I’m Heavy

Just as Su Shen was about to say something, Liu jie continued, “I know you don’t like to rely on these connections, but it’s actually the same. You can accept your sister’s help. Why can’t you accept using Xie Yan’s connections?”

“When did I say no?” Su Shen turned around and stared at the constantly passing scenery, “If the script is good or the role suits me, I will definitely fight for it if I can.”

Su Shen didn’t think she was that noble. People who did not rely on their connections basically could not survive in the entertainment industry. However, everything had to be based on reality. If the script did not suit her, what was the use of a great production team?”

On the contrary, if the script suited her, then she would definitely fight for the role.

Hearing this, Liu jie was stunned, “It’s great that you think so. I’ll send you the character profile when I get back.”

At that, Su Shen didn’t say anything else.

When she returned to the hotel, it was already dark. She asked Xiao Zhou to order takeout and then went back to her room first.

After removing her makeup and taking a shower, when she went online again to check the situation, Xie Yan’s fans were still there anguished. In the past, every time there was a scandal, Xie Yan’s studio would clarify it. However, nobody even knew the target of the gossip this time around. His studio did not make any movement whatsoever, which made the fans strive to think of the possible possibilities.

The news today was so breaking that even the hype of the long trailer released at the press conference was suppressed. It should be said that almost no one cared about it, but a few passersby still noticed the trailer.

Netizen A: Holy sh*t! Is that Su Shen?! What on earth did she experience for her acting to improve by leaps and bounds?!  

Netizen B: Sure enough, it’s different with a well-known director, for even Su Shen to be good at acting. [joy]

Netizen C: I actually feel that Su Shen’s acting is even better than Fan Meng’s? Tell me, it’s not just me who feels this!

Netizen D: Hahaha, of course the trailer would be edited to show a great performance. Once the whole movie airs, Miss Su’s poor acting will take its original form. [smiley face]

Netizen E: Looking forward to the movie, the antis will be slapped in the face by that time. [smiley face]

Netizen F: It’s hard to imagine that this is actually Su Shen, her acting is so great. She even has such a viscous look at such a young age. [joy]

Netizen G: I got goosebumps all over my body when I saw it. Rooting for xiao jie jie!

The kiss scene did not appear in the trailer. Su Shen didn’t know if it had been deleted or not. However, she had quite a lot of scenes in the trailer, but perhaps she was unlucky. Last time when the trailer got released, it was suppressed because of a certain best actor engaged in a s*x scandal, so not many people paid notice to it. This time, the public’s attention was pulled away because of Xie Yan. She might really have to wait until the movie aired to whitewash her acting.

It was not until Liu jie sent her an email and she clicked on it that she found it was the character profile of the movie Liu jie had mentioned at first.

Nowadays, most of the films that won awards were literary films and not commercial ones. And Director Li was at the top for literary films. Every film of his could win an award, and they could become a classic. Therefore, most of his films were highly vied for by domestic artists. However, what he looked for was the suitability of the role with the artist, not their fame.

Xie Yan had acted in one of his films before. He acted as a teacher in the olden times. It was hard to imagine that he would act as a refined and gentle teacher, but because of this film, he won his second best actor award.

The character profile sent by Liu jie was relatively detailed. The female lead was a student during the Republic of China era. She had a crush on an upperclassman and was madly in love with him. However, the upperclassman was a spy of the Communist Party. He didn’t want to be trapped in the case that they had children, so he kept rejecting the female lead. It was not until the female lead’s parents were killed during the war and when she saw her sister being defiled in order to cover her that she understood the patriotism of the nation. She then decisively entered the army. It was not until she met the male lead much later that she understood why he rejected her at the time. However, she could no longer return to that innocent love she had for the male lead.

This role had multiple layers to it and was complicated. There were some things that could not be shown through acting. Su Shen did not want this role and knew what she was capable of. Commercial films were different from literary films. The former focused on the film as a whole while the latter focused on the character.  

