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The First Kiss

The lights of the stage shone on Wen Le, and the smiles from the beauty on the stage dazzled the minds of the people in the audience.

They only saw the beauty smiling cleverly, and it was like before they could recover from being spellbound by this beauty, she fluttered away.

Everyone didn’t even hear what the first program was because their eyes only followed the figure until a burst of music sounded. The first program was the champion of the last campus singer competition with a rock and roll invoking tune, and the atmosphere quickly heated up.

Wen Le breathed a deep sigh of relief when she stepped down from the stage.

Upon seeing this, the male host smiled and said, “Are you nervous?”

Wen Le replied, “A bit, mainly because it was too sudden, and I couldn’t prepare much.”

The male host comforted her, “But you are doing well, don’t be nervous.”

“Thank you.”

The two of them walked backstage as they talked. The senior sister was chatting with several department heads. Seeing Wen Le, she greeted them, “Lele, are you nervous?”

Wen Le greeted a few people and said, “It’s alright, I didn’t feel as nervous after I went on stage.”

The senior sister said: “I knew you would be okay, what’s the next program?”

Wen Le glanced quickly backstage, saw the person performing next and said, “It’s Chi Xinman from the faculty of Arts.”

A few people followed Wen Le’s gaze and saw Chi Xinman wearing a white Hanfu*, her hair pulled into an ancient bun, and her delicate makeup. She was talking to her friends, and seemed a little nervous as she kept taking deep breaths. 

*Hanfu: the traditional styles of clothing worn by the Han Chinese.

One of the department heads of the student union who was talking to the senior sister asked her, “Is she from your Social Union?”

The senior sister replied, “No, she’s not.”

The department head was puzzled, “Then how did you guys know she could dance and invited her to perform for the event?”

Another senior sister of the Social Union next to the department head informed, “Chi Xinman is the belle of the faculty of Arts. We originally sent invitations to those people who have their own fans on BBS. As for her performance, she applied for it herself.”

The department head of the student union said, “Oh really, she’s quite enthusiastic then.”

The senior sister sneered, “Are you stupid? Next week will be the school belle competition. Why do you think she volunteered? Isn’t she just using this opportunity to grow her popularity.”

The department head of the student union was taken aback when he heard this, “Ah, it’ll be the school belle competition next week? I forgot all about it.”

“Wen Le, have you signed up for it yet?”

Wen Le shook her head, “Nope.”

Several senior sisters present were a little puzzled, “Why?”

Wen Le couldn’t say that she didn’t like these trumpet-blowing names, so she just gave an excuse, “There have been a lot of things recently, and I don’t have time.”

Several people felt a little disappointed when they heard what Wen Le said.

Wen Le’s senior sister sighed, “Oh, I have always expected that Zhou Kao would be the school hunk and Wen Le the school belle. This way, the Student Union will have a school hunk and our Social Council will have a school belle, which then could be considered comparable.”

The department head of the student union lamented, “Actually I really don’t understand how it came to this. Why is the school hunk based just on votes? Yet, the girls have to compete based on their talents to be crowned the school belle. Just look at this double standard every year, what does this make our school’s school belle?” 

A senior sister added, “I think this competition was made just for the sports faculty. You see, the champions of the school belle competition every year are basically aerobics students. Who can compare to these professionals? In the end, tsk tsk, the face value of the school belle is somewhat questionable from year to year.”

“Wen Le, are you really not participating?”

Wen Le openly babbled some excuse, “I’m really not participating. Anyway, I also don’t have any talents.”

In actual fact, she had learned both dancing and musical instruments since she was a child, but she didn’t want to compete for the name of the school belle.

Several people couldn’t help being disappointed when they heard her reply.

Very soon, the first program came to an end before more could be said, and Wen Le was the host of the second program.

Wen Le stood at the foot of the stage steps waiting to take the stage.

When Chi Xinman saw that it was Wen Le hosting, her face turned stiff, but she recovered quickly in a moment without anyone noticing.

At the end of Wen Le’s hosting, Chi Xinman would take the stage, with two figures in black and white contrasting sharply.

Needless to say, without comparing facial appearance, and just comparing their body curvatures, Wen Le was already a level better.

Chi Xinman’s white costume was also quite gentle and beautiful. She had thought it would amaze people with its beauty, but she didn’t expect Wen Le to be hosting her segment.

With Wen Le helming the stage in front, Chi Xinman then took the stage. Even if it was a unique Chinese traditional costume, the visual impact on the audience was not as good as she imagined.

Seeing the reaction from the audience, Chi Xinman couldn’t help being a little disappointed. Obviously, the original host was not supposed to be Wen Le.

