Recording Reality Show

What else could she do?

In her previous life, what she knew were some basic things, but it was considered some sort of talent here.

In the past, Su Shen had meticulously studied calligraphy and painting because she knew that the Empress liked talented noble ladies. However, she would certainly not reveal this in front of outsiders. It was different from playing the guzheng. As long as one learned the guzheng slowly, one would be able to play it. But calligraphy and painting depended on innate talent, else it would only have an external appearance but no internal essence.

But most people nowadays were only able to achieve the external appearance and being able to achieve the internal essence were all famous painters. Su Shen was not stupid. If she had to reveal a little bit of some talent, her parents would suspect her sooner or later. She could learn the guzheng secretly, but calligraphy and painting had to be nurtured from a young age.

“What else can I do? Do you think I am a jack of all trades?” Su Shen chuckled and took another sip of hot water.

Liu jie was not discouraged. With her years of experience in reading people, Su Shen must be hiding something from her, but she was unwilling to reveal it.

“Alright, here’s the completed script. The casting for the drama has yet to be finished. The movie would most likely start filming in May of next year. Although your itinerary is tight, the return will be great. Next year, you have a movie, a variety show, and two dramas to be aired. With such a lineup, your fame would definitely increase substantially. Even if one of them goes viral and if the marketing is good, you won’t be worse than Mu Yao and the others!” Liu jie said earnestly.

Su Shen didn’t feel much when she heard that. Everything was uncertain. Luck depended on the mood of God. Some people could not be famous no matter how many highest rated dramas or films they shot, which was the most tragic thing. So, Su Shen never only looked at the good. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment would be. 

Taking over the script, it indeed contained all the scenes of the supporting female lead. Su Shen read through it carefully and found that the script of this kind of literary film emphasized more on the character portrayal. She was absorbed in it before she knew it.

“Su Shen.” Liu jie couldn’t help raising her voice, “Remember that this is acting, don’t get absorbed in it!”

There were many people in the entertainment industry who became depressed. They were enacting a person’s life everyday, so it was inevitable that they would be mentally confused. There was a classic foreign movie in which the lead actor acted excellently, but they inhabited the role too deeply that they committed suicide after filming ended.

Although money was important, Liu jie didn’t want Su Shen to become such a lunatic.

When Su Shen came to her senses, she closed the script and nodded, “I know.”

Liu jie found that Su Shen had changed. She couldn’t tell when she had changed, but she was like a different person. She used to be playful and careless, but now, she was too calm and was much more mature than before. But why did she become like this, Liu jie couldn’t tell.

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you’re tired, I can help you cancel some engagements.” Liu jie patted her on the shoulder and looked at her weirdly.

Su Shen nodded without uttering a word. Seeing this, she waved to Xiao Zhou and went over to tell her something before leaving.

The weather was freezing. They spent the whole morning filming outside and only changed to an indoor set in the afternoon. When Su Shen returned to the hotel at night, she took a shower and went to bed. The variety show that she accepted was going to start recording next week. The production team had announced several fixed guests today.

Among them were herself, Wang Cheng, Zhang Jing, Song Yan, Jin Qingzhou, and Zheng Luo. Zhang Jing’s career was very varied. She had been a singer before, and then went to film dramas and movies. Although they were just supporting roles, the productions she had been in were all popular. On top of that, her carefree temperament attracted a lot of fans.

Song Yan filmed dramas, and his image was that of a low-profile veteran actor. But he was actually only in his early 30s. However, because he debuted very early, he gave people a feeling that he was very old.

Jin Qingzhou went the tragedy drama route and was very popular with the public. This was also his variety show debut. Although he and Song Yan were not as popular as Wang Cheng, they were certainly more famous than him. Moreover, they had a certain status and connections in the entertainment industry.

Recently, Zheng Luo has been rapidly rising in popularity. A xianxia drama that he had starred in had exploded and he was at the peak of his popularity recently. However, his booking price was not as high as that of Song Yan’s, because for a person to be famous, it would be determined after three months since the drama had been aired. If he could still maintain his popularity, then it could be considered a moment of fame. To be famous, it meant that one’s influence would continue, and clearly, this kind of xiao xian rou influence was only limited to the younger audience. 

