Delete Kiss Scene

That being said, Su Shen knew that this was impossible. There were too many investors and producers behind a drama with a power struggle between the good and bad. Her sister was only one of the investors and wasn’t the biggest one either. If it was just a small role, then it would be alright but it was impossible for the female lead.

“It’s already not bad to have had the chance to come to the audition. It can also be considered as showing my face to the director. If there is a suitable role in the future, he might think of me.” Su Shen laughed, picked up her bag and walked out.

Liu jie frowned and followed after her. She also knew that it would most likely be impossible. Fortunately, she didn’t have much hope from the beginning.

After exiting the dressing room, there were still a lot of people coming and going to auditions with most of them for supporting roles. A historical drama production like this with a nice lineup was most liable to be a hit so even if it was a supporting role, it was enough for those unknown artists to be scrambling for it.

It was true that enemies meet on a narrow road. As they came to the elevator, Zhu Qinqin and her assistant as well as her manager just so happened to also be waiting for the elevator. Before even exiting the building, she was already wearing a pair of big sunglasses while playing on her phone. She acted as if she was a megastar, popular worldwide.

As she saw Su Shen’s arrival, Zhu Qinqin suddenly put away her phone while keeping her sunglasses on, raised her chin slightly and scoffed, “It’s enough that you overestimated yourself yet you still didn’t know your place. It’s already the funniest joke of the year for you to compete with Mu Yao for the female lead.”

This kind of person with a low EQ would not go very far in the entertainment industry. Su Shen didn’t want to waste her breath so she simply just stood there silently.

“Ah, but it’s not impossible. If somebody were to pleasure their sugar daddy even better, it’s possible that they might be able to get the role.” Zhu Qinqin vigorously taunted Su Shen as she stayed silent with her bright red lips incessantly opening and closing.

Her manager at the side glared at her and motioned for her not to say anything more. In any case, she was still an artist yet she didn’t mind her words or behavior.

“I heard that CEO Wang’s wife had broken two mistresses’ legs before.” Liu jie pensively glanced at Zhu Qinqin’s slender legs, “It’ll be a pity if such beautiful legs were to be broken.”

The elevator just so happened to open at that moment. Liu jie went in first while Zhu Qinqin ashenly stood outside. The staff members who were also waiting for the elevator couldn’t help but glanced at her as they didn’t expect her to have a sugar daddy.

Without any connections in the entertainment industry, how was she able to be the female lead in her first ever drama? Although it was only for a web drama, Zhu Qinqin still needed to have some connections to have achieved that.

Seeing that she wasn’t getting in, Su Shen looked back at her pair of glasses and indifferently said, “Remember to find a wealthy one next time.”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t even be able to get a supporting role.

As she watched the elevator door close, Zhu Qinqin took off her sunglasses and revealed her pretty face full of hatred.

The manager at the side glanced at her rather displeased, “Why are you so stupid? I already told you that her sister is the vice president of Tangerine TV. If you offend her, don’t even think of having any of your dramas to be broadcasted on Tangerine TV!”

“Whatever, it’s not as if it’s the only video platform?” Zhu Qinqin snorted and walked into the other elevator with contempt.

The manager almost laughed from anger seeing her like this. If an idiot like her were to get popular, it would be a miracle!

After returning to the hotel, Su Shen packed up her luggage to prepare heading back to set. As for the audition, she’ll leave it to fate. She didn’t choose the part where the female lead and her sister had a tense interaction. Instead, she chose an average insipid segment of the sweet, naive female lead not only because that showcased she could play the flute but because being sweet and silly was the main objective. The others must have chosen the part of the female lead and her sister. If she chose it again, the directors and the rest would inevitably be weary and immune. She might as well choose the unexpected and surprise them.

She had tried her best and could only let nature take its course now.

After rushing back to Shanghai overnight, Su Shen slept until noon. She had only two scenes in the afternoon which contained only a few lines. After all, she wasn’t the heroine so there wouldn’t be many scenes. 

When she got to set, she noticed that it was a little chaotic. The director wasn’t shooting but was locked in a dispute with Zhao Tong and Fan Meng’s manager. The staff around them were all quietly discussing as well. 

With curiosity, Su Shen entered the dressing room and noticed that Tong Le and the makeup artist were in the midst of chatting with the former laughing happily.

“Su Shen, you’re finally back! Quick, close the door. Let me tell you something funny.” After seeing her, Tong Le quickly waved at her and had even put the chips in her hand aside.

Su Shen slowly closed the door, placed her bag in her locker and then said, “Did something happen?”

“Ahaha!” Tong Le happily patted against the sofa beside her and laughingly revealed her dimples, “It’s the biggest show of the year, let me slowly recount it for you!”

“Don’t listen to her tenterhooks. It’s just that Xie Yan didn’t want to film the kiss scene today. Coincidentally, Fan Meng’s manager heard that and thought that Xie Yan was still angry at Fan Meng for selfishly using him for publicity. So Fan Meng’s manager tried to ease the tension with Xie Yan. But Xie Yan didn’t want to film that kiss scene which angered Fan Meng because she felt that he had insulted her dignity. Then, they stopped filming.” After speaking, the makeup artist laughed. 

Su Shen was also shocked for a moment as she didn’t expect such a thing would happen.

Tong Le immediately shared her meticulous analysis, “Currently, the director is trying to mediate between the two of them. Since Xie Yan wasn’t willing to film it, Fan Meng also said no now. But they can’t continue like this for the rest of the film so the director is currently urging Xie Yan to film this kiss scene. Right now, the relationship between the three of them is super tense.”

