Everyone shouted one after another. The other people in the room also came over to see the liveliness. Su Shen’s heart was pounding. Although she tried her best to control her expression, she couldn’t help blushing in the face of so many eyes watching.  

 “That’s right. Quickly, you’re a big man! What are you so shy about!” Sun Zhi jeered loudly.  

Some of them even took out their phones to record a video, but Jiang Liankai waved his hand and said, “Put them away. Don’t act like the paparazzi. This couple is thin-skinned~”

The room was filled with shouts and laughter. There were many eyes on her and Su Shen couldn’t help but glance at Xie Yan. He too glanced at her. Ultimately, he coughed and turned to Jiang Liankai, “At most, one minute.”

Su Shen: “……”

“One minute, so be it. Chaffering with me, isn’t it a bonus for you?” Jiang Liankai scoffed. He then took out his phone and opened the stopwatch. He thought of something and shouted at Wu Jin in the crowd, “Wu Jin, go and sing a romantic song for me.”

“OK!” Wu Jin obviously liked to watch the fun and immediately went to the kiosk and put on a melodious English song. 

“Come on, buddy. I’m so nice to you. Go and sit down. I’m going to time, not even a second less!” Jiang Liankai stood up and stared at his phone. 

Su Shen: “…..”

She shouldn’t have come. 

“YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!” The others were all watching the fun. 

The long table was instantly surrounded. Su Shen tried her best to maintain her expression. When Xie Yan sat down, she inched closer to him subconsciously. 

“Okay, get ready! Three! Two! One! Start!”

Immediately, Su Shen felt her arm being grabbed and a familiar figure suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes. Accompanied by the more and more intense rowdy jeering, she could only close her eyes and let the warm touch fall on her lips.   

“Hey, hey, hey, french kiss, you need to stick out your tongue! If you don’t stick out your tongue, it doesn’t count!” Jiang Liankai shouted with a snicker. 

At this time, the long table was surrounded by people. Everyone was gazing at the couple who were kissing passionately on the sofa full of zest. They were all part of the entertainment industry, and the people in the know knew that Xie Yan was not a playboy. It was their first time witnessing such a scene. 

Only Cen Qing, on the other side, had a complicated expression on her face. Looking at the couple kissing passionately on the sofa, with the man holding the woman’s shoulder tightly, it didn’t seem as if he was forced at all. Instead, he was particularly initiative.   

Wu Jin’s singing was very touching, but Su Shen couldn’t enjoy that kind of romance at all right now. The rowdy jeering was louder and louder. She felt her heart pounding like never before and tightly clenched onto Xie Yan’s shoulders, closing her eyes and trying her best to ignore the surrounding noise. 

“Okay, ten… eleven… nine… twelve….”

Jiang Liankai purposely counted wrong, and everyone laughed at his mischievousness. Ultimately, it was Ge Luo who told him off, and only then did he count normally. 

“Five… four… three… two… one… Hey, hey, buddy!” Jiang Liankai was stunned and stared at Xie Yan who still didn’t let go of Su Shen. 

Hearing that time was up, Xie Yan then released Su Shen unhurriedly. Knowing that she was thin-skinned, he put his arm around her shoulder and took her into his arms to cover her face.   

Su Shen didn’t dare to look at the others. Her face was as red as a tomato, so she buried into Xie Yan’s arms and tried her best to ignore everyone’s teasing. 

“TSK, TSK, TSK. I didn’t expect this at all bro. Usually, you’re so taciturn and proper, I didn’t expect you to be a wild one. How’s this even punishing you? I’m making it easy for you!” Jiang Liankai seemed a little upset. This was not the Xie Yan he knew at all. 

“That’s right, that’s right. This doesn’t count!” Sun Zhi was even more upset. He had never thought that Xie Yan, who never shot a kiss scene, would suddenly become so open. 

In the face of those renegations, Xie Yan arched a brow. He then said insipidly, “How is this not a punishment? Couldn’t you see that I was very unwilling?”

