“I never said that!” Su Shen glared at him before quickly closing her eyes, refusing to look at him

Xie Yan had completely lost all sense of boundaries now. She definitely wouldn’t be able to win against him.

Seeing her silence, Xie Yan also remained silent. He simply gazed at her, still putting his hand over her shoulder, pulling her into his embrace. After a slight resistance, she eventually yielded and rested in his arms.

Xiao Zhou, who was sitting in the front, clenched her teeth. Her maidenly heart had overflowed to the point where she couldn’t contain it anymore!

Finally arriving at the hotel, Su Shen asked the chauffeur to send Xiao Zhou back while she herself got into Xie Yan’s car.

She went back to her room and grabbed her luggage, not bothering to avoid the paparazzi. She openly and boldly got into Xie Yan’s car, knowing that there were paparazzi behind them taking pictures. It’s whatever. They were going to go public in two more days anyways.

After getting in the car, it was still pouring heavily outside. Large raindrops pelted the car, and the entire sky was gloomy. After wiping off the raindrops from her body, she sat there and began scrolling through her phone. Today was the official announcement of Director Xu’s Path of Sin. As she would be joining the crew for filming in a couple of days, this was also the time when the production team announced some of the key cast and creative members. 

The male lead was a newcomer through and through, reportedly still studying at a film school. Although he wasn’t particularly handsome, he had that kind of “movie face” that was easy on the eyes. The rest of the supporting cast were also newcomers, and surprisingly, she was the most well-known among the cast.

Netizen A: It’s different when you have the backing of Huayan. It’s an opportunity that others can’t ever get in their entire lifetime. Miss Su managed to secure it in just a few months. [smiley face]

Netizen B: Are they using so many newcomers because they’re afraid that veteran actors will overshadow her?

Netizen C: The antis are truly amusing. My Su Su has both fame and looks. She’s also the only post-90s starlet who won a mainstream film award. Please take the time to understand. [smiley face]

Netizen D: Even if she has a great company, this opportunity’s too awesome. It can even rival that of A-listers.  

Netizen E: When someone becomes famous, they attract more controversies. Even with great resources and opportunities, they will still face criticism. My poor Su Su. [heart] In passing, watch tonight’s finale of Little Sunlight!

Netizen F: Looking forward to Su Su’s new movie! Let certain people be jealous. It’s not our fault that we have great resources and opportunities. [smiley face]

Nowadays, there were antis of hers all over the internet, but she also gained many fans. Now, she had around 40 million followers on Weibo, with most of them being young fans. They engaged in online quarrels with the antis almost every day. Su Shen had gotten used to it. After all, her fans would control the comments, saving the company from having to spend money on water armies. 

Today was the finale of the drama, and next month, her crime drama with Li Hao would start airing. This marked a turning point in her career. After all, idol dramas were just meant to gain popularity, and it was necessary to transition to other genres once she achieved that. 

“Is Auntie Wang at home today?” she suddenly turned around and asked.

With one hand on the steering wheel, Xie Yan didn’t even turn his head and said, “No.”

Hearing this, Su Shen looked at him suspiciously. Almost every time she went over to his house, Auntie Wang wasn’t there. It must be because this person was keeping her away again.

As if guessing her thoughts, Xie Yan turned his head slightly and parted his lips. “Auntie Wang’s daughter-in-law just gave birth to a son. She won’t be coming anymore.”

Su Shen: “…….”

Upon hearing the topic of childbirth, she turned her head away inadvertently, closed her eyes, and leaned there in silence.

It was whatever before since it was always during her safe period. Today… also seemed to be a safe day too.

“What are you thinking?”

As they approached a red light, Xie Yan braked the car and leaned over, gazing at her slightly flushed face.

“Nothing!” Su Shen abruptly opened her eyes. When their eyes met, she moved a bit over uneasily. She suddenly realized that her thoughts were becoming more and more open-minded, and she couldn’t believe she was even considering such things. It must be Xie Yan’s influence that was corrupting her.

Seeing her wandering gaze, Xie Yan smirked and said nothing before continuing to drive.

By the time they arrived at Xie Yan’s place, the rain had already stopped. The rain had come and gone just as quickly. It was now pitch-black, with a faint glimpse of moonlight shining through. After entering the mansion and having Xie Yan carry her luggage upstairs, Su Shen was worried that he might be hungry, so she went to the kitchen and quickly made some egg noodles.  

After Xie Yan finished showering and came downstairs, she was also about to take a shower when the person sitting on the sofa suddenly said, “There’s a meteor shower tonight.”

Su Shen paused in her steps, holding the staircase railing as she turned to look at him, somewhat confused. “You pay attention to these things?”

She knew that there was a rare meteor shower called the Perseids today. However, she didn’t expect Xie Yan to also pay attention to these things.

“You don’t care about me, so, of course, you wouldn’t know,” he replied, eating his noodles while looking up at her.

Su Shen cleared her throat and quickly climbed up the stairs in small steps. She admitted that she rarely paid attention to Xie Yan’s hobbies, mainly because he didn’t show any particular interests prominently. Could it be that he liked astronomy?

She had heard that the meteor shower would begin after 9:00 pm today, so Su Shen immediately went to grab some clothes and took a shower. Although she wasn’t particularly interested in astronomy, being able to witness a meteor shower was considered lucky.

When Su Shen finished showering and blow-drying her hair, Xie Yan was no longer in the living room. The light in his room was on, but his figure was nowhere to be seen. Su Shen walked inside and saw a figure standing on the balcony. He was wearing a black T-shirt, tall in stature, and was currently bending over a telescope placed on the balcony. Currently, the night sky had only one bright full moon, casting a silver glow all around.

