Resources Snatched

Su Shen looked up, and their eyes met. She was stunned for a bit, and then politely smiled, “It’s a pity that I’m going on set soon. I’ll treat you to dinner whenever I have the chance.” 

She felt that Xie Yan might have really just liked her cooking. 

“When do you have the chance?” He asked seemingly casually. 

Su Shen pondered for a bit and strategically replied, “Don’t you have to go learn martial arts? I’ll treat you to dinner when you come back.” 

From start to finish, she was polite as a stranger. There was not an ounce of the liveliness that she had when she was talking with Wang Cheng. Xie Yan’s expression changed slightly when he thought of this and opened the door with an insipid “En”. 

“Be careful on the road.” She said as she was about to close the door.  

Just at this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed the door and he turned around and said, “See you.” 

They were both so busy and he didn’t know when he could see her again. 

Su Shen was taken aback and smiled, “See you.”

Seeing his disappearing figure, Su Shen immediately closed the door and went back into the condo with an indescribable feeling. When she recalled that the living room floor hadn’t been mopped yet, she went to get a mop and started mopping. 

If it was just a guess before, then some things were more apparent now after Xie Yan’s words. But Su Shen thought that what he liked was her cooking. 

When he got downstairs, Zhao Tong was already waiting for him. Seeing several aunties passing by, Xie Yan lowered his head and quickly walked to the car and got on. 

Noticing that their Yan ge’s complexion wasn’t that well, Zhao Tong immediately guessed that things didn’t go well. But it was also strange, their Yan ge had the money, looks, and body. Why was Su Shen so hard to pursue? 

“Do girls like those xiao xian rou these days?”

Zhao Tong’s foot on the gas accelerator paused and turned around stiffly. Seeing Xie Yan to be immersed in thoughts over this question, he was full of astonishment. 

It seemed that Su Shen had driven their Yan ge crazy. 

Cough cough, everyone has different standards. Some like those fair-skinned xiao xian rou, and some like men full of hormones. For example, Tong Le doesn’t like men of Wang Cheng’s type.”    

Zhao Tong said it all in one breath and closely assessed Xie Yan’s complexion. He never would’ve expected that his Yan ge would also have a day of lacking in confidence. What does this make of other folks! 

“But you’re different from Li Hao, you’re more handsome.” Zhao Tong laughed out loud. 

Xie Yan glanced at him, and then looked down at the back of his hand, “Am I too tan?” 

Zhao Tong: “……” 

OMG! Their Yan ge went completely crazy!

After mopping the floor, the sky outside was already pitch-black. Su Shen sat on the sofa and rested again. She was exhausted from today. After scrolling through her phone, she discovered that Wang Cheng had taken a pic at her house and had even posted it onto Weibo. But it was her who was trending instead!  

Netizen A: I… I noticed our Yan ge!!

Netizen B: Hmph! Wang Cheng, this scheming boy, only photoshopped himself. Has he thought of Li Hao? He’s tanned to the point of not being seen no more, why can’t he brighten him up a bit! 

Netizen C: AHAHAHA! This scheming boy didn’t even brighten our Yan ge, he’s also very tan! Giving a dislike! 

Netizen D: To see my hubby, I have to see it from another man’s photo. [cries] 

Netizen E: I feel that this crew is full of bromance. [facepalm] 

Netizen F: Is it just me who noticed that table of dishes? Is this really made by Su Shen? 

Netizen G: I don’t believe that this is made by Su Shen. It’s been only three or four hours since their press conference, there’s no way she was able to make a table full of dishes. [smile] 

Netizen H: Miss Su’s the best at crafting her personas. First, an unparalleled beauty, then a woman full of talents. Now, she’s a five-star chef. But no matter how much she brainwashes, she can’t wash away her shitty acting! 

For others, they have to buy headlines. Su Shen felt that she was able to help save her agency a lot of money, but she also noticed a problem. Those actors with great acting and a great character without any dirt whatsoever were not popular. Even if they were, it was few and far between. Contrarily, those with some dirt tend to become popular quicker. Even for Xie Yan, he also had some anti-fans. They bashed him for his low-profile persona and that he was a divo. But these anti-fans were usually overwhelmed by his fans. 

