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Su Shen blushed and looked down without saying anything.

She didn’t want to go ask He Hua now. After all, their relationship was based on the link with Xie Yan. It was like if she hadn’t used up all the money in her pocket, she would definitely not borrow money from others easily. Likewise, she should give the company some more time. When they really couldn’t handle it anymore, she would then go find He Hua.

After she got her hair done, she sent another message to Liu jie, asking if she could deal with the matter.

However, Liu jie only said that it was impossible to suppress it now. Moreover, the several endorsements that had been negotiated more or so were hesitant to go forward today. Obviously, they thought that her current bad reputation would have an impact on the brand image.

“For now, we can only draw away the public’s attention. Li Tiantian was originally going to go public with her relationship next month, but since something had happened to you, the company decided to let her announce it today, hoping to divert the public’s attention away.” Liu jie said solemnly on the phone.

Hearing this, Su Shen just mumbled “en,” and then hung up the phone.

Li Tiantian was also an artist in their company and could be considered a B-list actress. However, her boyfriend was a child star and was famous in the country. The news should be able to divert some of the public’s attention away.

In the past, if there was something wrong, Liu jie would always ask her to let Xie Yan help her. But when it came to PR matters, she would not let her ask Xie Yan for help. Su Shen knew that Liu jie was afraid that she would lose faith in the company and would follow Xie Yan away. After all, the opportunities that Starlight Entertainment could give her, He Hua could also give her, and the pay cut wouldn’t be as severe.

Even though she didn’t go find He Hua, the other party arrived at her doorsteps himself.

As soon as Su Shen changed her clothes and was about to go out to film, she heard someone knocking on the door of the dressing room. Thus, she asked Xiao Zhou to open the door. 

As soon as the door opened, she saw He Hua in a trench coat with meticulously combed hair walk in. Seeing this, the makeup artist and Xiao Zhou both walked out with discerning eyes and closed the door in passing.

She didn’t expect that he would come to her on his own initiative. With a frown, Su Shen said insipidly, “Xie Yan’s dressing room is over there.”

“I’ve seen him.” He Hua also didn’t like to chatter around. He took out a box of cigarettes, took one out and handed it to her, “Gold Leaf*.”

Gold Leaf – it’s an actual cigarettes brand in China—黄金叶

Su Shen: “……”

“I don’t like to smoke.”

Hearing this, He Hua paused for a sec before preparing to put it away.

“But, you can smoke.” In passing, she could observe his expression when he smoked. 

As if he had seen through her mind, He Hua suddenly smiled and took out a cigarette. He put it in his mouth and lit it with a lighter. He inhaled deeply and clamped the cigarette with three fingers, squinting while exhaling a large circle of smoke. Then, he walked over to the sofa and sat down.

“As you can see, even at this time, Starlight Entertainment wouldn’t expend a lot on you. Their resources would only be spent on people like Ye Hong. Your career just started, so how can their PR team be willing to expend great effort on you?” He Hua said calmly while smoking the cigarette in his hand. 

Ye Hong was the top actress at Starlight Entertainment and had received a Best Actress in Drama before. The productions she had all starred in were of fine works. The company loved and protected her in every way possible. But, Su Shen was not stupid. It was obvious that He Hua’s words were trying to sow dissension. Even so, her next drama was invested in by Starlight Entertainment. If she terminated the contract now, it would be like burning the bridge after crossing it.

“Thank you for your reminder, but I have my own plan.” Su Shen said unhurriedly.

“You youngsters like to act on emotions. When you regret, you will know how stupid you were at that time.” He Hua exhaled a mouthful of smoke and said, “Family price. If you come to our company, it’ll be three to seven. Moreover, Xie Yan’s a shareholder. Half of that third would be going into his pocket. Isn’t his stuff also yours? We’re all one family, why don’t you believe me?”

Su Shen had seen how eloquent He Hua was with his words. He would intimidate you first. Even if she wanted to switch companies, Su Shen would also go ask for Xie Yan’s opinion instead of listening to him blabber here.

“We haven’t even married, so how are we one family? It will be so embarrassing if we break up in the future, no?” Su Shen turned and looked at him with a faint smile.

After a pause, He Hua took another smoke. After a few seconds, he then said, “You should be confident in your relationship with Xie Yan. Even if you guys break up, you guys can still be friends, or even as a work partner.”

After saying that, he took out his phone as if he wanted to prove something and said fervently, “Give me five minutes. I only need to send a message to solve the problem that Starlight can’t solve.”

Hearing this, Su Shen smiled, “Does Xie Yan know that you came to find me?”

After tapping twice and seeing the message that had just been sent, He Hua took another smoke confidently and leaned against the sofa blowing smoke, “Of course Xie Yan knows, but he’s a blockhead. You don’t need to worry about him.”

As if he thought of something, he smiled and said earnestly, “When you get married to Xie Yan in the future, you don’t need to sign any contract. What’s Xie Yan’s is also yours!”

Seeing that he was getting more and more ridiculous, Su Shen almost laughed out loud. He Hua’s flattery ability was absolutely top-class. No wonder he was well-connected in this industry, unlike Liu jie, who never liked to boot-lick others.

“No need to say anything more; if I have this idea, I will ask for Xie Yan’s opinion. But, I don’t plan to switch companies for the time being.” Su Shen said insipidly.

Seeing her being stubborn, He Hua was met with a deadend. He was basically signing Su Shen for free, but the other party had actually declined? 

“Well, you can come find me once you’ve thought it through at any time.” He Hua stood up and took out a business card from his pocket before placing it on the vanity while emphasizing, “You don’t believe me, but you must believe in Xie Yan.”

Su Shen: “…….”

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