The atmosphere in the dressing room wasn’t disturbed. Everyone minded their own business because two unknown actresses weren’t worth their attention.

“Mu Yao hasn’t come yet. Who said that these clothes must be picked by her first?” Liu jie glanced at Zhu Qinqin and then took down the white set and gave it to Su Shen, “Go and change first.”

After hearing that, the others glanced at Liu jie peculiarly. In the entertainment industry, people would always look at the person before serving the food. Mu Yao was so popular these days that few would offend her. From this manager’s tone of voice, she must be a highly experienced one.  If she was an ordinary manager, how would she be able to have an unpopular actress come and audition for the female lead?  

“What does it matter if she changes or not, wouldn’t it all be for nothing in the end?” Zhu Qinqin sneered and waved at the makeup artist to touch up on her makeup. 

Before Liu jie could speak, Su Shen looked back at her, “Everyone who comes to the audition has a chance. If it’s already been decided, why have an audition? Also, I took the clothes for the female lead. You seem to be auditioning for the supporting female role, did I take your clothes?” 

Zhu Qinqin’s complexion couldn’t help but darkened. The others began to mutter around. They had thought that Zhu Qinqin was auditioning for the female lead from her manner. But, it turned out that she was only auditioning for the supporting female role. 

Just at this moment, Li Xue, who had been silent, turned around and indifferently glanced at Zhu Qinqin, “This is the dressing room for the audition of the female lead. You’re just a supporting role, how did you come in?”

These words could be said to be a prick to Zhu Qinqin’s heart but what the other party said was not wrong. The others looked at Zhu Qinqin mockingly. Who told her to incessantly flatter Mu Yao? Didn’t she know that Li Xue was also auditioning for the female lead?

The latter’s complexion immediately turned green then white*, facing the mocking looks of everyone. She didn’t dare offend Li Xue, glared at Su Shen and hurriedly left the dressing room.

turned green then white (一阵青一阵白)* – describes the change in someone’s facial expression when they become surprised or angry

She must’ve simply just come here for Mu Yao. After all, the artists sitting here were all well-known. As long as she got acquainted with them, it would benefit her in the future. The entertainment industry had always been a place particularly keen on connections.

Su Shen ignored all this. She took the clothes and went to the changing room to change into her outfit. Nowadays, the historical attire only looked complex on the surface but was actually quite easy to wear. It wasn’t even on par with the clothes during her time so Su Shen quickly changed and went out. 

This time, there was another person in the dressing room. She was sitting on the makeup chair with several makeup artists surrounding her while the others could only wait until she finished. Even Li Xue wasn’t an exception and had to stop halfway through her makeup.

That woman seemed to be a little chubbier than on screen but her skin was just as pale and her oval face was extraordinarily refined. She was currently sitting there like a queen with the makeup artists and stylist revolving around her. The others didn’t dare to utter a single complaint.

This was also Su Shen’s first time seeing her in person. This Mu Yao was the one that loved hyping up a cp as per Wang Cheng.

“Liu jie, is this your new artist?” Mu Yao saw Su Shen from the mirror and had to say that after changing into historical attire, Su Shen was really quite radiant. That distinct classical style, seemingly as if she was born just for historical attire.

Liu jie sat in the chair next to Mu Yao and insipidly laughed, “Just debuted not long ago, she still doesn’t understand anything.”

Hearing this, Mu Yao glanced at Su Shen and didn’t say anything more.

The entertainment industry had always been quite small. Su Shen knew that a singer under Liu jie had once sang the OST for a drama starring Mu Yao. Most likely, they were acquainted. 

The others couldn’t help but looked at Liu jie. For Mu Yao to call her jie, that meant that this manager wasn’t ordinary. No wonder an unknown artist was able to come and audition for this drama’s female lead.

After Mu Yao had finished with her makeup, it was Li Xue’s turn. However, their relationship didn’t seem to be quite good. Mu Yao seemed to want to use her looks to crush her as she had specifically chosen an outfit that was similar to Li Xue’s. After all, only Li Xue was her opponent amongst all the auditionees. 

It had already been two hours after Su Shen had finished with her makeup and hair. All the women in the room familiar or unfamiliar with one another were either sitting there reading the script or were playing on their phone, with Mu Yao being one of the latter. She acted as if this role was already in her bag.

“Mu Yao, it’s your turn.” Just at this time, Mu Yao’s manager walked in. She was in her 40s and looked very capable. It was said that she was a master at hype and had promoted Mu Yao to her status today.

Mu Yao unhurriedly got up, took her script and walked out of the dressing room.

As the door closed, the room was once again lively.

Thrower Mania*.” An -85s after actress suddenly sneered.

Thrower Mania – someone that throws themselves onto another

She had a background so she wasn’t afraid of Mu Yao. But the others didn’t want to offend anyone here so they could only obsequiously laugh along.

Mu Yao really did love to hype and she didn’t care whether the man wanted to or not.  Hence why everyone said she loves to throw herself at another. But in the eyes of her fans, their idol was worthy of everyone’s like.

Su Shen sat there silently until she saw Liu jie beckoning for her at the door, then she got up and followed.

They came to a corner where there was no one around. Liu jie looked around, then leaned over and whispered, “I heard that Jiang Yin has been appointed as the male lead of this drama. He’s currently in the audition room and they might have you guys act out a few lines to see if there’s any chemistry between you two. Your advantage is not bright so you have to let the judges see your highlights or else, it’ll be for naught.”

After hearing this, Su Shen wasn’t anxious. She would do the best she could and it was not like she was not prepared. She had a bamboo flute in her bag. When she was reading the script, it just so happened that the female lead could play the flute. Hopefully, this was a good omen.

