Ripped Dress

“It’s fine, this is nothing. Look at those who’re walking the sexy image route, you already look very reserved.” The makeup artist said in laughter while drawing her eyebrows.

It wasn’t that Su Shen didn’t find it unacceptable to reveal a shoulder but she was afraid that there might be a wardrobe malfunction later since the dress was so long. Moreover, the press conference might have a game or whatever so it would definitely be inconvenient when the time came. 

It was not like there weren’t any reserved female artists in the entertainment industry but most of them had a strong backing. The makeup artist seemed to understand her worries and kindly explained, “I’ll part your hair in the middle and make some loose waves for you later. Your hair is long so it can cover your shoulders. Just that, remember to use your hand to cover your chest whenever you move too much. When you’re sitting under the stage, you can use a shawl to cover up. The interview on stage is only a few minutes so it should be okay.”

The makeup artist was quite considerate. Su Shen no longer worried as she was right, she was just a supporting role. For interviews, the MC would just interview the leading roles and a supporting role like her wouldn’t even get a few minutes. 

The press conference was at 2 PM and Liu jie hit the nail on the head as there’s now a traffic jam downtown. They were stuck for a good half an hour and by the time they arrived at the press conference venue, it was already 1:40 PM.

After entering the venue, she didn’t even have the time to go backstage to touch up a little as the media company that arranged an interview started looking for her. 

This was a showbiz news site which was fairly well-known in the industry. Liu jie agreed to their exclusive interview so they could establish a good relationship with them. After all, the more connections the better in this industry. 

When she arrived backstage and sat down, the makeup artist that followed along helped her to arrange the train of her dress and gave her a shawl in the colors of autumn.

After the position of the camera was adjusted, the female reporter asked her if they could start. Su Shen then gave an “Ok” sign.

As soon as the camera started rolling, she held the microphone and said with a smile facing directly at the camera, “Hello everyone on Pear Entertainment, I’m Su Shen.”

The female reporter looked at the script and said fervently, “Su Shen’s so pretty today. You’re so in shape, do you sometimes go on a diet?”

“En, I do. But I’m quite lucky, even if I gained weight it’s not a lot. But my manager still tells me not to eat too much, I still occasionally indulge myself though.” She spoke into the microphone jokingly.

What she said was true, she was originally not chubby. But it would appear so when she’s on camera so she didn’t wantonly eat those high calorie things. Yet, it would be an exaggeration if she only drank water and ate cabbage everyday.  

Female Reporter: “The film’s official Weibo posted a trailer yesterday. Everyone said that your acting has improved, what do you think of it?”

The questions asked by the reporter were based on the current hot topics. Liu jie has shown her a list of the questions that would be asked so Su Shen was prepared. 

“The trailer was quite short so there wasn’t much to see. I also don’t know how I performed but I think I should have improved from before.” She replied unhurriedly. 

Female Reporter: “Then for this role, what do you think of her character?” 

Su Shen thought for a sec and continued to reply while holding the microphone, “This is a very pitiful and tragic character. She expended a lot for the male lead but she was also selfish. In her heart, there was no such thing as righteousness, she only cared about the life and death of the male lead. This was a very complicated character and I’m grateful that the director gave me the opportunity to have a try at it.” 

Female Reporter: “I heard that you had a kiss scene with Xie Yan?” 

At this, Su Shen couldn’t help but looked down and somewhat shyly looked away. She helplessly said, “Due to the plot, it was needed to show that kind of effect. The director said if it’s not a kiss scene then it’ll be a love scene. For this, it wasn’t up to my choice.” 

What she said was the truth. 

The reporter seemed awfully interested in her response and continued to ask, “I heard that from Xie Yan’s debut to now, his first onscreen kiss was given to you. Are you afraid that you might receive hate from his fans?” 

“Of course, but I can’t help it.” Su Shen blinked helplessly, “Also, I didn’t take advantage of him either. That was my first time filming a kiss scene too.” 

The school dramas from before prohibited kiss scenes. The original Su Shen also forcibly deleted the kiss scene for that drama with Qu Wen. She almost offended the film crew because of this so this was really her first kiss scene as well as being her first kiss. 

The female reporter laughed brightly upon hearing that as if she found an explosive scoop to write about and then, continued to ask the next question, “When people make GIFs of you, will you be unhappy?” 

Upon hearing that, Su Shen couldn’t help but laughed, “Nope, because I also use them.” 

The female reporter laughed again and for the following questions, Su Shen answered just appropriately. The press conference was about to start so the interview soon ended. 

