When Ye An arrived home, Xie Shuo still had not taken a shower. He sat alone in the room like how a devoted wife would wait for her husband. 

Ye An had already put earlier events to the back of her mind. Seeing his expression, she asked with concern, “Do you want to take a shower? Do you want me to get your clothes?”

Xie Shuo didn’t speak and instead walked to the bathroom. Ye An gathered his pajamas as usual and followed him into the bathroom.

Thinking of the arduous mission she was carrying out tonight, she was in no hurry to leave after putting the clothes down. Instead, she stayed in her place, wondering how to seduce the person in front of her. 

Xie Shuo began to unbutton his shirt and seemed to sense her lack of movement. He paused, asking, “Is there anything else?”

Ye An remembered about her mission to seduce him, and without thinking, she uttered, “Do you want me to help you shower?”


Hearing those words, Xie Shuo instantly turned speechless. His expression was indescribable. 

Ye An’s reaction to her words came afterward. She embarrassedly shut her mouth and pretended like she hadn’t said anything.

She shifted her gaze and just happened to face his half-naked torso, where a part of his chest and collarbones were visible.

Ye An blushed and hurriedly left.

Coming out of the bathroom, her face was still hot and her heartbeat was in disarray. 

Stay calm! You want to seduce him, not let him seduce you!


A while later, Xie Shuo finally came out of the bathroom. Ye An had already polished her initial plan, and she confidently took a light nightgown into the bathroom.

When she finished showering, Xie Shuo had still not gotten into bed. Rather, he was in the closet, seemingly trying to find something.

Ye An tousled her freshly dried hair. She walked over, asking, “What are you looking for?”

Xie Shuo ignored her as he hung a shirt up and then headed to bed.

Ye An had long gotten used to his character and didn’t bother with his response. She walked to the floor-length mirror.

The clear mirror reflected a slender body with nice proportions.

Tonight, she had specially changed into a black nightgown with spaghetti straps. Her hair appeared very voluminous and was let down, brushing over her delicate shoulders. Her slender neck was set off by her exquisite facial features. The dazzling pale white contrasted against the unadulterated black, like flowers flourishing in darkness and appearing particularly enticing.

She really suited the image of a demon seductress.

Ye An tousled her hair and winked in the mirror.

She laid on the bed and leaned against the headboard, watching Xie Shuo. 

Xie Shuo had also just come up and was about to lay down.

Seeing the man’s indifferent face, Ye An suddenly felt a bit apprehensive.

She took a deep breath to calm down and recalled the seduction scene from a television show. With one hand supporting her head, she lifted her nightdress, revealing her fair and slender thighs. Dragging out her words in a coquettish tone, she called, “Hubby…”

Practice makes perfect. This time calling “hubby” sounded a lot less evil than last time during the afternoon.

Xie Shuo turned to face her. His deep gaze held the same serenity as a pool of water, and there was no change in his expression.


Ye An:…Almost forgot that he was blind.

What a waste of effort!

Ye An despondently came out of her exaggerated seductress position and withdrew her legs back under her skirt and into the covers. 

It really wasn’t easy to seduce a blind man. It seemed that she could only use her personal specialty. Ye An pondered for a moment before shifting closer to Xie Shuo’s body. She whispered softly into his ear, “Hubby…”

Her tone was tender and ambiguous, as if she was implying something.

She used a slender hand to pull down the robe to reveal his chest.

In the vast darkness, Xie Shuo smelled the fragrance from her body wash and the faint scent of wine in her breath.

He frowned, asking without any fluctuation, “You’re drunk?”

Ye An: “…”

Xie Shuo removed her hand; his expression was indifferent. “If you drank too much, then sleep early.”

Ye An: “…”

Before she could make any more advances, Xie Shuo had already closed his eyes peacefully. 

Ye An stared at him in disbelief. Her initially robust fighting spirit had been diminished in an instant. What kind of man had she married? Even machines would have more emotion than him, right?

After a moment, she turned around in frustration and turned off the light.

He was impossible to understand; it’d probably be easier to seduce a rock!


Because she was affected by the events of the night, Ye An had a dream that night. In the dream, she continued to cling to Xie Shuo, and Xie Shuo kept rejecting her. The cycle repeated over again as if it was a movie replaying.


Throughout  the process, she only had one thought: so exhausting…

 When Ye An woke up the next morning, she found herself lying near him on Xie Shuo’s side of the bed. She had one arm wrapped around his body.

The curtains hadn’t been opened yet, and the lighting inside the room was dim. She looked up to see his peaceful countenance and paused.

A strange feeling flooded her heart. Ye An held her breath, carefully moved her arm, and tried to pretend that nothing had happened, but at this moment, Xie Shuo suddenly woke up. 

Ye An stiffened.

In fact, their bed was spacious enough for the two of them. Her sleeping posture wasn’t particularly bad. For the last few nights, the two individuals had set clear boundaries and had made peace with each other. Unexpectedly, these boundaries were broken today.

And it was her who took initiative. 

A faint trace of embarrassment arose in the peaceful atmosphere.

“Morning…” Ye An summoned her courage to speak, trying to ease the atmosphere.

However, as soon as she spoke, she was ruthlessly pushed away.

Xie Shuo frowned and got out of bed, seemingly regarding her with disdain.


Ye An felt a tightness in her chest and wanted to curse at him.

I don’t judge you for being blind; what are you judging me for?

She looked down and scanned a certain part of him, suddenly wanting to ask: are you a heterosexual adult man; do you not have any needs in that respect?

Xie Shuo naturally couldn’t hear her slanderous thoughts and entered the bathroom.

Ye An wrapped the covers around her and sat on the bed for a while. She hit his pillow to vent her anger before getting out of bed.


