Xie Yan looked at his watch and then came to Su Shen’s side before whispering, “I’m leaving.”

Hearing that he was leaving, Su Shen naturally breathed a sigh of relief. The man swept a glance around the set before landing his gaze on Zheng Tong for a moment. He then lowered his cap and said, “I’m going to Europe. He Hua will help you with the contract. Remember to tell me if there’s anything.”

Su Shen nodded. She didn’t know if there were any paparazzi nearby, but she still stepped forward to hold his hand and said tenderly, “I’m just acting, don’t think too much about it.”

Seeing that she was so earnest in explaining, Xie Yan chuckled before caressing her face. “I will remember how many times you kissed him.”

Su Shen: “…….”

Without waiting for her to speak, Xie Yan lowered his cap and walked out of the film set. Su Shen stood there and stared at him for a while until the director called for positioning, only then did she run back to the alley. 

She also didn’t want to reshoot the scene again, so she prepared herself for a long time this time. Fortunately, everything went well this time, and the director didn’t have them reshoot it. 

Xie Yan most likely went to Europe to discuss the script, but because of her matter, He Hua didn’t go with him. At night, He Hua informed her to go to Starlight Entertainment to terminate her contract tomorrow. 

Su Shen had no choice but to ask for half a day’s leave from the production crew at a moment’s notice. She then flew to Shanghai early the next morning. He Hua had already been waiting for her at the company headquarters. This was the third time that Su Shen came to the headquarters. The receptionist was stunned when she saw her, but she didn’t block her. 

Starlight Entertainment had a lot of newcomers and would sign many fresh new bloods every year. Su Shen was also one of them. After signing the contract, they would need to work on their physique and get a feel of the camera but these people practically didn’t have any resources. The company would let them have a chance at best in the dramas produced by them. Unless there was a stroke of luck, such as meeting an eminence willing to promote them, they would have to find a sponsor. Thus, the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry were wide. After all, the resources and opportunities were in the hands of a very small number of famous people, but those unknowns occupied more than half of the entertainment industry.  

If it weren’t for her sister, Su Shen might have had no choice but to be an extra in dramas. In fact, the only real opportunity that Starlight ever gave her was that crime drama with Li Hao. 

Along the way to the 5th floor, people greeted her from time to time, and Su Shen responded back to each of them. When she first got signed on, no one paid attention to her at all. But, society was realistic, and the rules were like this.

When they reached the CEO’s office, they knocked twice before the person inside said “enter”, only then did they push the door open and walk in.

In the big and tidy office, there were several different voices talking. There were four people sitting on the leather sofa, and several documents were on the glass coffee table. As per usual, He Hua leaned against the sofa and spoke with the middle-aged man in a black suit across from him. A slightly younger man beside him was reading over the documents. It seemed that he was a lawyer.

“Good morning, Qin zong,” said Su Shen as she walked up to the middle-aged man to greet him.  

At that, Qin zong looked at her with a smile. “Although it’s up to this point, I still want to detain you. We have found a solution to this matter. Additionally, as long as you stay, our company will give you a seaside villa and give you priority in resources and opportunities. What do you think?”

She was at about the peak of her fame right now, which was the most profitable time. Naturally, Starlight didn’t want her to leave at this critical moment, but she would definitely not look back with how things were at this stage. 

After sitting down next to He Hua, Su Shen glanced at Liu jie across from her and said to Qin zong, “I know that the company has been good to me, but you all also know that I’m dating Xie Yan. If our teams merge, it will be much more convenient.”

Seeing that she brought up Xie Yan as an excuse, Qin zong lowered his head slightly and said nothing. He Hua, on the other hand, suddenly said with laughter, “That’s right. She will leave sooner or later. Anyway, it’s just a matter of time.”

“There are no problems.” Just at this moment, the lawyer finished reading the contract and pushed it on the table.

Seeing this, He Hua didn’t say anything more. He looked at Su Shen and pointed at the contract on the table. “Sign it.”

The stamp of Starlight Entertainment’s legal team had already been stamped on it. Without hesitation, Su Shen picked up the pen on the table and signed her name on the two copies of the contract. 

At this point, Qin zong naturally wouldn’t put on a show to offend He Hua. Instead, he looked at Su Shen with a smile. “Although it’s a pity, you were still a part of our company. If there’s any good production from our company in the future, perhaps we can cooperate again.”

They were all civilities, and He Hua was the best at it. He immediately laughed and said, “That’s for sure. There will be a lot of opportunities to work together with the old boss in the future.”

At that, Su Shen just smiled and kept silent. Not long after, she walked out of the office with He Hua. Liu jie didn’t say a word to her throughout. Su Shen glanced at her meaningfully and then left. 

