The recording didn’t end until 9:00 PM. Yuan Zheng acted as host and organized them to have dinner outside. The men were drinking over there, while the women were chatting about cosmetics and beauty related things over here.

“Su Shen, how long have you been learning the guzheng?” Ye Meng, who was sitting beside her, suddenly asked.

Except for Su Shen, all the other girls didn’t dare to eat too much, only she ate half a bowl of rice more and had a glass of their special juice in hand. When she heard Ye Meng’s question, she turned around and smiled, “My grandfather likes these kinds of classical things, so he had me learn some when I was little.”    

Upon hearing her words, Yang Yun, on her other side, drank a sip of water depressingly, “Comparing oneself to others will only make one angry. I don’t even dare to drink too much water. Look at Su Shen, she ate half a bowl of rice more and her figure is still so good. If I had such a figure, I’d also do idol dramas.” 

Su Shen: “……”

She thought she had eaten quite little already, but when she saw the others, she felt guilty for eating just one more bite.

“You can only film horror movies!” Zhou Jun couldn’t help but tease her, and Yang Yun cursed at him again.

“Su Shen’s actually a master chef. Come here, I’ll let you guys admire it a little!” Just at this moment, Wang Cheng took out his phone and suddenly pulled out a photo, which was taken at Su Shen’s house before.

Zhou Jun took a glance and immediately leaned over and zoomed in on the picture, “No way? This was made by Su Shen?”

Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Wang Cheng explained with certainty, “Of course! It was super delicious. You can gain three pounds after eating her meal!” 

Yang Yun also leaned over to take a look and immediately took Su Shen’s arm and screamed “AHHH, I want to eat it! But, I have to diet.” 

Seeing Wang Cheng over there bragging again, Su Shen just felt exhausted. She was in the entertainment industry and did not have plans to enter the culinary industry either.

“Actually, as long as you have a reasonable diet, you won’t gain too much weight. I can make vegetarian pancakes that are low in calories. I often eat that to control my weight. You guys can come over to my house when you have time, and I can make whatever you want to eat.” She said with a smile.

Whether it’s pleasantries or not, the others had a great impression of her. After adding each other on WeChat, they then followed each other on Weibo. After dinner, Yang Yun added that she would go to her house for free meals in the future. 

Su Shen naturally agreed with a smile. When she got back to the hotel, she had to pack up and leave tomorrow.

When she was in bed, she thought of the phone call today. Su Shen didn’t know if she should explain to Xie Yan again, but on second thought, it had already been explained on the show. Thus, she did not say anything more.

It wasn’t until the next day that she flew back to Shanghai. Her Dad was richer than her and had bought a mansion. By the time she got home, her Mom was already busy in the kitchen. 

And in the living room sitting was her Dad, a middle-aged man, and a very familiar figure!

“Speak of the devil! Look, this girl is finally back.” Her Dad saw her and immediately beckoned her with his hand, “What are you waiting for? Come and see your Uncle Tan.”

The middle-aged man turned around and smiled kindly when he saw Su Shen, “Shen Shen has already grown so much, I still remember how little she was when she was just born. She became a lady already so quickly.” 

Su Shen blinked, changed her shoes and walked over with a smile, “Hello Uncle Tan.”

As she said that, she turned around and looked at the tall and handsome man at the side, “Hello Hao Zhi gege.” 

The man was wearing a black casual suit. At a glance, Su Shen could tell that the watch on his wrist was a global limited edition. Although his face was a little different from her memories, the original owner of Su Shen’s body had seen his photos before. That’s right, this man was the childhood friend that the original owner had a crush on!

However, he seemed to just treat her as a little sister. When he was 16, their entire family moved abroad. It was said that they seemed to have come back recently. Su Shen remembered that the original owner of this body had written a love letter to him before, but did not know if he had received it or not. But, there was no change in his attitude towards her. 

“Alas, we have grown old in a blink of an eye. I remember that these two were still so little and now, they have become adults.” Uncle Tan sighed while taking off his glasses, as if lamenting that time waits for no one.    

The girl in front was wearing a jade-green dress, which perfectly showed her beautiful figure. Unlike the little girl in his memories, the face of the person in front of him was beautiful and exquisite, but with a touch of innocence. However, her temperament portrayed indifference. She was different from the girl who only chased after him in the past; now, she was a little distant and courteous.

Tan Haozhi got up and looked at her with a smile, with a clear voice, “Long time no see, you’ve grown taller.”

Su Shen rolled her eyes and smiled politely, “Not as tall as you.”

Seeing the two of them chatting awkwardly, Papa Su could not help but feel a little helpless. He glanced at Papa Tan, and the two of them went to the study to chat with their teacups in hand. 

When they were the only people left in the living room, Su Shen stiffened a little. What she was most afraid of were these emotional entanglements, as she did not know how to deal with them at all. 

“Sit.” She took two steps back and sat on the other sofa.

Seeing that she seemed a little strained, Tan Haozhi smiled helplessly, “This is your home, why are you more nervous than me?” 

His smile only made people feel as if they were bathed in a spring breeze. Su Shen, however, was a little awkward and took a throw pillow on the side to put it on her legs, pretending to be calm while looking at him, “I didn’t expect you to come back so suddenly, will you go back in the future?” 

With regard to this childhood friend, he had been constantly in the mind of the original owner of this body. She often asked her Dad for news about him and learned that he had already received his JD and PhD in law and that he had won several lawsuits against famous attorneys abroad. For him to suddenly come back, it seemed that he wanted to develop his career back here.

“I opened a law firm with a friend and will develop my career back here in the future.” As he said this, he suddenly looked at her seriously, “I heard that you have entered the entertainment industry. Why haven’t I heard of you having this interest before?” 

The original owner of this body had this dream long ago, but at that time, he had been studying hard, so how could he have had the time to listen to the original Su Shen’s dream?

“Oh, I’ve had this idea since long ago. People should at least pursue their dreams once.” She smiled politely. 

Seeing her mannerisms were completely different from the little girl in his memories, Tan Haozhi felt very perplexed. Time could really change a lot. 

He suddenly thought of something and frowned, looking at her earnestly, “I saw the trailer of your movie with Xie Yan. You acted great; I didn’t realize that you had this potential before.”  

Their eyes met. He seemed to be really praising her. But Su Shen thought of the kiss scene with Xie Yan and wondered if he knew. That would be embarrassing. 

But just when Su Shen was about to say something, her phone suddenly rang. She apologized and then answered the call. 

The next moment, Liu jie’s clear voice came through the phone, “There is good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?” 

Upon hearing that, Su Shen glanced at Tan Haozhi and ran outside to take the call, “Good news.” 

At that, Liu jie on the other end immediately said, “I’ve booked that modern drama for you. You happen to be free the day after tomorrow,  so I’ll go with you to sign the contract and in passing, have a meal with the producer. By the way, Xie Yan will also go.”

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