Su Shen: “…….”

Everyone else: “……..”

They couldn’t see it at all!

 Jiang Liankai didn’t want to play with such a shameless man anymore, so he pulled two people to fill in Su Shen and Xie Yan’s spots, and the whole table continued to play the game. 

The two of them sat in the corner. Until no one was looking at them, Su Shen then looked up apprehensively. Her face was still as red as a tomato, and her ruby lips were ever redder. The person beside her couldn’t help but stare at her. 

In the dark corner, the light was very dim. Su Shen glared at Xie Yan unhappily, “They asked you to kiss, and you really did kiss. Couldn’t you have faked it?”

And even a French kiss… how embarrassing!

“That didn’t count as faking it?” Xie Yan leaned in and pressed her against the sofa, his eyes fervent, “Have you ever seen a real French kiss?

He was too close. As their eyes met, Su Shen immediately turned her head to the side and pushed his shoulder, “Go away, someone will see you.”

The people playing the game over there couldn’t help glancing at the couple in the corner. They witnessed a certain someone’s wildness fully unleashed!

Knowing that she was shy, Xie Yan sat up upright. His dapper appearance showed no signs of his previous ardor. 

Leaning against the seat in the corner, Su Shen didn’t want to bother with this man. Instead, she scrolled through her phone, but her heart was still beating fast. At the thought of the kiss that she just had with Xie Yan in front of so many people, she felt that her veins were about to explode. 

She felt that she was getting bolder and bolder now. If this was before, she couldn’t even have imagined doing such a thing.  

“What are you looking at?” Xie Yan inched closer to her. 

Su Shen snorted and ignored him. She then continued to browse the comments online. Currently, there were a lot of news outlets reporting on Jiang Liankai’s post, all analyzing whether he was joking or had really been hacked.

It was already 1:00 am when the party ended. When Su Shen came out of the restroom, she saw Xie Yan and Cen Qing standing at the door of the private room chatting. When she neared, Cen Qing couldn’t help but glance at her before smiling at Xie Yan and saying in a particularly gentle voice, “Let’s talk another day.”

After saying that, she walked away in a pair of 8 cm boots. People were coming out of the room from time to time, so Su Shen did not, not give face to Xie Yan. After following him out of the KTV venue, only then did she look at the person beside her with a frown.

There was a chill from being blown by the gust of cold wind at night. When they got in the car, Xie Yan noticed that Su Shen was still staring at him. He explained seriously, “I don’t know her.” 

“What were you guys talking about just now then?” Su Shen snorted and turned her head away from him. 

The driver couldn’t understand Chinese, so he focused on driving in the front. Xie Yan chuckled, “She asked why did I go film a drama. I said that I wanted to try something new, and then you came.”

Su Shen: “…….”

She naturally knew that there was nothing between Xie Yan and Cen Qing, but sometimes even if she knew there was nothing, she still felt uncomfortable, which was a feeling she had never felt before.

When they returned to the hotel, Su Shen didn’t expect that Xie Yan would also follow inside and immediately pointed towards the door, “Quickly get out.” 

Xie Yan chuckled, “This is my room.”

Su Shen: “…….”

She suddenly forgot that all the rooms were booked by Jiang Liankai. He must’ve thought that they slept together, so why would he book more than one room for them. 

“I’ll get a room myself then.”

As she said that, she turned around to grab her suitcase. But as soon as she turned around, she was tightly pulled into someone’s arms. A deep and mellow voice suddenly sounded in her ear, “Are you jealous?” 

Hearing this, Su Shen blushed and tried hard to pull his hands off her waist, “I’m not!”

“Why do you need to leave then? It’s not like we haven’t slept together before.” He held her tightly in his arms. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break free from his embrace.

What did he mean by “slept together before”!

Biting her lower lip, she finally relented and sighed, “Okay, I won’t leave. I’m going to take a shower.” 