After entering the venue, Su Shen’s seat was next to Wang Cheng’s whereas Xie Yan was seated together with Fan Meng. When everyone sat down in their respective seats, the MC then came on stage to liven up the atmosphere. 

“After the press conference, you have to treat me to dinner. You’ve delayed it for soo long.” Wang Cheng leaned over and said. 

He wore a military-style outfit today, seemingly so that people wouldn’t call him effeminate. But he still looked just as pretty, not an ounce of boorish could be seen.  

Su Shen wrapped the shawl on her more tightly and glanced from the corner of her eye, “Okay, eat as much as you want at the malatang* near the street.” 

malatang – a common type of Chinese street food, it’s like hotpot but everything is on skewers. 

“Why are you so stingy? I heard that the Thai restaurant next door is pretty good, you can’t push it off any longer!” Wang Cheng quietly said. Their two heads tilted toward one another seemed as if they were talking about a secret. 

When Xie Yan turned his head, he saw Su Shen smiling and would occasionally tilt her head to talk to Wang Cheng. She was wearing a one-shoulder white maxi dress today with loose waves on her other shoulder while the rest of her hair fell back. Her makeup was neither heavy nor light, making her lustrous complexion even more fair. Although she had a shawl draped over her shoulders, Xie Yan’s expression inadvertently slightly changed as he saw the two of them chatting so closely. He pursed his lips and continued to look at the stage.   

It wasn’t until the MC finished livening up the stage that everyone got called to go up. 

Su Shen could only place her shawl down and her shoulder instantly felt cold. Then, she lifted her dress and slowly walked onto stage. In the midst of this, Wang Cheng was afraid that she might fall and helped lift the train of her dress.    

Su Shen felt the intermittent flashes down below and knew that this was streamed live. But her dress was indeed quite inconvenient so she didn’t refuse Wang Cheng’s help. 

“Wow, you know it’s a feast for the eyes when you see this line up. Okay, let’s get to know their roles.” 

As the MC spoke, a staff member came on stage and handed them microphones. The first person to introduce themself was Wang Cheng at the far end. Originally, Su Shen was supposed to stand at the far end but Wang Cheng yielded his spot to her. 

“Hi everyone, I’m Wang Cheng. In the film, I played the role of an inept Emperor. Actually, that role was quite cool to act.” He finished jokingly and shrieks once again sounded from below. 

At a press conference, fans from an artist’s fan club would be present but Su Shen didn’t have one. For a popular idol like Wang Cheng, he definitely had one though.  

“I believe it’s the first time everyone had seen such a handsome inept Emperor though.” The male MC concurred with a laugh. 

There were shrieks sounded from below again. Although Su Shen didn’t have her phone with her, she knew that the bullet screen* of the live broadcast was surely flooded with real-time comments. 

bullet screen – an emerging new feature on online video sites in China and Japan, which allows real-time comments from viewers to fly across the screen. 

When Wang Cheng handed the microphone to her, Su Shen looked at the camera and introduced herself, “Hello everyone, I’m Su Shen. In the film, I played as Xiao Yuan as well as a femme fatale concubine.” 

The male MC once again concurred, “Such a beautiful concubine, no wonder the Emperor became an inept ruler.” 

The MC was great with jokes and Su Shen couldn’t help laughing. Wang Cheng, beside her, took the mic in her hand and pointed at Su Shen, “That’s why, it’s not that I want to be an inept ruler. It’s just that beloved concubine is just too beautiful that zhen* can’t control himself.”

zhen – a term that Emperors use to refer to themself, similar to “we” (imperial use) and “I”


The screams from below could almost pierce people’s eardrums. The incessant intermittent flashes were nonstop. Su Shen couldn’t help but glared at him with a smile. She didn’t expect that he didn’t know the term “reserved”. Now, she’d be cursed at again. 

The feel of the stage was instantly tuned and the introductions for the following people seemed less dry. After Xie Yan’s concise introduction, the screams from below sounded once more.  

Xie Yan’s diehard fans were no less than anyone else’s.

“After listening to everyone’s introductions, I can already imagine a love-hate relationship. I also heard that Xie Yan’s first onscreen kiss was given too?” The MC turned the focus on Xie Yan. 

The latter’s expression remained unfazed and said whilst holding the mic, “The plot needed it.” 

Xie Yan was known to be difficult to interview and wouldn’t liven the mood either. Nevertheless, the MC didn’t feel awkward and immediately casted his gaze on Su Shen, “Then Su Shen, did you guys get NGed when filming that scene?” 