If her acting was great from the beginning, then there would certainly not be as many people paying attention to her. But because her acting was trash, those people were more eager to bash her. Even if her acting suddenly improved, those anti-fans would still mention her dark past. In the eyes of anti-fans, whatever she does was contrived. In the eyes of true fans, no matter how awful her acting was, it was pardonable. 

In actuality, many people in the entertainment industry seemed to be popular on the surface, but most of them were just facades. They frequently hyped to appear on the trending page and then appeared on variety shows to show their faces. Even for a newcomer who just debuted, people would think she’s popular if she kept it up like this. But her number of loyal fans was few and it’s clear that she’s a D-lister. It’s all just a show for everyone to see.  

Su Shen never thought of portraying a certain persona. Because she knew too many things, if all of them were exposed, that would definitely arouse other people’s suspicions. 

She had to go on set tomorrow so Su Shen packed and tidied her clothes once again. Liu jie came to pick her up early the next morning to catch the flight. 

What’s strange was that there were unexpectedly paparazzi waiting at the airport, as well as some fans holding her name. Obviously, Liu jie didn’t expect there to be fans waiting at the airport either. Momentarily, she forgot to call for the security guards. 

“AHHHH! Su Shen!” 

“Su Shen, I love you!” 

The fans enthusiastically came up and surrounded them. Most of them were female fans. Although there weren’t many, there were still twenty to thirty people. Su Shen was surrounded tightly and had to rely on Liu jie to open up a path. 

Passerbys in the airport cast glances at the crowd. Fortunately, the security guards came quickly and instantly held the fans back. It was not until they had passed the security check, only then Su Shen took off her sunglasses and exhaled a sigh of breath. At the same time, she looked back at the fans who refused to leave.  

“Look at this, and you still don’t want to hype. This is all part of marketing. Even if you don’t have any representative works, you’ll still gain fans the more exposure you receive. Moreover, you’re walking the attractive beauty route to which most young fans are attracted to. After a while, I’ll help you open up the fashion icon route. When you have time, you should take some airport and street fashion pics. Everything else has to be slowly worked on.” Liu jie said earnestly. 

When many newcomers debut, their team, and agent do not know how to take measures and plan for their artist’s career path. Hence, not many newcomers that debuted with web dramas were able to transition into the mainstream entertainment industry. They had to timely grasp hold of that short window of popularity. It was obvious that Liu jie was a highly experienced agent.  

“How’s the situation with that dress?” She asked as she walked ahead. 

As her words fell, Liu jie, at the back, cooly laughed, “I’m acquainted with one of the brand’s upper management. It’s just a dress, they won’t go so far as to ask you to compensate for it. Moreover, the effect of what you wore yesterday was quite good. Your temperament is very in line with the brand’s image, it’s just that your name is still not well-known. When your fame rises in the future, don’t even mention a skirt, what you want is to be the brand ambassador!” 

Liu jie was always so confident. And she certainly has the confidence to be so. After hustling for so many years in this industry, she had accumulated innumerable contacts. 

Television, film, and fashion. These three are separate industries. Even the top gun of TV would be cannon fodder in the film industry because the main resources were in the hands of those few famous directors. But there were still a lot of people going into film because the big screen allowed for more exposure and the opportunity to go international. Whereas, TV dramas typically were only shown to domestic viewers. 

The fashion industry was even more unique. In this industry, no matter how popular and famous you were, there was no certainty that you would be able to get great resources. Consequently, most of those influencers were only able to get FMCG* endorsements. Only getting an endorsement with those genuine international luxury brands would give people a sense of you going international. But a regional ambassador was different from a global ambassador as well as a brand spokesperson. A brand spokesperson was just in name and had no real effect, only an ambassador was gold-bearing. 

FMCG – fast-moving consumer goods

Unfortunately, there were very few domestic artists who have luxury brand endorsements, and all of them were successful and famous film empresses. Because of their popularity and connections, most people who wanted those endorsements basically did not even need to think about it. But for those kinds of global endorsements, no one in China was able to get it. 

“Fan Meng…”

“You don’t have to worry about Fan Meng. Sooner or later, she will court disaster. Your career is just taking off, just work hard and focus on acting.” Liu jie said insipidly. 

Upon that, Su Shen didn’t say anything. She also didn’t want to bother with Fan Meng right now, because the time was still not ripe. 

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