“I didn’t ask you to do it openly…” Su Shen muttered as she broke away from his hands on her waist as she tried to walk forward. 

Xie Yan pressed her against the wall again and stared at her fervently. “I don’t like sneaking around.”

As their eyes met, his expression was serious, and didn’t appear to be joking. Su Shen blinked, unsure of what to say for a moment.

Male celebrities in the entertainment industry generally didn’t like to go public with their relationships for fear of losing fans. Some even concealed their marriages. Su Shen had never seen someone like Xie Yan who wasn’t afraid of losing fans. He wasn’t someone who was particularly high-profile, so why was he so high-profile with his relationship?

“Didn’t He Hua say that we would go public on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival?” Su Shen’s voice whimpered before wrapping her arms around his waist and whispered, “It’s only one month away. After that, you won’t have to sneak around anymore.”

Her voice was very soft, and there were still a few raindrops on her forehead. Xie Yan caressed her head and said tenderly, “Go take a shower, be careful not to catch a cold.”

Su Shen looked up and said, “You…”

“Don’t worry.” Xie Yan kissed her forehead, smiling slightly. “I can endure for a month.”

He had already endured for half a year, let alone just a month.

Su Shen glanced at him suspiciously, still doubting him as she went into the room to get a change of clothes and take a shower. She couldn’t help but feel that Xie Yan might not follow the plan.

After taking a shower and washing her hair, Su Shen blow-dried her hair before walking out, only to find Xie Yan reading his script. She figured he had probably taken a day off and came back without telling anyone.

Not knowing if he had slept on the flight or not, Su Shen walked over and sat down next to him. Glancing at his script, she noticed that most of it were action scenes, without any lines of pain or grumbles. “Did you use a stunt double when you were filming?”

Hearing this, Xie Yan turned his head slowly. She had already removed her makeup, and her lips were light pink. A few strands of hair were sticking to her fair face. A glimmer hinted in Xie Yan’s eyes for a moment, and he simply replied with a soft “en”.

Be that as it may, Su Shen knew that he must’ve not used a stunt double. Most international films preferred the actors to perform their own stunts unless the scene was particularly dangerous and required a stunt double.

“Today, Yao jie took me to audition. I don’t know if I will pass or not,” said Su Shen, as she ran into the room and brought out a script to give to him.

Taking the script, Xie Yan skimmed through a few pages without much change in his expression. “It’s alright.”

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, Su Shen noticed that he was reading attentively and frowned as she said, “I saw Tong Le today. She…”

She appeared to be puzzled. When Xie Yan looked up, he saw a perplexed expression written all over her face. There was no anger, no lament, and no regrets, only an emotion that was hard to understand.

Putting down the script, Xie Yan embraced her waist and pressed her onto the sofa. “Don’t think about these unhappy things. Actually, I have always had a regret in my heart.”

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately widened her eyes and asked, “What?”

The hand on her waist tightened as Xie Yan lowered his head slightly, whispering in her ear, “The kiss scene we had in our previous movie, I always felt like we didn’t do it well.”

Su Shen: “……..”

Thinking of that awkward kiss scene, Su Shen immediately blushed and turned her head away from him, and pushed his shoulder. “It’s… all in the past. Just a kiss scene, what’s there to do well or not about it.”

Actually, now that she thought about it, she could sense that Xie Yan was uncomfortable during the kiss scene. However, the movie had been off the shelves for so long, why did he suddenly bring up that kiss scene?

“As an actor, we should not leave any regrets behind.” Xie Yan stared at her as he spoke, and before Su Shen could react, he kissed her fiercely, launching an aggressive attack.

As the overwhelming masculine breath hit her, Su Shen knew that resisting was useless, so she simply closed her eyes and clench her teeth, letting him do whatever he wanted.

When the beam of light above became blurred, the dubious atmosphere instantly spread to every corner of the room. Suddenly, Xie Yan’s eyes darkened as he looked up and said, “Su Shen, open your mouth.”

His voice was hoarse, carrying a strong desire. Su Shen slightly opened one eye, only to meet a pair of pitch-black eyes. Just as her cherry lips were being sealed again, something suddenly charged in before she could say anything.

He lightly knocked on her teeth and gently sucked on her lower lip as his big hand slowly slid over her smooth skin. His scorching kisses continued to trail down her fair and tender neck…

Panting, Su Shen’s mind right now was blank. It wasn’t until her hand was placed on his shirt button that she heard a deep and hoarse voice say, “Help me unbutton.”

She instinctively recoiled, thinking about the filming tomorrow, she could only whisper, “I…”

“I’ll be very gentle,” he muttered with his head buried in her neck.

Thinking that they hadn’t seen each other for half a month, Su Shen’s heart softened, and she reached out to unbutton his shirt tremblingly…

At some point, the lights turned off, and in the darkness, the sound of the heavy rain outside and the muffled groans of the man inside the room gradually merged into one…

The next day, the sun rose from the east, and the morning rays sprinkled on the ground. Su Shen was awakened by the alarm clock. When she opened her eyes, the sun was already high in the sky. The room had AC on, and Su Shen buried her head in the blanket, lying in bed for a while before getting up to go wash up.

When she came out, a man looking at his laptop was sitting in the living room. He looked refreshed and full of joy, just like someone who had just replenished their Yin with Yang. With a stomach full of anger, Su Shen silently went to the table to have breakfast without asking how he bought it.

“I may not be able to come back for the premiere conference,” Xie Yan suddenly turned his gaze to her.

Hearing this, Su Shen just replied with a soft “oh,” since it wasn’t uncommon for Xie Yan to skip these events.

