Su Shen: “…..”

She laughed and took a sip of the drink on the side, “This joke isn’t funny.” 

“You think I’m joking?” His expression gradually became serious. 

Putting down the glass, she also looked at the person across from her seriously and replied somewhat euphemistically, “I just want to develop my career right now.” 

Su Shen had never been in love, and she rarely came into contact with men in her previous life. Although she had met a lot of men here, she could distinguish between what was like and not. Clearly, she has no feelings for Jiang Yin whatsoever. 

Looking at her fixedly, Jiang Yin suddenly laughed and gulped down a glass of drink. “I never thought I would get rejected the first time I pursued somebody. Is it because I didn’t check the almanac today?”  

Su Shen smiled helplessly, “You’re very good…”

“Stop, stop, stop. Don’t give me the nice guy card. Do you want to say that I’m great, but we’re not suitable? What type do you like then?” Jiang Yin did not get upset because of this and was as polite as before.  

Su Shen did not know how to respond for a moment when she heard this. In her previous life, there was no such thing as like. How could an unmarried girl like an unknown man? Even if they did, they liked their status and power. Presently, she doesn’t know what kind of person she likes nor what love is. Her mind was blank. 

“Ideal type is one thing, and reality is another thing. I don’t know even if you ask me.” Su Shen said insipidly. 

Although she was unsure about anything else, one thing she was very clear about was that the other party has to be faithful until death and treat her well. As for the rest, Su Shen did not think too deeply about it. 

“Right. Perhaps I’m not your ideal type, but in reality, there are times where love will grow as time goes by. Even if you don’t like me now, it doesn’t mean you won’t in the future, right?” Jiang Yin arched a brow, seemingly wanting to dawdle. 

As a matter of fact, after having been in the entertainment industry for so long, this was actually the first time he took the initiative to pursue someone. 

Su Shen bitterly laughed when she heard that, “I only see you as a friend.” 

Seeing that she was about to give him the nice guy card again, Jiang Yin quickly told her not to say anything and returned to eating. 

Su Shen then looked down at her phone and found two new messages from Xie Yan. 

Xie Yan: Oh.

Xie Yan: Good night. 

Su Shen wanted to laugh; this kind of awkward conversation was too in line with Xie Yan’s style. Moreover, he went to bed this early? 

Su Shen sent him another message asking whether he needed to go to the recording studio to dub. 

As there would always be a few lines that were not properly said during filming, the cast would need to dub over it. Their production team was already quite good, all dubbed with the cast’s original voices. If it were any other productions, they would’ve relied on voice actors. 

Half a minute later, the other side replied back with another message. 

Xie Yan: Yea.

Su Shen: How’s your Muay Thai training going? 

Xie Yan: Not bad, but I have a bad appetite lately. 

Su Shen was stunned for a while and didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t invite him to dinner again as there should be a clear distinction between man and woman. Since Xie Yan had other thoughts about her, they should keep a distance even more. 

Su Shen: This kind of exercise consumes a lot of energy. You have to drink more nutritious soups to replenish your strength, and you shouldn’t be picky about food. In fact, meat is also very tasty. You cannot not eat meat. The right diet is a combination of meat and vegetables.

After sending the message unknowingly, Su Shen suddenly felt that she was too much of a busybody and immediately recalled the message. Hopefully, Xie Yan did not see it. 

Unfortunately, her phone rang again a few seconds later. 

Xie Yan: I don’t like the food cooked by others. 

Su Shen: “……” 

“Who are you chatting with? You’re not gonna eat anymore? You’re so skinny, anymore dieting, and you’ll turn into a chopstick.” Jiang Yin said seriously. 

Su Shen immediately looked up and smiled at him, “I will look chubby on camera. Us actresses are different from you guys’ actors.” 

With that, she looked down and sent another message over. 

Su Shen: Then how did you survive until now? 

Xie Yan: I also don’t know how I survived until now. 

Su Shen didn’t know what to say. After seeing that Jiang Yin had finished eating, she then followed him out after paying. 

Of course, Jiang Yin was the one who treated which satisfied his male chauvinism; neither did Su Shen fought with him for the bill. They then got into the car and returned to the hotel. 

Through the rearview mirror, Su Shen could clearly see a car following them, not knowing what they had just taken. 

After returning to the hotel, she took a shower and went to bed. One could imagine what would be waiting for her tomorrow. 

