Abruptly withdrawing her hand, Su Shen glared at him blushingly and immediately ran away without looking back with her script in hand.

With Xie Yan’s look of harboring bad intentions, she had to carefully consider whether she should go to his house or not now.

Coming to the monitor, the Director was in the midst of discussing the script with Li Xue. Seeing her coming, he took away the cigarette in his mouth and said, “Since you’re in a hurry to finish the rest of your scenes, you have to stay up late tonight. Is that okay?”

Naturally, Su Shen had no objections, so she immediately nodded, “Yes.”

At that, the Director nodded with satisfaction. Not mentioning anything else, Su Shen was quite dedicated when filming and did not cause any trouble. It was much easier to work with her than with other artists who were not well-known but had a huge temper.

The next scene was a rival scene between Su Shen and Li Xue. This was where the friendship between the female lead and the supporting female lead ultimately dissolved. The two of them were originally close friends, but because the supporting female lead almost killed her parents, the female lead slapped the supporting female lead in the face. The Director was there asking a cameraman to adjust the angle, while Su Shen and Li Xue were reading their own script respectively.

“You can slap for real in the scene later.” Li Xue suddenly said.

Su Shen was taken aback and turned to look at her curiously, “We can use positioning.”

At that, Li Xue also looked up. A smile appeared on her standard oval face, “Positioning is not as realistic as a real slap. I will discuss it with the Director.”

As if she could see her confusion, Li Xue smiled lightly, “I’m not a flower, it’s just acting.”

After saying that, she looked down and continued to read her script. After glancing at her for a moment, Su Shen didn’t say anything else.

A great filming environment could really change many details. The people in the crew were very professional when filming, mainly because they saw how Xie Yan would take on every dangerous action stunts himself. Thus, the others were even more embarrassed to ask for a body double whenever needed. It would show that they were even more of a diva than others. Last time, Su Shen had also received a slap for a scene, and it was a real slap at that. Usually, Li Xue was very cooperative when filming, so it was not surprising for her to request to be slapped for real this time. 

Naturally, the Director was very pleased when he heard that. The effect of a real slap would definitely be better, so in the following scene, Su Shen slapped her for real. But, she didn’t use much strength. After that, Li Xue only said no worries.

In the evening, everyone had to stay up late to film. If it weren’t for Xie Yan, the others would definitely not have cooperated with her. After all, it was her who was in a hurry, not them. But because Xie Yan was also in a hurry, the others had nothing to say.

They finished work at 4 am and had to start work at 10 am the next day. Although it was exhausting, no one dared to complain openly. Su Shen was also very exhausted. She hadn’t had a good sleep for a long while, but she could only endure it.

She wrapped up filming a day earlier than Xie Yan. After completely finishing her scenes on Saturday night, Su Shen was about to ask the chauffeur to send her home, but Xie Yan insisted on sending her back, so she just let him do as he does.

There were not many cars on the road at night and on top of her condo being far away from the filming site, Su Shen was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as she got in the car.

“Don’t listen to He Hua’s nonsense. It’s not a bad thing if you want to stay at Starlight.”

All of a sudden, she heard someone talking. In a daze, Su Shen opened her eyes and saw the car speeding through the night. The street lights outside were so dim that few cars could be seen on the freeway.

“I’m just afraid that it will have an impact on my sister. After all, it was her who introduced me to Starlight. If I terminate the contract so suddenly, their relationship would definitely be affected in the future.” Su Shen turned around and looked at the man who was focused on driving, “And, you didn’t even ask me to follow you.”

It had just been He Hua touting, but Xie Yan had never mentioned the matter with her. Moreover, there were too many poor cases of artists forcibly terminating their contracts with their company in this industry. Su Shen felt that she had not reached the level of needing to terminate her contract yet.

At that, Xie Yan replied without looking at her, “There’s no difference whether you come or not.”

Su Shen: “……”

That was true. It could be said that she currently has two PR teams. The matters that Starlight couldn’t solve, she could go find He Hua. In fact, it didn’t make any difference if she went over or not.

“Actually, I won’t be staying with Starlight for long. If there’s a chance, I plan to open a studio myself in the future.” Su Shen suddenly said.

She could establish her own team. This way, she could have a say in everything and didn’t need to consider other people’s faces. As for a manager, as long as one had money, would one fear not finding a great one?

Hearing this, Xie Yan just chuckled, “It’s good to have a dream, but I don’t think you will succeed.”

“Why?” Su Shen glared at him and stared at his sharp side profile.

The latter smiled, “Because you’re going to marry me, so you will have the same team as me in the future.”

His voice was neither loud nor deep, but it made Su Shen blush. She immediately punched him in the shoulder, “You’re so narcissistic. When did I say that I would marry you!”

“If you don’t believe me, let’s wait and see.” Xie Yan seemed to be bursting with confidence and said it without blinking an eye.

Su Shen was so angry that she didn’t know what to say and just hmphed.

When the car stopped in front of her apartment entrance, it was already an hour later. Su Shen almost fell asleep, and it was not until the car suddenly stopped that she opened her eyes in a daze, only to see an enlarged silhouette.

