French Kiss

Hearing that, Su Shen froze. She felt a little embarrassed regarding such a topic, so she forcefully pried his hands away and ran to the bathroom with a makeup pouch in hand.

Looking at her hurried figure, Xie Yan smiled and said nothing.

Su Shen applied some makeup to make her complexion look a little better. Tomorrow was the wedding and Jiang Liankai was throwing a bachelor’s party tonight. Everyone was going, so Su Shen couldn’t ask Xie Yan to just stay in the hotel with her. 

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw Xie Yan standing in front of the French window answering a call. The person on the other end of the line was very loud. From afar, Su Shen could even hear their voice. 

Perhaps it was because he saw her coming out that he replied lightly, “We’re coming.”

It was clear that the person on the other end of the line was urging them. After Xie Yan hung up the call, Su Shen walked over with two lipsticks in hand and pulled off the lids perplexedly. “Which one do you think is better?”

She had put on light makeup and changed into a beige trench coat with a soft pink fishtail gown inside. It was just that there was a hint of bafflement on her face as if she had encountered a difficult problem.   

Xie Yan: “…….”

He glanced at the two lipsticks, one was neither red nor yellow, and the other was neither pink nor purple—all sorts of odd. He didn’t understand what the difference was between the two. 

“Why do you need to apply this?” He frowned. He didn’t like to eat lipstick at all. 

“What do you mean?” Su Shen blinked and glanced at him strangely. “Or, do you think both of them don’t look good?”

“It doesn’t matter. I brought six lipsticks, I’ll go get them!” As soon as she said that, Su Shen turned around to fetch them, but her arm was suddenly grabbed by someone. With a faint smile, Xie Yan said, “This red… yellow one.”

Su Shen: “…. It’s orange.”

At that, she immediately ran into the bathroom. With a helpless smile, Xie Yan sat on the sofa for five minutes before the person in the bathroom finally came out.

“Let’s go.” Su Shen grabbed her purse from the bed and slung it on her shoulder while she wore a white beret. After all, it was windy outside. 

Seeing that she was finally ready, Xie Yan led her out of the room. He didn’t notice it at first, but he found that she had gotten skinnier as he held her wrist just now. 

“You didn’t eat well again?” He turned his head and grabbed her tiny wrist hard.  

Su Shen wanted to break free but couldn’t, so she lowered her beret to avoid looking at him, saying feebly, “I’ve been busy recently, so I burned a lot of fat.” 

Xie Yan didn’t say anything. Su Shen kept walking forward under the indescribable stare above her head. There were many people in the lobby of the hotel, but she was not afraid of being recognized as they were abroad. 

Su Shen didn’t know where Jiang Liankai’s bachelor’s party was going to be held until Xie Yan took her to a glitzy KTV. As soon as the door of the large private room was opened, a penetrating singing could be heard. In the crowd, Wu Jin was singing into a microphone and the men were drinking and playing games. The whole room was chaotic. Although the smell of alcohol was strong, there was no smell of smoke. It was clear that someone had prohibited smoking. 

“Come, come, come. Xie Yan’s here! We have enough people to upgrade the room!” 

As soon as they entered the room, Jiang Liankai’s loud voice sounded from the long table over there that could not be ignored. When Su Shen walked over with Xie Yan, she saw a lot of familiar people in the room. There were several famous foreign actors and a world famous foreign pop diva. There was some drinking while chatting, to each their own. 

As for Jiang Liankai’s table, it was full of big names. He Hua didn’t play, so there were only six people sitting at the table, including Jiang Liankai, Ge Luo, Sun Zhi, Cao Yaner, a 2nd-Gen star, and the last one was Zheng Tong. Su Shen heard that the male lead of Director Li’s film was set to be Zheng Tong. 

This room would be paradise for the paparazzi. 

“Beauty, come and sit here with uncle. I have a nephew who’s younger and can coax girls better than Xie Yan. He’s also fair and innocent. Would you like to consider it?” 

After Jiang Liankai finished speaking, Sun Zhi couldn’t help putting his glass down and laughing, “Xie Yan probably wants to beat someone up after hearing that!”


The others all laughed. Su Shen was a little embarrassed and ultimately, Xie Yan pulled her to sit on the other end of the sofa, seemingly not wanting to bother with anyone.  

The room was filled with incessant noise. There were several cards and dozens of beer on the long table and more than 20 bottles were empty on the floor, one even rolling to Su Shen’s feet. The people in the entertainment industry had always been very open and knew how to play. It was already quite good here. Su Shen had seen the kind of parties where young models were invited directly. 