“Then, what’s the director talking to them about right now?” Su Shen was also feeling quite worried. Her only hope was that Xie Yan also wanted to remove the kiss scene with her. Otherwise, if she went up to the director and said that she wouldn’t film it, he wouldn’t even heed this newcomer’s words.

“What’s there to say? He’s probably persuading Xie Yan saying that the other party’s reason was justified. But, I really hope that Xie Yan wouldn’t film the kiss scene with that Fan Meng. You can tell that she isn’t clean at first sight.” Tong Le snorted and once again began to eat the chips at the side.

Who’s clean in the entertainment industry? Unless they had connections and kept their hands clean. For example, the original Su Shen’s sister had blocked several harassments for her. 

Since the crew had stopped filming, Su Shen wasn’t in a rush to change clothes and just had the makeup artist apply makeup on her first. 

As she was scrolling through her phone, she suddenly noticed that Li Xue was trending on Weibo. It seemed like people had found her old photos and accused her of having gotten plastic surgery. Currently, she was maliciously attacked by the netizens. 

Netizen A: So she was this ugly before, did she change her head???

Netizen B: I think she just got fillers, her face didn’t change much.

Netizen C: What? Are you blind? It’s clear that she got double eyelid surgery and had botox on her forehead. Her nose probably went under the knife too. The diehard fans should go see an ophthalmologist!

Netizen D: The haters are so funny. Is every little change due to plastic surgery? I had monolids before, but now, they’re double eyelids. Does that mean I had plastic surgery too? [smiley face]

Netizen E: The diehard fans sure are scary. Everyday, they would boast about her “plastic surgery” face and how great her acting was to the point of KO-ing Yang Zhi and the rest of the actresses born after the -90s. Just someone like her can also be compared with Mu Yao and Yang Zhi? Doesn’t she know her place?

Li Xue was currently being maliciously attacked fiercely online. The catfight between the popular actresses would often last for several days. Moreover Li Xue has been very popular lately due to a drama starring her has been a small hit. But with her plastic surgery scandal, those onlookers would certainly start to boycott her drama. In the entertainment industry, there were only a few who haven’t gone under the knife.

It was obvious that someone was deliberately hating on her. Without a doubt, it was Mu Yao who had leaked the news. After all, they were both fighting for the female lead. If the other side was in a scandal or their reputation went downhill during this time, it would definitely affect the role casting. This was already a custom in the entertainment industry.

Su Shen switched to her alternate account while scrolling through the comments in case of another slip of the hand. Currently, Li Xue was being maliciously attacked so cruelly that if she doesn’t respond, it would definitely leave an impression of having gotten plastic surgery to the public and this black history would be cemented. But if she were to respond, she couldn’t deny that she hadn’t altered her face before either. Looking at Li Xue’s face, Su Shen couldn’t tell at all.

The makeup artist saw that she was scrolling through Weibo and said while drawing on her eyebrows, “It’s true that Li Xue had gotten fillers on her forehead so it would look rounder and fuller. But she really hadn’t gotten double eyelids surgery. I have a friend who once did her makeup and saw that there were no scars on her eyelids.”

“But the netizens don’t know that.” Su Shen laughed and closed her phone. In any case, it was all the work of some certain individuals and a water army was probably going to be used next. 

After Su Shen finished putting on makeup and changing clothes, filming was still stagnant outside. Su Shen couldn’t stand it anymore since it was almost dark. She went out of the dressing room to see if the director was able to mediate between them.

However, it seems like the normal order has been restored to set and was about to start filming. The director was also sitting in front of the monitor and was discussing the script with Li Hao and Fan Meng as if the dispute earlier had never happened. 

Just when Su Shen was about to return to the dressing room despite not knowing the end result, she saw Xie Yan wearing his historical attire with his jade coronet walking towards his dressing room. The teapot in his hand was particularly eye catching.

As if she thought of something, Su Shen couldn’t care about anything else and suddenly  lifted her dress and walked toward him, stopping at his dressing room door not long after.

“Is something the matter?” Xie Yan slightly looked up when he saw her.

After looking around, Su Shen paused and then said seriously, “Can I say it inside?”

The less people who knew about this matter, the better. 

Their eyes met and he saw her hesitation as well as awkwardness. Xie Yan didn’t say anything and walked past her into his dressing room. 

While not many people were paying attention, Su Shen followed in and closed the door in passing.

There was only Xie Yan inside with Zhao Tong off to who knows where. There was an AC on which made the room cool and refreshing unlike her dressing room where there was only a fan.

“What do you drink?” Xie Yan seemed to have thought of something and suddenly went to the box at the corner of the room. He took out a bottle of Coke and Sprite, then took out something else and then a bottle of room temperature yogurt.

Su Shen didn’t understand how he had so many snacks in here but she didn’t ask. She just politely said, “This is fine.”

After she took the yogurt, Xie Yan then unhurriedly went over to the water dispenser and added some hot water to the teapot.

“Actually, I have something to tell you.” Su Shen slightly frowned.

He turned around and saw that she had light makeup on with an awkward expression on her face. Xie Yan held the teapot and after sitting down on the sofa, he indifferently said, “Say it.”

She blinked her eyes and then firmly said, “I don’t mean anything, don’t get me wrong. I just thought that you also might not want to film this scene so…”

“So what do you want to say?” He calmly stared at her.

Su Shen pursed her lips, her voice crisp and clear: “I wonder if you can also tell the director to remove our kiss scene?”

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