The next day, Ye An got up early again to accompany Xie Shuo to the company.

After arriving at the company, Xie Shuo entered his office as Ye An sat on the lounge sofa playing games on her phone.

Although she had spent the majority of her time at home for the past six months, she still had the opportunity to tease Xie Shuo every now and then. Now that Xie Shuo was busy with work affairs, she had no choice but to entertain herself in the cold and boring lounge. 

After watching a movie and playing two different games, she got up to take a walk, constantly glancing back at the door with expectant eyes.

Unfortunately, no one showed up. Experiencing a day or two of this was fine, but she would get bored of this sooner or later.

At twelve o’clock, Xie Shuo had someone inform her, and they went out for lunch.

Ye An was not as excited as she was yesterday. She finished eating before Xie Shuo and put down her chopsticks. She shook out fingers and touched the lily petals with a worried expression. 

Xie Shuo lifted his gaze and glanced at her.

Ye An propped up her chin and looked at him. The man ate slowly with graceful movements. The hands that held the chopsticks were clear and slender.

“Are you going to come to the company every day from now on?”

Xie Shuo withdrew his gaze when she looked over. He lowered his eyes and said lightly, “I’ll be busier over the next two months.”

Ye An blinked and took the initiative to offer politely. “Then I can read some of the documents to you in the afternoon. I’m stuck alone in the lounge all day; it’s really boring.”

Speaking of the matter, Ye An was somewhat suspicious. He had been busy for the past two days, yet he didn’t ask her to read any documents to him so far. How was he reading the documents? Was he listening to the AI recordings? Or was Zhong Fu reading them?

A strange look flashed through Xie Shuo’s eyes, but he didn’t agree or deny it.

Ye An took his silence as agreement and put a thoughtfully put piece of vegetable in his bowl.

However, when they returned to the company, Xie Shuo temporarily did not need her help and prevented her from entering his office.


Ye An was angered after being abandoned once again in the lounge: You don’t need me, fine! Don’t have me read to you in the future then! Next time, I won’t read even if you beg me to!

As she was beating up a pillow on the sofa to vent her anger, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Ye An thought it was him regretting his decision, so she sat down properly and said with a cold attitude, “Enter.”

Xiao Yu and a female assistant unexpectedly entered and said that Xie Shuo ordered them to accompany her to go shopping.

Ye An sneered inwardly: Did you think I would calm down if someone went shopping with me? Am I such a materialistic woman?


An hour later, Ye An arrived at a well-known mall nearby. She also called Shi Shuangshuang to provide some company.

Shi Shuangshuang, who had not hung out with her in over half a year, rushed over at first notice.

“What’s the occasion for you to finally come outside today?” Shi Shuangshuang asked half-jokingly as soon as they met.

Ye An’s annoyance completely disappated after seeing the dazzling array of goods in the mall. What’s wrong with buying one’s worries away? It’s much more fun than accompanying a certain moody Eldest Young Master!

She stepped inside in with her high heels and skirt rippling as she walked, “I just happened to have some free time today.”

Shi Shuangshuang glanced at the luxury brand store in front of them and at then the bodyguard and female assistant who were following Ye An. Shi Shuangshuang thought, It’s just shopping, so there’s no need for such a powerful aura.

Shi Shuangshuang assumed it was probably her wealthy husband’s wrongdoing and couldn’t help but think about his identity again. She asked Ye An in a low voice, “Where’s your husband? Why aren’t you with him today?”

“He’s been busy with the company for the past two days, so I don’t need to be with him.” There was a hint of resentment in Ye An’s tone that she didn’t even notice.

Shi Shuangshuang blurted out, “Isn’t he blind? How is he able to…” Before finishing her sentence, she realized that it was inappropriate and stopped speaking.

Ye An didn’t mind and replied calmly, “He has an AI and a personal assistant, so going to work isn’t a problem.”