Where there were idols, there would be the Jianghu*. As soon as the production team released the list of names, the fans in the comments began to fight with each other, and there were more than one group of fans. There were several groups of fans of different artists battling it out, which stemmed from the positions of the guests in the promotional poster.

Jianghu – used to describe the martial arts world of Historical China

Netizen A: Did the production team make a mistake?! Our Cheng ge’s face is only shown half! The production team should give that half of a face to Zheng Luo! [smiley face]

Netizen B: I was just about to ask who Zheng Luo thinks he is? To occupy the largest area of the entire poster?

Netizen C: This is the matter of the production team. Why do y’all attack the artist? Our Zheng Luo’s not all that but better than that sissy. [smiley face]

Netizen D: Come out, editor! Why did you photoshop away Song Yan’s double eyelids!

Netizen E: The editor must be an idiot! Our Zhang Jing’s face is clearly round, why was it v-shaped this time? [joy]

Netizen F: [vomit] With all due respect, I really didn’t know who Zheng Luo was before, but now I know, he’s a relative of the production team’s director, so powerful that I can’t offend! 

In the eyes of every fan, their idol was perfect. There was always a time of unfairness within the production team, but sometimes, it depended on the likes of the editors, so an industry reputation was very important. When filming, no matter how famous an artist was, they did not dare to offend the lighting director. Otherwise, if they took revenge on you, the final result would only be that your skin would appear uneven, tan, and aged. Thus, some highly emotionally intelligent artists would send gifts to some acquainted editors and staff members during holidays. They would then be more attentive to you. 

However, the fight above had nothing to do with Su Shen. Her position was in the corner and was not heavily photoshopped, so naturally no one attacked her. Her fans wouldn’t ask for trouble and attack the production team either.

But Wang Cheng’s and Zheng Luo’s fans’ fighting strength was very powerful. Wang Cheng’s fans wouldn’t stop until the production team changed the poster. 

The next day, Xie Yan came back. Su Shen didn’t ask what he did; it was not important whether he told her or not.

The movie was about to air, and the promotional tour for it would start soon, but Xie Yan would not participate in it. He also needed to accelerate filming for this drama and fly to Africa to shoot that action film soon.

He Hua seemed to be very displeased that Xie Yan accepted that film and would drag her over to persuade him every time.

“Think about it, you will be gone for three months. Do you have the heart to not see Su Shen for three months? Do you know how much she will miss you? Do you have the heart to have her go all the way to Africa to visit you?”

Hearing that, Su Shen almost spat out a mouthful of water. He Hua was still there persuading him while Xie Yan was still just sitting on the sofa reading his script and turning a deaf ear to him.

Tired of talking, He Hua raised his hand and looked at his watch, “You two just got together, it’s precisely the time to get to know each other. What if your relationship dulls after you leave?” 

Su Shen: “……”

She coughed slightly and leaned against the sofa with a smile, “I also need to film, so it’s the same whether he goes or not.”

Seeing that she didn’t support him, He Hua frowned and glared at the two of them unhappily. Then, he turned around and walked out of the dressing room, seemingly very angry.

The next moment, Su Shen felt a tight hold on her waist and saw Xie Yan leaning in and stared at her, “You won’t miss me?”

Their eyes met. Su Shen saw a hint of gloom flashed through his eyes and couldn’t help putting down her script in her hand to stroke his hair, “Are you willing to give up on this movie then?”

After saying that, Su Shen didn’t want him to make a choice and just laughed lightly, “When you come back, I’ll make something tasty for you.”

“Why wait until I come back?” Xie Yan held her waist, “Come to my house, my kitchen’s very big.”

Su Shen: “……”

Being stared at by him, she couldn’t help but blushed and pushed him away, “My… my kitchen’s also very big.”

