Meet on the Rooftop

Her neck felt a little uncomfortable because of his hair, but Su Shen didn’t push him away. A trace of apology appeared on her fair face, “I’m sorry.”

She had never dated before, but she also knew that both parties should be equal in this kind of matter. However, she seemed to have been asking too much of Xie Yan while enjoying his kindness toward her.

“It’s okay.” Xie Yan took another deep breath between her neck and rubbed against it as if he was addicted to it, “I hope you voice your opinions more.”

And not be so courteous.

If Su Shen was in a hurry to make it public or be so open, it wouldn’t be herself. 

The position they were in was full of ambiguity, and the atmosphere was also very weird. Su Shen blushed and couldn’t help but stroke his hair tremblingly. 

“If there’s anything I’m doing wrong, you can tell me,” she whispered. 

Holding her soft hand, Xie Yan laughed. He thought of something and said earnestly, “I don’t want to eat takeaway lunch anymore.”

Su Shen: “……”

“It’s cause you are too picky.” She said solemnly. 

Xie Yan’s eyes darkened as he swept a glance at her bright red lips. He suddenly leaned in and said, “Then, you can supervise me everyday henceforth.”

“Mhm…” Su Shen widened her eyes and felt the hold on her waist becoming tighter, which caused her to close her eyes tightly all tensed. 

It was said that eating too much lipstick was not good for one’s health.

She smelled so nice that one could fall asleep with a breath of her. Xie Yan felt like he was getting addicted to it and couldn’t help but pry open her mouth to want even more…

“Su jie, the press conference is going to…”

Xiao Zhou held the doorknob as she looked at the shocking scene inside, stupefied. 

What did she see! 

What did she see!!!

This must be a dream!!!

“The press conference is going to start?” Xie Yan calmly stood up and straightened his clothes, appearing right and proper again. 

Xiao Zhou noticed that her idol had changed his hairstyle today!

But! What did she just see!

“Yes…” His attractiveness made Xiao Zhou nod subconsciously. 

Taking a look at Su Shen, who was looking down and didn’t dare to look at anyone, Xie Yan smiled, “I’ll go first.”

Su Shen didn’t say anything until she heard the sound of the door closing again. At last, she could only take a deep breath and looked up, pretending to be calm. She looked at Xiao Zhou, who was still in a daze, and said, “Don’t tell Liu jie about this first.”

The latter nodded in a daze.

But the scene of her idol pushing her Su jie down on the sofa and kissing her just now was still so shocking to her.  

Just at this moment, the press conference was already full of reporters, and Wang Cheng and the others were already in their seats. According to the order of their seats, Su Shen sat behind Wang Cheng.

“I heard that you are in contact with the reality show from Hunan TV?” Wang Cheng leaned back and whispered.

He was wearing a blue suit today, making him even more handsome. In the audience, there was a large group of fans holding his banners.

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Su Shen glanced at the stage, and it was almost time for the host to come on stage.

“They also asked me. I’ll go if you go.” Wang Cheng smiled and arched a brow at her.

Su Shen smiled helplessly and shook her head slightly, “What’s the use of following me? I don’t have time to cook and give you a free meal.”

“Another TV station also asked me, the remuneration was about the same. Since you’re going to this one, I naturally have to go. Else, I’ll need to compete for views with you by that time?” Wang Cheng glanced at Xie Yan and couldn’t help but leaned in and whispered, “Why do you think Xie Yan would suddenly go and film an idol drama? Isn’t he stealing our livelihood?”

Su Shen: “……”

“Don’t worry, he will probably only shoot this one and won’t be stealing your livelihood.”

Seeing the two of them whispering with each other, a trace of gloom flashed in Xie Yan’s eyes. In his memory, he had never seen Su Shen chat with him so happily.

Li Hao, who was beside him, seemed to have noticed something and suddenly looked him up and down, “Why do I find you so strange lately? It’s rare to see you at these press conferences before, but now, you’re almost always present. Moreover, you even went to film an idol drama. If you’re short of money, just tell me. There’s no need to accept all kinds of drama like this.”

Xie Yan glanced at him from the corner of his eye and said indifferently, “I’m short of a wife.”

Just at this moment, the host finished warming up the stage and invited several of the lead actors up. Li Hao could only swallow his astonishment and went up to the stage.

The audience immediately burst into screams. It was not until they went on stage that the hostess handed over a microphone and asked them to introduce themselves in turn.

After the introductions were over, the hostess took a meaningful look at everyone and said, “Everyone knows that there’s a lot of eyes on this movie, and there are also many questions about it online. So today, we have sorted out a few questions that everyone online wants to ask and see how you all will answer them.”


The fans in the audience screamed. 

After taking a look at her script, the hostess turned to the Director besider her, “For the first question, I think the Director should answer it. Can you tell us which one of the two romantic entanglements shown in the trailer is the male lead’s true love?”

“AHHHHH!” Xie Yan’s fans were screaming madly. 

The cameras kept flashing incessantly. There were at least a dozen reporters from different media companies present. Facing so many cameras, the Director laughed and said unhurriedly, “Just like an ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend, who knows which one’s the true love?” 

The fans in the audience were still screaming. At that, the hostess nodded and handed the microphone to Xie Yan, who was much taller than her, “Then Xie Yan, can you tell us, do you like your ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend more?”

Xie Yan: “I only have one girlfriend.”

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