Variety Show

“Who knows what will happen before it’s aired? If this disease is hard to treat, would the doctor no longer continue treating it?” Liu jie disagreed with her words, “What’s more, you don’t even need to do anything. Even if you don’t cooperate, the production crew would still hype up the relationship between you two. This being the case, you might as well just cooperate. Why offend the production crew for this?”

“If the production crew wants to hype, then that’s their business. But I’ll clarify it as soon as the drama finishes airing. I refuse to actively hype.” Su Shen closed her eyes and leaned against the sofa with her arms crossed. She didn’t seem to want to continue arguing.

Even if this drama became popular, it had nothing to do with her. Instead, the comments would say that her acting dragged the entire drama down. Also, she had her bottomline too. For a drama that would not help her in any way, hyping a cp with Qu Wen, who didn’t even refrain from womanizing his female fans that visited him on set, was the same as stepping on a pile of shit.

Entering the entertainment industry was just the career she chose but not necessarily the path she must take.

“Can you stop with your da xiao jie temper*? This is the entertainment industry!”

da xiao jie temper – girls/women who have been pampered and spoiled since childhood, willful, unreasonable and does whatever they want to do

After saying this, Liu jie took a deep breath and slowly advised, “Mu Yao’s one of the Four Dan actresses* now. When she first debuted, she also relied on hyping cps. Although she was ridiculed, she’s popular now. I don’t know why you would resist this kind of thing but you need to understand your current situation.”

Four Dan actresses – a Chinese term referring to the four most bankable young actresses from Mainland China

“It’s not that I resist this kind of thing. If an appropriate amount of exposure will help promote the drama, I can cooperate. But I refuse to have anything to do with Qu Wen. I like acting but it’s not my only. I will work hard but it doesn’t mean that I will abandon my bottomline.” Su Shen looked at her seriously and then went to the bathroom to wash up.

If the other party changed to another person, she would agree to hype up a cp as long as it’s not too overboard. But for Qu Wen, she definitely refused to.

After coming out of the bathroom, she saw that Liu jie seemed to have given up on her. Although her complexion was still bad, she only said to not be as willful in the future. Even if she hated it, in this industry, benefits outweigh the cons.

Despite so, Su Shen didn’t think that this drama would help her in any way. An excessive consumption of herself would later result in more black history.

After going down, there was already a makeup artist waiting inside the SUV. Liu jie sat at the front and made a phone call. The other party seemed to be a person from Qu Wen’s side. After hanging up the call, she sighed.

“How was it? What did they say?” Su Shen sat at the back, slowly flipping through the magazine.

Liu jie, who was sitting at the front, pressed her temples and sighed, “What’s there to say, they’re definitely not very happy. Qu Wen’s image has been well-maintained and has many diehard fans. Your popularity isn’t as strong as his. The other side must’ve thought that you couldn’t tell good from bad.”

“But don’t worry, they won’t dare do anything to you. If they dare to, I will not hesitate to leak Qu Wen’s private matters to the media. His side still knows which is more important.” Liu jie reassured her.

He would sleep around with internet celebrities, fans and even the female staff who were part of the production crew. Any one of which could destroy his reputation. Qu Wen’s foundation was still unsteady and if that were to be leaked right now, it would ruin his entire career.

Su Shen didn’t say anything more. This Qu Wen was so revolting to the point that he harassed the original Su Shen when they were filming. The original Su Shen berated him only to be hit in return. Unless she was crazy, she would never cooperate with this kind of person to hype up a cp.

After arriving at the recording studio, the staff there were still adjusting the cameras and lights. The main actors for their drama Light Years Away had basically all arrived. Inside the dressing room, the second and third supporting female characters were discussing the script with a staff. When they saw her walking over, they greeted her one after another.

“Su Shen, I’ve heard that you’ve been filming with Xie Yan and Wang Cheng recently. Who do you think is more handsome?” Zheng Tong, who’d acted as the second supporting female character, immediately came over and sat next to her. She was still a student at the Central Academy of Drama and these handsome guys were always a topic of interest to the students.

Hearing about the topic of handsome guys, Li Mei who’d acted as the third supporting female character also came over. Although all of them were not close with one another but the topic of handsome guys closed the distance between them.

“Everyone has their own likes, I think Yuan Zhenhua lao shi is the most handsome.” Su Shen smiled, then grabbed the clothes the show sent over and went to the changing room to change into the clothes.

When she came out, the show’s staff came over again to discuss the script. Some games were set including a few questioning sessions.