If she went to open a room now, others would think that they had a fight.

At that, Xie Yan released his hands and strode over to lock the door in passing. 

Su Shen: “…….”

Flustered, she walked over to her suitcase to grab her PJs. When she entered the bathroom, she suddenly remembered an important question. They came to attend a wedding, so they must give gift money*. It would not be good if she gave less than others. 

gift money* – generally, when a couple gets married in China, relatives and guests would give cash in a red envelope to the newlyweds as their wedding gift

After taking a shower, she changed into a blue nightgown and dried her wet hair with a towel. Inside the expansive and tidy room, Xie Yan was sitting on the sofa and talking to someone on the phone. From the contents of the conversation, the person on the other end seemed to be He Hua. 

After he hung up the call, Su Shen dried her hair with a hair dryer while asking, “How much do you think I should give as a gift?”

The woman in front of the vanity had her long wet hair flowing down her back. Her legs exposed were slender and fair. Although the nightgown was very loose, only Xie Yan knew her curves inside.

His eyes darkened. He took his clothes and walked into the bathroom while responding, “You don’t need to, it’s fine if I just give.”

“How much are you planning to give?” shouted Su Shen as she turned off the hair dryer.

“Five million.”

At that, Su Shen had to admit that she was amazed at the close friendship between him and Jiang Liankai. Generally, most people would give $880,000 at most at weddings. Naturally, if they were very close with each other, they would certainly give a little more. She had also heard of people giving $10 million in gift money, but it was also because they were rich and were super close. 

She heard that Xie Yan was also going to be a best man tomorrow, so it could be seen how close they were to each other. 

After drying her hair, Su Shen lay down in bed, took out her phone, and searched Cen Qing. 

She found that Cen Qing had once worked with Xie Yan, and even had a scandal. But, it was later clarified by Xie Yan’s studio. 

Moreover, they even had a bed scene. Su Shen took a look at the bed scene, and although there was no substantialness to it, Xie Yan touched her waist though!

Cen Qing’s acting fluctuated, hence why she still hadn’t been able to win a Best Actress. However, due to her good looks and branding as a beauty, her popularity had always been very high. However, Xie Yan’s fans didn’t like her, saying that she was too haughty and did not have a good character at first glance.  

Reminiscing the dribs and drabs of today and from her women’s intuition, Su Shen sensed that Cen Qing must have been interested in Xie Yan, or she wouldn’t have looked at her with a trace of hostility in her eyes.  

Just at this moment, the sound of footsteps came from not far away. When Su Shen looked up, she saw Xie Yan coming out in a pair of shorts, revealing the clear physique of his upper body, making her cover her eyes on sight. 

“Why didn’t you put on any clothes!” She felt that Xie Yan was getting more and more bad.

Seeing the woman on the bed who didn’t even dare to raise her head, Xie Yan chuckled and took a T-shirt out from the closet and put it on.

“I did.”

Hearing this, Su Shen slowly raised her head. When she noticed that the man who was about to lie down on the bed had put on a T-shirt, Su Shen pressed on his waist with her feet, “Get down, I don’t want to sleep with you!”

That seething look of hers seemed to want to kick him out of bed the very next moment. 

Xie Yan pursed his lips and wanted to get a little bit closer, but that foot delicate like jade thrusted against his waist hard. If it wasn’t because she was weak, he might’ve really been kicked down. 

Xie Yan found that Su Shen was getting bolder and bolder. 

“You said that there was nothing going on between you guys, but you guys filmed a bed scene, and you even touched her waist!” Su Shen glared at him, angered to the point of wanting to withdraw her foot. 

Xie Yan held her foot and stared at her weirdly, “That was a body double.”

Being stared at by him, Su Shen felt muddle-headed and couldn’t even withdraw her foot even if she wanted to. Instantly, a blush crept upon her fair face to which she covered with the blanket.

“It’s all fake.” He said as he suddenly pressed her under him and said in a hoarse voice, “but we can be real.”

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