My Boyfriend’s Very Young

Hearing this, Su Shen just smiled and said, “There are still many things worth learning from Ding laoshi.”

As their eyes met, Ding Yan just glanced at her peculiarly and said nothing before taking her script and leaving. 

This was a scene where the female lead followed after the male lead, who often went to the supporting female lead, thinking that he liked her. She didn’t believe that the male lead would fall in love with a dancer.

Getting ready to film, Su Shen was already sitting in the old-fashioned dressing room that the production crew had built. In the previous scene, the male lead had just left, and the female lead came to see her out of curiosity but was ridiculed and mocked by the female supporting lead. 

“Ok, all departments ready, action!”

As the director’s words fell, the camera immediately panned over. Sitting in front of the vanity, Su Shen smoked slowly. The woman in the mirror looked alluring and seductive. Just at this moment, a timid figure suddenly appeared behind her. 

“You… you’re the woman that Hu dage* likes?” The girl wearing a student uniform from the Republic of China era stared at the captivating woman in the mirror. 

dage – literal translation is “Big Brother”, a term to also address a male who is a few years older than you

Su Shen didn’t turn around and only glanced at her from the corner of her eye before saying apathetically, “What? Does this miss also want to come sing at our Bailemen*?” 

Bailemen – the name of an old-style ballroom or singing hall. It was a type of entertainment venue in China in the 1920s and 1930s. It typically offered music, singing, dancing, drinks, and other services, and was one of the main entertainment venues of that era.

“You!” The girl’s eyes widened, and a trace of indignation appeared on her face before she boldly and righteously shouted toward her, “You’re not suitable for Hu ge!”

At this, the camera focused on Su Shen’s face. She arched a brow before smiling slightly. Suddenly, she stood up and walked unhurriedly toward Ding Yan while holding a cigarette between her fingers. Looking at her from left to right and top to bottom, she sneered just as the other party felt uneasy. “I’m not suitable? Are you?”

As if pierced by her contemptuous gaze, Ding Yan glanced at Su Shen before continuing with clenched teeth, “In any case, I hope you stop bothering Hu dage!”

“Bother?” Su Shen seemed amused by the word, and her red nails slowly slid down Ding Yan’s powdered face, all the way down to her bulging chest, before stopping. “People in our line of work never bother our customers.”

Leaning over, she blew a smoke ring in front of her face as her red lips slightly parted. “Only the customers bother us.”

As their eyes met, Ding Yan was momentarily dazed as she looked at the exquisite and enchanting face in front of her. Just as she was about to speak, the director shouted “cut”.

“Ding Yan, what’s wrong with you? Did you forget your lines again?” Sitting in front of the monitor, Director Li yelled in displeasure. He didn’t care whose face it was. 

Seeing the other staff looking at her meaningfully, Ding Yan took a deep breath before apologizing to the director. “I’m sorry. Let’s do it again.”

One’s aura was directly proportional to experience. Hence, many young actors tended to be excessive when acting opposite veteran actors, lacking the naturalness and composure of the veterans. However, in the first scene between Su Shen and Ding Yan, it made people immersed in the performance. Those who watched the video online would naturally know that the two of them didn’t get along. However, Su Shen’s aura wasn’t lacking because of her age. Contrarily, she appeared quite dominant because of her role. It was hard to imagine that her acting was once so terrible. 

The scene was quickly reshot and passed. Su Shen then immediately returned to the dressing room. She could tell that Ding Yan was targeting her, and it was only going to get worse. In that case, she might as well strike first and gain the upper hand.

When Su Shen called Yao Yin, she mentioned the incident with Ding Yan. Yao Yin seemed to know what she was referring to and reassured her not to worry. She had already talked to Ding Yan’s manager, who promised that such a “slip of the tongue” would not happen again.

It’s never a good idea to have a face-off with someone, especially if they have a lot of connections. In the end, both parties would suffer, and it would only benefit others. As for Yao Yin’s approach, Su Shen said nothing since she didn’t want to have a public falling out. However, if the other party continued to act in this way, she couldn’t care less. 