“It just so happens we need two more people, you guys arrived at the perfect timing. I’m going to shuffle the cards!” As Jiang Liankai spoke, he drew out a few cards and warned with a scroll, “First things first, if anyone dares to cheat, then drink. Don’t even try to leave without drinking a dozen!”

“Damn you! We’re the ones afraid that you’ll be so drunk that you won’t be able to get married tomorrow!” Sun Zhi laughed and drew a card first. 

Su Shen guessed that they were playing Government Officials Catching Thieves. There must be two thieves among the eight people, but… among them, there were three Film Emperors, one TV Emperor, one Film Empress, how could the remaining people play…

The others drew one card after another, with Su Shen drawing the last one. Fortunately, she drew a government official, while the catchers were Cao Yaner and the 2nd-Gen star. 

The catchers needed to find out who the thieves were from the rest just based on everyone’s expressions, but how could the rest of them be so easily detected? 

Crossing her legs, Cao Yaner twirled her big curly hair and glanced at the six people with a pair of smokey eyes. The others were expressionless, except for Sun Zhi who was drinking casually. Suddenly, Cao Yaner pointed her index finger at Jiang Liankai across from her. 

“Turn over your card!” shouted Sun Zhi. 

Frowning, Jiang Liankai said in a mellow voice, “Xiao Cao, you guessed wrong. I can give you another chance.”  

“Stop bluffing. Turn over your card quickly!” Sun Zhi grabbed the card from his hand and threw it on the table. 

Although the lighting was dim, the word “thief” was clearly seen by everyone. At that moment, Sun Zhi laughed wildly and unscrupulously. “AHAHA, Lao* Jiang, how dare you say that you’re good at acting? You must’ve bought those awards!”

lao – a term to refer to someone to indicate affection, familiarity, or respect

“Goddammit!” Jiang Liankai drank a mouthful of beer unhappily and glared at Sun Zhi, “This was an accident. All the 13 awards in my house are real!”

That 2nd-Gen star chose Ge Luo, but unfortunately, the thief was in the hands of Xie Yan.

As a government official, Su Shen could impose any punishment on a thief. Before she decided, Jiang Liankai kept saying that she was beautiful and kind-hearted, and that she was definitely not the same as the others. 

Just at this moment, Xie Yan suddenly came over, “Have him post on Weibo, saying ‘I’m ugly.’”

Su Shen: “……”

“AHAHA! 66666*!” Sun Zhi immediately gave Xie Yan a thumbs up.

66666 – a Chinese slang to say something is so amazing or great

Ge Luo, at the side, said with a smile, “I concur.”

Su Shen: “……”

It turned out that Ge laoshi also liked joking around.

Hearing this, Jiang Liankai was a little unhappy. “Xie Yan, stop interfering. What right do you have to interfere with Su Shen’s decision!” 

“Based on them being boyfriend and girlfriend! Hand over your phone, or you can finish all these beers by yourself!” Sun Zhi was also a government official, so he also needed to impose a punishment. 

With a darkened face, Jiang Liankai reluctantly handed over his phone. Although Su Shen said that he didn’t need to, Sun Zhi grabbed his phone and immediately pressed this and there. Not soon after, he laughed and returned the phone to him. 

Su Shen went on her phone and searched Jiang Liankai on Weibo. Although it was only a minute later, there were already hundreds of comments below the post, and all of them were confused. 

Netizen A: Did Boss Jiang’s account get hacked? [joy]

Netizen B: AHAHAHA, why do I want to laugh so much! 

Netizen C: What did Boss Jiang experience? Why did he have such an idea? [joy]

Netizen D: Betchu this post will be on Hot Search, keeping this here for later. [joy]

Netizen E: No… not ugly. Why did the boss suddenly doubt his looks? [surprise]

Netizen F: Go and get Botox. It’ll tighten you up, worth it. [doge]

Although Jiang Liankai was famous, his popularity was not that of xiao xian rous. If it was a xiao xian rou, the post would surely be on Hot Search in minutes. 

The 2nd-Gen star guessed wrong. Zheng Tong, who drew a government official, only had him drink a bottle of beer. 

Only Jiang Liankai had a long face and seemed to want to get back at Xie Yan and Sun Zhi. When he was shuffling the cards, Cao Yaner suddenly waved toward the door, “Qing Qing, here!”

