This Was Fate

“En.” Su Shen admitted it frankly. 

Hearing this, the person on the other end of the line paused for a bit, as if she didn’t expect that it was really her. After a while, Liu jie said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you agree if I had told you?” Su Shen said in a low voice, “Or, do you think I’m wrong?”

In this industry, it was best not to offend people if possible, especially those with a powerful background. No agent would take the initiative to do such a thing, even He Hua hesitated, let alone Liu jie.

Noticing the displeasure in her voice, Liu jie also calmed down and said seriously, “You should’ve told me in advance, so I would have a plan in mind and know how to deal with it. What if the other party counterattacked?”

“There are some things I don’t want to say aloud, but do you think I’m a person who makes trouble out of nothing?” Su Shen said coldly.

Liu jie’s considerations were not wrong, but if she had told her in advance, how could she have agreed?

It was the first time that Xiao Zhou saw her so unhappy and was at a loss of what to do, so she went outside with the two makeup artists, leaving room for her to talk. 

“I don’t know why you did this all of a sudden, but if you had told me in advance, how did you know for sure I would stop you? Or in your heart, you actually don’t believe me anymore?”

Hearing the slightly angry voice from the other end of the line, Su Shen took a deep breath and looked down without saying anything.

The two of them stayed silent like this for a while before Su Shen said, “Sorry, I should’ve told you.”

Whether Liu jie would’ve stopped her or not, she shouldn’t have hidden it from her. It just meant that they didn’t trust each other enough.

At that, the person on the other end of the line also calmed down and finally softened her tone, “I know that He Hua has been inviting you to go over. It’s actually not a bad idea, but your sister entrusted you to me. As long as you’re still under me, I will still care about you.”

Su Shen uttered a light “en.” It’s been very stressful for her lately, every day was so busy that she had no time to think about the future. Everyone thought that she would leave, but she didn’t think about it at all.

“You will have several engagements next month. I will send you the itinerary. Also, you’ve been nominated for the Best Newcomer Award for the 52nd Silver Bear* award. On the ninth of next month, you have to attend the award ceremony with the rest of the cast, Fan Meng’s also going to be there!”

Silver Bear – award at the Berlin International Film Festival

Liu jie stressed her last words. She knew what she was worried about. Since she dared to do it, she was not afraid of it being known.

“I know. I’ll be careful.” She said insipidly.

Hearing this, Liu jie on the other end didn’t say anything and hung up soon afterward.

After sitting for a while, she sent a message to ask Xiao Zhou to come back in. After the hairstylist finished styling her hair, she went back out to shoot again.

For the last few days, all the scenes were large-scale. In order to quicken the pace, they worked until midnight every day, which was a huge burden on the body. On a few occasions, Su Shen almost fainted, but she managed to hold on in the end. 

The discussion online continued, but fortunately, the movie had already finished airing, so it could not affect the box office. The statement released by Fan Meng’s studio was very diplomatic, insinuating that she was being framed and the truth of the video was far from the rumors. 

Two days later, Fan Meng issued her statement.

Fan Meng V*: For the past two days, I haven’t had a good rest and just wanted to work. The director said that this was not good for my health, but I know that only in this way can I temporarily forget all the troubles. To be honest, I feel very helpless. Everyone says that I had plastic surgery. Yes, I admit that I have made some micro adjustments. Everyone loves beauty. I just wanted to improve myself to become a better me. But “some” people’s comments have gone too far, touching upon my family. I don’t want to say anything and have been running from set to set. I know my existence has affected a lot of people, and I don’t want to compete with someone. What you don’t want to be done to you, don’t do to others. Why should I impose on others what I have done? There are a lot of people cursing at me right now, saying that I’m cheap, shameless, and even more outrageous remarks. I know that as a public figure, I should have a strong heart. Perhaps I’m not strong enough, so I don’t dare to ask for anything. I just hope that everyone doesn’t involve my family. What have they done to deserve this? As for the video, I know that no matter how I explain it, no one will believe me. Liu dong is a good friend of mine. We often like to joke, and sometimes we speak and act without qualms. I admit that as a public figure, I have caused a commotion. I don’t expect everyone to believe me. I only know that the people who believe me will always believe me. For those that don’t believe me, I hope to use better works to let you all get to know the real Fan Meng.        

