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Yuan Zheng and the others all screamed wildly, and Wang Cheng, who was beside him, couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of punishment?”  

Director: “It’s a secret!” 

“AHAHA, you guys are doomed. Ye Meng has learned the guzheng before, an expert like her will know whether someone plays it or not!” Zhou Jun, who was across from them, began to mock them unscrupulously. 

Hearing this, Su Shen couldn’t help but glance at Ye Meng, who was facing her with a slight smile on her face. No wonder she couldn’t find the person, it seemed like they were chosen by the opposite team already. 

Director: “Okay, would the red team please play first.” 

As soon as the Director finished speaking, the selected girl immediately sat in front of the guzheng. She had already put on the fake nails and was wearing an ancient attire with long hair hanging past her shoulders. Although her appearance was not as exquisite as artists, her temperament was something that people could not ignore. 

When she raised her hand, the clanging sounds of music immediately flowed from her fingertips. All of a sudden, everyone had a surprised expression, and only Zhou Jun’s team began to cheer. 

Laymen watched for fun, and experts watched for expertise. From where she was from, this girl’s playing probably wouldn’t even get 60 points. 

“F**k!” Seeing this, Yuan Zheng immediately looked at the girl that he pulled out, somewhat vexed, and walked over to ask, “Do you know how to play?” 

The girl immediately shook her head apologetically upon hearing his words. 

By the time the girl in front of them finished playing, the red team was smug to the point of no return. Although, they had exaggerated their expressions for the sake of the show. 

“Su Shen, do you want to come to our team? That side simply lowers your looks!” Zhou Jun said with a smug smile. 

Hearing this, Yang Yun immediately exploded. She pulled Wang Cheng forward and said while pointing at his face, “You dare to compete with our team in terms of looks? There’s nothing worse than competing with us in looks!” 

“Our team’s looks are unparalleled!” Yuan Zheng immediately added. 

Su Shen couldn’t help but laugh. Although they were filming for a show, fun games would still make one physically and mentally happy. Moreover, the guests of this episode seemed to be easy to get along with and not too meddlesome.    

“Then may I ask, where’s the person you have chosen?” Zhou Jun had the same smile on his face, waiting for them to admit defeat. 

The Director had said that only one of them could play, and that girl had also said that she couldn’t, so it’s definitely their loss this round. 

“Wait a sec!” Yuan Zheng suddenly raised his hand, “What a coincidence, we also have an expert. Director, what if one of our team members could play? You never said that the person chosen must play!” 

Actually, the Director had said it just before. But for the appeal of the show, this was exactly what they wanted. Since a guest had this talent, then there would be another gimmick for the show. There was no reason not to agree. 

Director: “Okay, if one of you guys can play a complete piece of Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water, then this round will be a draw!” 

Hearing this, Yang Yun immediately pulled Su Shen forward, “Applause please!” 

Clap clap!”

Yuan Zheng and the others immediately clapped enthusiastically. Wang Cheng also shouted ‘good luck’, while Zhou Jun’s team watched the scene with the attitude of watching a good show. 

Su Shen could play Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water, but she didn’t know whether to show her real ability or not under so many eyes. If her parents knew about it, it would be difficult to explain. She could say she learned it on her own, but it couldn’t be too refined. So, she should play it a little poorly. 

She slowly put on the fake nails, and her expression gradually became serious. She calmed her heart and started to pluck the strings. 

Although they didn’t know how well she played, it was distinctly more unique and pleasing than what the girl before played. Whether it was for the effect of the show or not, some people had surprised expressions on their faces, but no one uttered a sound lest they’d disturb her.

Laymen watched for fun, and experts watched for expertise. Only Ye Meng looked at Su Shen somewhat weirdly. She could hear that Su Shen’s qin skills were beyond the scope of her comprehension. Furthermore, her playing held an indescribable charm than her teacher’s. Even if she studied it from a young age, she was a genius to have such a talent.

The camera was aimed straight at Su Shen. She was wearing a pink hanfu, her skin was fair with exquisite and elegant features. At this moment, her eyes were down and expression indifferent. As her fingertips slid across the guzheng, sounds of it instantly torrented. 

As soon as the song ended, there was a burst of applause on scene. Yang Yun rushed forward and looked at the red team, “Convinced or not?!”   

The members of the red team admired Su Shen greatly. With respect to this kind of traditional quintessence of national culture, they maintained a rare revering mentality. Su Shen looked quiet and reserved, but was quite talented. However, this was still a competition, and there was no such thing as yielding. 

“It’s a draw then! Our Ye Meng can also!” Zhou Jun immediately looked at Ye Meng, “Quick, show them a hand too!”

Facing everyone’s burning gaze, Ye Meng politely smiled, “I can’t play as good as Su Shen did.”

Everyone thought she was joking when they heard that. But no one knew that she was telling the truth. At least in Ye Meng’s view, she had never seen anyone play it better than Su Shen, even her teacher.

“AHAHA! Now, it’s time for you guys to admit defeat!” Yuan Zheng started to jeer at them without hesitation. 

At this, the red team just made a “tsk” sound and didn’t say anything else. After all, Su Shen really did have the talent, and there was no fraudery conducted.  They were not unwilling.

“Su Shen, you’re amazing!” Yang Yun came forward and hugged her arm again, laughing happily. 

Su Shen was also led to laugh by her. She learned how to play the guzheng from the top guzheng master in the country. In order to send her di* sister to the palace, their Madame* naturally took great pains to nurture her sister. At that time, Su Shen attended to her Grandmother everyday. Perhaps feeling that she was clever and obedient, her Grandmother allowed her to go learn it too. In fact, among the four arts*, she was most adept at calligraphy and painting. But her guzheng was not bad either. Just now, she purposefully played two notes wrong, but no one seemed to have noticed. Moreover, the material of this guzheng was terribly poor, and it would not be able to showcase her normal playing either. 

di sister – daughter from the official wife

Madame – the official wife of a man in ancient China

four arts – guzheng, Go, calligraphy, and painting

Director: “Okay, the blue team wins the first round. As for the red team, each of you has to take out a marble from the box with the snake. 


Everyone on the red team was shocked. At this time, the staff carried a black box onto the stage, making it so that no one could see what was inside. But hearing that there was a snake inside, Zhang Qianqian turned pale, seemingly hadn’t thought that the production team would play this big.

It was just a ruse. How could the production team put the artists in danger? That snake definitely must be non-toxic and its mouth would be bound. Everyone could think of this, but they were still afraid more or less. 

“I’ll go first!” Zhou Jun gulped, rolled up his sleeve without demur, and directly reached into the box. 

What Su Shen was most afraid of were snakes, even if their mouths were bound. Fortunately, they didn’t lose this round; otherwise, she really wouldn’t have been able to do it. 

“Is it this?” Zhou Jun suddenly pulled out his hand, with a black marble in hand.

They didn’t expect him to be so courageous, but the others weren’t so courageous. Several of them dawdled for half a day, but the production team didn’t give in. After all, they had confidence as a top variety show.

After they had all taken out a marble, sweat had broken out on their foreheads from fear. Yang Yun was scared shitless that she said they must not lose the next round. 

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