Epilogue — Giving Birth to a Child

Since attending the award ceremony, Su Shen had not participated in any other events. Her days were filled with either eating or sleeping. She even skipped the press conference for the Republic of China-era movie she starred in. When she finally ventured out for a short walk, someone managed to take a photo of her thus cementing the rumors of her pregnancy.

After winning the award, her opportunities in the industry improved significantly, and she even received offers that came to her door. However, Su Shen was unable to accept any projects. Even when Li Hao got married, Xie Yan did not allow her to attend the wedding. Su Shen hadn’t even seen the bride before. 

“I’m just pregnant, not bedridden with a serious illness. Why can’t I go out and have dinner?” She leaned on the sofa, flipping through the magazine discontentedly. 

Xie Yan just so happened to finish changing his clothes and came downstairs. Upon hearing that, he simply walked over and picked up a blanket from the other side of the sofa, covering her with it. “There are a lot of people outside, accidents can happen unintentionally.”

Su Shen glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, still somewhat unhappy as she continued to flip through the magazine. “Accidents, accidents. Even when I go out to buy a bottle of water, accidents happen.”

“It’s better safe than sorry. If you’re bored, then I won’t go either,” replied Xie Yan seriously.

Su Shen: “…….”

Li Hao is really pitiful for having such a friend!

Turning away, she snorted lightly. “Shoo, shoo. Come back soon, and don’t forget to take a photo of the bride for me.”

Hearing this, Xie Yan arched a brow and leaned in, whispering, “My phone never stores pictures of other women.”

Su Shen: “…….”

Feeling that she was already thick-skinned enough, Su Shen still couldn’t help but blush and push him away. “I should tell Mom that you don’t even have a photo of her!”

“Tell me what?”

Just at this moment, Mama Xie suddenly walked out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of chicken soup. Seeing the two of them in a stalemate, she couldn’t help but glare at Xie Yan. “If you’re going, go. Why are you bothering Su Shen?!”

After that, she smiled and placed the steaming bowl of chicken soup in front of Su Shen. “Here, come and drink it while it’s hot. I added a bit more sugar this time.”

As soon as she caught a whiff of the chicken soup’s aroma, a look of dread flashed in Su Shen’s eyes. She understood why Xie Yan didn’t want to eat meat anymore after eating too much as a child. She decided that she never wanted to drink chicken soup again in this life!

“Thanks, Mom. I’ll drink it now.” Su Shen smiled and reluctantly picked up the bowl of chicken soup.

As soon as Mama Xie turned around, Su Shen quickly scooped out a large piece of chicken from the bowl and stuffed it into Xie Yan’s mouth, loudly saying, “Hurry up and go, I need to drink the soup.”

Xie Yan felt like he had gained quite a bit of weight, and now even the smell of chicken soup made his scalp tingle. 

He took a sip from the nearby water glass and caressed Su Shen’s head, amused by her expression as if she was eating poison before grabbing his coat and heading straight for the door. 

Seeing the piping hot bowl of chicken soup, Su Shen couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Like a thirsty person finding water, she gulped it down, but halfway through, she put the bowl aside, frowning as she grabbed a few tissues to wipe her mouth. She felt a bit uncomfortable and leaned against the sofa, holding her belly.

“I’m going,” said Xie Yan, glancing back for a moment before opening the door about to leave.

Su Shen held her belly, looking at the door in pain. “Xie Yan…”

Her voice was very soft, but it was still heard by the person at the door. Immediately, he turned around and walked over to the sofa. When he saw her expression filled with pain, his heart tightened involuntarily. “What’s wrong?”

“My… my stomach hurts.” Su Shen had beads of sweat forming on her forehead. 

Immediately, Xie Yan picked up his phone and called the hospital, asking them to be prepared in advance.

Coming out of the kitchen and seeing that he still hadn’t left, Mama Xie couldn’t help but scold him again, “Why are you still here?”

Clutching onto Xie Yan’s sleeve tightly, Su Shen turned around in discomfort. “Mom… my stomach hurts…”

Hearing this, Mama Xie’s complexion changed instantly. She immediately took off her apron and hurried over. “Isn’t the due date still a few days away? Quick! Let’s go to the hospital!”

After making the call, Xie Yan immediately handed a coat to Su Shen and then carried her as he hurriedly walked toward the door.

Sitting in the car, Su Shen continued to have intermittent pain, but she wasn’t sure if she was about to give birth. The sensation of not knowing whether there was pain or not was truly uncomfortable.