V – it’s like a verified checkmark, like on Instagram and Twitter

Netizen A: Do I smell a conspiracy here? I feel that Fan Meng is being framed by “someone”?

Netizen B: There’s no smoke without fire. This kind of explanation to fool a three-year-old should be left to those brainless diehard fans to see. [smiley face]

Netizen C: This b***h is a green tea b***h for reals! Not mentioning anything else, but has this face really only been slightly adjusted? More like swapping a head!

Netizen D: Believing our Meng Meng, the antis can go die! 

Netizen E: Honestly, I don’t think that Fan Meng has done anything wrong. These kinds of things are common in this industry, it’s just that they haven’t been exposed. The fault’s on Fan Meng for offending someone. However, if they could defame a Best Actress, then the person behind it must be very powerful.

Netizen F: I don’t understand why there are still diehard fans trying to help her. This kind of person should be kicked out of the entertainment industry. Don’t even mention her acting to me. Doesn’t she have a clue about her acting skills?

Netizen G: I heard that the rest of the video was bought by Fan Meng’s studio for ten million. Sure enough, being rich is willful!

Fan Meng’s long statement had some effect. At least, those diehard fans found some psychological comfort and would certainly continue to support her. However, the matter with fans was uncertain. The key depended on the number of passersby turned fans. But, it was obvious that Fan Meng’s reputation among passersby had hit rock bottom.

Su Shen didn’t feel sorry for her. If she took pity on others, others wouldn’t take pity on her.

The day filming wrapped up, the crew went out for dinner again. That paparazzi had been following her nonstop. When Su Shen packed her things and asked the chauffeur to drive her back to her condo overnight, that paparazzi had been waiting downstairs all this time.

Su Shen didn’t dare open her curtains. After taking a shower, she laid down on the bed. She had to fly abroad tomorrow with He Hua, and the next few days were filled with engagements. The middle of next month, she will go on set for Director Li’s film. The drama starring Jiang Yin and her would air at the end of next month, and at that time, there would be a series of promotional activities.  

Lying in bed, Su Shen fell asleep in less than ten seconds. She was so exhausted that she could sleep for a day and a night. However, her phone rang at 8:00 am the next morning. 

She didn’t know how long it rang. When Su Shen answered the call in a daze, a hurried voice transmitted through, “Quickly, I just saw the two paparazzi go have breakfast!”

Su Shen rubbed her temples to wake herself up upon hearing that. “Got it, I’ll come down soon.”

She then hung up the phone just when He Hua wanted to say something. 

He understood women too well. Every time, they say it would be quick, but it would take at least half an hour minimum and an hour max. Two hours was the most common. They would not come out unless they changed all the clothes in their closet. 

However, to his surprise, a woman in a pink mask came down as soon as he finished a cigarette. She was petite, wearing a plain black coat, and with a carry-on, in her hand, as she walked towards him in a hurry.

She opened the door and squeezed in. After placing her carry-on on the rear seat, Su Shen leaned against the seat and continued to sleep. 

“You’re quite fast.” He Hua looked at her in surprise and noticed that she didn’t even wear makeup, which was a breath of fresh air among female celebrities. 

Before the two paparazzi came back, He Hua immediately drove away. If they were followed, they couldn’t get rid of them even if they wanted to.

After being on the road for a while, Su Shen suddenly asked, “Who’s getting married?”

She still didn’t know who was getting married.

Hearing a voice from the back, He Hua turned the steering wheel while saying casually, “Jiang Liankai.”