Seeing her unbothered expression, Shi Shuangshuang became less cautious and asked again, “I remember you said that you went with him to go receive treatment a while ago. How did it go? Will he recover soon?”

After hearing her mention this, Ye An’s eyes dimmed. She said disappointedly, “We’re not sure yet; he’s still undergoing treatment.”

The topic was heavy, so Shi Shuangshuang diverted the conversation from such a gloomy one. “Hey, I have some good news for you. I’m going to be transferring to the Brilliant Dreams Film and Television Department soon.”

Ye An smiled. “Really? Congratualations.”

Shi Shuangshuang smiled and took her arm. “I have to thank you and Boss Xiang for this promotion. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had this chance… You didn’t know this, but the Boss has been picking up projects like crazy for half a year in your absence. We’ve been worked half to death.”

The two entered a jewelry store as they talked. The glass booth was full of dazzling lights. 

Ye An looked around and set her gaze on an elegantly designed silver bracelet. She asked the store attendant to take it out and take a closer look.

 A thread of silver lay gently on the dark blue velvet cloth. It was adorned with delicate red gemstones, making the assembly shine.

“This bracelet is so pretty!” Shi Shuangshuang walked closer and said.

Just as Ye An was about to pick it up and try it on, an arrogant female voice suddenly sounded from beside her.

“I want this bracelet; pack it up for me.”

Ye An turned around when she heard the voice and saw a young woman in a tan coat standing by the counter. The arrogant woman looked familiar.

However, Ye An couldn’t remember where she had seen this woman.

“We saw this bracelet first. How can you have it by simply wanting it?” Shi Shuangshuang couldn’t hold back her tongue from asking.

The young woman looked at Ye An. She raised her eyebrow, sneered, and said with blatant hostility, “The object is on display. Whoever pays first gets it.”

She spoke as she handed a card to the store attendant.

Seeing the arrogant look on her face, Ye An finally remembered her as the little celebrity that bumped into her and Zhuang Yinan when she went to record the theme song for Lu Chuan.

However, Ye An had long forgotten her name, as the woman wasn’t important in her life.

Ye An didn’t remember Li Mo, but Li Mo remembered her. The last time they had run into each other, Li Mo had provoked Zhuang Yinian so severely that she lost her opportunity to work with “YN,” her endorsements, and her role.  

Afterward, Li Mo saw the gossip about Ye An on Weibo, where Li Mo learned of her name and her profession of being a voice actor.

She couldn’t afford to offend Zhuang Yinian, but she could always pick on a small voice actor, right?

Ye An didn’t expect for a day in which she would meet this woman. This time, the other party was even more bizarre than before. She didn’t apologize for the last time she bumped into Ye An, yet she still tried to take her revenge today.

Li Mo reached for the bracelet, but Ye An closed the container directly and glanced at her coldly. She held a card in her other hand and gave it to the store attendant beside her. “Please wrap it up for me.”

Li Mo was not one to concede. “I asked for it first!”

The store attendant looked at the two people arguing and inwardly complained. The customers who were able to spend their money here were usually rich or influential, so they weren’t to be offended.

“Would you two want to look at something else?” The store attendant tried to pacify them.

However, the two stood firm, both unwilling to give in.

During the stalemate, the store manager suddenly came over, followed by Xiao Yu, who had apparently gone looking for him.

“Wrap the bracelet up for this lady.” The manager ordered the store attendant and gave Ye An a smile.

Li Mo’s eyes widened in disbelief. She saw on the internet that Ye An was just a no-name dubbing actress that allegedly married a blind man from a wealthy family. Why was the store manager favoring her?

“My apologies, Miss, this madam saw the bracelet first. Would you like to look at anything else? Our store has just launched a few new products…” 

The manager had others wrap up the bracelet and hand it over to Ye An as he apologized to Li Mo.

Ye An took the bracelet and walked out of the store in content, ignoring the other woman. She seemed to have a queen’s aura with her straight back, slender figure, and heels clicking against the ground.