The evening breeze was gentle, and the balcony remained pleasantly cool. Su Shen hadn’t expected him to have prepared a telescope. It seemed that he did have some interest in astronomy after all.

“Is it here?” She walked over with a cup of coffee and sat down, leaning back as she quietly watched Xie Yan adjust the telescope.


Xie Yan bent down to observe the moon through the telescope for a while before straightening up and looking toward the vast night sky at the edge of the balcony. Noticing his silence, Su Shen suddenly felt that he seemed a bit strange today and couldn’t help but set her cup down and walked over to him.

Standing behind him, she took a deep breath and blushed before wrapping her arms around his waist from behind nervously. Feeling him tense up, she said softly, “Sorry, I’ll definitely make an effort to get to know you better from now on.”

Xie Yan must’ve definitely been unhappy because she hadn’t shown interest in his matters.

Her tender body pressed against his back, and her soft voice held a hint of apology. She was always like this, even though she didn’t know anything about love, she constantly learned how to care for his feelings. From the very beginning, she would blush whenever she approached him. But in the end, she would allow him to get close because she didn’t want him to endure it anymore. She always appeared passive, but as long as he treated her well, she would remember it forever.

As he held the small hands on his waist, he turned around and looked down at the bare face in front of him. Unable to resist, he pulled her into his arms and said, “No rush, you have plenty of time to get to know me.”

Gently holding onto his waist, Su Shen buried her head in his firm chest and murmured, “But, I don’t treat you as well as you treat me.”

Deep down, she was afraid to easily trust people. She knew nothing about love and only understood the concept of personal interest. However, with Xie Yan’s appearance, she came to understand that in this world, apart from family, there could be someone who wholeheartedly cared for you without expecting anything in return.

“So moving, I can’t help but want to do something,” Xie Yan chuckled while looking down.

Hearing this, Su Shen couldn’t help but look up and playfully punched his shoulder before saying unhappily, “Why are you like this?”

No romantic sense whatsoever, no wonder you’ve been single for so long! 

“What kind of person am I? Do you even know what I’m talking about?” Xie Yan leaned against the edge of the balcony and arched his brow in earnest.

The gentle evening breeze rustled, and the moon in the sky became even brighter. Su Shen didn’t feel like talking to this person anymore. As she picked up the cup from the table, about to leave, a streak of light suddenly flashed across the sky. Turning around, she saw numerous trails of light cutting through the night sky. Su Shen stood frozen in place, completely mesmerized.


She grabbed her phone to record a video with great interest. Meanwhile, Xie Yan remained leaning there smiling as he said, “You can see it even more clearly through the telescope.”

Hearing this, Su Shen came back to her senses and immediately bent down to look through the telescope. The telescope was aimed at the moon, and occasionally, there would be meteors gliding past. But when she saw the words on the moon, she was shocked and stood there in a daze before finally looking up at the man in front of her.

“Pretty?” He asked with a smile.

He rarely smiled in front of others, but in front of her, he always had a smile on his face. With a lump in her throat, Su Shen pretended to be calm and parted her lips, “You…” 

Taking a step forward, a small red box suddenly appeared in his hand while looking at her fervently. “A meteor shower is hard to come by.”

The evening breeze rustled her hair, and Su Shen bit her lower lip lightly, holding back her tears and taking a step back. “You… how… did you…”

“The meteor shower is almost over, don’t you want to see?” He extended the red box in his hand, his deep gaze fixated on her bare face, focused and determined. 

After a pause, Su Shen instinctively reached out with trembling hands to open the box. As the box slowly revealed its content, the diamond on the ring inside seemed to shine even brighter than the meteors in the sky.

“I’ve said before that I have plenty of time for you to get to know me. So, are you willing to get to know me?” Xie Yan’s gaze remained focused on her, and it seemed that only her figure was reflected in his pitch-black eyes.

Although she had said that he had never proposed to her before, when the moment actually came, Su Shen didn’t know what to think anymore.

The meteors continued to streak across the sky as Su Shen looked at the man before her. Taking a deep breath, she slowly extended her hand and said clearly, “If the size is not right, then I won’t marry you.”

Looking at her trying to be calm, Xie Yan couldn’t suppress his smile and held her fair wrist before slowly sliding the ring, sparkling with brilliance, onto her slender ring finger.

Su Shen was surprised that the size was just right. She didn’t know how he managed to buy the perfect size, but it was also possible that he had secretly measured her ring size. After all, Xie Yan was the most cunning. 

“Although the ring is ugly, I’ll reluctantly accept it,” she said as she turned her hand over and glanced at the ring on her finger before glancing at Xie Yan somewhat embarrassedly. She then quickly grabbed her cup and ran off.

Seeing her swiftly retreating figure, Xie Yan smiled and touched the telescope, deciding to store it away.

After going downstairs, Su Shen’s heart was beating faster. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, she took a while to calm herself down before finally believing that she had indeed accepted Xie Yan’s proposal.

Everything happened so suddenly, and she wasn’t aware of anything at all. Remembering the words on the moon, she searched online and discovered that Xie Yan had someone engraved the words on the eyepiece. He didn’t even actually like astronomy!

Just moments ago, she had felt so guilty. This person was too scheming.

However, he had always been like this, and Su Shen was too lazy to bicker with him about these things. She then posted a photo of the meteor shower she had just taken on Weibo.

Su Shen V: The meteor shower today is so beautiful. [photo]

While still messaging with He Hua on the balcony, Xie Yan happened to come across that Weibo post. He smiled and sent a message to He Hua before logging into his own main account.

Xie Yan V: Not as beautiful as you [heart] // @Su Shen V: The meteor shower today is so beautiful. [photo]

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