“Remember to come to my house tomorrow.” Xie Yan held her soft and slender waist, burying his head into her neck and taking a deep breath. A faint sweet fragrance enveloped his senses.

The lighting in the car was very dim and a breath of hot air puffed directly onto her sensitive neck. Su Shen couldn’t help but blushed. Seeing him buried into her neck, she suddenly felt a little afraid of going to Xie Yan’s house. 

“I… I have to go back to my parent’s for dinner tomorrow. If it’s too late…”

“It doesn’t matter how late it is.” He suddenly looked up, and in the darkness, his eyes were fervent, “I’ll wait for you.”

Su Shen: “……”

He was too close, and with a flushed face, Su Shen looked down and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

The atmosphere in the car was immediately full of ambiguity. Looking at her blushing face, Xie Yan’s eyes darkened and suddenly lowered to kiss her soft rosy-red lips, gently caressing them until he pried them open and attacked.

With her eyes closed, Su Shen clenched her fists nervously until a big warm hand suddenly extended into her down jacket and grabbed her waist. She was taken aback and immediately widened her eyes. The other party did not take a step forward, but left kisses from her jaw and downwards…

“Xie Yan… you… go back quickly… tomorrow, you still have to… film…” Su Shen panted and her voice was as small as a mosquito.

After nibbling on her fair and tender neck, Xie Yan looked up complacently and said in a hoarse voice, “Go to bed early.”

Su Shen stiffened and found that he had already gotten out of the car and was walking towards the trunk.

After taking a deep breath, she put on a mask and then got out of the car. She declined Xie Yan’s offer to send her upstairs. Instead, she walked into the gated community with her suitcase.

She suddenly paused her steps and looked backed at the man behind her, “Be careful on the road. Remember to drive slowly.”

Xie Yan smiled, and he didn’t get in the car until he saw her enter the gated community entirely.

When she returned to her condo, Su Shen was so exhausted that she didn’t even cook something to eat and directly went to bed after taking a shower. When she saw the small hickey on her neck in the mirror, she couldn’t help cursing him as a beast.

After getting in bed, she was about to ask whether Xie Yan had returned to the hotel or not when she noticed that the first promotional trailer of her and Jiang Yin’s drama was released today. She was quite lucky this time. Ma Yue’s matter was highly publicized and had a negative impact, so its Hot Search got taken down and the scandal was suppressed. Thus, no one was able to take the limelight of her trailer.

As a star with a huge following, Jiang Yin’s popularity naturally went without saying and directly placed the trailer at the top of Hot Search. And she finally pulled back some of her favorability with the public, and the comments under her Weibo were finally not full of hate comments only.

Netizen A: Jiang Yin’s so handsome! The looks of this drama are all so high!

Netizen B: I think that Su Shen’s acting is pretty good. Why did so many people criticize her acting so poorly before? If this is considered poor acting, then those starlets aren’t much better!

Netizen C: Although the plot seems to be full of dog blood, I’ll definitely watch it because of the ML and FL’s looks! [heart]

Netizen D: Su Shen’s acting really has improved. I hope the drama will not disappoint. [joy]

Netizen E: Without a comparison, one wouldn’t know, but that supporting female lead’s acting’s so exaggerated, even Su Shen is better than her. [joy]

Netizen F: Our Su Su’s always improving. By the way, The Song of Troubled Times will be airing at the beginning of next year. Those who are interested can go watch the trailer! [cute]

Netizen G: Debuting at the same time, Su Shen’s acting has improved by leaps and bounds, but why’s Zhu Qinqin’s still the same [joy]. I think it’s not unreasonable for Director Li to cast Su Shen as the supporting female lead, since everyone knows that Director Li likes to cast newcomers. Looking forward to xiao jiejie’s performance. [heart]

This drama was set to air in April. A trailer couldn’t change her reputation, but it was still somewhat useful. Moreover, the day after tomorrow was the premiere for the movie. She felt that she should contact Liu jie first and let her prepare a marketing strategy, so as not to be taken advantage of by those antis. 

With this thought in mind, she immediately gave Liu jie a call who didn’t seem to be asleep yet as the call connected soon after.

Hearing her words, she said insipidly, “Don’t worry. Although you don’t have many fans, the PR team has bought you a lot of water armies. At that time, they will be commenting on how good your acting is. Moreover, your performance was not bad, so you don’t have to worry about criticism from passersby. Even if antis want to criticize your acting, it’s useless.”

Special times called for special means. Currently, her diehard fans were few. Su Shen didn’t think that buying water armies was a despicable act. After all, those who bought water armies to libel her wouldn’t think so either.

“But you have to be well prepared. If the kissing scene in the movie was not cut, Xie Yan’s fans will definitely go crazy.”

At the thought of this, Su Shen rolled over in bed, afraid of Xie Yan’s fans going crazy. 

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment before saying, “Indeed; it’s not a solution going forward like this. Have you both thought about when to go public?”

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