“But, I will go with you to attend a variety show for promotion.” Xie Yan looked at her tenderly, and when he saw a hickey on her neck, he immediately leaned over and whispered, “I gave you my first time again.”

Hearing this, Su Shen glanced at this shameless man from the corner of her eye, and put down the bun in her hand blushingly before snorting disdainfully. “It’s for promotions. If you want to give, give it to that variety show. I’m not even part of the TV station!”

Noticing that Xie Yan was becoming more and more indecent, Su Shen picked up the cup of soymilk and walked away. Seeing this, Xie Yan laughed lightly and followed after her.

After getting into the car and seeing that Xie Yan was going to accompany her, Su Shen said nothing and sat alone to the side drinking her soymilk. Xiao Zhou in front could clearly sense the weird atmosphere between the two of them, but she didn’t dare to utter a sound, and the car instantly became quiet.

After arriving at set, Su Shen got out of the car and saw that Xie Yan had also gotten off. Taking a look around, she said, “It’s crowded here. You don’t need to send me off anymore.”

She was wearing a pink mask, revealing a pair of bright eyes. Taking a step forward, Xie Yan caressed her head and said tenderly, “I’ll leave in a bit. Take care of yourself and don’t keep things to yourself. Your matters are my matters too.”

Brief partings always made people somewhat sad. Su Shen’s temper immediately vanished and just nodded slightly, looking at him as she said, “Be careful. Remember to use a body double.”

Xie Yan nodded with a smile and glanced at the staff coming and going out of the set before turning around and getting into the car. It wasn’t until the car drove away that Su Shen slowly walked into set. 

She knew that Xie Yan probably couldn’t take time off work to attend the premiere conference, but being able to appear on a variety show for promotions was also a hot topic. He Hua must’ve been ecstatic. He had longed for Xie Yan to attend variety shows for the quick and easy money, but it seemed that Xie Yan only wanted to do it this one time. 

Coming to the dressing room, she was a little late today, so she had to get her makeup and hair done immediately. Xiao Zhou seemed to have something to say but hesitated. Su Shen was getting her hair done and said, “What’s wrong?”

Hearing this, Xiao Zhou didn’t know what to say. She simply handed her phone to Su Shen. Taking it, Su Shen looked at it and frowned.

Yesterday, there was an opening ceremony for a film festival. Su Shen didn’t attend because she had an audition. However, Ding Yan must’ve gone, and not only that, but she also said some implicative words.  

Without any hesitation, Su Shen directly opened the backstage interview video. In the beginning, there were sounds of cameras flashing and clicking non-stop. Ding Yan was wearing a black strapless mermaid gown, smiling at the cameras. Suddenly, a female reporter asked her, “I heard that you’ve been filming with Su Shen lately. There are rumors about her background. What are your thoughts?”

Facing the reporter’s question, Ding Yan just politely smiled and said into the microphone, “I think rumors aren’t credible in the first place. However, I haven’t spent much time with Su Shen since she’s often not on set, so we haven’t had many chances to interact. But, I think actors should be judged by their skills. After all, opportunities are for those who are prepared. The director often praises her for her talent.”

This video clip spread widely. Although Ding Yan’s words appeared to have no faults, there were too many gaps in between. Recently, while Su Shen’s fanbase had increased significantly, her antis had also been on the rise. The fans of other starlets would immediately mock her at the wisp of smoke. When she woke up the next morning, she found that she was trending on Hot Search.

Netizen A: Talent? AHAHAHA, Director Li must’ve not seen Miss Su’s debut works, right? [smiley face]

Netizen B: Emmmm, don’t tell me that her acting, which was as bad as a pile of shit when she debuted, is talent?

Netizen C: Not often on set, was she gone to meet her sugar daddy? [vomit]

Netizen D: Who’s an award-winning actress right from the start? At least my Su Su is constantly improving, unlike some people who are stuck in the same place and rely on their past achievements. [smiley face]

Netizen E: Haha, just because she’s not on set doesn’t mean she couldn’t be attending events, no? Has Mu Yao ever stayed on set the entire time while filming?

Netizen F: Ding Yan’s such a savage. Sure enough, the entertainment industry isn’t what it seems. [joy]

After scrolling through the comments, Su Shen found that many marketing accounts had already reshared the video. It couldn’t be helped, she was currently the target of a multitude of arrows. The market was only so large; people with conflicting interests would definitely take the opportunity to add fire to the oil. However, Ding Yan really knew how to choose the timing, to actually shade her just before her drama was about to be aired.

She sent a message to Yao Yin asking about the situation, and she only said that they would try to take down the trending headline as soon as possible. The company would also issue legal warnings to the antis who were being aggressive. However, those rumors about her having a sugar daddy would likely dissipate once she and Xie Yan went public. After all, no matter how much she explained now, those antis would still find ways to attack.

Su Shen naturally knew that this wasn’t something that could be easily resolved and didn’t bother with the things online. Putting away her phone, she went out to film. Coincidentally, this was a scene where she would be filming with Ding Yan, who was wearing a student outfit from the Republic of China era, listening to the director’s explanation with a smile. People who had seen the news were looking at the two of them meaningfully. 

Su Shen walked toward the director with her script in hand. The director seemed unaware of the situation online and was looking at the two of them solemnly, saying, “Later, Ding Yan, you should stop two meters away from Su Shen before speaking. Su Shen, you should wait three seconds after she finishes speaking before turning around. Got it?”

“En,” Su Shen nodded earnestly, with no expression on her face.

On the other hand, Ding Yan couldn’t help glancing at her, still smiling. “Su Shen’s acting’s so good that it’s putting pressure on me.”

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