Manchu Han Imperial Feast

She didn’t understand why he was so hung up over a meal but Su Shen no longer deferred it and insipidly smiled, “Then are you free today?”

Fan Meng, who was just about to leave, suddenly heard these words. Looking at Su Shen with a sneer, she just knew that this scheming bi*ch acted all noble on the surface but her true colors were now revealed nonetheless.


Fan Meng paused in her steps and pursed her lips. She glanced at Xie Yan somewhat reluctantly but ultimately, walked away in her 10 cm heels.

She just knew that men nowadays were all the same, usually acting well-disciplined but would pounce when they see a young and beautiful one. 

“Wang Cheng said there’s a pretty good Thai restaurant next door, do you want to eat there?” She asked softly.

Xie Yan paused for a sec upon hearing that and insipidly said while looking at her, “It’s probably not as good as your cooking.” 

Su Shen didn’t expect him to flatter her and couldn’t help but laugh, “I’ll make a Manchu Han imperial feast for you today then.”

At this, Xie Yan smiled slightly and didn’t take it seriously.

After glancing at Fan Meng’s departed figure, Su Shen turned around and walked back into the lounge. It’s not for sure that she had to recompense for this dress. Liu jie seemed to have a pretty good relationship with this brand so it shouldn’t reach the point of having to recompense.

Moreover, there weren’t any cameras in the lounge so it couldn’t capture the moment where Fan Meng stepped on her dress either. Even if it was caught on tape and exposed, it was useless since it would only squander her image with the netizens. Her diehard fans would still support her and her resources would also remain unchanged.

For an actor’s reputation to be ruined, it was either they had cheated, two-timed, ** or used those things*. Fan Meng wasn’t that clean of a person. In this industry, nothing was concealed. There were quite a lot of directors and male models connected to her. As if Su Shen would expose her stepping on her dress, this way it was neither painful nor caused an itch. It was either don’t move or move — resulting in a one hit KO.

used those things – plum (TL) thinks its drugs that the author is referring to

After asking Xie Yan for his phone, she then called Liu jie. The latter was still chatting with a few news outlets and said that she would be coming over very soon. 

Zhao Tong soon came back, panting and sweating profusely. He bought a red dress saying as he didn’t know what style to buy, he just chose one directly from that store’s latest seasonal collection. 

There was a branded store next to the hotel. Su Shen immediately knew the price of the dress once she saw the brand, it was at least 50,000. 

After she changed into the new dress, Liu jie just happened to arrive. Su Shen immediately asked for her phone so she could transfer the money back to Zhao Tong.

“This isn’t my money, it’s Yan ge’s money. You can transfer it to him.” Zhao Tong quickly waved his hands for her not to transfer the money to him.

Su Shen was taken aback and looked at Xie Yan on the side. Then, she silently looked down and transferred the money back to him. 

“Thank you for your trouble today, otherwise Su Shen might not have even been able to participate in the group photo.” Liu jie smiled and looked at Xie Yan with a polite and friendly expression. 

The latter’s expression remained unchanged, “It was not much.” 

Liu jie looked at Su Shen and pulled her forward, “Hopefully you guys can work together again if an opportunity arises. With such a great veteran actor, Su Shen will definitely learn a lot.” 

Liu jie went on a tangent of courteous remarks. Su Shen also followed with a smile, “Yes, there are a lot of things worth learning from Xie lao shi.” 

“Yan ge, it’s time to go on stage!” Just at this time, a staff member outside suddenly shouted in a hurry. 

At this, Liu jie quickly fiddled a bit with Su Shen’s hair and was quite satisfied seeing as this dress complemented well with her figure. 

Seeing Xie Yan walking in front, Su Shen immediately had Xiao Zhou return to her condo first and go downstairs to buy some ingredients back, else it’d be too late if she were to buy it herself later. 

She’s preparing to invite Wang Cheng and the others to dinner as well and have to also give a call to Tong Le later too. That girl had been making a ruckus to come over and eat, but her schedule had been too packed. 

At this time, the stage was already filled with the key creative team of the film crew. There were rows and rows of cameras below the stage and the MC was in the midst of adjusting everyone’s position. The position of where one stood was very particular. The ones near the director were definitely the leading actors and those having a higher status stood in front. This reflected an actor’s status. 

Even though Wang Cheng was very popular, he still had to stand behind Li Hao. A person’s position depended on a comprehensive list of factors, it wasn’t something determined by the likes of popularity.  

The people on stage were walking back and forth, super chaotic. Su Shen’s high heels were very high so she was cautious and careful when she was going up on stage. When her arm was suddenly supported by a large hand, she didn’t turn around and was directly supported by that person up to the stage. 