On another note, there was news from the movie directed by Director Xu. It was almost certain that the role was hers. The reason it took so long to confirm was because one of the investors wanted to promote a newcomer who still hadn’t even graduated yet. However, after a few days of stalemate, they finally decided to give her the role. After signing the contract, she would join the set in the middle of next month. This movie needed to be released during the Spring Festival of next year, so filming would most likely be accelerated. The movie she was filming now would also wrap up in the middle of next month, so it was quite streamlined. 

Not a few days later, an explosive allegation broke the internet again.

Third Sister Entertainment V: According to an insider’s revelation, Su Shen terminated her contract with Starlight in early April of this year. Moreover, her current manager is Yao Yin, not He Hua. But, He Hua previously fought back against netizens for her, which is worth pondering.

Netizen A: Didn’t Director Li cast Su Shen for this movie last year? She only terminated her contract this year — impressive. [smiley face]

Netizen B: If she didn’t have a strong background, how could she have been chosen for Green Blood Sword and Little Sunlight? And to have Xie Yan as her co-star? How strong of a background was this?!

Netizen C: No matter how much these diehard fans whitewash, your idol is still just a prost*tute who only knows how to sleep with bald old men!

Netizen D: Wasn’t Green Blood Sword a role that was given to Su Shen by Starlight? In any case, Starlight is still one of the three giants in the entertainment industry. They can’t even give her this role?

Netizen F: Recently, there are too many people who envy the resources and opportunities of my Su Su. No matter how much the antis hate, my Su Su’s acting is still better by a mile than a certain dog. [smiley face]

She didn’t know who was trying to slander her, but almost the whole internet was probing her background. Su Shen knew that her drama with Xie Yan was about to be aired, so naturally there would be people trying to prevent it from being a hit. Else, if the drama were to be a hit, she would definitely threaten the interests of those A-list starlets.

Su Shen sat in the dressing room while the makeup artist styled her hair. Xiao Zhou next to her kept complaining about the haters being too much. Su Shen remained silent and took out her phone to reply to the netizen who accused her of sleeping with bald old men.

Su Shen V: My boyfriend’s very young, thank you. [smiley face]  // @Flying Mouse: No matter how much these diehard fans whitewash, your idol is still just a prost*tute who only knows how to sleep with bald old men!

After replying to the comment, she didn’t care about the aftermath, and directly turned off her phone to focus on reading the script. Later during filming, the staff all looked at her strangely.

Tomorrow was the press conference for the premiere of their drama. After wrapping up work at 7:00 pm, Su Shen returned to the hotel to pack. After she finished packing, she immediately asked the chauffeur to take her to the airport.

Xiao Zhou, who was sitting next to her, kept exclaiming in surprise, “OMG, it’s like a timely rain!”

Leaning against the seat, Su Shen glanced at her. The latter had been looking at her phone and laughing, saying, “Fan Meng was seen entering and leaving a producer’s room late at night, kissing passionately in an embrace!”

Su Shen arched a brow, and her sleepiness instantly vanished. Opening her phone, Fan Meng was the top trending search, and at No.2 was still about her. However, Su Shen’s trending headline must’ve been taken down somehow as it wasn’t showing on Hot Search.

The video showed Fan Meng and a middle-aged man wearing a gray shirt enter a gated community, followed by a unit litting up. The curtains were drawn open. As the two chatted, they suddenly locked in an embrace. Although it was quite blurry, a vague outline of their figures could be seen when zoomed in. Nonetheless, Fan Meng didn’t dare to deny it since she didn’t know how much material the paparazzi had in their hands.

The hotel scandal before had only just died down. This time, there was solid evidence. Netizens had completely lost faith in Fan Meng. Initially, Su Shen thought she would continue to be trending for a few more days, but it seemed that the onslaught of attacks was coming to an end.

