Sending Chicken Soup

Just a scrape of the knee, it shouldn’t leave a scar, right?

Just as Su Shen wanted to say something, she saw Xie Yan stand up. Momentarily, she didn’t know what to say.

The others tacitly continued doing whatever they were doing, but they felt that they might have discovered something extraordinary. 

“Yep, yep, there will be a scar! Scars absolutely mustn’t be left on girls, else it’ll be ugly!” Zhao Tong hurriedly added.

Trying to remain indifferent, Su Shen looked at Xie Yan and pointed at the Director, “I’m going to go over the script with the Director.”  

After saying that, she quickly walked towards the Director before he could react.

Su Shen actually didn’t know what to do. Unlike the past, she didn’t want to enter into a relationship at such a young age, but Xie Yan didn’t explicitly say that he liked her, so she couldn’t refuse. However, they were filming here everyday and were certain to cross paths regularly, let alone hide from him every time. 

Looking at her receding figure, Zhao Tong sighed inwardly. He didn’t understand why Su Shen was so stupid. Wasn’t their Yan ge obvious enough?

Or, was this actually a refusal in disguise?

The next few scenes went pretty well, and they finally finished filming before dark.

After returning to the hotel, Su Shen asked Xiao Zhou to buy a takeout for her. Then, she turned on her laptop to look at the script that Liu jie sent her.

There was a small production school life film that was not bad, and the plot was not too melodramatic either. Although it was not a big production, Su Shen felt that it was okay to start small first, since a big production wouldn’t turn to her anyways. 

There was also a crime drama invested by Starlight Entertainment. It was mainly centered around the male lead, and it was reported that they had already invited Li Hao to play as the male lead. The remaining roles would be allocated to actors and actresses from the company. The dramas produced by their company were generally not too bad, and Su Shen was also rather interested in this kind of drama. 

At the same time, today was the official announcement of the modern drama. They also released the posters for each character. The topic had firmly occupied the top three spots of Hot Search, and the comments below were fiercely fighting with one another.

Netizen A: As soon as she debuted, she played as a female lead. She acted with a best actor and best actress for her first film. Later, she even replaced Mu Yao as the female lead for Green Blood Sword. Now, Xie Yan’s TV series debut is even given to her. Is Miss Su’s next production going to be a Hollywood blockbuster?

Netizen B: Even Yang Zhi was replaced, she’s deserving of being the“Empress Snatcher”!

Netizen C: It’s the first I’ve seen a drama where the supporting female lead is more famous than the female lead. Does Miss Su want to use her poor acting to make Li Xue a hit? 

Netizen D: Just be jealous, you antis. Our Su Su is still the female lead, and her beauty can KO a plastic surgery face in a second! 

Netizen E: OMG! My hubby’s actually filming an idol drama. I’m a little scared; there must absolutely be no kiss scenes! 

Netizen F: Am I the only one who’s looking a little forward to it? Although Su Shen’s acting cannot be commented on, her beauty needs no words and her long legs would be all over the screen. [joy]

Netizen G: Su Shen’s simply a winner in life! With a good family, good looks, good figure, and interactions with so many handsome men, she must’ve saved the galaxy in her previous life. [joy]

Netizen H: AHHHHH! My hubby’s so handsome, I want to lick the screen!

Su Shen had long been immune to these comments. She was indeed blocking the way of too many people, and those people would certainly not let her film in peace.

Celebrities were bright on the surface, but who knew how ugly their hearts were behind the scenes. For example, Qu Wen. She didn’t know whether these actors were handsome or not, it was fine as long as they were of good character. Those that entered this industry were either due to interest or for the money. The money she had earned, she had to share half of it with the company after tax was deducted. It couldn’t be helped, the contract stated so, unless she opened her own studio. But it was a little far away for the time being. 

She sent a message to Liu jie, telling her that the two scripts were acceptable, and then she went to take a shower and went to bed.

The second day of filming was to film the last part of the script. It just so happened that the set of that scene was set up, so they naturally had to film it beforehand. However, this scene made Su Shen a little embarrassed. 

“Su Shen, can you wear 10 cm high heels?” The stylist asked from the shoe rack.

Su Shen sat in front of the vanity, allowing the makeup artist to do her makeup and responded, “Yes.”

Because this scene needed her to be taller…

“Su jie, your phone is ringing.” Just at this moment, Xiao Zhou suddenly took her phone out from her bag. 

Su Shen took it and saw that it was her mom!

As soon as the call connected, Mama Su’s high pitched voice transmitted through, “Shen Shen, are you at Mashi street in the Nanyun district?”

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately raised her hand to indicate to the makeup artist to pause, and she couldn’t help but curiously put her phone to her ear, “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s gotten colder now. I made some black chicken soup for you to replenish your blood vitality. I’ll be there at noon. Can outsiders enter the set?”

Su Shen: “……”

Her own condo was a little far from here, but it was very close to where her parents live. It would take no more than 20 minutes to get here without traffic. However, Su Shen didn’t expect that her mom would suddenly bring her soup.

Just when she was about to refuse, Mama Su said solemnly, “I’m just coming to have a look!”

Su Shen: “……”

This was actually her mom’s real purpose, wasn’t it?

“Okay, call me when you arrive then. There are security guards on set, so you won’t be able to come in.” She sighed as if in compromise. Fortunately, it wasn’t chaotic on set, else she absolutely wouldn’t dare to let her mom come. 

Hearing that, Mama Su hung up the phone with satisfaction. Su Shen then asked the makeup artist to continue. 

Her mom must’ve seen the comments online recently. She was often away from home, and it was rare that filming this time was so close to home, so her mom must’ve wanted to come and see.

After getting her makeup done, she went to go over the script with the Director. This was a scene where the male and female leads were already dating. The male lead sent the female lead home, and the female lead would complain about how he has to go on a mission again. A little reluctant, she threw a tantrum for a bit.

“Su Shen, don’t forget that the longshot will pan from the left side of your face to the right side. Remember to find the camera.” The Director sat in front of the monitor and pointed to show her a direction. 

Su Shen nodded, but she was a little embarrassed to read the script. She didn’t feel it before, but now, she just felt it was too embarrassing. It would be fine if it was someone else, but of all people, the other party was Xie Yan.

“It’s almost time for you to get into position.” The Director said and then asked the cinematographer to sweep the camera over.  

Hearing this, Su Shen took a deep breath and tried her best to just treat it as acting. Then, she walked over to the small path of greenery in the gated community and got into position.

Not long after, Xie Yan also came over with the female lead’s small bag in hand, which looked particularly outlandish. 

“Quick, quick, hold hands!” The Director shouted into the loudspeaker.

Su Shen just felt very embarrassed, and when her hand by her side was suddenly grasped by a big hand, she only felt even more embarrassed.  

“Are you hot?” Xie Yan turned toward her and saw beads of sweat on her forehead.

“Ah?” Su Shen turned toward him and found that he was staring at her, so she softly smiled, “Just a little nervous.”

Seeing that her ear was red, Xie Yan couldn’t help smiling and whispered into her ear, “It’s just acting.”

Everyone else: “……”

To say there was nothing fishy going on between the two of them, they would not believe it even if they were beaten to death!

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