“Xie Yan, quickly come here!” Li Hao, over there, was already yelling. 

Su Shen planned to go stand at the back but Xie Yan’s hand kept pulling her arm, leading her straight toward the director. 

“Come here, you’re the most handsome so I’ll let you stand in front!” Li Hao jokingly stepped aside to make space while the others laughed in response. 

The director stood there motionless with everyone standing around him. When he saw Xie Yan pulling Su Shen over, he smiled and beckoned to Su Shen, “Come here, you two beauties come and stand by my side.” 

He pointed at Fan Meng but the latter arched an eyebrow and immediately casted her sight on Su Shen. She saw that she had changed into a fiery crimson knee-length dress with the contrast complementing her complexion to be even fairer in addition to that pair of slender legs, Fan Meng’s frown furrowed even more and kept silent. 

Su Shen didn’t expect the director to have her stand beside him but nevertheless, she didn’t decline. She went over and stood on his left while Fan Meng stood on his right. 

“Xie Yan, stand next to Su Shen and accompany our beautiful lady!” The director glanced at Xie Yan meaningfully. 

After so many years of filming, he has reached the pinnacle of noticing even the slightest change in emotion and the particularity of each individual. But it was only today that he discovered the peculiarity between the two of them.  

“I’m scared to even stand behind Su Shen now, I’m like charcoal* compared to her. Remember to photoshop me later during the post-editing!” Li Hao stood behind Su Shen in the second row and their complexions were indeed miles apart.

TL note* – The beauty standards in Asia are vastly different from the West, I hope everyone doesn’t get offended and take this with a grain of salt. Everyone is beautiful in their own skin! xoxo plum <3 

The others laughed in response while Fan Meng’s expression soured. It was the first time that she had been snubbed after so many years in the industry and unexpectedly had her limelight taken by an 18th-tier too!

Su Shen just smiled and kept silent. With a slight turn, she noticed that Xie Yan was also looking at her. She couldn’t help but blinked and extended her fair delicate hand out and compared with his, “We are at least five shades apart.” 

Seeing the interaction between the two, the director finally understood. If he knew this beforehand, he should’ve added a bed scene back then. Xie Yan probably wouldn’t have refused either.  

“Okay, you’re the fairest.” Xie Yan chuckled. 

After everyone was positioned, the cameras of more than a dozen or so news outlets below the stage pointed directly at them. Su Shen maintained her smile for nearly two minutes until the photographer said it was OK. 

Everyone once again scattered. Wang Cheng, on the other hand, impatiently asked her to treat him to dinner. When he heard that Su Shen was going to personally cook, he forthrightly announced that he’d skip dieting today! 

Su Shen also invited Li Hao. There were already tons of reporters waiting outside to interview thus they had to wait for Wang Cheng inside the car. 

When Liu jie heard that they were all going to have dinner together, she happily allowed it. She didn’t send Su Shen off and drove back to the company by herself. 

For Li Hao, he drove his own car. Su Shen, however, sat in Xie Yan’s car but it was Zhao Tong who drove, seemingly wanting to also freeload a meal.   

Su Shen called Tong Le, who was still in the middle of her acting class, and the latter replied she’d be there as soon as possible. Fortunately, the Central Academy of Drama wasn’t far from her place. 

After a quick scroll through her phone, she found that today’s livestream was trending on hot search again. But the number one trending was Xie Yan then Wang Cheng and at third was her and Fan Meng because both of their fans were fighting again. 

Netizen A: Fan Meng’s zombie ass face can barely be looked at now. Instead of getting plastic surgery, why not go study and improve on your acting? With Su Shen standing at the side, the comparison is even more clear as day!   

Netizen B: As a passerby turned fan, Su Shen is simply too beautiful! AHHHH, I’m gonna lick the screen*!

lick the screen* – a Chinese slang to express extreme like in an exaggerated way

Netizen C: Is it just me that thinks Su Shen and Wang Cheng have great chemistry together?

Netizen D: Wang Cheng and Su Shen look so good together! I ship this cp! 

Netizen E: I finally saw my freshly baked Yan ge again; don’t know when will be the next time I can see him. [cry]

Netizen F: The 18th-tier is back to hype herself again, please let our Wang Cheng off. [smile]

Netizen G: The 18th-tier does overkills with looks everyday but a pity, our Meng Meng’s acting can still KO you instantly! 

Su Shen noticed that there were more and more fans defending her. Before, she’d be maliciously attacked relentlessly and her fans would be subdued. After several exposures, she gained more and more fans and at least had the power to fight back now. 

This was perhaps Liu jie’s marketing strategy and why so many people wanted to hype. Once there’s clout, gaining fans was no longer a matter. But it was still great works that would attract more and more diehard fans. 

