If she had known when they first met that he was her husband then she might have had a negative attitude towards him. Or maybe, out of trust for the system, she would have forced herself to develop feelings for him. It was different now. She first fell in love with him and then she realised he was going to be her future husband.

Han Xingyan was very happy when he saw the expression Shen Chuchu had as she looked at him. It was, indeed, different after verifying their relationship. He greeted Shen Chuchu and then went to work.

Secretary Wang noticed the boss’s bright face approaching and rushed in to report.

Han Xingyan listened to his work schedule and asked, “There’s an interview today?”

Secretary Wang nodded, “Yes, this interview was negotiated last month. The financial section of the Imperial Capital Evening News would like to do your first interview. If it’s inconvenient, I can contact them to delay or cancel it.”

Han Xingyan did not answer but pondered a while then answered, “No need to cancel. Add an additional question at the end.”

Because of the question added by Han Xingyan, the Financial Evening News had the biggest sales of this year.

The next morning, Shen Chuchu saw the additional question on Weibo.

Host: So CEO Han, can we ask a personal question. After all, you are a highly eligible bachelor and numerous females care about this question.

Han Xingyan: Yes.

Host: Since CEO Han has agreed then I can safely ask. According to recent news, do you have a girlfriend?

Han Xingyan nodded: Yes, but not the one on the news. I hope that everyone can pay more attention to our Han Group’s business and refrain from speculating about my personal life. Or else, my girlfriend will be unhappy.

Shen Chuchu watched the interview and was very satisfied with his performance.

On the other hand, Qin Yingran’s online mockery had been increasing.

“Why do I feel like this was a deliberate slap on Qin Yingran’s face? [Think]”

“Poor Qin Yingran, he actually came out and embarrassed her.”

However, among the numerous snide remarks was this one: “Qin Yingran deserves it! She was just doing PR all along. Even the dog that she saved the other day was fake. I live in the area and I saw the stray dog limping in the neighbourhood yesterday. When I went to the vet, they said the dog had never been treated. The dog’s legs cannot recover solely because there is no immediate treatment. [Vomit]”

This message soon attracted abuse from Qin Yingran’s fans. The OP wanted to just say a few words about Qin Yingran but the abuse from her fans made the OP very angry. Photos were directly uploaded to Weibo to condemn Qin Yingran.

Chestnut 2018: I originally didn’t want to say anything but since you want some solid proof then how about this? [Smile] [Photo] [Photo] [Photo] 

Due to Han Xingyan’s interview and Weibo post from someone living in Liyuan Apartments, Qin Yingran became the most popular person that day.

The company promptly responded to the rumour by denying it. They found a dog that was clean and had a bandage on one of its legs. They then took a few photos of the dog and posted them on the internet.

Some folks had reasonable doubts after seeing these photos.

“This dog looks different from the original dog? [Doubt]”

“You can tell the breed is different.”

Of course, Qin Yingran was a well-known celebrity, and the fan base’s strength should not be underestimated.

“Haha, I am really laughing. It was dark that day when Qin Yingran rescued the dog. I can’t believe that the commenter above could discern the breed. You have such discerning eyes, I commend it.”

“It was a stray dog before and our Ranran cleaned it so, of course, it looks different. Don’t you have common sense? You’re not very bright.”

Then, on Weibo, people began to take sides, with some supporting Qin Yingran and others doubting her. However,  those who favour Qin Yingran seemed to have the upper hand based on the number of fans, the proof from “Chestnut 2018” being somewhat questionable and the fact that it was quite dark that day. The company’s PR team also rejoiced in passing the crisis.

Despite the fact that Qin Yingran appeared to have triumphed, regaining her popularity will be difficult.

Furthermore, the Liyuan Apartment, which had been leased for half a year, abruptly notified Qin Yingran’s manager that she would not be able to stay there any longer.

The manager who received the news called Qin Yingran over.

“Looks like you’ve really offended someone.” The manager said with a heavy expression. “Why couldn’t you have waited. Why did you have to leave the dog in the same neighbourhood? Do you know how much damage this does to your reputation? Also, you’ve gone too far this time to create a scandal with CEO Han.”

