Meeting the Parents

No matter how many antis were still causing a ruckus, the viewership of the drama broke records on the first day. However, at the same time, Wang Cheng’s xianxia drama was also airing. Perhaps there was too much hype, the viewership of the xianxia drama starring Jiang Yin and her was even a little higher, but it still needed to be observed whether viewership would decrease later on. 

Netizen A: Those who said my Su Su’s acting was poor, please step out. The General Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic welcomes you. [smiley face]

Netizen B: AHAHAHA if there was no comparison, I wouldn’t even know. Zhu Qinqin’s acting instantly became scum.

Netizen C: Passerby turned fan. Director Li said that Su Shen was the best among the starlets. I finally believe it now. [joy]

Netizen D: Yang Zhi didn’t make any breakthrough with her performance in Immortal Road, still retaining her own style. However, Su Shen performed beyond expectations. In The Song of Troubled Times, she looked so villainous, yet her performance of a sweet, naive young girl was not cringy either. [joy]

Netizen E: I thought Director Li was flattering against his conscience before, but I just want to slap myself in the face now. Su Shen’s acting indeed tops the other starlets. [joy]

Netizen F: This b***h bought a water army to help her brainwash again. She said she had no connections, but why did He Hua recommend you among the many other artists under Huayan Entertainment?

Netizen G: The antis are slandering to the best of their abilities. If fans leave the fandom, I’ll surrender. [smiley face]

For the past two days, Su Shen had been continuously filming, and her matters were still in the middle of being handovered. She wasn’t clear about anything else, except that a few paparazzi lay in wait outside every day. On the other hand, it seemed that He Hua got addicted to fighting with netizens, or perhaps it was to hype the drama. He directly mentioned the netizen who said why he recommended Su Shen.

He Hua V: @Little Bug, Su Shen is an up-and-coming actress under our agency. If I don’t recommend her, do I recommend you? [smiley face]

Netizen A: AHAHAHA He dada’s* still so frank. [joy]

dada (大大) – this is an online honorific to address a respected person in a particular industry who has a status of “O’ Great One” or “Great God” 

Netizen B: Because my Yan ge’s not hardworking, He Hua finally found a hardworking person to share the resources in his hands. [smiley face]

Netizen C: Others are worried that their idol has no resources, while I’m worried about my Yan ge having too many resources to pick from. [joy]

Netizen D: Under Boss He, I wouldn’t be surprised if Su Shen became the leading actress of a big IP. [joy]

He Hua definitely knew how to hype and didn’t need to buy any headlines at all. Su Shen’s name trended on Hot Search every day. If there was no comparison, there would not be any hurt. With the addition of Zhu Qinqin’s poor acting, the discussion of this drama became more and more intense. Those netizens kept boasting about how good her acting was, but Su Shen felt that they were thinking too highly of her. There were many actresses with great acting, it was just that they were not famous.  

On the 25th, Su Shen took an early flight back to Shanghai, but because of how high her fame was recently, there were paparazzi following her nonstop. She got out of the car and entered a store. She then exited from its backdoor and quickly got into another car. 

After finally getting rid of the paparazzi, she immediately rushed home. As it was not a milestone birthday, it was not a big party. However, Su Shen bought a car for her dad, which cost her about 20 million, but it would be delivered in the afternoon.  

As soon as she stepped into the house, she saw a little figure running back and forth inside. When he saw her, he immediately ran over with his short legs. “Auntie!” 

Su Shen held her little nephew in her arms and walked inside with a smile. “Xi Xi gained some weight again. Did Mama feed you a lot of yummy food?”

In the living room sat some of their relatives, all of whom they were pretty close with. Su Shen greeted them one after another with a smile. 

“Nope. Mama doesn’t even allow me to eat chocolate. I don’t like her at all!” The child wrapped his arms around her neck tightly, pouting with unhappiness. 

Just at this moment, Su Ruan, who was sitting on the sofa, immediately got up and walked to her. In less than two steps, she arrived in front of her and lightly slapped the child’s bum twice. “If you don’t get down now, you won’t have any jelly today!” 

The child seemed to be afraid of her and pursed his lips, hugging Su Shen’s neck aggrievedly, as if he was about to cry.

“Xi Xi, be a good boy. If you eat too many sweets, you’ll have cavities. Next time, auntie will make you meatloaf, okay?” Su Shen caressed the child’s face, and her heart softened seeing his aggrieved look. 