After scrolling through the comments, Su Shen saw Wang Cheng’s car coming up. Zhao Tong asked her for her address and immediately drove up ahead, leading the way. Su Shen, however, noticed that Xie Yan who was sitting beside her seemed to be a little unhappy.    

“Are you tired? How about I treat you to dinner next time and you can go back to the hotel to rest first?” Su Shen turned and looked at him earnestly. 

The latter was sitting beside her, eyes closed. His expression remained unchanged and even his tone was indifferent, “I’m not tired.” 

At this, Zhao Tong who was in front almost couldn’t contain his laughter and laughed. Their Yan ge was just mentally tired. He originally just wanted the two of them to spend time together but who knew that Su Shen had also invited other people. Of course, he’d be tired!  

Upon hearing this, Su Shen glanced at him doubtingly and returned to playing on her phone, only to find that the money she transferred to Xie Yan wasn’t accepted by him.   

“Why didn’t you accept the money?” 

The latter still had his eyes closed and said insipidly, “Treat it as money for the dinner.” 

“No, it originally should be treated by me. If you don’t accept the money, then I won’t dare to eat with you in the future.” 

Hearing her be so serious, Xie Yan suddenly opened his eyes and met her eyes full of his reflection. He looked down slightly and said, “Then keep it and treat me next time.” 

Su Shen: “……”

She turned around and didn’t say anything else. No matter how slow she was, she also noticed that he seemed to treat her too well but she didn’t believe a relationship could develop between a man and woman in this industry. 

The car once again fell into a strange silence. Zhao Tong, in front, also felt a little bit awkward. He didn’t understand why this Su Shen was still so unmoved when their Yan ge was already so obvious. He was about to go mad from the anxiousness.   

Xie Yan swept a look at her and noticed that she had closed her eyes. Her fair and pretty side profile came into view, beautiful and still.  

Accompanied by the weird atmosphere all the way, the car finally stopped. Su Shen punctually opened her eyes, opened the door and got out of the car. 

After everyone’s car was parked inside the parking lot, Wang Cheng and the rest got out wearing hats and masks. They didn’t dare to speak loudly and just chatted until they reached her condo. 

As soon as the door opened, Xiao Zhou could be seen busying in the kitchen. Su Shen changed into her slippers and before she could even take off her makeup, she went to the fridge and took out a few bottles of various drinks and threw it to them, “Feel free to be at home, just no smoking.”

“Can we eat betel nuts?” Wang Cheng leaned onto the sofa with a bag of betel nuts in hand. 

Su Shen gave him a look of you’ll know once you’ve tried it. Then, she went into the kitchen and had Xiao Zhou go out to entertain them. 

Some of the more complicated and cumbersome dishes had to take two to three days to make so the ingredients that Su Shen had Xiao Zhou buy were all simple ones but chicken, duck, fish and meat were all present.  

The people in the living room were unexpectedly watching TV and it was a melodrama too. Wang Chang leaned onto the sofa and took a selfie of the three of them. Then, he posted it onto Weibo full of zeal. 

“Hey Xiao Zhou, what did Su Shen have you buy?” Wang Cheng asked curiously. 

The latter set the table while looking back into the living room and truthfully replied, “Chicken, duck, fish, meat and more than a dozen kinds of vegetables. Anyways, a lot.” 

She was also curious. There were so many ingredients, how long would Su jie take to cook all that.  

Upon hearing this, Li Hao who was in the middle of playing a game laughed, “Su Shen must be cooking a Manchu Han imperial feast. It was a good thing I didn’t go to Producer Zhang’s dinner, else I would’ve missed Su Shen’s cooking.”

Just at this moment, the doorbell rang. Xiao Zhou immediately went and opened the door with Tong Le energetically walking in. When she saw the people inside, she immediately became reserved and greeted them. 

Li Hao and Wang Cheng were in the middle of playing games. Xie Yan swept through this neither big nor small but cozy apartment and couldn’t sit still. He suddenly got up and walked over to the kitchen. 

The kitchen door was closed and he couldn’t see what was happening inside. Just as he was about to push open the door, the kitchen door was pushed open from the inside. 

Su Shen was taken aback when she saw him standing outside the door, “It’s smokey inside the kitchen. If you’re tired, you can go and rest in the innermost room.” 

After that, she shouted to Xiao Zhou, “ Xiao Zhou, help me get a bottle of baijiu*!” 

baijiu – a Chinese clear, colorless liquor typically between 35% to 60% alcoholic

“Do you need help?” He stared at her fixedly. 

Su Shen slowly closed the kitchen door, leaving a small gap and said, “No, just give me one more hour and I’ll be done.” 

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