Qin Yingran disagreed with the manager’s accusation. This was nothing. As long as there wasn’t any hard evidence, everyone will forget about it after some time. Furthermore, she thought nothing wrong with freeloading Han Xingyan’s popularity. Didn’t this happen to all the female stars in this circle?

“Lin-jie, bad publicity is good publicity. There is nothing to worry about. Everyone will forget about it soon.”

Lin-jie looked at the fearless Qin Yingran and warned, “The thing about you having compassion may pass but you’ve offended the higher-ups. Do you really think you can easily get away with it? Don’t you remember what happened to Chen Meng?”

Lin-jie looked at Qin Yingran’s depressed face and continued, “So you better not go after CEO Han anymore. You better pray that he doesn’t remember you.”

“Lin-jie, I…”

“Enough, you don’t need to explain anymore. Go back and pack your things. You’ll need to move in the next couple of days. I will find suitable accommodation for you soon.” Lin-jie waved her hands for Qin Yingran to leave.

When Shen Chuchu saw the news of the stray dog on the Internet, she cast a peek at Han Xingyan, who sat beside her and asked, “Did no one save that stray dog?”

Han Xingyan thought about it and answered, “That day was indeed quite dark so I really can’t tell if it was not that dog. It’s hard to judge.”

Shen Chuchu glanced at him and sourly replied, “Really, so you didn’t see the dog clearly but you saw Qin Yingran clearly.”

Han Xingyan felt a shiver down his spine, considered it, and responded seriously, “I didn’t look at it properly before. Now that I look at it again, I feel they are not the same dog.”

Shen Chuchu could not help but laugh after she saw Han Xingyan’s sincerity.

The next morning, she overheard people in the neighbourhood discussing the matter. It seemed like Qin Yingran did indeed throw the dog away. Shen Chuchu frowned, said nothing, and soon departed the neighbourhood.

When Han Xingyan remembered that his grandfather wanted to see Shen Chuchu, she was already occupied in another place. This time was not for filming but to promote her new film [Xiao Yi]. At the same time, Han Xingyan needed to resolve several issues at the Han Group’s other branches.

Prior to the promotion, the variety shows that Shen Chuchu filmed also began to air. Shen Chuchu officially entered everyone’s sights after the broadcast of the variety show, which coincided with the premiere of the film and month-long movie promotion.

“Woah, Shen Chuchu’s acting skills are very good. As expected of a newcomer from Diandi Media. Her debut is going to dominate all the other newcomers in the same period.”

Someone replied: “Haha, dominate? Where are your illusions coming from OP? Big trees are indeed great for shade* and it’s such a waste. As for acting skills, there are tons that are better.”

*TL-note: With a strong background, it makes everything convenient.

“This newcomer is so pretty. I first noticed her from [World]. A glance that gets you entranced.

“I am already a fan [Infatuation]”

Mother Han was also watching the variety show and said to Father Han, “Look, our son has such a good eye. His girlfriend is so pretty.”

Father Han frowned and said, “Yes, you should watch less of these brainless shows. They are made for kids, not for old people”

Mother Han unhappily replied, “So your sports shows are not brainless? The Chinese almost sent you to the hospital when they couldn’t score for a long time. That is truly called brainless.”

Father Han:  “…I don’t watch football anymore. It’s changed to volleyball.”

Mother Han suddenly exclaimed, “Since our son has a girlfriend now, do you think I should watch some mother-in-law drama?”

Father Han: …


In addition to the online attention, the most evident bit to Shen Chuchu was that some neighbours pointed at her in the elevators and said, “So you are a celebrity. No wonder! It would be a pity if such a pretty girl wasn’t a celebrity.”

Shen Chuchu did not know how to respond. She only smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“And, that was your boyfriend with you before right?”

Shen Chuchu’s heart tightened at these words. She was not well-known previously, and the neighbourhood’s security was superb, with few outsiders coming in and out, so she felt more at ease. However, after what happened to Qin Yingran and Han Xingyan, she got a little worried about the neighbourhood.

Could her relationship with Han Xingyan be discovered so quickly? She thought that not many people paid attention to her.

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