Art came from life. She had never experienced the feeling of being crazily in love, so naturally she could not express what the role wanted. The love scenes from before, she did not need to take it to heart and just focused on her acting. However, if she did not take it to heart for this film, she would be sorry to the director and to such a great opportunity. 

On the contrary, she preferred the supporting female lead of this film more. The supporting female lead was a dancer. She had seen the ugliness of human nature and the prosperity and loneliness of the world. She only knew how to make money until she met the male lead. The male lead encountered the supporting female lead on a mission, where she had helped him. The supporting female lead was curious about his identity and said that she would hand him over for money. However, the male lead told her many things. Gradually, the supporting female lead realized the value of her existence, or in other words, the meaning of life. She helped the male lead obtain a lot of information on high-ranking officials, but ultimately died in an accident in order to save him.

She asked the male lead whether anyone would remember her.

The male lead said that he would remember her.

The supporting female lead’s feelings toward the male lead were complicated, and the many things she did were out of selfishness. She wanted to show the value of being a dancer, even if only the male lead remembered her in the end.

This was a very sad role. Su Shen felt very similar to her. In her previous life, she was also like that, thinking that the meaning of her life was to climb up the social ladder. Like the dancer, she had never received genuine concern from anyone. However, she was more fortunate than the dancer because God gave her a chance to be reborn and had even given her a family. Thus, she knew that the meaning of her life was to live well and make her family happier.

After reading these, Su Shen sent Liu jie a message, telling her that she preferred the supporting female lead. Perhaps Liu jie was already asleep as she did not reply to her, so Su Shen could only go to bed.

The production crew began work at 8:30 am, and Su Shen arrived to the set at 8:00 am. The makeup for modern times was very quick. However, the makeup artist had been looking at her admiringly. The rest of the crew had also been looking at her admiringly, as if they were certain that the person Xie Yan mentioned was her.

“Su Shen, put this headband on.” The stylist handed her a pink headband.

Su Shen put the headband on. She had natural makeup on and wore a pink nightgown, looking very leisurely. It was because they were filming indoor scenes today.  

At this time, the male and female leads had just gotten married, and the male lead was there doing pushups. The female lead ran over to sit on his back and read, while discussing the meeting between their parents tomorrow. 

When it was almost time, Su Shen went to discuss the script with the Director. She immediately found an excuse to escape when the Director had mentioned something, and sneakily went to Xie Yan’s dressing room. Perhaps because she was too impulsive, she had forgotten to knock on the door. As soon as the door opened, she saw Xie Yan’s naked upper body as he was about to put on a T-shirt.

“Su Shen!”

Zhao Tong, who was in the room, was so frightened that he almost dropped his phone, seemingly hadn’t expected her to come in so suddenly. Seeing Su Shen cast a strange look at him, he immediately explained in a hurry, “Don’t misunderstand, Yan ge was just changing his clothes!

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately ran out, afraid of disturbing the two of them.

Su Shen blushed and didn’t know whether she should go in or not. She hadn’t thought wrong, but Zhao Tong insisted on explaining. She knew whether Xie Yan was straight or not.

“Have you had breakfast?” He walked over and pulled her inside, closing the door in passing.

“En.” She nodded slightly. Her pink nightgown made her exude an even more youthful air to her.

“But I haven’t eaten yet.” He held her shoulder and looked down at her fervently.

Being stared at by him, Su Shen couldn’t help but blushed, “Then… ask Zhao Tong to buy it for you.”

Xie Yan found that although the person in front of him was usually calm and collected beyond her age, when it came to matters between men and women, she was like an 18 year old girl who didn’t seem to understand anything.

With a helpless smile, he led her to the sofa and sat her down. Then, he went over and got her yogurt. Knowing that she liked this brand of yogurt, he specially asked someone to bring a box of it back from abroad. 