She was bundled up in a pink cotton padded coat. The fluffy fur on her cap made her fair face even more fair and flawless. Her slightly pursed rosy lips appeared luscious. After staring at it for a while, Xie Yan couldn’t help but want to kiss her. 

Bang bang!”

Zhao Tong knocked on the door while shouting, “Yan ge, it’s time to film!”

Zhao Tong was very weary. In the past, their Yan ge didn’t need to be called at all, but now, he wouldn’t come out even after calling him several times.

After a while, just when he was about to knock on the door again, the door suddenly opened. He saw Su Shen walk out wrapped like a bunny, while Xie Yan wore a T-shirt and a pair of athleisure pants for filming. The two of them seemed to be living in different seasons.

“Knock on the door lightly in the future. Don’t you know there’s people inside?” Xie Yan glanced at Zhao Tong and then followed behind Su Shen without hesitation.

Zhao Tong: “……”

So, who did he scare?

This was an outside scene. A gust of cold wind blew and Su Shen didn’t want to take off her cotton padded coat at all. But she had to film, and she ultimately took off her coat and just wore a blue dress. 

Li Xue also just wore a long dress, and the two of them got goosebumps due to the cold. When the Director called “cut,” Su Shen immediately went to Xiao Zhou for her coat.

However, she saw Xie Yan coming over with a cotton padded coat and then wrapping her up in it, even covering up her head. He then fed her a cup of hot water. 

The people on set were already used to the two of them showing off PDA as if no one else was around everyday. Even so, when they saw Xie Yan carefully feeding Su Shen water, they were KO-ed multiple times. Another person’s boyfriend and their own boyfriend were really not of the same breed.

Su Shen was afraid of the cold, very much so, so she finally decided to go out to eat hotpot with Xie Yan at night to warm up her body. Moreover, she would wrap up this drama in half a month, and they might not meet again until the end of the year as Xie Yan had to go to Africa to film soon.

When the day of the recording for the reality TV show came about, she had to ask for a day’s leave and fly to Jiang City overnight. The model of this reality TV show was also based on games, just like most programs domestically.

When everyone gathered at the filming site the next day, the cold wind was blowing outside. Everyone wore a lot of clothes, with Su Shen wearing the most, but she was skinny so she didn’t seem bloated. However, when Wang Cheng saw her, he asked her to invite him to dinner again. 

For the time being, the filming site was indoors. After everyone got familiar with one another, the Director then officially started shooting. Everyone thus then became well-behaved.

Director: “Welcome to ‘Brave Adventures’, everyone! I believe that everyone has gotten to know the objective of our program. The team with the most wins through the various games will become the final winner, and the production team will donate one million to poverty stricken areas in their name.” 

After saying that, everyone applauded again. The room had central heating, so Su Shen was still sitting there comfortably while listening to the Director.

Director: “Everyone knows that our city is a famous foodie city. Later, you will win the final ingredients through team games. Finally, every team needs to make a dish. We have invited ten primary school students from the city to be the judges. It is fair and square!” 

“AHH!” Everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that the judges would be children.

Just when Wang Cheng was about to say something complacently, the Director continued, “Today’s teams are divided into Su Shen, Zhang Jing, and Zheng Luo, with the remaining being another team.”

Fans of Wang Cheng and Zheng Luo were fighting fiercely against one another. Hence, the production team would definitely not let them be part of the same team.

Only Zhang Jing ran to Su Shen’s side happily, “The production team has a good eye. They know that we’re both pretty looking, so they specially put us in the same team.”

“Right; originally, the image of Su Shen and Zheng Luo would be an idol drama, but you distorted it into a horror movie!” Song Yan knew Zhang Jing from before, so he was pretty lax with his words.

The others all laughed. Although they were not familiar with each other, they had to pretend that they were for the sake of the program.

Just at this moment, Wang Cheng pointed at Su Shen and looked at the Director fervently, “This is unfair! Su Shen can cook, but we can’t!”

Competing with her, they would simply lose!

“What a coincidence!” Song Yan suddenly pointed at Jin Qingzhou at the side and said, “Our Jin laoshi used to be a chef!”

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