New Script

As their eyes met, Su Shen pursed her lips and glared at him, pushing his shoulder gently. “Don’t… think that I don’t know what you want to say.”

Xie Yan always liked to set her up like this. She didn’t understand it before, but she definitely understood it now.

“What do you think I wanted to say?” Xie Yan arched a brow as he fixed his gaze on her.

Su Shen remained silent, pursing her lips. She realized that Xie Yan was becoming more and more mischievous, always teasing her.

“It turned green.” Seeing that the light turned green ahead, she immediately pushed his shoulder.

Just at this moment, a honk sounded from behind them. Xie Yan smiled and pinched her soft cheek before returning to his seat and stepping on the gas pedal.

Su Shen glanced at him before closing her eyes and resting. She was exhausted from yesterday and wished she could sleep for a day and a night. 

It wasn’t until they arrived at the airport that she woke up in a daze. By this time, the scene outside was already bustling with people. Rubbing her temples, Su Shen sat up straight before reaching for the door. As if she had just thought of something, she turned to look at the person beside her.

“I’m going abroad soon.” He said, with one hand on the steering wheel, gazing at her. “You won’t see me until a month later.”

A month later would be at the premiere for their drama. Xie Yan would definitely be back for it. But at the thought of not seeing him for a month, Su Shen felt a little strange. 

“Well… you won’t come back to see me?” She said softly as she blinked her eyes, with one hand still on the car door.

Looking at her eyes full of his reflection, Xie Yan’s eyes darkened. However, he resisted his impulse and turned away from her. “You don’t miss me at all. Why should I come back to see you?” 

There were people coming and going under the bright sunshine. She didn’t know if there were any paparazzi following them this time or not, but she didn’t think too much of it as she muttered under her breath, “I won’t miss you at all.”

Seeing her push open the door and get out of the car just like this, leaving him sitting in the car watching her disappearing figure in the crowd, Xie Yan couldn’t help but smile wryly. Why did he fuss with someone who was so thin-skinned?

Just before turning the car around to go back, his phone suddenly made a sound. Glancing at it, he saw it was from Su Shen and immediately picked up the phone and opened the message.

Su Shen: I probably will miss you.

Looking at the message on the screen, a smile that couldn’t be dispersed appeared on Xie Yan’s face, but the message was soon unsent by the sender.

He cleared his throat and immediately sent a message over.

Su Shen was queuing to go through security. She deliberately pulled her cap down even more and looked at her phone in a hurry as soon as it sounded.

Xie Yan: What did you unsend?

Realizing that he didn’t see her message, Su Shen didn’t know whether she felt relieved or disappointed. Nevertheless, she replied with “It’s nothing” and decided to wait a little longer before unsending a message next time.

Checking-in went pretty smoothly, but after getting on the flight, she was recognized by the flight attendants, so she signed some autographs and took several photos with them before finally resting. 

When she returned to set, it was already 6:00 pm, and the crew was still having dinner. Su Shen took the opportunity to go and have her makeup done.

Perhaps due to her recent small hits, some of the crew members would ask her for autographs. However, Xiao Zhou had some ready-made ones in her bag. These were all signed by someone that the agency had hired, as it was impossible for her to sign hundreds of photos alone when giving fan service to fans. Hence, people in the industry would use people like this to forge their signatures, it was practically a perfect imitation. However, Su Shen would still sign a few photos herself. 

When Su Shen returned to the hotel after wrapping up work, it was already 11:00 pm. She took a shower and laid down in bed exhausted. He Hua said that he had sent her a few scripts and asked her to look through them.

Su Shen leaned against the bed and opened her laptop to check the attachments in her inbox. These were all movie scripts. Perhaps, He Hua thought she should focus on entering the silver screen. After all, she still had two dramas waiting to be aired, and movies were the best way to improve her status in the industry.

Among the scripts, two of them were commercial movies with the role of the female lead. The production crew was average, but for someone like her who had just entered the silver screen, it was almost impossible to land this kind of role. However, with He Hua’s ability, it wasn’t uncommon to obtain such opportunities.    