The Student Union and the Social Council worked hard on this opening ceremony.

Rock and roll, hip-hop, and even went out of their way to invite two people for some comic dialogue*. Other than these programs that could hype the atmosphere, the rest of the programs were all selected topics and various faculty belles and hunks who are quite popular.

*comic dialogue = typically found in China, where a pair of comedians entertains the audience with wordplay

For example, Yi Zean, an Internet celebrity who was not that popular, was to compete with Zhou Kao, the highly popular school hunk, and so on.

There were not many programs, and the opening ceremony was not long, only lasting an hour.

In the second half, Wen Le was almost done with her part of hosting. It was only then that she could finally completely relax. Wen Le walked to her senior sister and chatted with her for a while.

The senior sister held her mobile phone and smiled saying, “Everyone on BBS is asking when Zhou Kao will be going on stage.”

Wen Le looked around the backstage and asked, “Is he still in the dressing room?”

Senior sister replied, “I don’t know, I didn’t see him.”

Wen Le looked at the program list and said, “He’s the last on the list.”

The senior sister lamented, “The chairperson is really good at playing. He deliberately got him to be the last one, and didn’t let him say what he was performing, such that even none of our internal members could get to know.”

The senior sister turned her eyes and looked at Wen Le.

Wen Le took a step back, “What?”

The senior sister narrowed her eyes and asked, “Lele, you…do you know something?”

 Wen Le blinked, “Why would I know? As you all know, I am actually not close to him.”

The senior sister suddenly sneered, “What are you nervous about? Who said that you two are very close? Don’t they all say that it is often his opponent who knows them best?”

Wen Le was speechless, who’s nervous?

The senior sister continued asking, “Do you know anything?”

Wen Le replied, “I don’t know. But I guess he will definitely perform some small musical instruments, such as the Xiao, flute or violin.”

The senior sister said, “Why? Who knows he might dance and sing a song.”

Wen Le denied, “It’s impossible, it must be an instrument. This is based on my understanding of my opponent.”

The senior sister looked at Wen Le suspiciously for a moment, “Okay, I’ll believe you for now.”

Zhou Kao was scheduled for the last program. The announcer was the male host, and Wen Le was talking to her senior sister backstage. Zhou Kao and the chairman walked in from the backstage entrance.

A whistle sounded backstage.

Wen Le was tugged at by the senior sister, who motioned to her to look.

Wen Le turned around and saw Zhou Kao walking over slowly in an elegant black expensive tuxedo.

At that moment, the two of them locked eyes, both seeing the amazement in each other’s eyes, and then slowly retracted their gaze.

Zhou Kao walked aside to talk to the staff on the scene, and there was a burst of laughter from the boys over there.

Not far from them, the girls were screaming quietly.

“F*ck, I’m going crazy. Did you see him, my God! The moment he walked in from that door, I thought I had come to an international big-name fashion show!”

 “Even male models dare not stand out so much.”

“The tux on him looks so expensive.”

 “So handsome, I’m dead.”

 “Those long legs! This face! This temperament! Heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven!”

The senior sister gulped her saliva, “This is also…It’s way too cool…”

Wen Le laughed and said, “That’s right.”

The senior sister suddenly pointed to a box behind Zhou Kao exclaiming, “Damn! Wen Le! It really turned out to be a violin!”

Wen Le also saw the musical case, and was not surprised.

The senior sister looked at Wen Le suspiciously and asked, “It can’t be him who told you before, right?”

Wen Le replied, “You think too much.”

The male host took the stage to announce the next segment, “Next, let us please invite….Zhou Kao!”

 “Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

 “Zhou Kao!”

 “Zhou Kao! Zhou Kao!”

The moment the male host’s words fell, the entire gymnasium was almost overwhelmed by the screams of the girls.

The male host ran backstage clutching his ears and complained sourly, “This is the loudest scream I have heard since the opening ceremony.”

The senior sister took Wen Le’s hand and mercilessly pushed the male host away, “What are you doing? You’re blocking the way!”

Male host, QAQ

The senior sister ran to the side of the stage and pulled Wen Le along to watch Zhou Kao’s performance under the stage.

The girls backstage had already taken the front row seats. Wen Le and her senior sister stood in the back row, barely seeing Zhou Kao’s figure.

Zhou Kao walked slowly on stage, dressed in an elegant and expensive suit, with straight and slender legs, wide shoulders and a narrow waist, showing a tall and toned body. This caused another wave of screams from the girls in the audience.

