After getting the clue from the first round, the second round’s competition started. But this time, everyone sat along a long table indoors. 

Director: “In front of you, there are ten cards. Each of you has to choose one. Later, you will take out your respective phone and let someone from the other team select a contact to complete the task on the card. The team that completes the most within the specified time will win this round.”


Everyone shouted. Nobody expected for the production team to play this hard. Su Shen arched an eyebrow, as this was completely outside her expectations. 

These kinds of shows usually have a script, but mostly for when guests split apart and explore on their own, as there would be no funny bits otherwise. As for games and the like, there’s usually no notice, so that they could catch guests off guard.   

“Look guys, Zhou Jun’s face turned pale from fright. He must have many hidden secrets on his phone.” Yuan Zheng pointed at Zhou Jun who was across from him.  

At that, everyone else burst into laughter, with only Zhou Jun looking toward Deng Chun, “What do I have to be afraid of? I’m single. But, have you guys ever thought about Deng laoshi’s feelings? He’s married!” 

Who knew what random task would be on the card? Deng Chun helplessly rubbed his temple with a smile, while Yuan Zheng, who was beside him, jokingly said, “It’s over, Deng laoshi will have to kneel on the keyboard when he returns home.”

Everyone laughed again. Just at this moment, the Director asked everyone to hand over their phones. Although everyone was a little hesitant, they were all a part of the same industry. Even if there was any secret, no one would say it out loud. After all, there was no bad blood. 

After exchanging phones, Yuan Zheng chose an actress that Zhou Jun had worked with from his contacts. Actually, Su Shen saw that Zhou Jun happened to have a “Baby” in his contacts, which might be an undisclosed girlfriend. However, although Yuan Zheng and he loved to make fun of each other, they would not expose something like this at such a time.

Yang Yun chose the phone number of her well-known director Dad for Ye Meng. When Su Shen’s phone fell into Zhang Qianqian’s hand, Zhou Jun, who was next to her, saw something and shouted incessantly. 

“Stop, stop, stop, I see Jiang Yin’s name! Choose him!” Zhou Jun smiled mischievously, obviously aware of the gossip between Jiang Yin and her. 

Su Shen breathed a sigh of relief. Jiang Yin was familiar with the tactics used by variety shows and would definitely be able to see through it. She wasn’t worried.

“Wait!” Zhang Qianqian suddenly shouted, “Xie Yan! I’ll choose him!”

Compared with Jiang Yin, Xie Yan was much more of a trending topic. Anyone who paid attention to the news would know that Xie Yan’s first on-screen kiss was given to her. For the production team, this was definitely a gimmick.

“Ah?” Wang Cheng was also surprised when he heard that and seemed to be worried for Su Shen. After all, Xie Yan was taciturn and of few words. God knows if he could see through that this was part of a show?

“Yes, yes, yes, Xie Yan then.” The people on the red team agreed. Xie Yan does not participate in variety shows. If they could dial through, would it count as his debut? 

Seeing this, Su Shen helplessly laid her head on the table. She didn’t expect that Xie Yan would be chosen.

The first person to draw out a card was Zhao Feng. He drew out “Do you want to go on a vacation together next month?”

The one he needed to call was also a rumored girlfriend, who was picked by Yang Yun. In the end, they awkwardly chatted for a while, and the time quickly passed. He failed his task. Clearly, he was not close with his rumored girlfriend. 

The second one to go was Wang Cheng. He drew out “Would you like to have dinner tonight?” 

The person he needed to call was Yang Zhi, but he and Yang Zhi seemed to be quite close. The other party happily agreed. When she learned that he was recording for a show, she greeted the audience of the show. Fortunately, Wang Cheng’s task was completed.

After several rounds, Su Shen became more and more nervous. She didn’t know what she would draw. 

When it was finally her turn, facing the panning camera, Su Shen pretended to be calm and drew out a card on the table with the words “Can you lend me three million?”

Three million was neither much nor less for an artist. Even a C-list actor can earn tens of millions a year. For Xie Yan, it’s a drop in the bucket. However, Su Shen felt it was so abrupt to ask someone to lend her that much money.

“Quick, quick!” Zhou Jun immediately dialed the phone for her.

The phone beeped. Su Shen became more and more nervous. Until a few more rings, the phone finally connected and a hoarse male voice suddenly sounded, “Hello?”

Everyone stared at Su Shen, who pretended to be calm and said to the phone, “Are you practicing Muay Thai again?”

“Yeah.” Xie Yan, on the other end, couldn’t help wiping his sweat with a towel, and seemed curious that Su Shen would take the initiative to call him, while letting the instructor go for today.

“Umm… can I ask you to help me with something?” Su Shen was so nervous that her palms were sweating, but she appeared calm. 

Everyone else was staring at the phone tightly. Wang Cheng was even more nervous. He didn’t even have Xie Yan’s number. How come Su Shen has it? 


The voice from the other end of the phone had no hesitation whatsoever. Everyone else covered their mouths and looked at Su Shen suspiciously. He agreed without even listening to what the request was. There seemed to be something going on here. 

Being stared at by them was too embarrassing and Su Shen took a deep breath and said, “The thing is, I’m planning to move houses. My current condo’s location didn’t seem to be too great, but houses in the CBD* area is too expensive. I’m still short of a bit of money, can you lend me three million first?”

CBD – Central Business District

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