Su Shen immediately woke up upon hearing that. Jiang Liankai was considered to be the top veteran actor of his generation. He had won three Best Actors and was an actor star. He had also won several international awards. Among the veteran superstars who were mostly retired, he was indeed the most famous. However, he had also reduced taking on work and seemed to move toward working behind the scenes. Although he was 42, he had no scandals, let alone a girlfriend. Unlike Xie Yan, he knew how to liven up the atmosphere. Every time he interviewed, he would always give the reporters good points to write, but rarely revealed his private life. It was indeed surprising that he suddenly would be getting married now.

“His wife is also in the entertainment industry?” Su Shen asked.

He Hua casually replied, “No. She chased him.”

Hearing this, Su Shen just smiled and didn’t ask anything else. When they arrived at the airport, she put on her mask again and traversed through the crowd, but she was still recognized when passing the security check. Fortunately, someone just called her once and did not attract too much attraction.

After getting on the flight, Su Shen leaned against the seat and rested. This was a private engagement, so in order not to be recognized, she wore a mask throughout the flight.

After getting off the flight, He Hua brought her to the hotel where Xie Yan stayed. She heard that all the guests would be staying there. Su Shen didn’t know whether there would be any reporters at the wedding, but if she was photographed then so be it. 

When they arrived at the hotel, Su Shen saw two familiar figures at the front desk. She couldn’t help but walk up to He Hua and asked, “Those two look familiar.”

Walking in front of her, He Hua glanced at them casually and then pressed the elevator button, “Wu Jin and He Liu.”

Wu Jin was the most popular singer in recent years, but she also had the capability to back it up. Su Shen liked her voice a lot, no wonder she looked familiar. He Liu, on the other hand, was the daughter of a pop diva in the last century. She was a 2nd-Gen star and could be said to join the entertainment industry for fun.

Seeing these two people, Su Shen realized that there might be a lot of big names at the wedding.

When the elevator arrived, He Hua brought her to the ninth floor. As soon as they walked out of the elevator, they saw several people walking toward them in the hallway covered with wool carpets. They were chatting and laughing, and Xie Yan was also among them. He was wearing a black coat, walking in the middle, and saying a few words from time to time. But when they saw He Hua, they all came to greet him.

“He zong, look at your rosy cheeks! You must’ve made a fortune again recently!” The leader of the group, a man wearing a gray coat, instantly strode over.

At the sight of him, He Hua laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “Recently, investments have been sluggish, don’t even mention money to me. Can’t be compared to you, happiness among joyous events that the wrinkles around the corners of your eyes are disappearing.”

“AHAHAHA!” The others bursted into laughter. 

“F you! When did your daughter grow up? Your genes actually gave birth to such a pretty daughter?” Jiang Liankai jokingly glanced at Su Shen. 

He Hua didn’t get angry either and immediately looked back at Su Shen. “Quick, greet Uncle!”

“Ahaha, Xie Yan, what, you’re not gonna introduce?” A person who got wind of the news looked at Xie Yan with a meaningful expression. 

Standing there, Su Shen kept a smile on her face because she found that these people were all her seniors. It was a fortune for her to see them gather together all at once.

When he saw her, Xie Yan naturally walked to her side, took her suitcase, and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “Su Shen, my girlfriend.”

Tsk tsk tsk!” Jiang Liankai glanced at Xie Yan meaningfully, “You’re really something! Found a girl without a word or sound!”

Su Shen blushed and still felt shy regarding this kind of teasing.

Xie Yan, however, remained the same and said insipidly, “This is fate.”

He Hua was about to vomit. What fate? He had never seen Xie Yan being so corny before. Could it be that he shot too many idol dramas?

The others also couldn’t stand it. In the end, Jiang Liankai went to drink with the others. Xie Yan naturally stayed, but He Hua followed them.

After entering the hotel room, Su Shen took off her heavy coat and looked at the door with a strange expression. She asked softly, “My dad likes Ge Luo laoshi’s works the most. Can you ask for an autograph for me?”

Upon hearing this, Xie Yan wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, buried his head in her neck, and took a deep breath. “When we get married, your dad can even talk to Ge laoshi closely.”

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