Going to His House

Su Shen went silent for a moment after hearing the words from the other end of the phone before saying, “I have my own plan for that, but it is definitely not now.”

It wasn’t because she was afraid of being maliciously attacked, but because she and Xie Yan still hadn’t met with each other’s parents. It was not a good idea to go public so rashly. Moreover, she also planned to tell her parents about it after Xie Yan came back from Africa.

“Up to you.” Liu jie didn’t say anything else, “If there’s nothing else, I’m going to bed. I’ll pick you up to go to the movie premiere the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay.” After saying that, Su Shen followed with a goodnight and hung up the phone.

It had been an hour since Xie Yan drove back. Su Shen sent a message to ask if he had returned to the hotel yet.

In less than a minute, the other party responded with a message.

Xie Yan: You care so much about me?

Su Shen: “……”

She had never seen someone so narcissistic before. After sending a few emojis over, Su Shen closed her phone and went to sleep. This time, she could finally have a good night’s sleep.

Recently, she had been in such a hurry to finish filming that she could only sleep for five hours a day. So this time, Su Shen didn’t get up until 10:30 am. She had actually wanted to sleep in, but she had to go back home for lunch, since it was the Laba Festival, so her sister would also be there.

After washing up and having something to eat, she bundled herself in a cotton padded coat and called the chauffeur over. When she returned home, it was already almost 12 pm. As soon as she arrived at the gate, she could hear sounds of a cartoon and toy gun.


As soon as Su Shen changed her shoes, a young brat grabbed her leg. She saw that only her dad and brother-in-law were sitting in the living room; two adult men accompanying a kid to watch a cartoon.

Looking down at the chubby brat, Su Shen squatted down and picked him up, “Xi Xi’s getting chubbier, you’ll become a piggy in the future.”

She smiled as she carried the child into the living room, and when she saw the people sitting on the sofa, she greeted, “Dad. Jiefu*.”

jiefu – brother-in-law

Her brother-in-law’s name was Hu Zhi, and he was from a pretty rich family. He was classmates with her sister in college, and after dating for a long time, they finally entered the hall of marriage. They had also never heard of him messing around outside either, and for this point, it was already not bad.

“Hu Xi, come down quickly. How old are you to still let your auntie carry you, no manners at all.” Hu Zhi looked at the child unhappily, but the latter was not afraid of him at all.

“I want auntie to carry me, bleehhh!” The child turned around and stuck out his tongue, grimacing while hugging Su Shen’s neck tightly. He blinked his big cute eyes and said in babytalk, “Auntie, can I live with you? Mama’s cooking isn’t good at all.”

Looking at the serious look on the little boy’s face, Su Shen’s heart softened and almost agreed. When she saw a figure in red coming out of the kitchen, she knew that this brat was out of luck again.

“My cooking’s not good, but your Grandma’s cooking today. If you don’t eat two bowls of rice today, see if your bum will bloom a flower or not*!” Wearing an apron, Su Ruan walked over in great strides, scaring the child to bury his head into Su Shen’s arms.

bum will bloom a flower – when a child gets spanked on their bum because they were being naugty, the handprint resembles that of a flower thus the saying

Seeing this, Su Shen placed the child onto the sofa with a smile and then kneaded her arms, “Xi Xi’s gotten so heavy for auntie to hold now.”

Hearing that, the child rolled his eyes and suddenly got up from the sofa. He stretched out his chubby little hands to knead her arm, “I’ll help auntie massage, so you’re not so sore.”

Seeing this mischief-maker, Papa Su couldn’t help but laugh. Su Ruan came over to the sofa unhappily and sat down. Taking a glance, she pinched the child’s chubby baby face, “I work to death everyday, but don’t see you giving me a massage, what’s the use of raising you.”

Seemingly afraid that she would hit him, the child threw himself into Su Shen’s arms again and held her arm tightly. He said in a baby voice, “I like auntie. Auntie can cook tasty food, but Mama can’t.”

