While Han Xingyan, who had been waiting for a long time in the airport parking lot, was unable to reach Shen Chuchu when he called her and assumed she had not gotten off the plane. After half an hour of waiting, he called Secretary Wang, “Go and check whether Miss Shen’s flight is late or not.”

After a minute, Secretary Wang returned the call, “Boss, Miss Shen’s flight was not late. It arrived on time an hour earlier.”

Han Xingyan frowned and hung up the phone. Has her phone run out of battery? At this thought, Han Xingyan drove back to Liyuan Apartment with a heavy heart. Han Xingyan entered the apartment, looked at the closed door opposite, paused for a moment, and then walked over. He made an attempt to ring the doorbell.

He rang the bell for a while but nobody answered. He silently stared at the room for a while then opened his own door. As soon as he entered, his cousin called.

“Cousin, you and Qin Yingran are on the hot search. Who are you, you are an expert on being on hot search. The PR department is already working overtime to remove hot searches. Have you explained it to Chuchu?” Zhang Teng asked with a swoosh.

Han Xingyan frowned as he listened to his cousin’s words. He hung up the phone afterwards. He sat on the sofa for five minutes then stood up and walked across. After ringing the doorbell for five minutes, the door finally opened.

Shen Chuchu sleepily looked at the handsome man in front of her.

Han Xingyan’s despair and anxiousness vanished instantly when he saw Shen Chuchu’s appearance. So she was asleep and did not deliberately keep him outside.

Shen Chuchu stood there silently staring at Han Xingyan. Han Xingyan remained silent at first, but when he noticed Shen Chuchu’s head was down, he softly asked, “Can I come in?”

Shen Chuchu hesitated then moved sideways.

The moment the door was closed, Shen Chuchu felt as if she was being pulled around in a circle by a force and her entire body was pushed onto the door without a word. A warm touch landed on her lips before she could react.

This familiar yet strange touch ignited her body’s restless cells like a match.

She expected him to cease kissing her like he did the last time, but she did not expect her lips to be bitten while she was startled. She could not help but open her mouth to exclaim. After that, he attacked.

An electric current stronger than last time hit her. If it was 100v last time then today was 1000v or even 10000v*. Her eyes were wide open, her eyesight was distorted, and her mind was blank. Even her legs were growing weak and she had to hold on to his waist in order to barely stand still.

*TL-note: v for voltage.  

Her appearance made the man in front of her gradually soften.

Their lips parted and they hugged each other to calm their racing hearts.

“Do you know how worried I was, don’t be like this in the future. Even if you are angry, you should still answer my calls. Do you understand?” Han Xingyan stroked Shen Chuchu’s hair and whispered in her ear.

Shen Chuchu had the impression that Han Xingyan was drugging her. Her left ear felt warm to the touch, and her heart was aching.

“You went on gossip news again ~” Shen Chuchu did not expect to be able to talk in such a coy voice one day when she spoke these words. It simply shattered her sense of self.

“Huh? Are you jealous?” Han Xingyan expressed his delight at having such knowledge. As for Shen Chuchu’s voice, he did not find it coy but rather sweet. 

Shen Chuchu’s cheeks reddened immediately again when the redness had just subsided, and she mumbled in denial, “Who, who is jealous. I’m not anybody to you. Why do I have to listen to you? Why would I be jealous.”

When Han Xingyan heard this, his face was a little dull and he asked in a slightly threatening tone, “You are nobody?”

Shen Chuchu wanted to back away but was up against the door and sternly replied, “Of course.”

After she finished, Shen Chuchu suddenly felt offended. How can someone be such a bad boyfriend, going on a hot search with other women when she was not at home and not even explaining it to her? He was well aware that, as a celebrity, she would pay attention from time to time.

Shen Chuchu’s face progressively changed, and Han Xingyan’s heart clenched, so he said, “I thought we were at least in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, is it just my wishful thinking?”

“If you are my boyfriend then why didn’t you explain it?” Shen Chuchu spoke out from her heart as she looked at Han Xingyan.

Han Xingyan listened intently to Shen Chuchu’s question, pursed his lips, pondered for a moment, and then responded, “Sorry I will pay more attention next time. I’ve never had this happen before so I was careless. Also…”

After a pause, he looked at Shen Chuchu’s curious gaze and continued, “Also, I’ve never needed to explain it to anyone before. So a lot of times, it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to deal with it.”