Because of her unhappiness from the morning, Ye An ignored Xie Shuo for the afternoon. Instead, she focused on familiarizing herself with the new script Shi Shuangshuang had given her.

With the normally noisy person suddenly going quiet, Xie Shuo unexpectedly felt a bit unaccustomed to the situation. He couldn’t help but feel like she had gone out, but he kept hearing the repetitive sound of flipping pages. 

He frowned, feeling an indescribable irritability building up in his chest.

Their grandfather had gone out in the morning to see friends, so it was only the two of them having lunch. Xie Shuo had barely  moved his chopsticks around before putting his bowl down and ascending the stairs.

Ye An ate with gusto. Seeing him leave, she became confused. What now? Were the dishes not to his liking?

She glanced at the dishes on the table. They all looked delicious and tasted even better. The dishes were cooked according to his preferences; there wasn’t anything done wrong! 

With the Eldest Master’s temper, he was very hard to serve!

After internally ridiculing him, Ye An still asked Auntie Zhou to prepare another bowl of soup for him to prevent him from going hungry later.


After eating, Ye An went upstairs.

Xie Shuo sat on his beloved sofa as usual with a gloomy face. For those who were unaware, it’d be easy to assume that someone had offended him.

Ye An originally wanted to ignore him, but she relented after thinking about how she bragged to Shi Shuangshuang yesterday night.

Whatever. One should always know when to compromise.

“What’s wrong? Is your stomach all right?” she walked up to him and asked in a gentle tone.

Xie Shuo turned a deaf ear to her inquiries and had no reaction.

Ye An was angered.

“Mr. Xie, it looks like I need to educate you on something.” She sat down next to him, looking up at him. “Emotional abuse is also a kind of domestic violence. We have only been married for a few days, and you’re already committing acts of domestic violence? Isn’t your behavior out of line?”

With such an outrageous accusation, Xie Shou finally stopped his silent treatment. He frowned, saying, “Did you forget about your own statements? After marriage, we won’t interfere with each other’s lives and won’t have any unrealistic delusions.”


When speaking to him normally, he loved to ignore her. But when discussing these problems, he would always make it impossible to refute.

Why must he be so contentious?

Ye An was so angry that her liver hurt. She said, annoyed, “Even if we’re in a loveless marriage, it doesn’t mean you can be violent towards me!”“Besides, how does this count as having unrealistic delusions? I’m not asking you to pamper and love me. Shouldn’t we have some basic respect?”

Xie Shuo went silent again. His gaze was deep, and his lips were pursed.

Ye An observed his expression and saw signs of it relaxing. She struck while the iron was still hot, “I’ll ask you something else, and you can’t pretend to not hear me: Brilliant Dreams Culture, is it under the Xie family?”

Xie Shuo replied coldly, “Why are you asking about this?”

Ye An moved closer to him and leaned on his shoulder. She said, fawning, “Their company has an animation department, and they have recently released a–”

Before she finished speaking, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

The door wasn’t closed. Ye An looked up to see Xie Yuran looking in their direction. His expression was unreadable.

“Ge,” he called.

He just had to enter at this time? Ye An was a little disappointed, but she could only swallow the rest of her words for now. She let go of Xie Shuo and exited his arms. 

Xie Yuran came to find Xie Shuo because of the company’s affairs, so it was inappropriate for her to listen in. She could only leave the study.

Before entering, Xie Yuran glanced at her with an indescribable expression.

Ye An: Did I do something wrong? Was acting coquettish with one’s own husband a crime?

Ye An had mysteriously found herself returning to the bedroom.

Her phone suddenly buzzed twice. New messages appeared in the workplace group chat.

Xiang Quan: [@Ye An]

Xiang Quan: [Record a little section from the script that Shi Shuangshuang sent you yesterday; the public relations team wants to use it.]

Ye An unlocked her phone to reply: [Can I use the computer to record it? Or do I need to go to the recording studio?]

Xiang Quan: [A computer’s fine.]

Xiang Quan: [You can ask Shuangshuang to send the section that needs to be recorded.]

Soon after, Shi Shuangshuang sent an electronic file over.

Ye An skimmed it before moving to her computer. She put on headphones and began to record directly in the room.


Inside the studio.

The curtains were half open, and the afternoon light entered, crystalline and translucent. Xie Yuran looked towards the window, a trace of surprise flitting through his eyes. 

He turned to Xie Shuo, saying, “On the board of directors’ side, things have calmed down a bit over the past two months. However, there are still individuals who are still restless in private. ”

Xie Shuo asked indifferently, “Who took the initiative?”

Xie Yuran replied, “Wu Wenqi.”

Xie Shuo frowned, saying, “He has an illegitimate child. Find people to investigate it.”

Xie Yuran agreed and mentioned a few more matters. Lastly, he spoke about the company’s projects. Xie Shuo listened for a while before suddenly interjecting, “In the future, there’s no need to report these matters to me. You can handle them yourself.”

Xie Yuran was taken aback.

The light shone silently, and the study went quiet.

He looked at Xie Shuo’s dark eyes, his expression changing multiple times. He appeared to want to say something but didn’t.

After Xie Yuran left, Xie Shuo sat alone in the studio for a while before getting up to return to the bedroom.

Walking to the outside of the bedroom door, he fumbled around to push the door open. Before entering, he heard a crying female voice transmitting from inside–

“…The child in my stomach isn’t yours and has no relation to you; don’t come to find me anymore!”


Author’s note: Xiao Ye: Darling, let me explain…

Xiao Xie: Expressionless.jpg


Xiao Ye: The child in my stomach is…Pei, there is no child in my stomach!


Xiao Xie: …..