“Su jie, the MCs may ask you, among all the actors you’ve collaborated with, who do you think is the most handsome. This shouldn’t be a problem, right?” The staff member probingly asked. 

Hearing this, Zheng Tong immediately arched her brow, “Of course, it’s Xie Yan. After all, his status is the biggest.”

“Who said, it should be Qu Wen. At that time, the show can edit out a trailer.” Li Mei laughed while scrolling her phone, apparently already aware that they would hype up a cp for publicity.

Su Shen didn’t refuse this question. After all, she had to give an explosive topic for the show to talk about. Otherwise, it would seem that she didn’t have any variety show sense. 

During the dress rehearsal, Qu Wen arrived late. He wore a white t-shirt with his hair dyed blonde and still put off airs. He was still very polite and asked all the female staff members for their WeChat. Zheng Tong and everyone else knew of his ethics and scorned him.

It was time to record. The audience were all seated with a few being Su Shen’s fans but most of them were Qu Wen’s fans. After all, his acting wasn’t bad plus his looks were good so he also had a group of diehard fans.

After the opening, the host and hostess fired up the audience then invited the others out. 

“Let’s welcome the cast of Light Years Away!” The host said, then the camera swept across Su Shen and the others.

The introductions began with Li Mei first. When it was Su Shen’s turn, her few fans below the stage fervently held up their signs. She smiled and said, “Hi everyone, I’m Su Shen and I played as Shi Wen in Light Years Away.”

“Although it’s my first time meeting Su Shen, I have a lot of her photos saved on my phone.” The host suddenly inserted this meaningful sentence.  

In response, the hostess began to render the atmosphere by saying “oh~”. When all the lights and cameras were focused on her, Su Shen pretended to be surprised.

The host, seeing this, then casually said, “It’s not just me. I believe that a lot of people have her photos saved because they would use it every time they chat with someone.”

The hostess made a big gasp and the audience below the stage also bursted into laughter. Just as Su Shen was about to speak, Qu Wen who stood beside her suddenly turned around. He held his microphone and said with laughter, “Every time I chat with Su Shen, I’m scared to send any of her memes or else, she would definitely block me.” 

The audience immediately screamed and the MCs looked at the two of them ambiguously. Su Shen sneered in her heart. She didn’t even have Qu Wen’s WeChat, how’d they chat?

“Then, will she unblock you afterwards?” The hostess looked at the two of them meaningfully.

Seeing that Qu Wen was about to answer again, Su Shen immediately smiled and said, “I’ve also blocked Zheng Tong and Li Mei and I don’t plan on unblocking them right now.”

The two of them were stunned for a while but Zheng Tong responded fast and immediately said with laughter, “I couldn’t hold back last time. Who knew that she would be so petty. We haven’t been in contact for the past several months now.”

The MCs cooperated and also laughed and didn’t pursue the question. Next, it was time for the games. These games were all rehearsed before so nothing unexpected happened.

The last game was set up for Su Shen to lose so she was tied up to a lie detector and had to answer the MCs’ questions.

“Now, let’s start the interrogation. Su Shen, you have to answer truthfully and honestly, otherwise the lie detector will buzz.” The hostess signaled for everyone to quiet down then she looked at her script and said into her mic, “What’s your ideal boyfriend?”

This question had been rehearsed beforehand. Su Shen deliberately displayed a contemplated expression then earnestly said, “Um…filial, taller than me, not clingy and treats me well.”

Su Shen didn’t know if this lie detector was working or not but what she said was the truth.

The hostess then followed with another question: “Then among all the artists that you’ve worked with, who do you think is the closest to your ideal type?”

After her words, the audience once again screamed. Su Shen felt all the cameras focused on her and was somewhat uncomfortable. This question had clearly not been rehearsed and it’s obvious that the show was pitting against her.

But she couldn’t halt in the middle of recording. She looked down and smiled in vain: “Li Zong lao shi then!”

Li Zong was a comedian so naturally, nobody believed her words. The audience once again bursted into laughter.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Just at this time, the lie detector buzzed with a red light. The audience immediately clamored. The host laughed, “Su Shen, look! You must’ve lied!”

“Okay now, let’s not make it difficult for her.” The hostess waved her hands to signal for the audience to quiet down. Then, she directed a meaningful look at Su Shen, “Let’s change the question, this time you have to answer seriously!”

The sound of suspenseful background music played on the spot. Without waiting for Su Shen to answer, the hostess asked, “Among all the artists you’ve worked with, who do you think is the most handsome?”

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