The fans down below were already to the point of going crazy, their despair could be heard from their screams. Su Shen took the microphone and momentarily didn’t know what to say. After all, this type of question shouldn’t have her, a girl, to answer. 

“It’s common for actors to get NG, she’s quite good.” Xie Yan suddenly said. 

Screams from down below once again sounded. It was rare to see Xie Yan take the initiative to answer a question so naturally the MC struck while the iron’s still hot and continued to ask, “Then, do you have a better rapport with Fan Meng or with Su Shen?” 

The role of an MC was to regulate and adjust the mood as well as to unearth topics. This question he asked was a crafty one. Su Shen also didn’t expect Xie Yan to help her out just now. But this question was really not easy to answer. 

“This, you’ll have to ask the Director.” Xie Yan’s expression remained the same and stood there motionlessly in his casual suit, remaining indifferent to the flashes of light from below as well as the direct shot of the camera. 

Xie Yan rarely participated in these kinds of activities so those people definitely wanted to take as many photos and videos as they could for their articles. 

The MC didn’t continue to further ask as he didn’t dare to make things difficult for Xie Yan. He turned the focus onto Wang Cheng since his popularity was also very high. 

Fan Meng was somewhat embarrassed standing there with almost to none topics on her. The focal point wasn’t on her either even though she wore a blue strapless dress today, exposing the splendor of her spring too. But the cameras didn’t stay too long on her and yet, she still had to maintain her smile.  

After introducing the actors, the Director and Producer then went on stage to explain the details of the film. After Su Shen got off stage, she only then realized that her shawl was missing. She had no other choice but to continue onwards backstage. In any case, she didn’t need to go on stage for anything else except for the group photo at the end. 

The lounge assigned to her was the same room as with Fan Meng and since it’s only temporary, it didn’t matter much. But her shawl couldn’t be found in the lounge either. Su Shen’s phone also wasn’t on her so she couldn’t even call Liu jie and was about to go find a staff member to borrow their phone. 

“This dress is not bad, Winter Love’s haute couture right? It’s unexpected that the brand was willing to lend it to you.” Fan Meng suddenly appeared at the entrance of the lounge. She smirked and looked at Su Shen mockingly. 

The discord between the two of them had always been online. This was the first time that Fan Meng expressed her dislike toward her in reality. Su Shen ignored her and directly walked past her. 

The latter smiled and raised her high heel. 

With a “RIP”, Su Shen halted immediately and turned around to find that there was a large tear  in the train of her dress. The fiery red heel on the train of her dress was eye catching. 

“Sorry, I accidentally stepped on it. Your dress is really too long, remember to be careful in the future.” Fan Meng smiled and glanced at her unconcernedly. Then, she walked into the lounge. 

This was a haute couture dress from Winter Love on loan to her. A dress like this would cost two million. 

Su Shen slightly frowned and just as she was about to say something, a familiar figure appeared in the corridor. 

“Xie Yan.” She suddenly called out. 

As Xie Yan heard his name, he noticed that she was standing at the entrance of a lounge. He immediately went to her side along with Zhao Tong. When he saw her bare exposed shoulder, he took off his suit jacket and handed it to her.  

Su Shen indeed needed a jacket so she didn’t refuse and just said thank you.

“Can I borrow your phone for a bit?” She put on his jacket and her entire petite figure was enveloped by it.

“Ah, what happened to your dress Su Shen?” Zhao Tong, at the back, sharply spotted the problem. 

Su Shen pursed her lips and helplessly said, “Fan jie ‘accidentally’ stepped on it just now.” 

She could afford to pay a dress but for Fan Meng, she’d definitely return this debt in the future!

Upon hearing this, Zhao Tong immediately glanced at the person inside meaningfully. The latter was leaning against the sofa playing on her phone, turning a deaf ear to all other things. 

Xie Yan’s expression slightly changed and turned to look at Zhao Tong, “Go and buy a dress back within 10 minutes.” 

The latter was stunned and glanced at Su Shen. Then without demur, immediately ran out to buy a dress. 

Su Shen didn’t refuse. Even if she did get a hold of Liu jie, she’ll have Xiao Zhou go out and buy a dress too. 

“I’ve troubled you again.” She looked at the man in front of her somewhat embarrassed. 

Her pearl lustered face looked a little apologetic. Xie Yan’s line of sight inadvertently landed on her orange-red lips and couldn’t help but said, “So when will you treat me to dinner?” 

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