When she returned to her dressing room, Xiao Zhou was in the midst of eating chips. Seeing her back, she immediately got up and handed her phone to her, “Liu jie called just now.”

Hearing this, Su Shen took her phone and sat in front of the vanity. There was a message from Liu jie, which said that the movie would hold a press conference in eight days and that she would come pick her up at that time.

Thinking that she might have had a lot of scenes edited out, Su Shen’s mood was nowhere better. She had put a lot of effort into that movie, but it turned out that so many of her scenes would be deleted.

After changing her clothes and putting on makeup, it was almost time to start filming the afternoon scenes. When Su Shen went out, she saw Xie Yan and the Director talking over there and walked over with her script. 

Seeing her coming, the Director said with a smile, “If we use positioning, then we would have to draw out the longshot and cut from the right side. You guys would have to adjust the angles.”

Hearing this, Su Shen nodded earnestly. She didn’t like to film this kind of scene in front of so many people. It was better if positioning was used if possible. 

“Xie laoshi, can you lower your head a little bit down later? My shoes are not so high this time.” She looked at Xie Yan with dead earnesty.

Xie Yan: “……”

Xie laoshi?

Zhao Tong, on the side, swept a peculiar glance at the two of them. He didn’t seem to understand why they were so suddenly courteous?

“Okay.” Xie Yan said politely.

Noticing how estranged the two of them were, the Director was baffled. Their relationship was clearly pretty good before, how did it become like this now?

When they were filming, everyone was puzzled when they found out they were using positioning. It was obvious that their Film Emperor treated Su Shen pretty well before, why was it that they were using positioning now? 

Filming went pretty smooth in the afternoon. Ignoring the strange gazes of the rest of the crew, Su Shen changed her clothes and prepared to go back to the hotel.

Liu jie had arranged a chauffeur and a car for her, and they would arrive at the hotel in about five or six minutes. It was great that there were no night scenes today. For the following few days, there might be night scenes, and she wouldn’t be able to be back so early.

When she was waiting for the elevator, she met Luo Han. Su Shen greeted him with a smile.

“You’ve changed a lot.” Luo Han looked at her and smiled.

Knowing that he was referring to her character, Su Shen just smiled when she heard that, “People always change. I was not sensible before, but now I’m sensible.”

Hearing this, Luo Han just laughed and didn’t say anything. When the elevator arrived, the two of them walked in together.

When she returned to her room, Su Shen received a message from Xie Yan saying that he wanted to go out for dinner, but she didn’t agree. There were so many paparazzi outside; she didn’t want to spend another million to buy photos.

For the next few days, Su Shen didn’t get too close to Xie Yan. After all, Zhao Tong was there. When Liu jie came to pick her up for the press conference, she even brought along a dress for her.

Although a lead actor asked for leave, some supporting roles could be shot first. When they sat in the car, Su Shen felt her shoulder cold when she saw the white one-shoulder knee length dress on top of her. 

“Why do you always choose a one-shoulder dress for me?” She looked at Liu jie, who was at the front, confusedly.

The latter said without turning around, “You have good-looking shoulders. You must show your strong points, unless you want to show your shortcomings?”

Hearing this, Su Shen pursed her lips and said nothing.

“I accepted the company’s crime drama for you, but it will start filming in December. The location’s in Zhejiang. To avoid overlap in filming, I discussed it with your Director and decided to film all your scenes in one go, to try to finish filming your scenes of this drama before December.” Liu jie said sitting in the front.

Hearing this, Su Shen didn’t object, but she couldn’t go back to accompany her parents over Chinese New Year again.

“My… a lot of my scenes really got cut from the movie?” She couldn’t help but ask.

At that, Liu jie kept silent for a while before saying solemnly, “I’m not sure since I haven’t seen the finished movie, but from what I’ve heard, they edited out a lot of your scenes.” 

Su Shen didn’t say anything. She closed her eyes and leaned against the seat. The entertainment industry was that the strong prey upon the weak. 

When the car stopped in front of the entrance of the press conference, there were already many media’s cars parked outside. Xie Yan’s car seemed to be right behind, but Su Shen went into the hotel first without waiting for him.

The temporary lounges were for two people per room. Su Shen saw Fan Meng again. This time, she was wearing a deep v evening gown. She had a large chest, and there was basically no gap in the middle. It seemed that she wanted to be the subject of the talk with this. 

For two actresses to be in the same frame, they would inevitably be compared to one another. No one wanted to be robbed of their limelight. Fan Meng’s move was already the norm in the entertainment industry.

“You’re a different story now since being with Xie Yan. You even know how to drag him to help you. I even thought your next production would be the female lead of a big screen!” Leaning against the sofa, Fan Meng played with her phone. Her words were so enigmatic that her assistant pretended not to hear them.

Su Shen went over and sat down, ignoring her. On the contrary, Xiao Zhou looked a little unhappy, as if she was indignant for her.

Seeing that she kept silent, Fan Meng felt vapid. When her assistant said that it was time and the reporters outside were already waiting for her, Fan Meng then walked out lifting the hem of her gown.

As soon as she left, Xiao Zhou roasted her resentfully, “Look at her chest, it must be filled with silicone!”

Hearing this, Su Shen just glanced at her, “Whether she filled it or not, it’s her business. Just treat her as if she didn’t exist if she says anything else in the future.” 

It was not good for Su Shen to tear her face down right now, and the battle of words would always be a meaningless act. 

“Oh.” Xiao Zhou pursed her lips as she heard that. She looked outside as if something came to mind, “I’ll go and see if the press conference is ready.”

Su Shen nodded slightly and asked her to check if Wang Cheng, Li Hao, and the others had arrived yet. Hearing this, Xiao Zhou then walked out of the lounge with her phone, while the former continued to scroll through the comments on her phone. 

The press conference was also broadcasted live. At this time, the comments below the live broadcast practically exploded because there would be another long trailer released today. These people were waiting for the kiss scene, but Su Shen did not know if that kiss scene had been cut or not.

When she heard the sound of the door opening, she looked up, only to find that it was Xie Yan.

“Why are you here?” She frowned slightly.

Today, Xie Yan changed into a formal suit, making his 190 cm build even taller. Moreover, he also had his hair done and was more attentive to his appearance than before. But when he saw Su Shen’s one-shoulder gown, he frowned slightly and stared straight at her exposed shoulder.

“Why are you wearing so little?” He walked over and sat beside her; he was clearly unhappy when he saw her exposed skin. 

Today, Su Shen just had light makeup on. In order to cover her shoulder, she had specially let down her hair, but it was inevitable that some of her skin would be exposed.

“This was picked by Liu jie.” Speaking of this, she suddenly thought of something and sat up straight, “Why are you here?” 

Seeing her be overly cautious again, Xie Yan frowned and couldn’t help but wrap his arm around her slender waist, burying his head into her fair and tender neck. He took a deep breath, “Why does it seem like I’m a thief?” 

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