. But they agreed not to make it a big deal and just settle it in private. Ten million. I’ll deduct it from Xie Yan’s dividends.”

Hearing the words from the other end of the line, the elevator just so happened to open. Frowning, Su Shen walked in and said, “You didn’t say that at the beginning. You said that the termination fee will be paid by the company. The company’s not Xie Yan’s. You and the others also hold shares. Why is it that Xie Yan’s paying it all now?”

At that, the person on the other end went silent and obviously didn’t expect that she would grasp this hole to help Xie Yan save money.

“Well… Xie Yan was willing to pay for it for you. What can I do?” He Hua said helplessly. 

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately said, “No can do. Even if he wants to, I won’t agree. Anyway, he can’t pay for it. The company has to. I’ll call him later.” 

Ten million was also money, and Xie Yan didn’t appear to be such a fool. It was obvious that He Hua was behind it. This person was such a leech and thief!

“Okay, okay. The company will pay for it. Xie Yan’s done for. When he marries you in the future, he definitely won’t have a secret stash of money left.” He Hua sighed helplessly.  

Su Shen snorted, “That’s our business. Public matters are public. Private matters are private. I’m signing with Huayan, not just to Xie Yan alone.”

He Hua must’ve thought that it was easy to fool her since she was young. She had to read the contracts carefully in the future. 

“Fine, fine, fine. I’ll take you to sign the termination contract once it’s done, and it should be within these two days. Don’t make any statements right now. I’ll have our legal team send a warning to those gossip accounts. As for those who are slandering you, we’ll talk about it after this wind blows,” said He Hua seriously.  

At that, Su Shen didn’t say anything more and quickly hung up the phone. 

Although He Hua was shrewd and liked to entrap people, there was nothing to say about his capability. This kind of old fox indeed had a wide range of connections, but it happened that he met a person like Xie Yan who would not budge no matter what he said. As they say, there was always one thing to conquer another. 

When the elevator reached the tenth floor, Su Shen took out the room card from her pocket and opened the door. But as soon as she opened the door, the light was on inside. 

Clenching her phone vigilantly, Su Shen pressed against the door and swept a glance around the room, only to find the sound of water from the bathroom, as if someone was taking a shower.  

Su Shen took a few steps back and double-checked the room number, confirming that she didn’t go to the wrong room. Clenching her phone, she walked a few steps into the room vigilantly and yelled toward the bathroom from far away, “Who are you?!”

As her words fell, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped. Su Shen took two steps back on guard and neared the wall. She couldn’t help but shout, “If you don’t come out right now, I’ll call the police!”

At that, the door of the bathroom suddenly opened, and a tall man walked out. He was only wearing a pair of gray sweatpants, and his upper body was naked. His nearly perfect muscles were covered with a lot of water droplets. Seeing him, Su Shen immediately turned around and closed the door blushingly.

“Why are you here? And not wearing any clothes!” Su Shen snorted with her back to him, blushing. She was not Xiao Zhou, so she wouldn’t be so easily seduced by Xie Yan.

Throwing the towel onto the sofa, Xie Yan came behind her in two to three steps and wrapped his arms around her waist. He buried his head into her neck and took a deep breath. “It’s not like you haven’t seen it before. Get used to it slowly.”

These words were so vulgar that Su Shen turned red from anger. Every time he would say these dirty words, she would become speechless. 

Hmph, I… I didn’t see you at all last time, and I don’t want to see you… take off your clothes either!” Su Shen stammered for a long time before uttering these words blushingly.

Hearing this, Xie Yan chuckled while burying himself into her neck. “But, there’s still a mark you scratched on my shoulder. Wanna see it?”

His teasing tone almost made Su Shen deceased. Thinking that he had actually said it out loud, Su Shen suddenly wanted to ram her head against a wall out of embarrassment. 

Seeing that the body in his arms was trembling from anger, Xie Yan stopped teasing her and pinched her cheek. “Xiao Zhou gave me the key.”

Xiao Zhou came back early, but she didn’t expect it was to open the door for Xie Yan. Su Shen glared at him and then walked towards the sofa. 

Taking off her cap, Su Shen took off her coat while looking at him. “He Hua said that you were going to pay the termination fee for me? Why not the company?”

Knowing that she was shy, Xie Yan went and put on a T-shirt. When he came back, he replied insipidly, “Ignore him.”

Hearing this, Su Shen ran to the other side of the room and poured herself a glass of water. “I was wondering why you were suddenly so dumb to get ripped off by him. He really won’t miss any chance of ripping people off.”

“Are you helping me save money?” Sitting on the sofa, Xie Yan stared at her with a laptop in his hand.

There were only two lamps lit in the living room, and it was not particularly bright, so Su Shen’s red ears went unnoticed. After drinking a sip of water, she then put down the glass and walked towards the bedroom.  

“I’m going to take a shower. Play by yourself.”

Just when she was about to go grab some clothes and take a shower, Xie Yan, who was looking at the laptop, suddenly asked solemnly, “Are you familiar with Zheng Tong?”

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