Chen Shenggang noticed Shen Chuchu had been staring at Wang-ge for a while and asked, “Chuchu, do you know Wang-ge?”

Shen Chuchu looked at Chen Shenggang, uncertain whether to tell him. After all, this was someone else’s business, and perhaps Cai-jie is aware of the man’s marital status. Because the two have already decided to marry, they must be mindful of each other’s backgrounds. Perhaps the man was preparing to divorce his wife.

After a long time, Shen Chuchu replied, “Nothing, I just felt that Wang-ge looked somewhat familiar. When he turned around, I realised it was the wrong person.”

Chen Shenggang glanced at Shen Chuchu and said, “Yeah, there are many similar-looking people in the world.”

Shen Chuchu pursed her mouth and replied, “Mhm, that’s true.”

So after that, they sat in silence, one playing videogames and the other going on a mental journey while reading the script. Although Shen Chuchu stated that she was uninterested in the affairs of Cai-jie and Wang-ge, she still wanted to examine their marriage system. It’s just that her system had only been upgraded since this morning and was still being upgraded. She could not see anything but the heart above other people’s heads.

After a while, Cai-jie eventually returned to her resting spot and Brother Wang left the studio. Looking at Cai-jie‘s rosy face, Shen Chuchu realised how wonderful love was. She had previously thought Cai-jie to be a more serious and rigid woman, but now while there was still rigidity and seriousness, she was clearly a bright and beautiful woman.

Chen Shenggang teased, “How loving that Wang-ge came to see you. I’m jealous.”

Cai-jie could not keep a smile from forming on the corner of her mouth and said, “At my age, there is no love or affection. I’m not young like you two.”

Chen Shenggang raised his eyebrows and replied, “Cai-jie, what are you saying? You are not old at all. There is only a difference of ten years. We are all peers.”

After exchanging a few more words, Shen Chuchu and Chen Shenggang returned to filming.

By the evening, Shen Chuchu’s marriage system was finally available, otherwise, her clients on Weibo and Taobao would lose faith in her. Shen Chuchu went to bed after matchmaking clients and chatting with Han Xingyan for a while. The next day, she felt sore all over when she woke up.

Fortunately, Shen Chuchu could rest for a while because there was no fighting scene in the morning. When she finished, Wang Qian handed her a box and said that it was sent by Han Xingyan.

Shen Chuchu looked at the box in her hand suspiciously and thought, “I don’t recall hearing him say anything about sending something?” When she opened it, it revealed a medicine bottle for the treatment of bruises, as well as an instruction manual detailing how to use it. Despite the fact that the item was small, Shen Chuchu felt very cared for. This was more moving than a large meal or a bouquet of red roses. Because it was considerate.

When she returned at noon, Shen Chuchu massaged herself according to the instructions. It felt hot to the touch after the massage and was not very relaxing, but she did not feel pain later in the afternoon. She was not sure whether it was a psychological effect or the drug.

At lunch break, Shen Chuchu saw Cai-jie again. This time, she opened Cai-jie’s marriage system and raised her eyebrow when she saw that there were two marriages in her system. It looked like Cai-jie had been divorced before. If so, she should be aware of Wang-ge’s situation.

However, Cai-jie’s second marriage would not be this year but two years later and it would not be to Wang-ge. Shen Chuchu raised an eyebrow. Although the marriage system would not change as a result of human influences, she was unsure if Sister Cai’s marriage would change without her intervention. In other words, she was unsure whether Cai-jie and Wang-ge will end up together under natural development.

Everything was uncertain because she had not seen Brother Wang’s marriage system yet.

Very soon, an opportunity arose.

At the end of the night, Wang-ge came to pick up Cai-jie. Wang-ge approached them and said hello. Shen Chuchu looked at the well-dressed man in a white shirt and felt the label “scumbag” belonged to someone else. When Wang-ge turned around, she took the opportunity to glance at his marriage system

Only one marriage was shown! So Wang-ge will not divorce his wife and did not plan to either. In that case, what does this make Cai-jie?

With a heavy heart, Shen Chuchu was about to leave Wang-ge‘s marriage system when she realised there was one more content in it.

[Children: One Son (3 years old)]

She could see this section now in the marriage system? Nothing like this had ever happened before. This appeared to be a change brought about by the system upgrade. This was a very unexpected change.

Shen Chuchu kept a quiet eye on Wang-ge and Cai-jie as they left hand in hand.

“Boss, do we go now?” Wang Qian inquired tentatively.

Shen Chuchu let out a long sigh and replied, “Yes, let’s go.”

