Grandfather Xie was shocked and thought he had heard it wrong. He held Xie Shuo’s hand tightly and looked into the latter’s hand, his voice trembling in excitement. “Did Grandpa… hear that right?”

“You heard it right; my eyes have recovered. I’ve been busy with work for the past few days and didn’t have the chance to tell you.”

Xie Shuo freed one of his hands and smoothly pulled the covers up for Grandfather Xie.

Grandfather Xie finally believed that he, in fact, did hear Xie Shuo correctly. His face wrinkled with joy, and tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. “Grandpa didn’t expect to be able to experience this day.”

“You don’t need to worry about me anymore.”

“Good… good…”

Grandfather Xie’s hands shook even as he said the two words.

Xie Shuo added, “An An doesn’t know about it yet; please don’t tell her for now.”

Grandfather Xie was surprised. “Why didn’t you tell her such good news?”

Because she said she wanted a divorce.

As this thought entered his mind, Xie Shuo became inexplicably annoyed.

Grandfather Xie didn’t know the intricacies of their relationship. Since there could have been a miscommunication, he sighed and tried to comfort Xie Shuo. “A’ Shuo, Grandpa knows that you may not necessarily like the wife who your dad and I chose for you–but An An is a good child and has been sincerely looking after you for so long. You must treat her well, and don’t go overboard.”

Xie Shuo listened to Grandfather Xie’s worrying and replied, “I understand; don’t worry.”

The grandfather-grandson pair chatted in the room privately for a long time.


Because of the happy occasion and hearing the good news, Grandfather Xie’s spirits improved. After lunch, he was able to get out of bed and walk around.

There was an endless stream of people who came to visit in the afternoon. Xie Yuran also hurried over at two o’clock.

Zhang Muqing walked in after him.

Ye An was a little surprised seeing her at first, but after thinking about it, it made sense. The Zhang family could be considered long-term friends with the Xie family, so it wasn’t strange for Zhang Muqing to know Grandfather Xie.

However, Grandfather Xie treated her as an acquaintance, and after exchanging polite greetings with her, he entered the study with Xie Shuo and Xie Yuran, seemingly needing to discuss something important.

Ye An had no choice but to play hostess and entertain Zhang Muqing in the living room.

Zhang Muqing wore a peach-colored cardigan today paired with a skirt. Her makeup was light, giving her a gentle and elegant glow.

The tea was fragrant, and the scent wafted through the air.

Zhang Muqing didn’t treat herself as a guest at all because she sat down without waiting for Ye An’s invitation.

She clasped her hands over her knees, leaned back, and said with a slight smile, “So Miss Ye is also here…”


Ye An: …I’m Grandfather Xie’s granddaughter-in-law. Why would you be here and not I?

Ye An was stunned by her logic and replied with an awkward but polite smile.

Seeing that Ye An didn’t answer, a strange look flashed through Zhang Muqing’s eyes. She picked up the cup and took a sip of tea, her fingertips curling around the handle.

Ye An looked at her, prepared to retaliate at any moment.

However, Zhang Muqing was also silent and sat quietly without saying a word, as if she was waiting for a particular moment.

The two faced each other in silence, the atmosphere growing awkward and tense.

Before long, Xie Yuran left the office, stating that he had something urgent to attend to. He didn’t stay for a meal and was about to leave after saying hi.

At that point, Zhang Muqing also got up to leave.

Ye An: ???

Aren’t you my love rival? Why are you chasing after someone else?



Zhang Muqing caught up to Xie Yuran in the courtyard.

“Muqing jie.”

Xie Yuran stopped. His dark blazer fluttered open, no tie paired with his dress shirt. His appearance carried a youthful elegance.

Zhang Muqing looked at him and smiled, pursing her lips. “Can you give me a ride?”

Xie Yuran smiled back. “I’ll have the driver take you.”

Zhang Muqing held her hopes high until she heard the next sentence. “I’m not going back to the city, so I won’t go with you.”

After Xie Yuran finished speaking, he called the driver over before driving away alone.

Zhang Muqing’s smile froze, and a look of disbelief appeared in her eyes.

The night winter wind grazed her cheeks like a knife, and her expression turned ugly. The driver escorted her into the car, and the tense atmosphere was thick enough to cut.