Seeing this, Su Ruan couldn’t help chuckling, “If you like children so much, have one soon.”

At this, Su Shen couldn’t help but blush. Just at this moment, the relatives sitting on the sofa also echoed, “Su Shen’s so famous lately. Our Xiao Xin loves watching your drama the most.”

“Yep, yep, yep. I’ve been chasing after that drama on South Hunan TV. Su Shen, did you end up with the male lead in the end?”

Looking at her three paternal and eight maternal aunties discussing, Su Shen just kept silent with a smile on her face. Although her dad had a company, it was not listed. Her family could only be considered a well-off one and couldn’t be compared to those wealthy large families. These relatives of hers weren’t super rich, but they wouldn’t be like those relatives on TV.

“It’s more angsty later. If I tell you the ending, it won’t be interesting.” Su Shen put down Xi Xi with a smile. 

Her words equated to not saying anything at all. Her relatives asked her about the drama one after another, and some matters in the entertainment industry. Everyone was curious about the entertainment industry. Su Shen even signed some autographs for the children of several of her relatives. They said they were going to give it to their classmates. 

Ultimately, she had no choice but to hide in her room. Not long after, Su Ruan came in and closed the door mysteriously as if she was afraid of someone eavesdropping. 

“Didn’t you say that Xie Yan is coming over today? Why didn’t you tell mom? Or, do you want to give them an unexpected surprise?” Su Ruan walked to the window with a grin while she looked at the entertainment news on her phone. “I heard that your endorsement fee is as high as five million now. How much is Huayan giving you?”

It wasn’t anything to hide from, so Su Shen straightforwardly said with a smile, “They’re giving me 70% of it. Although my endorsement fee right now is five million, He Hua is still taking over from Liu jie, so he didn’t accept many endorsements for me because it would be a loss to accept right now. He said that after the drama finished airing, my fame will increase, and my endorsement fee will be higher then.”

At that, Su Ruan couldn’t help laughing, “That’s a really good plan.”

Su Shen definitely didn’t need to worry about resources and opportunities being under He Hua. Su Ruan was just worried that in order to generate revenue, He Hua would accept engagements for her like crazy. 

“Oh right, uh… I’m going to tell dad about Xie Yan right now and then, let him tell mom. Will this be a bit better?” Su Shen looked at Su Ruan somewhat uneasily. 

The latter pondered for a bit, and before she could say anything, a notification suddenly sounded in the room. Su Shen was taken aback, and when she looked at her phone, she found that it was a message from Xie Yan. He said that he had arrived!

Su Shen’s heart began to beat faster inexplicably. She came to the window nervously and found that two cars slowly stopped in the parking lot at the front, among which was Xie Yan’s car!

“What’s wrong? He’s here?” Noticing her change in emotion, Su Ruan also looked out the window. 

It was her first time bringing someone to meet her parents. Su Shen felt inexplicably nervous and ashamed. She was a little scared that her parents would object. In any case, she still hoped to receive the blessing from her family. 

Taking a deep breath, she pretended to be calm and went downstairs. There was a cartoon that children liked watching playing downstairs, and her relatives were also still chatting about skincare and beauty.

Her dad was still sitting on the sofa and chatting with a relative about current hot topics. Su Shen directly walked out of the front door which attracted the attention of the people behind her. 

As soon as she stepped out of the mansion, Su Shen saw Xie Yan getting out of the car. He paid special attention to his clothes today, wearing black trousers and a white shirt paired with a relaxed blazer. He had even styled his hair. Next to him, there was a brand new Aston Martin. She had also wanted to give that car to her dad, but it was too expensive. This kind of limited edition would at least cost 40 million RMB.

“You… why are you so fast…” Su Shen looked left and right before walking up to the car and touching it. “What are you doing…”

“I don’t know what your father likes.”

Su Shen: “…….”

Her dad liked cars the most. How could he not like it?

“I also bought a car for my dad. How am I going to present my car with this!” Leaning against the car, Su Shen snorted. “Moreover, you’ve never given me a present.”

Seeing her pouting red lips, Xie Yan couldn’t help but walk up to her and wrap his arms around her waist. Not seeing her after a few days, he kissed her on the lips. His eyes darkened. “I’m already all yours. You still want a present?”