The next day, she had to get up early to get on set. After all, she had a lot of scenes as the female lead. After shooting busily for the whole morning, she noticed that the crew looked at her strangely. Finally during a break in the afternoon, she found that the internet exploded again. 

The media loved to make false assumptions. It was just a few photos of them having dinner and they headlined it as “New Romance! Jiang Yin & Su Shen Late Night Date, Found Love On Set?” 

They also said that they went in and out of the hotel at the same time, behaving intimately due to finding love on set. In just two hours, the comments under her Weibo surpassed 200K. The fans had gone crazy. 

Netizen A: No! Grasping onto my Su-Cheng cp! 

Netizen B: Haha, this D-lister’s here to hype again. Following in the footsteps of Mu Yao? A pity, but they got the status and this D-lister only has her shitty acting. [smiley face]

Netizen C: Some people are hilarious. Two people eating together, and they say that the girl is hyping? The antis are just jealous! She’s still the heroine, and Mu Yao’s still in a catfight with Li Xue! 

Netizen D: AHHH! I don’t believe it! Hubby’s mine! 

Netizen E: Uh, this is obviously a publicity stunt for the drama. Why do people still believe in this kind of low-level publicity method? 

Netizen F: Unless my Hubby personally admits it, I absolutely won’t believe it. [smiley face] 

Almost the entire internet was retweeting this news. Those forums and threads have built a tower with several kinds of fans tearing apart one another in a hideous mess. Liu jie told her to ignore it and continue with filming. 

It was trending until night. When she got back to the hotel, Su Shen noticed that there was already a paparazzo following her. They must’ve wanted some hard evidence, but it was a pity that this news was fake.   

Before she went to bed, the comments under her Weibo had increased to 500K, and her fan count also rose a lot too. The entire internet was speculating whether she and Jiang Yin were together or not right now. Because of Jiang Yin’s high popularity and being rivals with Wang Cheng, coupled with the fact that she and Wang Cheng also have a lot of cp fans, it naturally involved several fandoms.  

Wang Cheng neither asked her if it was true or not. Anyone in the entertainment industry would know it was a publicity stunt and was fake news. 

The interest had not died down at all. Liu jie said that she had received a few more scripts in the past few days and that she would carefully screen through them. 

It wasn’t until she went to the recording studio to dub for the film that Liu jie came over to tell her something. 

“I’ve asked around. It turns out that the reason why Yang Zhi was so unusual is because Xie Yan is going to appear in that drama. But the production studio is also equivocal right now because many people have heard about the news. I heard that Mu Yao’s manager has even invited the producer to dinner. Furthermore, other popular starlets also have this intention. After all, Xie Yan’s box-office appeal is great, and he’s a two-time best actor. There’s no other artist around the same age as him with a higher status. On top of that, those of the older generation will retire. His resources will only get better and better. If Yang Zhi can collaborate with him, her career will accelerate by leaps and bounds.” 

Liu jie explained as she drove, “Besides, he’s still single right now. Whoever he dates will certainly receive a lot of movie offers.” 

Sitting in the back, Su Shen looked out the window at the scenery passing by. She had no interest in what Liu jie said and was simply curious why Xie Yan would suddenly film an idol drama. 

“How’s your relationship with him?” Liu jie suddenly asked. 

Upon hearing that, Su Shen just glanced at her insipidly and said, “Not bad.” 

“You should keep in touch with him, it’ll be very helpful when you enter the film industry in the future. You’re still not well-known nor have any representative works, best for you to accumulate results with dramas right now.”   

Liu jie’s mind was full of work. Su Shen felt tired just thinking of the many engagements on her schedule. 

“This drama will finish filming in a month. If that modern drama isn’t possible, then forget it. I can take a rest and get some driving lessons.” She closed her eyes and leaned against the seat to rest. 

Upon hearing this, Liu jie didn’t say anything. Although Su Shen’s appearance fee had increased a lot, being healthy was the most important. She didn’t want her to get sick. 

After the car stopped, Su Shen followed Liu jie into a large building, all the way up to the eighth floor, where many staff came in and out holding scripts. 

There seemed to be someone in the recording room. Before Su Shen had even gotten near, she saw Zhao Tong standing at the door. 

When he saw her, he immediately greeted her with a smile and said, “Su Shen, you’re here too. Yan ge is still inside recording, you may have to wait for a while.” 

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