However, these two commercial movies were too mainstream, and the scripts were average, not particularly outstanding. Su Shen was more interested in this modern and realistic movie. 

It was a story about a girl seeking revenge. Her father was a senior executive of a corporation but was reported by someone for embezzlement, leading to his arrest, where he eventually died in prison. The person who reported her father took over his position and lived a colorful life, continuously getting promoted. Meanwhile, the girl’s family fell apart after her father’s imprisonment. Her mother suffered from a serious stomach illness that required hospitalization, but they had no money. As she needed to raise her daughter, she had no choice but to go work as a dishwasher, writhing in pain every night. The girl could only stand outside the door silently crying. Relatives avoided them because of her father’s embezzlement, and her mother did not want to ask anyone for help. She struggled to raise her daughter to adulthood and told her that her father was wronged and was framed by someone. 

The seed of hatred sprouted in the girl’s heart. She worked part-time to support herself through college, and that was where she met the male lead. After discovering that the male lead’s father was the one who reported her father, she began planning her revenge.

She began to get close to the male lead, who already had feelings for her, so soon enough, they got together. He treated her very well, and she had moments of wavering, but every time she saw her mother, whose temples were filled with gray hair, the seed of hatred grew again. When the male lead took her home to meet his family, she hid her true feelings and his family all liked her a lot. However, in order to take revenge, she intentionally snuck into his father’s study when he wasn’t at home and leaked confidential business information to the male lead’s father’s rival. Moreover, when she was staying over at the male lead’s house one night and taking advantage of his father coming home drunk, she put on an act that he was trying to force himself on her, which caused the male lead to come down from upstairs to witness this scene, causing him to hate his father and bringing the female lead away. 

The male lead had a falling out with his family. He didn’t expect his father to be this kind of person. The female lead started to soften her heart. She didn’t expect the male lead to break ties with his family for her. The female lead didn’t feel happy at all even when the male lead’s father accepted to be investigated for leaking confidential business information, and his mother had a car accident while running to and fro. 

At this point, the male lead finally became aware of the female lead’s plot. He questioned her, and she admitted that she was behind everything, revealing everything and saying that everything was his father’s fault. If it wasn’t for him, her family wouldn’t have fallen apart.

The male lead, however, didn’t hold it against her and instead, brought a recording from his father. It turned out that the female lead’s father was indeed involved in embezzlement, and the male lead’s father reported him in an attempt to climb up the ranks. He didn’t blame her and only hoped that she could let go of her hatred. 

However, the female lead couldn’t let it go and couldn’t accept the truth about her father’s embezzlement. Despite the male lead’s repeated efforts to persuade her to stay, she still left with her mother to another city. The male lead’s mother underwent surgery and recovered. His father was also cleared of his name. Many years later, the male and female leads met once again. By then, he already had his own family, while she remained alone in the entire world.

This was a heavy story. Hatred could really destroy a lot of things. The one who loved first was the one who left first. The one who claimed to not have loved ended up being the one who couldn’t forget. 

The director of this movie was a super well-known one. Not understanding how He Hua got hold of this script and thought that some things needed to be said, she gave He Hua a call. 

The call rang for a bit before finally connecting. It was clear that the person on the other end still hadn’t slept as he said after connecting, “How was it? Did you meet Xie Yan’s parents today?”

Leaning against the bedhead, Su Shen rubbed her temples and felt that her vision was a bit blurry after looking at her laptop for too long. “Not bad. By the way, I’ve read the scripts you sent me. I think that the revenge one is not bad, but why would they come to me for this kind of production?” 

This was what puzzled Su Shen the most. This kind of big production usually sought actresses who had won a Best Actress. Could it be that He Hua has some connection with that director?

Hearing this, He Hua replied slowly, “It was Director Xu who came to us on his own initiative. He wants to use all newcomers for this movie. Plus, it seems like Director Li recommended you to him, so he sent over the script. But, you still need to audition. As long as your performance is not too bad, you should be able to pass.”

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