This was the entrance of her house. Su Shen couldn’t help but punch him on the shoulder with denunciation, blushingly. 

“Shen Shen, who is it?”

Immediately, Su Shen stood up straight with sweat all over her forehead and saw her dad coming out of the door with the newspaper in his hand. 

After seeing Xie Yan, Papa Su couldn’t help but look at him up and down, feeling that he looked familiar. “Is this your friend?”

Sweat broke out on Su Shen’s back. This was the first time in her life that she had been so nervous.

“Hello, Uncle. I’m Xie Yan.” Xie Yan smiled and nodded at Papa Su.

As soon as he spoke, Papa Su suddenly remembered this name, and immediately looked at Xie Yan with realization. “Yes, yes, look at my memory. This brat truly… Why didn’t you invite a guest in for a cup of tea?”

Seeing the enthusiasm on her dad’s face, Su Shen swallowed her throat and pretended to be calm as she looked at Xie Yan beside her before saying softly, “Dad, I… I’m dating Xie Yan.”

Hearing this, Papa Su was stunned. Although he was shocked, he was still a businessman and had a good impression of Xie Yan, so he quickly reacted and glared at Su Shen with some blame. “Why did you just say it now? So preposterous!” 

Her dad was a smiling tiger*, so Su Shen wasn’t sure what he was thinking. At this moment, she could only lower her head apologetically, “I… I was busy.”

smiling tiger – an outwardly kind but inwardly evil person; to hide a dagger with a smile

“Busy, busy, busy! You’re busy every day, busier than even your sister!” Papa Su looked at her unhappily. 

Seeing this, Xie Yan immediately said, “It’s my fault, only coming to see you and auntie now. I hope you guys don’t mind.”

Hearing this, Papa Su naturally waved his hand amicably. “No, no, that’s alright. It’s obvious that this girl was thoughtless. You guys are usually so busy. It must’ve not been easy for you to have the time to come here to celebrate my birthday today.”

Su Shen: “…….”

Xie Yan was busy. Then, was she just idling her days away?

“Dad, this is Xie Yan’s birthday present for you. I also bought you a car, but it won’t be delivered until this afternoon.” Su Shen immediately walked up to the car and touched its roof.

If she didn’t mention it, Papa Su wouldn’t have noticed the Aston Martin. At a glance, he saw that it was the one that he hadn’t been willing to take the splurge on!

“No, no. It’s too expensive, and it’s not even a milestone birthday, no need for a present.” Papa Su quickly waved his hands, appearing solemn. He knew the price of the car before him. 

Just as Su Shen was about to say something, Xie Yan gave the key to her. His handsome face appeared courteous. “Then, think of it as a present from Su Shen. I didn’t know what you liked, and I didn’t think of those things.” 

At that, Su Shen immediately placed the key into her dad’s hand. “You’re in luck. Xie Yan hasn’t even given me a present before.”

Hearing this, Papa Su couldn’t help but knock on her head and said angrily, “Look at you, not a bit civil.”

In the end, he accepted the key and looked at Xie Yan more amicably. After so many years of doing business, he was somewhat accurate in judging people. Although he had heard that the entertainment industry was messy, this Xie Yan seemed to be very attentive to his daughter. There was not a trace of deception in his eyes. 

When they entered, the people inside saw that there was a new guest and couldn’t help but look this way. Several children who chased after stars naturally recognized Xie Yan at a glance and couldn’t believe it, covering their mouths.

Papa Su had been chatting with Xie Yan happily from beginning to end. After entering the mansion, he looked at Su Shen unhappily. “Go and make tea quickly.”

The latter frowned, glanced at Xie Yan, and then went to make tea. Meanwhile, she saw Xie Yan and her dad sitting on the sofa and chatting with her uncles. 

“Is that your friend?” Just at this moment, Mama Su just so happened to come out of the kitchen.

Su Shen was taken aback, with hot tea in her hand. Seeing that her mom just served a dish, she hesitated before taking a glance at Xie Yan, only to find that the group of people seemed to be chatting happily. The children were also sitting quietly aside watching TV, but most of them were looking at Xie Yan. 

“I…” Su Shen suddenly felt a little embarrassed. 

“What’s the matter?” Mama Su turned around and wiped her hands with her apron before taking a serious look at the person on the sofa. “Why did you suddenly bring your friend home today?”

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