Caught In The Act

Su Shen paused in her steps and looked at the person on the sofa in confusion. “Nope. What’s wrong?”

At that, Xie Yan said nothing when a voice suddenly sounded from the laptop, “I’ve known Su Shen for a long time. She’s very earnest and dedicated to her work.”

Zheng Tong’s voice was still being played. Su Shen felt a little helpless. She definitely spoke no more than five sentences with Zheng Tong in private.

“That’s because he was nice to speak out for me. We’re really not familiar with each other.” She explained. 

Xie Yan continued to watch the video and said in passing as he heard that, “I understand. He is nice.”

Su Shen: “…….”

Ignoring him, Su Shen went straight to the bedroom to grab some clothes and take a shower. Xie Yan had to go abroad to shoot next month so he’d just been at home during this period. He didn’t need to attend any engagements either. Su Shen was really afraid that he would just stay by her side. The reporters were fixed on her now, so it was easy to be photographed. If this were to follow, she would definitely be attacked. 

After taking a shower, Xie Yan was still sitting on the sofa reading a script when she came out. Perhaps it was the script of his next work. After drying her hair, Su Shen walked over to pour herself a glass of water and then came to the sofa before sitting down. “It’s my dad’s birthday on the 25th. Are you free that day?”

As soon as her words fell, Xie Yan paused whatever he was doing. He shifted his gaze and landed on her bare face before arching a brow. “You want to take me home?”

Feeling a little embarrassed by his gaze, Su Shen placed her glass down and turned away from him. “I… I just said it casually, and you don’t necessarily have to.”

She was wearing light yellow pajamas, revealing her slender and fair legs. Her neck and ears were slightly red, and her two hands held the throw pillow tightly. After putting down the laptop, Xie Yan leaned over to hold her waist, directly pressing her down onto the sofa.  

“Of course, I will go to my father-in-law’s birthday.” He buried his head in her neck and lightly kissed it. 

Blushing, Su Shen patted his head which was rubbing against her, and said, “Who’s your father-in-law? Shameless.” 

Why didn’t she notice that Xie Yan is like this before? Or do men let themselves go after tasting it?

“Xie Yan.” She suddenly looked at the person in front of her strangely. 

The latter looked up, and his big hand had already slipped into her pajamas, but he still appeared proper. “En?”

As she stopped his restless hand, Su Shen glared at him and said, “Did… you like me from a long time ago?”

She didn’t dare to think about it before. But now, she realized that Xie Yan had treated her differently from way before. But why did he like her, a newcomer?

Facing her curious gaze, Xie Yan arched a brow before asking in a mellow voice, “What do you think?”

Su Shen: “…….”

“I… mhm…” She widened her eyes and placed her hands tenderly on his shoulders, being forced to bear his intense attack.  

Enveloping her soft lips, he sucked them gently as his hand slipped into her pajamas, wandering freely on her smooth skin.

“Xie Yan…” Su Shen looked up and gasped for air while grabbing his short hair, seemingly wanting to say something. 

The air surrounding them instantly became full of enamor. Burying his head in her neck, Xie Yan nibbled it and said muffledly, “I know you know everything.”

His hoarse voice sounded in her ears, and Su Shen’s heart began to beat crazily. Her neck was itchy, and she couldn’t help but blush and push at his shoulder. “I can’t today… I… I… I really can’t…”

His hand was already at the clasp of her bra, but he suddenly stopped before looking up and frowning. 

Seeing the perplexed expression on his face, Su Shen’s face was as red as a tomato. Although she knew that it would make him feel uncomfortable to stop, she had no choice. She really couldn’t today, so she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek before saying softly, “I… I really can’t. You can sleep on the sofa today?”

It wasn’t that she didn’t allow Xie Yan to sleep on the bed, but he would only feel more uncomfortable this way. 

Frowning, he took a deep breath while buried in her neck and said hoarsely, “You must make it up to me next time then.”

Su Shen: “……..”

How could she make it up to him? It was usually him who had the say.

Blushing, she nodded slightly. Seeing this, Xie Yan kissed her on the lips again before he got off the sofa and walked towards the bathroom.

Listening to the sound of water from the bathroom, Su Shen immediately ran to the bed and lay down blushingly. She was actually a little relieved that she couldn’t do it today. Else, if Xie Yan had still remembered what she said last time, she wouldn’t be able to film tomorrow for sure. 

Not long after, the other side of the bed sank, and a fiery hot hand appeared on her waist. Su Shen turned around, only to see Xie Yan caress her hair and said hoarsely, “Stop moving around and sleep.”

Seeing him close his eyes, Su Shen also followed after and fell asleep slowly in his arms. 

It was still drizzling nonstop outside. It was not until the morning rays of the next day dispersed the moody clouds. Su Shen got up at 7:00 am since she had to get styled before filming began. However, seeing that Xie Yan was still sleeping, she carefully went to wash up so as not to wake him up.  