Shi Shuangshuang followed her out and gave a thumbs up, as if she had just watched a face-slapping scene. “You looked so cool just now!”

Ye An held the wrapped-up bracelet and handed it to Shi Shuangshuang. “I saw that you liked it, so I want to give it to you.”

To be honest, Ye An didn’t like the bracelet that much. She had a set of custom-made ruby jewelry at home, which contained a bracelet. She just couldn’t stand Li Mo’s arrogant expression, so she refused to concede.

Shi Shuangshuang: …Sis, isn’t this too generous?

She had previously seen the price of the bracelet, and the number was not small.

“Just treat it as a present to congrulate you on your promotion.” Ye An added with a smile.

Shi Shuangshuang took it, thanked her, and held her arm as she showered Ye An with compliments.

Ye An toured the mall all afternoon, swiping the card to buy whatever she liked.

Because she normally behaved virtuously and economically, the Xie family treated her well in material aspects. Her clothes and jewelry were sent directly to her; however, she was unrestrained in spending money today.

When she finally walked out of the mall and looked at the bags that Xiao Yu was carrying, she thought of the amount that she swiped on the card. Ye An felt somewhat guilty: if Xie Shuo knew about it, would he think she was being frivolous?

When she returned to the company, Xie Shuo had not finished work.

Ye An was tired from all of the shopping and didn’t have the energy to bother him, so she sat on the sofa in the lounge and rubbed her calves.

At around five-thirty, Xie Shuo finally finished his work and pinched his brows tiredly. He asked Zhong Fu, “Is my wife back?”

Zhong Fu replied, “She’s back and in the lounge.”

Xie Shuo picked up the coat from his chair and got up to leave.

Zhong Fu followed him to the door and suddenly called out, “Presdient Xie.”

Xie Shuo looked at Zhong Fu and saw him hesitate to speak. The former looked somewhat annoyed and said, “If you have something to say, speak.”

Zhong Fu said hesitantly, “When Madam was outside today, something happened.”

Xie Shuo paused. “What’s the matter?”

Zhong Fu gave a rough summary of the conflict between Ye An and Li Mo and briefed him on Li Mo’s identity.

When Xie Shuo heard of it, he frowned and ordered in a low voice, “Check to see if there are any projects or endorsements related to her, and remove her.”


In the evening, the two returned home after eating out.

Since she had used quite a bit of his money in the afternoon, Ye A had a better attitude towards Xie Shuo. After massaging his head, she picked out his clothes and prepared a hot bath.

The bathroom was dense with water vapor in the cold winter night. She sat along the edge of the tub and put two drops of essential oil into the water. Her wrist was slender and fair.

Xie Shuo watched her movements, and a warm feeling arose in his heart. He raised his hand to gently pull at the tie around his neck.

Ye An got up just in time to see his actions. Under the lamp shadows, his actions appeared sensual as ever.

She couldn’t help but take a few more glances, and her gaze continued to drift towards his neck as she walked out.

Xie Shuo noticed her gaze, and his actions slightly slowed. He had already taken his tie off and was in the middle of undoing the first shirt button when his fingertips paused.

Recalling the “bad hair day” photo he saw yesterday, Xie Shuo couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to take the opportunity to take another secret picture of him.

Fortunately, Ye An didn’t have the hobby of taking secret pictures of others bathing. She gave him another glance and warned, “Don’t soak for too long,” and left the bathroom.

Xie Shuo turned to look at her retreating figure. He waited for her to leave before continuing to unbutton his shirt, his chest showing little by little.

Scenes had inadvertently flashed through his mind these past few days, all of which were her expressions as she looked at him.

Xie Shuo’s eyes narrowed.

Did she really like him?

If she liked him, why did she want to divorce him?

Author’s Note: Xiao Xie: Do you like me?

Xiao Ye: No, I just appreciate your body.(* ̄︶ ̄)

Xiao Xie:…