“I’ll do my best.” She slightly nodded and suddenly thought of something then whispered, “Are there any kiss scenes in this drama?”

She didn’t want to do any kiss scenes.

Liu jie frowned and glared at her angrily, “We’ll talk after you get the role!”

Su Shen then returned to the dressing room. In fact, she was currently very worried about one thing and that was her kiss scene with Xie Yan for the movie they were currently shooting. From the look of things, it should be soon.

But she didn’t want to film this. Although it’s part of an actor’s professionalism, if she could avoid it in the future, she would. When she returned to set, she’d need to discuss with Director Huang whether they could remove the kiss scene or use positioning to film it.

After returning to the dressing room, the people inside were idly chatting with one another while one after another were called to the audition. However, none of the people that came back revealed the contents of the audition nor showed any signs of anger or joy on their faces. No one was willing to let others know of anything.

When it was Su Shen’s turn, almost everyone had left. After all, they had other things on their schedule to do.

When she got to the audition room following the instructions given, the door was closed. Su Shen knocked on the door twice. When she heard “come in”, only then did she push open the door and walked in.

“This is that Su Shen? Her appearance and temperament is quite in line with the role.” One of the judges wearing a plaid suit was very satisfied with Su Shen’s appearance in the historical attire.

The room was rather large. There were three men and a woman sitting in front of a long table. In the middle wearing a cap was the director, Wei Jun. The other two were most likely the producers. The young man in blue athleisure clothing was currently playing on his phone. His looks were bright and sunny which were very in line with those fans’ esthetics. Su Shen knew that this was Jiang Yin.

“Hello everyone.” Su Shen smiled while nodding at them.

Director Wei looked at his watch while urging: “Which part do you want to perform?”

With that, he glanced at Jiang Yin beside him, “Go and pair up for a bit, she’s the last one.”

Hearing that it was the last one, Jiang Yin finally put down his phone. He then got up and walked to Su Shen, smiling, “Hello.”

Su Shen also smiled seeing as he was quite polite and handed her script over to him: “ I plan to act this part, sorry for the trouble.”

Jiang Yin, one of the four big idols, who debuted as a singer. However, with the sales for the record industry being bad right now, he switched to the film industry. But he never gave up on singing and would often hold concerts. His popularity was high and his acting was on the same level as Wang Cheng. The roles selection for historical dramas nowadays were all about popularity, no one would care about their acting. 

“It’s okay, you’re… going to play the flute?” Jiang Yin saw the bamboo flute in her hand and couldn’t help but glanced at her.

“Yes, just follow the script.” Su Shen chose a segment where the female lead was playing the flute for the male lead to listen by the river. Just that, the part of playing the flute didn’t need to be omitted.

This aroused the judges’ interest and they were rather curious to see if she really did have some skills or not.

Jiang Yin made an ok sign, and then acted as if he was sitting by the river. In actuality, he was sitting on the floor.

Su Shen also sat down beside him. She took a deep breath and began to play the flute.

A whistle of the flute sounded in the room with its tune variating throughout. Although everyone didn’t understand it, they knew that she must be skilled.

The woman sat on the floor in her white dress with her fine black hair falling on her shoulders, scattering like a waterfall on her back. The contrast against her skin made it appear even fairer. Her eyes looking down with her feathered curled eyelashes faintly trembling while her lips slightly parted. As her fingers moved between the several holes in the flute, the brisk melody gradually became long and mellow, like the indescribable pain between the separation of lovers detailing their grief while holding onto a strand of hope.

As the sound of the flute gradually subsided, Su Shen suddenly smiled and looked at Jiang Yin, “Zi Han gege*, did I play it well?”

gege* [哥哥] – a term for older brother

The sudden eye contact had Jiang Yin cast a strange glance at her, then he frowned and shook his head.

“Ah? No way, you’re lying to me, right?” Su Shen pouted and discontentedly knocked her flute against his head. Of course, she didn’t dare to actually hit his head.

She was young and her face was full of collagen. When she was acting coquettish, it felt natural and fitting which led to the director and the rest of the people to note it down in a few words.

“Have you seen me lie before?” Jiang Yin gravely said which scared Su Shen. Her eyes teary with some tears at the corners of her eyes, causing her to look particularly pitiful.

“That’s enough.”

The director suddenly coughed and looked at Su Shen seriously: “You have changed a lot.”

She knew that he was referring to her acting from before. As Su Shen was about to get up, she accidentally stepped on her dress.

Jiang Yin grabbed onto her arm, stabilizing Su Shen for her to stand. She looked up and smiled at him, “Thank you.” 

“No problem.” He released his hand and glanced at her one more time before going back to his seat. 

Su Shen then unhurriedly said to the director, “People always have to change. I believe that I’m currently in the midst of improving myself.”

A newcomer who doesn’t have stage fright at an audition as well as performing well, no matter her age, appearance or acting, it was all outstanding but… 

“You can leave.” The director suddenly waved his hand.

No other expression could be seen on the other two people’s faces either. Su Shen was also expecting an outcome like this. She slightly nodded then left the room. Contrarily, Jiang Yin glanced at her one more time.

After exiting the room, Liu jie who was outside immediately came around. But, she didn’t ask how it went. Instead, she brought her to change her clothes and after seeing that the dressing room was empty, she then asked about the audition.

“I don’t think I’m popular enough. Nowadays, historical dramas are basically under the rule of idols. No one would risk using a newcomer.” Su Shen said while placing her flute back into her bag.

Liu jie frowned and pondered for a moment, “Although this is the case but it’s hard to say that there wouldn’t be an exception. I’ll contact your sister later and see what’s the situation on their side first.”

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