Zhou Kao stood still on the stage, with a noble temperament, indifferent eyes, and a beautiful face. The lighting added a dreamy filter to this beauty.

With the right lighting and music, a charging atmosphere could be roused, and even create a false illusion of love for the audience.

Zhou Kao raised his jaw slightly, set up the violin, and slowly played.

The melodious music sounded, the venue was silent, and everyone looked at Zhou Kao with burning eyes.

Zhou Kao seemed to be immersed in music.

The music became more and more passionate, but Zhou Kao’s eyes remained indifferent. Yet this strong contrast stirred the hearts of the audience till it became more and more unbearable.

No one would not be curious about how mesmerising it would be when such a pair of deep eyes show an obsessive and emotional look. Who could change the indifference in these eyes and turn this cold person into the most infatuated and loyal lover?

There would probably be no such person.

It was best if there was no such person.

TN: HAHA LOLLLLL the audience will probably cry if they knew at this point, our male lead was already seriously considering our goddess Wen Le~

Fortunately, as they all knew, Zhou Kao had countless suitors, but no one had ever been able to move him. Such an excellent man would probably not indulge in love.

At the end of the piece, the audience was silent for a long time before they returned to their senses, and the applause lasted for a long time.

Perhaps not many people could understand and appreciate the music of Zhou Kao, but there was no one who would not know how to appreciate the beauty of Zhou Kao.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the male host took to the stage to read the closing words, but Wen Le did not appear next to him.

Because she was preparing for the next show, the first segment of the orientation program

Opening dance.

The venue where the Orientation was located was the largest stadium in the school. Because of the opening ceremony showcased performances, the audience sat in the spectator seats of the basketball court, and the stage was built on the basketball court.

Now, the stage was empty. When the dance party would begin, the empty stage would become a dance floor for everyone.

When the male host announced the official start of the orientation, all the staff appeared on the empty stage.

All the staff were decently dressed up, whether they were guys or girls.

At this moment, some spectators, under the guidance of another group of staff, began to slowly walk down the spectator stands, forming a circle around the staff in the middle.

The host took the microphone and said, “Now, let us please invite our staff representative, the popular goddess – Wen Le!”

Wen Le slowly walked out of the crowd, in the midst of much attention, and walked to the centre of the crowd.

The male host smiled, “Now, we ask the goddess to choose your dance partner. All the men present can invite the goddess to dance the first dance.”

Right after he finished his words – it was unsure if it was for the effect of the event or something else, all the staff in suits bowed, stretched out their hands, and issued invitations to Wen Le.

This situation was like a switch because after the staff did that, other guys walked up to Wen Le one after another and stretched out their hands to issue invitations.

Wen Le was already fully surrounded by men standing around her.


At this moment, Wen Le, who was the focus of the crowd, could feel the countless glares, jealousy, and envy that were focused on her. Having already expected it, Wen Le ignored them.

Wen Le looked around. Originally, she only wanted to choose the senior closest to her as her dance partner, but suddenly, Wen Le saw Zhou Kao who stood at the edge of the crowd with cold eyes.

Wen Le suddenly raised a mischievous smile at the corner of her mouth.

Wen Le glanced at the crowd in the audience who were gradually walking down to the stage, it wasn’t as much as she thought.

Then, let’s hype it up further.

Wen Le looked straight at Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao’s gaze met hers.

Wen Le smiled, and she slowly raised her hand in the direction of Zhou Kao’s position.

Zhou Kao narrowed his eyes slightly, and almost immediately understood Wen Le’s intentions.

Zhou Kao pulled out a smile of interest from the corner of his mouth. He did not cower from her challenge and walked out of the crowd.

The men present seemed to be aware of Wen Le’s movements.

Wen Le’s hand was raised flat in the air, and the wrists encircled by the jade bracelet were slender and snow-white. She was waiting for someone to hold this snow-white soft hand, and take this beauty onto the dance floor to dance the first dance under the eyes of the entire audience.

Who would this person be?

Everyone looked at where Wen Le’s sight was directed to, and saw Zhou Kao slowly walking from the crowd.

It was a scene that could span the century.

Zhou Kao stood still in front of Wen Le, their eyes gazing at each other.

Zhou Kao slowly bowed over, and held Wen Le’s hand, and a smile slowly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Then, Zhou Kao drew Wen Le’s hand closer, lowered his head, closed his eyes, and gently kissed the emerald ring on Wen Le’s finger.

The lighting shining upon them was rather dreamy, and the kiss was pious and light.

Time seemed to stop at this moment, this was a scene that made all the girls go crazy.

The glamorous oriental beauty had conquered the cold and handsome prince with her beauty.

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