When she returned home, she saw Zhang Junfeng sitting on the living room sofa, as if he was waiting for her to return.

“How did it go?” Zhang Junfeng asked when he saw her enter.

Zhang Muqing’s delicate features showed a trace of impatience. “Didn’t work. After I returned to China, Xie Yuran changed. He didn’t take the hint…”

Zhang Junfeng frowned and asked again, “Where’s Xie Shuo? He’s been doing a lot recently, so I’m afraid that he’s becoming suspicious.”

Zhang Muqing smiled sarcastically. “He didn’t even fall for me back when he could see, let alone now.”

Zhang Junfeng frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “If that’s the case, don’t waste your time on them. I’ll find someone else for you soon.”

Zhang Muqing’s fingertips were stiff from the cold, so she quickly replied affirmatively before heading toward her room.


Old Xie residence.

Grandfather Xie seemed to be in high spirits today and invited Ye An and Xie Shuo to stay the night. Taking Grandfather Xie’s health into consideration, the two found it difficult to refuse and accepted his invitation.

The two took time in the evening to chat with Grandfather Xie.

“Have you begun preparing for pregnancy yet?” Grandfather Xie suddenly brought up the topic of birth during their conversation.

Ye An choked for a moment and subconsciously glanced at Xie Shuo. The man’s expression was calm. It wasn’t clear whether Xie Shuo didn’t care or didn’t know what to say.

“Grandpa, how come you ask about this every time?” The tips of Ye An’s ears were red, and she tried to change the topic with an embarrassed expression.

Grandfather Xie smiled, held their hands together, and glanced at Xie Shuo again as if entrusting the matter to him.

“All right. Grandpa is tired now; you both rest early.”

The two settled in a bedroom on the east side of the second floor. There was a wooden window facing the courtyard on the side of the room, ushering in the cool moonlight.

Since it wasn’t home, she was somewhat unaccustomed to their surroundings. The layout of the house was completely different.

Ye An originally thought that it would be more inconvenient for Xie Shuo to take his shower, but the process went unexpectedly smoothly as if he was familiar with the environment around them.

Ye An estimated that it was because of Xie Shuo’s upbringing here during childhood and didn’t think much of it.

After showering and getting into bed, it wasn’t even ten.

Ye An wasn’t tired and didn’t turn off the lights right awayShe stretched her slender fingers and traced the shape of his eyebrows, making different gestures while doing so.

Xie Shuo originally laid on his back, but an extra hand suddenly appeared in his peripheral, moving recklessly in front of his eyes. Five slender fingers wiggled and made various shadows in the light.

He didn’t dare to react too much and could only close his eyes slightly, acting as if he didn’t see anything.

However, Ye An became bolder and bolder. Her fingertips continued down. She tapped his Adam’s apple and then traveled up to tap his chin.

The first time, Xie Shuo ignored her.

The second time, he caught her fingers. Xie Shuo took her hand and kneaded it habitually.

Ye An wasn’t embarrassed at being caught and simply lay on his shoulder. She looked up and said softly, “Do you remember what I said the other night?”

Xie Shuo turned his head to face her.

Ye An looked at him closely with shining eyes. “Before your eyes recover, let’s try to play the roles of husband and wife well.”

Xie Shuo’s gaze was deep, and after a while, he replied softly, “En.”

He grasped her hand and didn’t let go.

Hearing his response, Ye An happily rolled on top of him and kissed him on his lips.

She usually loved to kiss him when she was drunk but rarely did when sober. Xie Shuo took advantage of the situation and wrapped his arms around her waist. He shifted his position and pressed her body under him.

Ye An lay on her back, her hair spreading over the pillows. Her doe eyes reflected his features, including a tall nose, thin lips, and a rare gentle expression.

Ye An began to get nervous. She bit her lip, her breaths becoming heavier.

Xie Shuo looked at her from above, and his eyes narrowed slightly, forgetting to conceal his actions.

Just as he was about to kiss her, Ye An stared at the light reflecting in his deep eyes and suddenly asked, “Why do your eyes seem so much brighter than before?”

She paused, and her eyes suddenly lit up.

“You can see, can’t you?”

Author’s note: The two’s late-night conversations