As she stepped out of the car, Shen Chuchu received a call from Han Xingyan.

“Chuchu, have you left the set?”

Shen Chuchu laughed, “Yes, I just arrived at the hotel. What about you? Are you working overtime at the office?”

There seemed to be a woman speaking in the background and Shen Chuchu curiously asked, “Are you outside?”

Han Xingyan glanced at the cleaning staff passing by and said with a smile, “Yes.”

Fortunately, there was a signal in the elevator, so they could continue to talk even after entering it.

Shen Chuchu curiously asked, “Going out for dinner?”

Han Xingyan briefly replied, “No, I haven’t eaten yet.”

Shen Chuchu frowned when she heard this sentence. It was already past nine o’clock and he still had not even eaten. He was also outside. Plus, she was not sure if it was her imagination, but Han Xingyan seemed a little absent-minded.

After getting out of the elevator, she took a few steps to the corridor. Just as she was about to ask where he was, she noticed a familiar figure standing at the door of her room.

Shen Chuchu excitedly rushed up and softly said, “How come you are here? Didn’t you tell me you had a meeting in the afternoon?”

Han XIngyan stroked his girlfriend’s hair and nodded, “Yes, I did have a meeting in the afternoon. I came here straight after.”

Shen Chuchu could not help but smile when she heard this. She simply wanted to embrace Han Xingyan but Wang Qian cut in.

“Boss, be careful of reporters.”

Wang Qian the light bulb initially felt she was not shining too brightly but after her comment and they both looked in her direction, she realised that her wattage was now too high. She shrank her neck and whispered, “I heard that some paparazzi can use drones to photograph the corridors here.”

Although this hotel was full of celebrities who come to film and the security measures were excellent, it could not prevent some paparazzi from using high-tech means. Wang Qian had learned about this from the other assistants on set.

It’s true that educated hooligans are scary!

Shen Chuchu’s first reaction upon hearing this was to look around with a guilty conscience. Seeing that there was no one around, she said, “You are right, let’s go inside.”

Han Xingyan did not react the entire time, but when he saw Shen Chuchu’s nervous expression, he said, “Don’t worry. Even if they do take pictures, it won’t be spread.”

“Let’s still be more careful,” Shen Chuchu said as she opened the door with the room card.

Wang Qian watched as Shen Chuchu and Han Xingyan walked inside and said, “Boss, I’ll head off now. Call me if you need anything. There is a shoot tomorrow at 7 am so don’t be late.” After saying that, she took a careful look at Han Xingyan and then quickly left after receiving Shen Chuchu’s confirmation.

“…Okay.” Shen Chuchu replied.

After the door was shut and once Shen Chuchu and Han Xingyan were the only ones left in the quiet room. Shen Chuchu developed an inexplicable sense of nervousness. Before she could think of what to say to Han Xingyan, she was hugged from behind.

“Chuchu, I missed you.” Han Xingyan’s voice entered the eardrum through Shen Chuchu’s exterior auditory canal and went straight to her heart. “I finally understand that ancient phrase, not seeing you one day is like being separated for three autumns.”

The last time they parted, they both had their own personal matters to attend to. But, since Shen Chuchu began filming in other locations, Han Xingyan’s longing and slight jealousy grew like wild grass after a spring rain.

After hearing this, Shen Chuchu’s heart beat uncontrollably again. She discovered that whenever she came into contact with Han Xingyan, she lost her ability to think clearly.

“What about you, did you miss me?” Han Xingyan asked in a low voice as he looked at his girlfriend’s red ears and shy appearance.

Shen Chuchu bit her lips and silently nodded, “Mhm”

Han Xingyan could not stop himself from kissing Shen Chuchu’s hair before turning to her body and kissing her forehead.

“Why does your face get red so easily? Are you the same when you are with male actors?” Han Xingyan realised after saying this sentence that there was jealousy in his tone that he had overlooked. He also felt that this sentence is a bit out of line.

Shen Chuchu was taken aback when she heard this. Han Xingyan, who had a look of regret on his face, looked up at her. After a few seconds of thought, she wrapped her arms around his neck and said coquettishly, “Of course not, it’s not like I like them. If my face is red then that is very unprofessional and the director will swap with another actress.”

Following Han Xingyan’s example, she kissed his cheek and said, “It’s because of you. Also, your ears are red too. Hmph.”

As soon as these words came out, Shen Chuchu felt the hand on her waist tighten. Before she could react, her lips were swept away by the man in front of her. He bit her a few times as punishment, then pushed her mouth apart, and the tip of his tongue slipped into her mouth.

And the entire room began to heat up.

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