His indifferent voice immediately caused an uproar. Not only did the fans below go crazy, but also those reporters, as if they found breaking news. They were frantically taking pictures and doing close-ups. 

Su Shen pursed her lips and tried to keep a smile on her face.

The hostess obviously hadn’t expected him to answer with this. After being taken aback for a while, she continued to ask regardless of the screams below, “Then, are you still together with this girlfriend?”

This question was enough to blow up today’s hot search list. The fans below were shouting “no” painfully as if they had been hit by something.

Su Shen felt that if Xie Yan were to say it outloud, she would be splashed with sulfuric acid tomorrow. 

Without hesitating for too long, Xie Yan smiled at the hostess, “She’s in my heart.”


The audience below went crazy and the whole venue was in an uproar. A hint of unwillingness flashed through Fan Meng’s eyes.

At his smile, the young hostess blushed and immediately changed the topic, “Okay, let’s move onto the second question. This one should be answered by Fan Meng. It’s said that you and Su Shen do not get along online, what are your thoughts?”

Facing the microphone that was handed over, Fan Meng smiled and said toward the camera despite knowing that the topics today would not be about her, “We get along very well. Su Shen’s a great learner and often would ask me and Xie Yan about the script. She’s made great progress.”

On the surface, she was complementing Su Shen, but if someone were to listen closely, she was pointing at her for sticking to Xie Yan. After all, there were so many veteran actors among the crew that she could ask, but she went and asked Fan Meng and Xie Yan instead. It was obvious that Fan Meng was digging a hole for Su Shen.

It was unclear whether the hostess had understood what she meant. The hostess laughed and continued to ask, “Okay, the third question should be answered by Wang Cheng. Who do you think is the most beautiful actress among the crew?”

Xie Yan’s fans seemed to have been exhausted from screaming and did not scream. It was finally time for Wang Cheng’s fans to scream. They had even made a slogan “Cheng Cheng, you’re the best”. The camera was instantly aimed at Wang Cheng’s face.

The latter seemed to be used to this kind of scene and casually laughed. He then patted Su Shen’s shoulder, “Of course, it’s our little beauty.”

“AHHHH!” The fans below screamed once again.

In fact, Wang Cheng joking around like this enabled it unlikely for rumors to start. It only proved that their relationship was close enough. The hostess also laughed along, “Then, who’s the big beauty?”

The hostess was trying to give him a chance and hoped that he would say Fan Meng. After all, she was indifferent and wanted for no one to be left out. However, Wang Cheng just winked at the hostess, “Of course, the big beauty’s Yin jie!”  

Hearing this, the hostess laughed embarrassingly. No one would dislike others to say that she was pretty, even if it was just pleasantries.

Only Fan Meng kept a smile on her face, but her heart was full of contempt. As a best actress, she wouldn’t be so petty with a xiao xian rou!

“For the fourth question, this should be answered by Xie Yan. Why did you give your first onscreen kiss to Su Shen?” The hostess passed the microphone with fervent eyes.

The people below screamed once again, but it was apparent that their voices were much weaker. It was too shocking for them today that they still could not recover. 

Facing the microphone that was handed over, Xie Yan’s expression remained unchanged and replied earnestly, “It doesn’t matter who it is. This is the most basic thing for an actor. As the plot required it, it should be filmed.”

The Director kept a smile on his face.

Li Hao, who was standing beside him, also smiled without saying anything.

Only Fan Meng bit her lower lip slightly to make her expression appear more natural.

It was another strategized answer. The hostess nodded, then took a look at her script and continued, “For the fifth question, this should be answered by Su Shen. Who do you think is the most handsome, Wang Cheng or Xie Yan?” 

“AHHHH!” Wang Cheng’s fans were still there screaming, whereas Xie Yan’s fans had already stopped, since there was nothing that could shock them anymore.

Facing the microphone, Su Shen looked at Li Hao with a smile, “I think Li Hao ge is the most handsome.”

Xie Yan glanced at Li Hao, who was beside him, and didn’t say anything.

Li Hao: “……”

His heart’s palpitating!

“Ahaha!” The hostess laughed and continued to ask other questions.

The rest of the questions were all rather ordinary. Su Shen was not a lead actor, so she was soon invited down the stage, leaving only the Director, Xie Yan, and Fan Meng on the stage to interview.

Facing her phone that was handed over by Xiao Zhou, she could already imagine the storm online. When she opened her phone, almost everyone online was sharing the clip that had just been edited out from the broadcast.

In less than five minutes, the clip had been shared over five million times with comments wailing below. The live broadcast continued, but the comments on the bullet screen had gone crazy.

Netizen A: Anyone wanna meet on the rooftop tonight? [smiley face]

Netizen B: Hubby must be just joking around. Maybe he just couldn’t forget his ex-girlfriend, I can understand. [smiley face]

Netizen C: NO!!! I DON’T ACCEPT!!!

Netizen D: Henceforth, I won’t ask you to post selfies anymore. You don’t have to take part in any activities either, just focus on filming. My heart can’t bear it. [sob]

Netizen E: Anyone wanna go to the rooftop in Qiliu district of Jiang City?

Netizen F: Yesterday, you were still my hubby, and today, you became someone else’s boyfriend. Have you forgotten your wives by the Daming Lake in Jinan? 

Netizen G: I beg of Xie Yan to not accept any more interviews in the future. Even if you get married, don’t tell us! I have high blood pressure!!!

Looking at the bullet screen full of comments, Su Shen just felt somewhat guilty. If Xie Yan really had said it outloud just now, she would be sent blades everyday. 

“Omg, why didn’t I know that Xie Yan had a girlfriend? I never saw his girlfriend visiting the set when we were filming before!” Wang Cheng also seemed to be very curious and kept staring at the person on stage.

Su Shen closed her phone and pursed her lips without saying anything.

The breaking news of the press conference had exceeded the expectations of the media. Even after the press conference ended, the media blocked the entrance and refused to leave, insisting on interviewing Xie Yan.

Fortunately, He Hua found a few bodyguards, and they cleared the way for Xie Yan to get into the car.

Su Shen followed Liu jie and also left. After getting in the car, she looked at the scenery that was flashing past. It seemed that everything was showing the prosperity of the city.

While driving, Liu jie, at the front, suddenly asked, “You guys are together?”

Su Shen came to her senses and turned to look at the person in front, “What do you think?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me, but do you think you can hide it from me?” Liu jie said calmly, as if not surprised at all.

Xiao Zhou, who was in the car, played with her phone and didn’t dare to make a sound. It was obvious that the scene in the dressing room before had shocked her greatly.

Closing her eyes, Su Shen leaned against the seat and said nothing. She took the coat on her legs and covered her body with it.

Seeing her silent, Liu jie also didn’t ask further, but just chuckled, “You’d be a fool if you don’t use your connections. Recently, I’ve been helping you get in contact with a film by Director Li. It’s a literary film set in the Republic of China times. He only directs a film every two years, and the female lead can basically win an award. There are many people fighting for the role, even Fan Meng. Originally, I was helping you get the third supporting female role, but He Hua’s close to Director Li. As long as he is willing to recommend you, you can also fight for the female lead role.”

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