The Director didn’t give them any time to speak. When he saw that it was almost time, he shouted “action!” 

When the camera panned over, Su Shen turned the pages of the book in her hand and mumbled, “Last time was actually a misunderstanding, did your mom and my mom quarrel again?”

After saying that, the person below her kept silent and did pushups one after another. Su Shen couldn’t help pinching his lean waist and said, “Every time, you make me worry about you. All you know about is training and training. If you hadn’t gone on a mission when we were about to get our marriage certificate, my mom wouldn’t have been so dissatisfied with you!”

The expression on the person below remained unchanged. There was not even a drop of sweat on his forehead, only his bulging biceps were apparent, “It was a mission.”

“Mission, mission, mission, if I were ever to die one day, would you still go on a mission even if I wanted to see you for the last time!” As she said, Su Shen seemed to be a little angry. She suddenly got up and hit him with the book in her hand.

The person on the floor also got up, and seeing that she was about to go sleep outside with a pillow and comforter in her arms, he immediately stepped forward and blocked the door.

“Move!” Su Shen glared at him fuming.

Xie Yan naturally came forward and grabbed the comforter from her arms. After a few tugs between the two, it got taken away by him.

Just at this moment, the camera panned over again. Su Shen seemed to be a little angry and pulled hard on the doorknob. However, her entire body was carried up by someone and thrown directly onto the bed.

Xie Yan pressed on top of her and kissed her on the cheek, “I won’t let you die before me.”

The Director in front of the monitor continued to keep a smile on his face. He hadn’t asked Xie Yan to kiss her. He pretended to not film kiss scenes before, but what was this?

Although they were acting, some of the female staff members only felt that they had been KO-ed again. Why did they have to also eat dog food* at work!

dog food – an internet slang for public display of affection, where singles are forced to “eat” it

Hmph! All you care about is the key point. If a call came right now, are you gonna go on a mission?!” Su Shen pretended to grumble and turned away from him. Her slightly red ears could be seen upon closer inspection. 

Xie Yan buried his head in her neck, took a deep breath and said in a muffled voice, “You have to understand that this is my duty.”


The next moment, the props team began to adjust the lighting. Zhao Tong didn’t step forward to hand Xie Yan water, because he knew that their Yan ge no longer needed him anymore.

Su Shen slowly sat up from the bed and found that her hair was messed up. She took off the headband and put it on again. She found that Xie Yan was still staring at her, and she couldn’t help but blush, “You don’t have any scenes in the next scene, go away quickly.”

The staff members at the side: “……”

In the past, they were furtive. But now, they were so open and brazen!

“I won’t be in your way anymore.” With a helpless smile, Xie Yan patted her on the head and got out of the bed.

Seeing this, the makeup artist then had the courage to come forward and retouch Su Shen’s makeup. Despite being an auntie, her young and girlish heart was KO-ed again!

They were bound to cross paths everyday. Knowing that they couldn’t hide it anymore, Su Shen no longer tried to hide it. At noon, she had takeout with Xie Yan again. It was just that Liu jie called and was dissatisfied with her choice of the supporting female lead in the film. Why did you want to vie for the supporting female lead when you could vie for the female lead role instead?  

However, Su Shen insisted, so Liu jie had to compromise reluctantly.

A few days later, they got in touch with the production team for the audition time. Xie Yan said that he wanted to go there with her, but Su Shen didn’t let him. In the end, He Hua brought her there.

She asked for half a day’s leave. She sat in the rear seat of the car with Xiao Zhou, with He Hua driving in the front. Liu jie did not come. The atmosphere in the car instantly became a little weird.

Su Shen knew that Xie Yan’s agent might not like her. He must have thought that she wanted to rely on Xie Yan to climb up. It was no wonder that people thought like so, since it was all too common in this industry.

“Why didn’t you choose the female lead?” The person in the front seat suddenly broke the awkward atmosphere in the car.

Su Shen looked up and paused, “I’m not suitable for it.”

After saying this, she looked down to scroll through her phone again. It just so happened that a pair of famous celebrities went public with their relationship, and thus, it gradually suppressed the news from the press conference. However, Xie Yan’s fans were still wailing anguishly, as if their idol had already announced his relationship.

“Do you think you are suitable for the supporting female lead then?”

As He Hua turned the steering wheel, a hint of sarcasm flashed through his eyes. The female lead was an innocent college student, which was more in line with Su Shen’s age. However, the supporting female lead was a mature woman who had experienced many ups and downs in life. Su Shen’s image was not even close to it at all.

At that, Su Shen didn’t even look up and just said insipidly, “I don’t know.”

