When she got back to set, it seemed that Jiang Yin’s script had finished revising. Although Zhu Qinqin still had so many scenes, at least the male lead did not like the supporting female lead and was just very guilty towards her.

In the dressing room, who knew what Xiao Zhou saw but she walked towards her with her phone in hand, “Su jie, look.”

Su Shen was in the midst of getting her hair done, but her eyes could still move. She took the phone handed over by Xiao Zhou and scrolled through it, only to find that she was being maliciously attacked again.

Just at this moment, a breaking news just broke saying that the drama originally casted Yang Zhi, and that’s why Xie Yan chose to star in it. But because she had cut in, Xie Yan wanted to resign from the drama due to her poor acting. However, Xie Yan remained because the producers offered a sky-high remuneration. 

The news had just been broken for an hour, yet there were already over 20,000 comments. If this Weibo post was not deleted, then it would definitely land on the hot search. The netizens were fighting with each other ferociously. 

Netizen A: We refuse the publicity stunt of this marketing account. My hubby looks at the script, not how much the remuneration is. Moreover, if it really is because of Su Shen’s poor acting, then no matter how much the producers give, he will definitely not agree. [smiley face]

Netizen B: We all know whether Su Shen’s acting is good or not. But which company did this marketing dog belong to? [smiley face]

Netizen C: Hehe, no matter how much the antis slander, it’s useless. Just be jealous, my Su Su’s still the female lead! 

Netizen D: This b***h’s diehard fans’ face is really thick-skinned, to say she’s the female lead even before it’s officially announced. Aren’t y’all afraid of being slapped in the face later? [vomit]

Netizen E: Lemme take away our Xie Yan. Although I don’t want to admit it, I still want to say that if Xie Yan disdains Su Shen, would he still offer his first onscreen kiss to her?

Netizen F: This b***h really is amazing. She threw herself onto Wang Cheng, stepped on Jiang Yin, and now wants to hype clout with Xie Yan?

Netizen G: A certain someone really lives up to the title of “Empress Snatcher”, to even dare to snatch from Yang Zhi. Sure enough, it’s powerful to have a strong background. Who else would she snatch from next time?

Being maliciously attacked for a good amount, Su Shen’s mind had long been as still as water. She knew that her current shortcoming was that she lacked representative work, but it was not too far off. The drama that she was currently filming had already been bought by a TV station, and it was set to be aired in April of next year at a prime time. Furthermore, that movie was set to be aired during the Spring Festival. 

But just blindly taking on idol dramas and hyping, these were not what she wanted. She felt that she could change to another style. Blindly filming idol dramas would only limit the type of dramas she would receive, and no TV Empress* would depend on idol dramas to wear their crown.

TV Empress – Best Actress for a TV show/drama

“Su jie, should we tell Liu jie about this?” Xiao Zhou asked seriously. 

Returning the phone to her, Su Shen indifferently said, “Tell her about it and pay attention to the trend of the public opinion.” 

The news had already painted Xie Yan as someone who only thought about money. His fans would definitely not agree, so those antis would not be able to continue further. 

Speaking of Xie Yan, Su Shen asked Xiao Zhou to take her phone out from her bag. When she checked it again, Xie Yan replied to her with a message. 

Xie Yan: “No.”

Hearing that she didn’t have a drunken fit, Su Shen breathed a sigh of relief; otherwise, she would be too embarrassed in the future. 

The filming of the night scenes went very smoothly. Compared to Zhu Qinqin, she basically passed with one take and rarely had an NG. 

In the following half a month, she finally finalized her scenes after being scattered throughout. But Jiang Yin had not finalized his scenes, so he still had a few more days of filming to go. 

Thus, she was able to rest at home for a few more days. When the variety show that she recorded before aired, her fan count increased by 500,000 overnight. It’s not the top variety show for nothing. She was trending on hot search all night and was still in the Top 3 the next day. 

As soon as Su Shen woke up, she noticed that her Weibo had been flooded. It was no longer a place for antis to vent their anger, but all from passersby turned fans. Moreover, the topic #Su Shen Playing the Guzheng# occupied the Top 3 spot on hot search.

Netizen A: AHHHH! Crazily rooting for you!!!

Netizen B: OMFG, as a guzheng student, I think that Su Shen plays even better than our teacher!

Netizen C: Xiao jiejie’s* so elegant, especially when she’s playing the guzheng. It feels like she’s a noble lady from ancient times. Too beautiful! Passerby turned fan!

xiao jiejie – an amiable term to refer to a young woman of about one’s age or a little older 

Netizen D: Lemme add, Su Shen can also play the bamboo flute. Y’all can search for the video of her live stream. 

Netizen E: Is it just me who’s focused on her and Xie Yan’s convo? Their relationship seems so close, and I didn’t expect Yan ge’s voice to be so nice to hear. 

Netizen F: After watching the whole show, I really feel like Su Shen has a great upbringing and is well-mannered, quiet and indifferent. Although there were two wrong notes, I prefer to believe that she did it on purpose [smiley face with tear] because at this level, she wouldn’t make such a beginner’s mistake. [smiley face with tear]

Netizen G: I’ve turned into a fan cause of Su Shen’s beauty. Looking forward to the kiss between xiao jiejie and my hubby in the movie. [smirk]

Although it wasn’t overnight fame, it was still a temporary short explosion of fame. That’s why there were so many people going on variety shows now, as the remuneration was high and it was easy to gain fans. Su Shen finally experienced the feeling of not being maliciously attacked everyday. No one was willing to be maliciously attacked, to the point of involving their family. Nonetheless, she still had to have a representative work to consolidate her popularity. 

The day after tomorrow, she had to make a cameo appearance in the xianxia drama that Wang Cheng was filming. In the following two days, her popularity was quite high, and her fan count had increased by three million. Fortunately, Liu jie had foresight and brought a few bodyguards along on the day of their departure. As expected, someone had leaked her flight and a large number of fans awaited them at the airport as soon as they landed. 

“AHHHHHH! Su Shen!” 

“Su Shen, I love you!”

The airport was full of screams all around. Those female fans were frantically crowding around her. Although there were bodyguards leading the way, it took Su Shen a lot of effort to get out of the airport and into the car. 

The xianxia drama was currently filming at a scenic spot, so they had to drive a long time to get there. As soon as the door of the SUV was closed, Su Shen took off her cap and sunglasses and exhaled a breath of lingering fear. Thinking about the scene just now, she felt perplexed.  

Liu jie, who was sitting at the front, couldn’t help but chuckle, “This is nothing. When you become as popular as Wang Cheng, you will understand what it means to be afraid of even buying a bottle of water outside.” 

The car sped along the road. Hearing this, Su Shen just smiled and turned around to look at the scenery outside the window, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to reach his level.” 

Everyone knew that no matter how popular a starlet was in this industry, they were absolutely no match for those xiao xian rou, because the majority were female fans, and who didn’t like handsome men?   

“This is just your current career path. You definitely have to change routes later. I’ve already selected a few suitable scripts for you. Recently, there’s been a lot of scripts handed to you, so I’ve increased your booking fee. You have to make money when it’s time to make money.”

Speaking of this, Liu jie turned around to look at her again, “Recently, Hunan TV plans to launch a new outdoor reality TV show and plans to invite you as a fixed guest. If you think it’s okay, then I’ll go discuss the specifics with them.” 

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