At that, Su Shen took a pen and made a note on the script while Xie Yan, who was beside her, looked at her quietly. 

She wore an orange lip gloss today, and it looked super glossy.

The rest of the crew couldn’t help but look over there covertly, only to see the two of them being super close to each other. Their film emperor was staring at her unwaveringly.

Su Shen suddenly looked up as if she remembered something, only to find Xie Yan was looking at her. When their eyes met, she couldn’t help but smile, “I remember that Xie laoshi had me go over the script with my assistant the first time around. I had thought you didn’t like to go over the script with other people.”

Xie Yan: “……”

Why doesn’t he remember?

Seeing that his expression remained the same, Su Shen thought she must’ve gone too far with her joke and immediately apologized, “Apologies, I didn’t mean anything.”

As she said that, she pointed to another part of the script and said, “When the male lead rescues the female lead, does he push her aside?”

Xie Yan: “No.”

“En?” Su Shen looked up curiously.

“I will cover you.” Xie Yan looked at her meaningfully.

Hearing this, Su Shen just nodded, and after asking something else, the Director said that filming was about to begin.

For this scene, it was just blocking* and there were no lines. But they had to NG because a few extras made a mistake, but it was much better later.

blocking – in filmmaking, it refers to where actors stand on a set and how they move around over the course of filming, or as some would say choreography

When it was time to film the male lead making his first appearance, Xie Yan was already gone. Later, he and a group of policemen would break through the window. Naturally, the glass was a prop. It looked as if it was real, but it wouldn’t actually injure anymore.

When it was almost time, the Director shouted “Action!” 

“AH! Don’t kill me!”

In the spacious clothing store, the extras crouched in the corner and screamed desperately. Su Shen was amongst them. However, she was the female lead and could not panic like the others, but calmly looked for a way to save herself.

“WHAT ARE Y’ALL SCREAMING FOR? IF Y’ALL CONTINUE, I’LL SHOOT YOU!” One of the gangsters raised his gun fiercely and shot at the floor with a “BANG.”

Those extras were even more afraid, but they didn’t dare to scream again. They just crouched there trembling.

Su Shen was also amongst the crowd. She seemed to have noticed something outside the window, but before she could take a closer look, that gangster shouted “f**k.” Before he could raise his gun, he was shot in the arm all of a sudden.

Just at this moment, a man with a rope smashed through the window, and the prop glass shattered to the floor. The hand-cranked camera was aimed straight at him, and the people behind immediately followed in. Several other gangsters were panicking and were escaping, while shooting toward the window.  

The whole store was instantly full of gunshots. The extras fled in disarray, and it was simply a frenzy. Knowing that they were outnumbered, several gangsters took a few hostages while they were escaping.


In the midst of the loud screaming from the extras being taken hostage, Su Shen leaned against the wall in a panic and was about to escape when an extra bumped into her, causing her to stumble and come face-to-face with a dark muzzle pointing at her. 

Just at this moment, the camera swept over. For only a second, Su Shen stopped breathing, and her mouth slightly parted, while her pupils dilated. With the sound of a gunshot, she was instantly thrown to the floor!

It was not as painful as she had expected. The Director said that she could use a stunt double as there were no protective measures, and thus, she could easily hit her head. However, Su Shen refused as she wanted to act out as much of her role as possible. 

When she met that pair of pitch-dark eyes, she saw her own reflection in Xie Yan’s eyes and the back of her head seemed to be held by him, and that’s why she didn’t feel as much pain as expected.

Director: “Cut!”

“Yan ge, are you okay?!” Zhao Tong immediately circled them.

The others also gathered around, afraid that something had happened to him. After all, the action scene just now was quite hefty. After Su Shen got up, she was pushed aside unintentionally. She felt the back of her head and did not say anything. She walked to the side and allowed the makeup artist to retouch her makeup.  

Su Shen felt rather thirsty and thus asked Xiao Zhou to bring her a bottle of water. 

After touching up on her makeup, the makeup artist then helped straighten the creases on Su Shen’s clothes. Just at this moment, Xie Yan came over. Seeing him, the makeup artist immediately walked away. They all have eyes, so what was there to not understand. 

“Are you alright?” Xie Yan glanced at her from top to bottom.

Su Shen rubbed her wrist and shook her head while leaning against the wall, “I’m fine, your hand…”

Just now, her head hit his head; from so high, it must’ve hurt.

“I’m fine.” Xie Yan seemed to have seen something and suddenly stared at her knee, “You’re injured.”

There was indeed a scrape on her fair and smooth knee, which appeared out of sorts with the rest of the surrounding fair skin. Su Shen looked down and smiled nonchalantly, “I’m fine.” 

“How is that fine? I got a band-aid right here!” Just at this moment, Zhao Tong came over with a small medical box in his arms smiling.  

Just as Su Shen was about to say something, she saw Xie Yan take a band-aid and suddenly crouched down in front of her. Facing the furtive gazes of everyone on set, she didn’t dare to move.

The medical box in Zhao Tong’s arms almost fell.

After tearing off the sticker, Xie Yan put the band-aid on her wound and said earnestly, “Small wounds would leave a scar if they are not treated properly.” 

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