Hearing this, a hint of sarcasm flashed through He Hua’s eyes again. Come on, she’d probably rely on him to tell the Director about auditioning for the female lead later. However, Director Li had a stubborn temper. If an artist did not have the ability, then they would not get the role.

“What’s your plan with Xie Yan?” He Hua said.

Su Shen was taken aback and blinked. She tightened her windbreaker as the weather had gotten cold now. That movie of hers would air in less than a month and a half. It would be aired at the beginning of the year, and there were two dramas waiting to be broadcasted next year. Liu jie said that whether her fame would increase depended on her performance next year.

“I’m still young. After mutually understanding each other, I would then take the next step.” Su Shen knew that He Hua must’ve wanted her to break up with Xie Yan as soon as possible.

Hearing this, the person driving in the front just chuckled, “It’s great that you can think like that. You’re still young, so it’s natural for you to focus on your career.”

He Hua knew Xie Yan best. If he got married, he wouldn’t come out to shoot a movie so easily in the future, so He Hua never urged him to find a girlfriend. But he didn’t expect that he actually found a girlfriend secretly!

“I heard that Xie Yan’s next act is an action film and that he has to go to the forest?” Su Shen suddenly thought of this.

Speaking of this, He Hua also became serious, “That’s right, so you’d better persuade him not to shoot this movie if you have the chance, even if we have to pay for compensatory damages. He almost broke an arm the last time he filmed Fang Kong’s movie. Who knows what danger he will encounter this time?”

Although she knew that he was thinking for the sake of Xie Yan, Su Shen didn’t intend to stop him. Everyone had their own aspirations. Even if she persuaded him, he might still have regrets in his heart.

Seeing her silent, He Hua was a little unhappy. At a critical moment, this girlfriend pretended to be deaf and mute. She didn’t care about Xie Yan at all!

Under the awkward atmosphere throughout the ride, the car finally stopped at the entrance of a hotel. As soon as she got out of the car with a mask on, a gust of cold wind blew her hair into the air. After He Hua parked the car, he then led them into the hotel.

When they arrived at the ninth floor, the floor had been reserved. From time to time, there were busy staff members passing by. Su Shen also saw several A-list actresses; evidently, they were here for an audition.

Having connections was a different story, He Hua took her directly to the Director, who so happened to be auditioning an actress. Furthermore, she was a B-list actress who just won a Best Supporting Actress award. She’s been part of the big screen circle, and although her appearance was not breathtaking, it was easy on the eyes. While her fame had been lukewarm, her acting was superb. Looking at her in a red cheongsam, it could be seen that she was also auditioning for the supporting female lead.

“Director Li, long time no see! When are you going to go drinking with me?” He Hua greeted with a smile.

There were also several producers and scriptwriters sitting inside the room. Li Xun was a middle-aged man in his 40s and looked quite old, with wrinkles in the corners of his eyes. He wore a pair of black frame glasses and was dressed casually. It was hard to imagine that he was the leader of the literary film industry.

When he saw He Hua, he also waved his hand, “You’re such a busy man to still remember to go drinking with me. You still owe me a meal from last time.”

The assistant director and a producer at the side all laughed. He Hua didn’t feel embarrassed and dragged a chair and sat down beside the table, “I’ll treat you to drink enough this time, as long as saozi* don’t scold me!” 

saozi – a term to refer to an older brother’s wife, sometimes may be referred to the girlfriend of a big bro in a group

“AHAHAHA!” The people around finally couldn’t help laughing. Everyone knew that Director Li was henpecked.

Seeing that someone had come, the actress that was auditioning could only go outside and wait for the result. She couldn’t help but glance at Su Shen when she left.

“No, no, I’ve abstained from drinking now.” Director Li waved his hand and looked at Su Shen up and down. He said indifferently, “Is this the person you wanted to introduce?”

Getting to the point, He Hua naturally nodded in agreement, “How is she, innocent enough? Doesn’t she fit the image of your female lead greatly?”

Hearing this, Su Shen couldn’t help but frown. Didn’t she say that she was auditioning for the supporting female lead?

Just at this moment, the other producers and script writers began to look at her up and down. Today, Su Shen wore a long beige windbreaker, and her legs appeared slim and straight in black leggings. She had light makeup on, with big eyes and fair skin. Her features had no imperfections, and she was absolutely at the forefront of the many beauties in the entertainment industry.

Director Li casted a glance at Su Shen. With a pen in his hand, he tapped the pen on the table from time to time. There was no expression of joy or anger on his face, “Appearance wise—not bad.”

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