However, the timing of Fan Meng’s scandal was too timely, as if someone was helping her. Su Shen called Yao Yin, and she said she didn’t hear any news about it, but this helped her out a lot.

However, Su Shen still thought it was weird. It’s impossible for such a coincidence to happen in the world, so she gave He Hua a call, and he quickly answered.

“Hey, Su Shen, not to criticize you, but why are you so willful just like Xie Yan, and admitting that you have a boyfriend without any prior notice? It’s lucky that you both want to go public, otherwise, do you know how many fans you would lose?” As soon as He Hua answered the phone, he started lecturing.

Su Shen naturally knew it wasn’t right to do so, but if a person was always so rational, wouldn’t that be too tiring?

Looking at the night scenery of the city outside the window, Su Shen said insipidly, “I know. By the way, what’s going on with Fan Meng?”

This was too much of a coincidence, almost as if someone was helping her.

Speaking of this, He Hua on the other end became even angrier. “Do you know who was behind this leak?”

Su Shen said nothing, but she guessed it to some extent. Based on Fan Meng’s character, how could she let her off so easily.

“I originally wanted to just suppress the situation and let it go. After all, it’s not good to offend too many people. But after the scandal today, I thought it was weird, so I immediately went to inquire about it. Who knew it was Xie Yan who contacted that news studio to release the information without even telling me. Now, he completely offended the other party. We’re all in the same industry. Why go so far and push people to a corner?”

Hearing the words from the other end, Su Shen leaned against her seat and said insipidly, “Then, did she ever think about whether she would push me to a corner when she slandered me?”

At this, the person on the other end suddenly fell silent. After a while, he sighed, “Forget it. Since it has happened, let it be. She brought it upon herself.”

Su Shen said nothing, and the call soon ended after the other party said a few more words.

People were realistic. At the end of the day, He Hua was a businessman who valued his interests above all else. He definitely didn’t want to do something that completely offended others, but of course, if it was Xie Yan who was being targeted, he would’ve definitely retaliated immediately. After all, he was close with Xie Yan, and compared to his friend’s girlfriend, he certainly didn’t want to lose so much. 

That was just how reality was. Perhaps Xie Yan knew that he wouldn’t agree, which was why he acted in secret. Su Shen wanted to give Xie Yan a call, but she realized that it was still daytime over in Europe, and he was likely still filming, so she waited until tomorrow morning to call. 

She hadn’t seen the comments on Weibo, and she didn’t know what kind of reactions those netizens had to her response. She couldn’t be bothered to check either. She replied and that was it. She didn’t regret it. 

Yao Yin came to pick her up the next day for the drama’s press conference. There were many paparazzi parked outside the venue. They thought that Xie Yan would come as it was his first drama, so they made sure to come. 

Su Shen was now able to have her own resting room. The press conference still hadn’t begun, and Xiao Zhou was reading the itinerary to her. Just at this moment, Yao Yin, dressed in a white ladies’ suit, walked in. 

“Many media outlets have asked for an interview with you, but I’ve declined all of them except for the one with Tangerine TV. After all, it’s your sister’s segment, so they shouldn’t ask any crafty questions,” said Yao Yin as she sat down next to her. 

Su Shen wore a simple white dress today, with her hair tied into a bun, making her look younger. Although Xie Yan couldn’t come, the rest of the cast had arrived, including Li Xue and Luo Han who were in the adjacent resting room. However, because of her increased fame, she was able to have a room to herself.

“Since Xie Yan couldn’t come, should we ask him to record a VCR and send it over?” Su Shen leaned lazily on the sofa and stretched.

“That works too, as long as there’s enough time to arrange it. But it’s also fine, you are capable of holding the fort now even if Xie Yan’s not here. However, there’s one thing you should be concerned about,” Yao Yin said with a solemn expression as she looked at her. “Do you know that everyone online now knows you have a boyfriend? What will you say when the reporters ask you about it later?”

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