After arriving at the hospital and looking at the red light glowing outside the operating room, Xie Yan paced back and forth in the corridor outside. 

Su Shen’s parents arrived in a hurry. There, they exchanged childbirth experiences with Mama Xie. When Xie Yan heard them talking about giving birth for a day and a night, he started to worry. Would Su Shen have the strength to endure such a long process?

It wasn’t until Li Hao called him that he remembered that it was the other party’s wedding today. However, he definitely couldn’t attend now, and the other party didn’t expect it either. Li Hao just said that he would come see the baby after the wedding.

The light of the operating room was still on, and seeing Xie Yan keep pacing back and forth, Xie Quan couldn’t help but tell him not to pace around anymore. With the advancement of medical technology, there should be no problems.

Be that as it may, Xie Yan was still worried. He Hua also arrived promptly, bringing along a few bodyguards to prevent any paparazzi who got wind of the news from taking any photos.

Not knowing how long it had been, but when the lights of the operating room finally went out, Xie Yan got up from the chair in an instant. He remembered that when he played the role of a doctor before, he had to inform the family of the patient that he had done his best when the operating room door opened. 

For the first time, he felt dread. However, when the doctor came out and took off his mask, he revealed a smile. “Congratulations, both mother and baby are safe. It’s a boy.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and none more so than Xie Yan.

“Thank you, Doctor. You’ve worked hard!” Papa Su immediately stepped forward and shook the doctor’s hand, showing gratitude all over his face.

“I did what I was supposed to do. You all can go in and see the baby now, but the mother needs some rest,” the doctor said and then turned and walked away.


When Su Shen woke up, she felt exhausted all over. The air was filled with the smell of disinfectant. By her bedside, she sensed a faintly familiar figure reading a postpartum care handbook.

“Xie Yan…..”

Her voice was hoarse and feeble. When he heard her voice, Xie Yan immediately looked up, and realizing she had awakened, promptly went to pour her a glass of warm water.

After moistening her throat with water, Su Shen looked at him and asked, “Where’s the baby?”

She was too exhausted and fell asleep before having a chance to take a close look at the baby.

“Wait a sec.” Xie Yan caressed her face before turning around and leaving the room.

Soon, a nurse walked in carrying the baby. Su Shen wanted to sit up, but Xie Yan immediately told her not to move and propped the hospital bed up.

The baby’s face was still a little red. Su Shen carefully held the baby in her arms and couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional as she looked at the adorable little brat. Is this what it feels like to be a mother?

“During the confinement period*, you can’t cry; it’ll hurt your eyes.” Xie Yan gently wiped the area around her eyes with a tissue. 

confinement period – to convalesce for a month following childbirth, following a special diet, and observing various taboos to protect the body from exposure to the “wind” 

The nurse, who ate a pile of dog food, couldn’t help but rub her heart. After giving some instructions, she left the room.

Su Shen looked up and glared at him. “You’re still reading the postpartum care handbook?!”

As their eyes met, Xie Yan couldn’t help but fixate on the little baby in her arms and said earnestly, “Why can’t I look at it?”

As he spoke, he gently stroked the baby’s little face and said, “He’s a bit ugly; I just knew he wouldn’t be as good-looking as me.”

Su Shen: “…….”

“Who doesn’t have wrinkled skin when they are born? And who said you’re so good-looking? Look at how tan you are! I was worried you would ruin the baby’s genes!” Su Shen retorted with a hint of disdain, glancing at his complexion.

Hearing this, a certain someone couldn’t help but pause his breath. Su Shen’s actually shunning him!

She did like those fair and clean xiao xian rous!

“It’s okay, as long as you have good genes.” Xie Yan pretended to be indifferent and smiled.

Su Shen pursed her lips and said nothing. Instead, she continued to play with her baby.

Li Hao’s wedding was at 8:00 pm. However, Xie Yan posted a Weibo with a photo of a big hand holding a tender little foot.

Xie Yan V: @Su Shen, she said I ruined the baby’s genes. [photo]

Li Hao didn’t know what to say when his limelight was stolen but immediately commented: “Finally, someone spoke the truth. [smiley face]”

The new groom and the new father began their love-hate relationship with each other. 

Seeing the headline, Su Shen couldn’t help but scold Xie Yan for being disrespectful. He could’ve waited until the next day to post it, why did he have to snatch someone else’s limelight today?

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