Afterwards, Han Xingyan picked up the phone and rang the PR department, “You must alert me at first instance if this sort of thing happens again. Make sure to clean up well this time.”

He hung up the phone and looked at Shen Chuchu’s expression, “Not angry anymore?”

Shen Chuchu’s face reddened and did not dare to look at Han Xingyan.

Han Xingyan stroked her hair and asked, “So Chuchu, are you admitting our relationship then?”

Upon hearing this, Shen Chuchu seriously glanced at Han Xingyan and asked, “Before I answer, I want to ask you something.”

Han Xingyan paused, then replied, “What is it?”

Shen Chuchu lowered her eyes and asked quietly, “That day, um, I mean our first meeting at the hotel. Did something happen? Did we…kiss?”

Han Xingyan had not expected Shen Chuchu to ask such a question. He raised his eyebrows and replied, “So you remembered?”

Shen Chuchu shook her head. So does this mean that Han Xingyan acknowledges it? So her first kiss had been taken since then?

“Oh, so you haven’t remembered. If you want to know what happened…” Han Xingyan did not continue. Shen Chuchu curiously glanced up at him and Han Xingyan lowered his head again.

After a long kiss, Han Xingyan said, “This is probably what happened that day. So Chuchu, are you, my girlfriend, now?”

Shen Chuchu buried her red face into Han Xingyan’s chest and whispered, “Why else would I let you kiss me. Silly.”

Furthermore, Shen Chuchu had figured out that since she could not view her own marriage then she could do whatever she wanted. She liked being with him and maybe he could even be her future husband!

Shen Chuchu went to the bathroom when Secretary Wang called, leaving only Han Xingyan smirking on the living room sofa.

“Boss, the hotpot place called to say that they are extremely busy today and if you are not coming, could you…” Secretary Wang spoke softly and carefully since he knew the boss was likely to be in a bad mood, and he did not dare to speak loudly for fear of resetting the boss’s nerves.

Unexpectedly, he was cut off by his boss before he finished.

“No. Me and Miss Shen will be going there for dinner soon.”

Secretary Wang could sense Han Xingyan’s delight over the phone, and his face lit up, so he smiled and said, “Congratulations Boss, may you have a pleasant evening.”

Han Xingyan simply hung up the phone when Shen Chuchu emerged from the bathroom.

“Chuchu, I got Secretary Wang to make a reservation at that hotpot place. Let’s go and have dinner.”

Shen Chuchu, who was awkward,  immediately lit up and said, “Really, that’s great. I’ll get ready.”

She awoke way too early today. She had not slept at lunch because she needed to get back today, so she slept first when she got home and was famished.

Shen Chuchu’s joyful expression brightened Han Xingyan’s mood as well.

When Shen Chuchu was ready and came out of her bedroom, Han Xingyan’s eyes lit up. He used to think Shen Chuchu was beautiful, but after some make-up, she became much more so. She even wore the bracelet that he gave her.

Shen Chuchu saw Han Xingyan’s gaze on her bracelet and lifted up her wrist then teased, “Bought it casually? All your close friends have one?”

Han Xingyan coughed uncomfortably and his ears reddened, “If I didn’t say it like that, would you have accepted it?”

When leaving, Han Xingyan accidentally touched Shen Chuchu with his elbow and then pretended to be indifferent by looking straight ahead. Shen Chuchu glanced at his deliberate tiny movements and gently laid her hand on Han Xingyan’s arm. The corners of Han Xingyan’s mouth twitched upwards as he sensed his girlfriend’s movements.

After entering the car, there was an even bigger surprise.

Han Xingyan turned around and grabbed a bouquet of roses from the back seat, “I don’t know if you will like these or not. If you don’t like it, I’ll get them changed next time.”

Shen Chuchu felt her heart racing again and again as she gazed at such a beautiful bouquet of big red roses. She thought to herself that she did not know which flowers she preferred, but she knew she must adore red roses. She also thought that few women would object to bright red roses.

After dinner, Shen Chuchu went on Taobao and looked at the photo of Han Xingyan provided by Moonlight Beautiful Girl.* This time her mood was considerably different.

*TL-note: previously mentioned in chapter 52

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