“I just heard from the Director that you have to show your upper body later. I don’t think it’s necessary. He just wants to use you as a gimmick. Although you’re not a woman, there’s still no need for you to show your upper body.” As Su Shen said this, she felt a bit unsettled. Perhaps this was because of her possessiveness. Since Xie Yan was her boyfriend now, she didn’t want him to be seen by other women, even if it’s a physical part.

Hearing this, the latter arched a brow, walked over to her side and sat down. He leaned in and stared into her eyes, “Are you jealous?”

Su Shen was taken aback. Her face was somewhat flushed as if she had put on blush.

“I just don’t think it’s necessary.” She turned around, not looking at him; her ears were a little red.

Once they confirmed their relationship, it was the same as an engagement. If her fiance’s body was seen by other women, she would definitely be unhappy. Moreover, he would be seen by so many people, who might take screenshots and use them as a screensaver. She was not that open-minded.

“Okay, I’ll do whatever you say. I’ll only show it to you.” He steeped tea with a smile, his eyes full of joy.

Turning around, she saw that he had brought out a whole tea set to make tea, and he was very adept at it too. No wonder he walked around everywhere with a teapot everyday.

“Can I ask you for a favor?” After hesitating for a while, she finally said it. 

At that, Xie Yan placed the teapot down and turned to wrap his arm around her slender waist. He held the petite woman in his arms and said earnestly, “There’s no need for favors between us.”


“If I say I want to eat your cooking, should I ask you for a favor then? En?” He stared at the beautiful and exquisite face in his arms fervently.

Hearing this, the latter just blinked and looked down slightly, “Sorry, I…”

“You don’t need to be so courteous.” With a helpless smile, he patted her head and said, “It’s my duty to do anything you ask me to do.”

A deep and mellow voice sounded besider her ear. Su Shen’s heart skipped a beat and her expression became a little perplexed. She found that she seemed to have done nothing for Xie Yan.

Su Shen felt that she should try to change her old-fashioned way of thinking and learn how to be an actual girlfriend. This time, there’s no benefits or power involved, only love. She didn’t hate Xie Yan nearing her, so it must be like, no?

“Liu jie found a film for me. It’s directed by Director Li, and I quite liked the supporting female lead, so I want to strive for a chance to audition. Is that okay?” She looked up, her lips accidentally touching his chin, causing her to blush once more.

His chin felt an itch, as if a feather just swept past it. It itched to his heart.

Xie Yan’s eyes darkened and kissed her on the cheek, “Of course.”

Director Li had offered him to act in this film, but Xie Yan felt that he was not suitable for the male lead role, so he declined it. At the time, He Hua got very angry with him too. However, some films were different from idol dramas. If he accepted it so inaptly, it would be disrespectful to the director and the entire production team. Although Su Shen wanted to act in this film, he could only be a middleman. Nonetheless, he would definitely not take part in this film.

“I just want to tell you that eating too much lipstick is bad for your health.” Su Shen couldn’t help glancing at him.

The latter arched a brow and took a deep breath in the pit of her neck while holding her in his arms, “But I’m in good health.”

Helplessly, Su Shen wanted to say something when someone knocked on the door. She hurriedly got up and prepared to leave. She almost forgot that filming was about to begin.

It was Zhao Tong who knocked on the door. He wanted to say that the Director had begun to call standby. Although he had to take the risk of disturbing the two of them, he still risked it.

When the Director heard that Xie Yan didn’t want to bare his upper body, he felt it was a pity but did not insist on it. 

This was an indoor scene. The male lead was doing pushups at home, and the female lead would sit on his back to increase the intensity. The theme of this drama was pretty relaxed, so daily life scenes were pretty sweet.

After setting up the set, the Director told them to get ready for filming.

Just at this time, the rest of the crew withdrew from being in frame. After Xie Yan was propped on the floor, Su Shen then carefully sat on his back with a book in her hand. However, she only saw the biceps that bulged on his arms.

“Be careful.” She held her dress as she adjusted her position. Afraid of falling, she whispered to the person below her, “I’m heavy.”

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