At this, even Su Ruan was amused by the child. Su Shen kissed the child hard on his smooth baby face, “Auntie also likes Xi Xi too. I’ll cook a lot of tasty food for you in the future, okay?”

“Okay!” The brat smiled and kissed her on the cheek, leaving a mark of candy residue.

Su Shen pinched the kid’s face helplessly and then got up to go to the bathroom to wash off the candy residue on her face.

When she came out, she saw that Su Ruan was standing not far away, seemingly waiting for her. Seeing her come out, she walked towards the balcony.

Taking a look at the three people who were watching cartoons in the living room, Su Shen followed behind Su Ruan. When she came to the balcony, the cold wind was blowing. Su Ruan leaned slightly forward against the balcony, looking at the unbloomed flowers in the garden insipidly.

Jie, what’s up?” She took a few steps forward, with the cold wind blowing against her neck.

Su Ruan didn’t answer her immediately, but turned to look at her fixedly for a while. Then, she said softly, “You’ve been doing well recently.”

Seeing her half smiling eyes, Su Shen’s heart immediately jolted. She had almost forgotten that Su Ruan was half an industry insider and was well-informed.

“It’s okay.” She smiled faintly, turning away from Su Ruan’s gaze.

The latter chuckled and said in a calm voice, “An opportunity with Director Li isn’t something that can be gotten just by good acting.”

As expected, Su Shen blinked and smiled without saying anything.

“That’s a hickey on your neck, right?” This was a statement.

Su Shen subconsciously reached out to touch it and pulled up her sweater blushingly. She hadn’t expected that it would be seen by someone.

Looking at her burying her head in the sand, Su Ruan laughed, “What, you still don’t plan on telling me?”

Their eyes met. Looking at her sister’s confident expression, Su Shen blushed and looked down, hesitating for a long time before she coughed, “I have a boyfriend.”

“Xie Yan?” Su Ruan’s gaze was fervent.

Su Shen didn’t say anything and just nodded slightly.

The cold wind was still blowing. Su Ruan sighed and walked a few steps over. She put her arm around her shoulder and looked up at the sky with a sigh, “My sister’s all grown up now and is at a marriageable age. Fortunately, Xie Yan’s private life is not that messy, else mom and dad will definitely not agree.”  

Speaking of this, Su Shen was also a little worried. Their parents had always been against her finding someone in this industry. She didn’t know if they would disapprove of Xie Yan or not.

“I plan on telling them after a bit. Can you keep this a secret for me first?” Su Shen turned to look at her and said earnestly.

With a smile, Su Ruan patted her on the shoulder, “No worries, but…”

She glanced at Su Shen’s neck meaningfully, “You have to take protective measures, else mom and dad will break your legs.”

Understanding that she was thinking of those kinds of stuff, Su Shen blushed again, “I haven’t!”

Seeing that she was embarrassed, Su Ruan laughed, “Okay, okay, you haven’t!”

Knowing that she didn’t believe her, Su Shen was helpless and didn’t explain further. In any case, Su Ruan would definitely not believe her. But, she was a little angry at Xie Yan for leaving this kind of thing on her neck. Was he a dog?

When they returned to the living room, it was almost time for lunch. As expected, they arrived at talking about Tan Haozhi again.

“Su Shen, did you not add Hao Zhi’s WeChat?” Mama Su, who was drinking soup, suddenly asked.

Su Shen almost choked on a mouthful of soup and immediately drank a gulp of water from the glass at the side.When her throat felt better, she then glanced at her mom, “I’m usually busy, not even having time to sleep. How would I have the time to play this kind of thing?” 

“I also have WeChat. Auntie, can you add me?” Xi Xi suddenly looked up and looked at Su Shen with oil all over his mouth.

Seeing this, Su Ruan, who was beside him, immediately glared at him, “Behave and eat your lunch!”