Su Shen looked up and saw a tall woman wearing an orange overcoat walking towards them from the door under the dim lights. Her hair was brown and slightly curled. 

Su Shen recognized her—Cen Qing, an A-list starlet. Although she hadn’t won a Best Actress, her fame and acting were not inferior to others, and she was even more popular than those starlets like Yang Zhi.

As soon as she arrived, Jiang Liankai greeted her with a smile. “Here comes the beauty, quick, sit here!”

“Who wants to sit with you, an ‘ugly’ person? Qing Qing, sit here and play. I’m gonna go to the restroom.” Suddenly, Cao Yaner stood up, looking back and forth at Cen Qing and Xie Yan before she grabbed her coat and left the room.

After sitting down, Cen Qing smiled and said in a clear voice as she saw Xie Yan, “Long time no see.”

Xie Yan’s expression remained indifferent and just nodded slightly.

Perhaps noticing the awkwardness in the atmosphere, Jiang Liankai continued to ask everyone to draw a card. Su Shen, however, couldn’t help but look at Xie Yan peculiarly. 

Noticing her gaze, Xie Yan felt helpless. He could tell from her expression that she was overthinking it since they were not familiar with each other at all. 

When everyone else was drawing cards, he couldn’t help holding her hand under the table and gently scratching her palm with his index finger. 

Her palm itched, but Su Shen couldn’t withdraw her hand even if she wanted to, so she could only frown and glare at Xie Yan.

Noticing their small movements, Cen Qing couldn’t help but reach out to tuck her hair behind her ear with an inexplicable expression. 

When she drew a card with her other hand, Su Shen found that she drew a catcher. But when she looked at the other people’s expressions, every single one of them were relaxed, without any dead giveaways on their faces. 

Ge Luo drew a catcher first, and he very quickly pointed at Sun Zhi. The latter turned over his card embarrassedly, and sure enough, he was a thief. 

This time, it was Jiang Liankai’s turn to laugh at him wildly. Just at this time, some of the other people in the room also came over to watch them play the game. Su Shen glanced at the rest of the people. Jiang Liankai was laughing wantonly, his forehead relaxed with no wrinkles. It could be seen that he was not nervous.

Looking at the 2nd-Gen star, he had been drinking all this while, but he drank at an even pace, so he was most likely not nervous. Then, she looked at Cen Qing with their eyes locking, as the other party was also looking at her. Cen Qing had naturally heard of Su Shen. After all, Xie Yan’s first drama was with her. Different from on-screen, Su Shen was slender and very fair in reality. Additionally, she was young. Her looks were more than enough in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she didn’t flatter or be timid in the presence of so many big names who were more famous than her. She either had endurance or a great upbringing.  

She was looking at Su Shen, and Su Shen was also looking at her. She swept an insipid look over her face. Cen Qing was very beautiful, but she most likely had a rhinoplasty. It was rare for anyone in the entertainment industry not to go under the knife these days. 

As for Zheng Tong, he was not a talkative person just like Xie Yan. Perhaps he was dragged here to play the game, his expression remained indifferent, and he was very calm. Perhaps he sensed her observation, he also glanced at her. Su Shen didn’t say anything, and then looked at Xie Yan. He was also looking at her, as usual. 

Without hesitation, Su Shen pointed at the person beside her, “Xie Yan.”

“Turn the card over!” Jiang Liankai immediately pounded on the table. 

After a pause, Xie Yan turned the card in his hand over. 

“AHAHAHA! Xie Yan, you didn’t expect that you would fall into the hands of your own wife, did you?!” Sun Zhi couldn’t help laughing out loud. 

The onlookers around them also joined in on the laughter. The government officials were none other than the 2nd-Gen star and Jiang Liankai. 

The lights in the room full of clamor flickered. Some drank, some sang, and some played Poker. Under the dim lights, they were no different from ordinary people. Perhaps they enjoyed playing even more. 

In fact, Su Shen just pointed at him randomly. She didn’t know if it was in the hands of Zheng Tong or Xie Yan, but she didn’t expect that she guessed right. 

The tables have turned. Jiang Liankai glared at Sun Zhi, who was jeering at the side, before saying honorably, “Stop talking nonsense, what Weibo post. Although Xie Yan was heartless towards me, I can’t be unjust towards him!” 

Before Sun Zhi could express his disdain, Jiang Liankai continued to look at Xie Yan earnestly, saying justly, “I’m very benevolent, so I won’t make things difficult for you. How about this, you french kiss Su Shen for five minutes in front of everyone?!” 

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