Xiao Zhou was an assistant assigned to her by the company and had a contract with Starlight Entertainment. However, Su Shen was used to working with her, so she brought her over. The salary of an assistant was low, with many averaging three or four thousand a month in the industry. Although they worked themselves to death, six thousand a month was already considered high. Su Shen gave her 10,000 a month, so Xiao Zhou naturally followed after her. 

After leaving Starlight Entertainment’s headquarters and getting in the car, He Hua sent her to the airport to rush back to Jiang City to film. In passing, he threw her a contract. “Have a look.”

Sitting in the passenger seat, Su Shen took over the contract and looked through it. It looked about the same as what He Hua had said last time. 

“This is a family compensation of three to seven. The newcomers at our agency are usually fifty-fifty. Anyways, I’m not good at managing a starlet like you, so I’ll find a new manager for you after a while. But during this period, I’ll take over your affairs for now. The drama starring you and Jiang Yin will air on the 23rd. I’ll release a clarification statement the day after tomorrow stating that you have already changed agencies. You just need to continue to film at ease these two days.” 

After hearing what he said, Su Shen closed the contract and decided to read it carefully after going home. “If you’re busy, you can go check in on Xie Yan first.”

That Hollywood script for Xie Yan was more important than her matter. 

“I also want to go check in on him, but do you think he will rest assured if you’re alone?” He Hua turned to glance at her and said helplessly, “I have so many scripts, but he doesn’t want to accept any. Have you ever seen such a person?”

Hearing this, Su Shen wanted to laugh. This was probably what it meant for something to always conquer another. He Hua would probably follow up by saying that there was no way to deal with a stubborn man like Xie Yan. 

“Filming is very hard. It’s good for him to have a rest.” She said insipidly. 

Looking at these two, He Hua was at a loss for words. Everyone else was scrambling for good opportunities and resources, yet one of them was lazy to the point of not wanting to film and another insisted on playing a supporting role rather than being the leading actress. No wonder they were a couple. 

It was exactly 1:00 pm when she returned to set. With no time to eat anything, Su Shen quickly went to get her makeup done and prepare to film. At night, her sister called, but she didn’t say much about her termination with Starlight Entertainment and just told her to decide by herself. 

The day before the drama aired, Huayan Entertainment finally released a statement, declaring that she had terminated her contract with Starlight Entertainment a while ago and that the rumors online were not true. 

He Hua also reshared the post and even spoke out for her. 

He Hua V: It was I who recommended Su Shen to Director Li, but she passed the audition with her own strength. As for the rumors online, we will take legal measures against them. Those who attack and slander artists of Huayan Entertainment will not be let go. [smiley face]

Netizen A: No wonder her resources were so good, it turns out that Su Shen had switched agencies. [joy]

Netizen B: This clarification clears up everything. I’m convinced by He Hua’s capability. After all, he’s one of the top three agents in the entertainment industry, which was not something to be said so casually. [joy]

Netizen C: This is the epitome of being an ungrateful wretch. Starlight paved so many paths for her. Now that she meets a better agency, she immediately throws herself into their arms. I pity Starlight. 

Netizen D: Do the antis have nothing to say now? Have y’all never heard of a fine bird choosing a tree to nest in? If y’all find a job at a company with a higher salary, y’all would rather stay at a company with a low salary and poor working conditions?

Netizen E: Didn’t the antis say that my Su Su had XXX in exchange for resources? Does your face hurt right now? [smiley face]

Netizen F: Am I the only one focused on the fact that Xie Yan and Su Shen have the same manager? [job]

Netizen G: Poor Su Shen, being splashed by dirty water for so long; how stressful it must’ve been. [heart]

Netizen H: Let’s call it a day. Miss Su has a drama airing tomorrow. It’s all just a publicity stunt. 

The effect of the clarification was not that obvious right now. He Hua said that he would have the water army continue to explain, which not only attracted more attention but also could gradually improve her image with the public.

The drama was to air tomorrow, so the more hype, the better. Not long after, He Hua directly mentioned the netizen who said she was hyping and that it was all just a publicity stunt. 

He Hua V: @Lemon Juice, we aren’t some big company, but we can still afford a few million in advertising. How dark is the heart of those who think to use this to hype? [smiley face]

It didn’t take long for the headline of He Hua arguing with a netizen to be on Hot Search, but most of the netizens were on He Hua’s side. Everyone knew that no one would use this kind of matter to hype, so only a very small number of antis continued to make a ruckus. 

The night before the drama aired, He Hua had her release a clarification statement. The drier the better. After contemplating for half a day, Su Shen finally made a post.

Su Shen V: Purely slander. Thank you. [smiley face]

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