When she went out, the driver was already waiting for her downstairs. Xiao Zhou bought breakfast and waited for her downstairs. She felt a little guilty when she saw her coming down. 

Taking over the cup of soymilk, Su Shen said nothing. When the car started to move, Xiao Zhou plucked up the courage to show her sleeve and said excitedly, “Su jie, look, this is my idol’s autograph!”

Glancing from the corner of her eye, Su Shen noticed that there was indeed Xie Yan’s autograph on her sleeve. She didn’t really understand the feelings of fans. Xiao Zhou followed her every day on set and had seen so many celebrities, so she should know that these people were no different from ordinary people. But, why was she still so crazy about Xie Yan?

“You gave him the key just because of an autograph?” said Su Shen, looking at her somewhat mellowly. 

Hearing this, Xiao Zhou immediately waved her hands and said, “No, no. I wanted to call and tell you, but your phone was off.”

Su Shen: “……..”

Okay, her phone did die yesterday.

Arriving on set, everyone was busy setting up the scenery. Seeing that the director was there eating breakfast, Su Shen walked over and asked for a day’s leave from him. After all, she had to go back to celebrate her dad’s birthday on the 25th. Moreover, she was in the midst of terminating her contract, so she couldn’t ask Liu jie to help her ask and could only rely on herself. 

The director was quite easy to talk to and just asked her to come back a bit early to film the night scenes. Naturally, Su Shen nodded in agreement. 

When she arrived at the dressing room, she let the stylist do her hair. She didn’t know what He Hua did, but all those gossip accounts that had exposed her of relying on backhanded methods to get roles had deleted their posts from Weibo. However, the discussion online still varied. He Hua said that he would announce that she had left Starlight Entertainment a day before the drama starring Jiang Yin and her aired. This way, it would wash away all the suspicions about her and promote the drama simultaneously. He doesn’t let any chance of fervor slip from his hands. 

The scenes for today’s filming were for the beginning of the film, and it seemed that the kiss on the cheek scene was part of it. Filming was supposed to start at 9:30 am, but because Ding Yan arrived late, work was delayed until 10:00 am.  

In an alley, Su Shen and Zheng Tong were standing there, and when all departments were ready, the director yelled “action”. 

When the cameras were aimed straight at the two of them from the nine o’clock position, Su Shen held a fan in her hand, and the fan slowly slid from Zheng Tong’s forehead to his jaw. She smiled, “Why did this gentleman drag this lady here in such a hurry?”

There were people searching outside. Zheng Tong turned around to look at the entrance of the alley from time to time, having no time to pay attention to her. 

Su Shen parted her red lips slightly and slowly leaned in and said flirtatiously, “Pulling me here and not saying anything. You men are all the same.”

“Quick, go look over there!”

Just at this moment, several patrolmen suddenly passed the entrance of the alley with guns in their hands. Zheng Tong immediately turned around, wrapped his arms around her waist, and turned his back toward the entrance. 

Su Shen blinked and suddenly looked up and softly pecked his right cheek with a smile. Facing the shocked look in his eyes, she giggled and said, “I can see that this gentleman is a novice at first sight. No worries, I’ll teach you.”

Her jade-like finger was already touching his chest and slowly wandering down….


As soon as the director shouted, Zheng Tong immediately released his hold on her waist. Su Shen embarrassedly nodded slightly and walked out of the alley. There were many staff members coming and going outside. The director was sitting in front of the monitor, and a familiar figure stood beside him.  

Su Shen’s heart skipped a beat. The other party also seemed to have noticed her gaze and looked in her direction. As their eyes met, Su Shen inexplicably felt guilty. She didn’t expect that he would come here openly. She immediately felt ill at ease, but she still braced herself to walk over. 

Seeing her coming, the director said slowly, Su Shen, your eyes aren’t seductive enough. We need to reshoot the scene later.”

After saying that and seeing that Su Shen said nothing, the director looked at Xie Yan behind him with a smile, “A kiss is fine, right?”

With a black cap covering most of his face, Xie Yan glanced at the monitor which was playing the playback upon hearing that and said indifferently, “Too much, and it’ll be a problem.”

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately blushed. Facing the teasing expressions from the surrounding staff, she wished she could dig a hole into the ground. 

“If you continue to watch here, Su Shen certainly won’t be able to do it in one shot.” The director smiled meaningfully at Xie Yan. 

It was just acting. Su Shen immediately coughed and said to the director seriously, “Let’s do it again. I’ll pay attention to my expression.” 

There were still traces of rain on the bluestone from last night. The warm sunlight shone all over the ground. She was wearing a red qipao, outlining her glamorous figure vividly. Looking at her, Xie Yan frowned and said nothing. 

It was the director, however, who couldn’t help but look at the person beside him, “Are you sure you want to continue to watch?”

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