As if frightened by her, the kid pouted and didn’t say anything else. Mama Su, however, looked at Su Shen somewhat displeased, “You…”

“Mom.” Putting her chopsticks down, Su Ruan looked at Mama Su and said, “Shen Shen’s busy with her career now. Moreover, you can’t force things like feelings. Just let her be.”

Su Shen was in the midst of drinking soup as she heard this and couldn’t help but glanced at her sister gratefully.

“To not even have a boyfriend at such an age, she’s already turning 25 next year. At that age, we already had several kids!” Mama Su glared at Su Shen unhappily, and the chopsticks in her hand had almost jabbed her in the head. 

“Just let her be. If something is not meant to be, it’s no use trying to force it to happen.” Papa Su took a sip of wine and looked very calm.   

Seeing this, Hu Zhi also echoed, “Nowadays, youngsters like to pick and choose until they find someone they like.” 

Seeing everyone else saying so, Mama Su was discontented and kept talking about the past by herself. 

The latter didn’t dare to utter a sound, letting her mom continue nagging over there by herself. After finally finishing lunch, she was then dragged to play several rounds of mahjong and couldn’t leave even if she wanted to. Ultimately, she just said that she has an engagement tomorrow, so she had to go home early to sleep; only then did Mama Su let her leave. 

She lost five thousand from playing mahjong, and when she came out, it was already 5:00 pm. Thinking of Xie Yan, Su Shen asked the chauffeur to send her to the address on her phone.

Xie Yan’s mansion was located in a district full of mansions in the city. Su Shen had once checked out the real estate price over there, and a mansion was at least hundreds of millions, so even if she worked herself to death, she still wouldn’t earn as much as his pay for a drama.

When she passed by a large supermarket, she put on her mask and went to buy some food. When she arrived at the gate of the community, she knew that the security guard wouldn’t let her in so easily, so she sent a message to Xie Yan, telling him to let the security guard know.  

However, before the security guard had let her in, she saw a figure in black walking out from inside. The sky had gotten dark, and only when the figure got closer and closer that Su Shen saw that it was Xie Yan. 

“It’s so cold, quickly bring it in.”

As soon as Su Shen got off the car, she hurriedly passed the groceries she bought to Xie Yan, while she put her hands in her pockets, still shivering.

Xie Yan, who was walking ahead, glanced at her, “It’s very warm in my house.”

Su Shen: “…….”

She followed after him and said in a muffled voice, “I know that your house is warm, the kitchen is big, what else?”

Turning his head, he said with a smile, “And me.”

A gust of cold wind blew, and Su Shen lifted her shoulders and hunched her back. She glared at him and just let out a hmph.

Looking at the leaving figures of the two, the two security guards in the security booth were surprised. They naturally recognized Xie Yan, but it was rare to see him bring a person of the opposite gender home.

After walking for a while, Xie Yan finally stopped at the door of a mansion. He pressed his fingerprint and pushed the door open. The light inside the mansion was not turned off, and the decor inside was particularly minimalist. It was just that there was not an utter sound inside the mansion—inexplicably still.

Su Shen swept a look around. As soon as she entered, she saw that Xie Yan had thrown her a pair of newly opened pink fluffy slippers which looked extraordinarily warm.

“Where are your parents?” She suddenly asked.

Carrying the groceries, he walked towards the kitchen while saying, “We don’t live together.”

It was true that people like them who run from one place to another practically everyday rarely lived with their parents. Su Shen also liked to live alone, free and quiet.

After changing her shoes, she followed Xie Yan all the way to the kitchen and found that his kitchen was indeed really big, at least twice the size of her kitchen.

“I told you that my kitchen is really big.” Xie Yan said that as he placed the groceries on the counter.

Su Shen took off her down coat and shoved it into his arms. She smiled helplessly, “Okay, okay, your kitchen’s really big. Can you go out now?”

When he saw her turn around, rolling up her sleeves, as if she was about to start cooking, a light flashed through Xie Yan’s eyes. He suddenly stepped forward and embraced her from behind, leaning in and whispering into her ear, “The rest of my house is also very big.”

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