Hearing this, Su Shen fell silent. Although Liu jie didn’t say anything, she could imagine that something must have happened for her to be able to tear this piece of meat from Yang Zhi.  

“I’ll be frank with you, and you can probably guess it too, this was the work of Xie Yan’s agent. But don’t tell me that because of this, you won’t shoot the drama anymore?” Liu jie said. 

Looking at the flowers in the garden, Su Shen couldn’t help but leaned forward and leaned against the railing with her elbow, “Why won’t I?” 

This drama originally casted her, it was just that Xie Yan got added at the last minute. 

Upon hearing that, Liu jie on the other end breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good. I don’t want to say anything more, you can handle it yourself. Additionally, when you return to set tomorrow, there will be reporters visiting. If a reporter asks about your relationship with Jiang Yin, you can just say you are good friends, but don’t say that it is completely impossible, just let others guess. Once the drama finishes airing, you can then clarify.”  

“What about the bad news?” Su Shen suddenly asked.

Liu jie: “The bad news is that the movie you filmed is about to be sent for censorship review, and it seems that your scenes have been cut a lot.” 

Hearing this, Su Shen didn’t even have to think to know what happened. It must be Fan Meng. After all, the main producer was her relative, so how could she watch her steal her thunder? 

“I have contacted the production crew, but it’s useless. The other party just said that some of your scenes must be edited out because of the plot, but you and I know the reason and it’s whatever with the others. It’s just that the main producer is still the biggest investor, it’s useless even telling your sister.” Liu jie said helplessly. 

In the entertainment industry, this kind of thing was all too common, so it was difficult to go on without connections. Even if she did have connections, she was still helpless in many cases. 

“You can only eat this loss right now, and when you can stand tall and strong in the future, you can step down on her!” Liu jie said earnestly. 

“I understand.” Su Shen was not very angry.

As a powerless daughter of a concubine in her previous life, the bullying and humiliation that she suffered were unimaginable. When she was little, even a servant girl would dare to steal her food and hit her; Su Shen endured it. As she grew up, her looks became more prominent, and she slowly entered her Grandmother’s eyes. She then seized every opportunity to please her Grandmother and lowered herself to be the lowest in front of the Madame. 

Finally, at her best efforts, she was able to follow the Madame to the palace to attend the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet because her di sister could not attend. The Madame could not bear for the other di daughter of the manor to be in the limelight, so she had no choice but to send her out to present a birthday congratulatory dance to the Empress Dowager. At that time, because the Empress Dowager praised her, her status in the manor also rose. For the consort selection of the Crown Prince, the Emperor chose her di sister as the Crown Princess and perhaps, the Empress thought that she was more obedient than her di sister, she chose her to be the cefei* for the Crown Prince. At that time, it made the Madame so angry that she wanted to give her sterilization powder. Fortunately, she had been prepared. As for the servants that bullied her, they were naturally punished by her.

cefei – concubine for an imperial prince

From her experiences in her previous life, what Su Shen learned the most was endurance. She could not do anything to Fan Meng right now, but it didn’t mean that she couldn’t do anything in the future.  

“Ok, it’s good that you understand. Remember to go back to set tomorrow, I’ll hang up then since I still have something else to do.”

After Liu jie finished speaking, Su Shen hung up the phone with an “en” and stood outside for a while before she walked back into the living room. 

Just at this time, dinner was ready. After everyone got seated, they started chatting about daily life. 

“Hao Zhi, you’ve been abroad for so many years, do you have a girlfriend yet?” Mama Su smilingly looked at Tan Haozhi who was eating. 

Su Shen almost choked on a mouthful of soup, while Papa Tan over there took a sip of his wine and said with a smile, “This kid is either studying or working, so busy to the point that his figure can’t even be seen all day. How can he have the time to have a girlfriend?” 

It was common for elders to chat about this kind of topic. Su Shen was so awkward that she didn’t even dare to look up. Tan Haozhi just smiled politely and did not say anything.

Fortunately, Mama Su only asked one question and then turned to other topics. When dinner was over, she had her send them off. Su Shen had no other choice but to send them off and then come back. Mama Su was already leaning against the sofa reading a magazine leisurely. 

“Mom, can you stop asking such embarrassing questions in the future? What will others think?” With a frown, Su Shen sat down on the sofa and placed a throw pillow into her arms.

“What do you mean? Aren’t I doing it for your own good?” Mama Su glanced at her while leaning on the sofa, reading a magazine, “Didn’t you like your Hao Zhi gege a lot before? What, you got enchanted by those xiao xian rou as soon as you entered the entertainment industry?”  

Seeing that she was getting more and more ridiculous, Su Shen rolled on the sofa with a throw pillow in her arms, “Stop, that’s all in the past. Who didn’t have a crush when they were young? Now that I’m grown up, I just want to focus on my career. You don’t have to worry about this matter anymore.” 

“I’m warning you, you can’t bring back a boyfriend from the entertainment industry plagued with scandals. That… Jiang Yin, he would kiss those actresses as soon as filming started. Whoever is his girlfriend, how big of a heart do they must have? If you dare to find someone like this to bring back home, let’s see if your Dad will break your legs!” Mama Su closed the magazine and suddenly got up and went upstairs.  

Su Shen: “……”

Hence why she also didn’t want to find someone from the entertainment industry. As for Tan Haozhi, forget it, she was not the original Su Shen. 

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