When the audio engineer saw her come in, they adjusted the equipment and sound for her before officially started recording. 

She didn’t have many scenes, and only a few scenes with screaming were a little muffled. As for the other scenes, they were fine and didn’t need to be re-recorded. After about half an hour of recording, she walked out of the recording studio only to find Liu jie and Xie Yan gone. 

After searching around, she finally found the two of them in a lounge. The film producer was also there. The three of them were talking about something, but only Liu jie was laughing. 

When she pushed the door open and walked in, Liu jie immediately waved to her when she saw her, “You’re done with recording?” 

After walking over, Su Shen nodded and took her black shoulder bag back from Liu jie. The former said to Producer Fang with a smile, “We’ll leave first then. As for the promotional tour  and anything publicity-related, we’ll try our best to cooperate.” 

Before, she was not well-known. Now, she’s becoming more and more popular, and engagements were endless. To participate in the promotions of the film, they indeed need to make time for it. But compared with this film, Liu jie knew which was the better choice. 

“En, Su Shen’s very great. Let’s collaborate again when we have the opportunity.” Producer Fang said courteously and looked aside at Xie Yan, “He Hua said you will be busy filming starting at the beginning of next year. We will go on variety shows to promote. You’re a leading actor, I hope you can still participate.” 

As his words fell, Su Shen glanced at Xie Yan and saw him sitting there quietly. He didn’t say whether he would participate or not. 


Although it was just one word, it made Producer Fang’s eyes glimmer, “You… have time?”

Many movie stars would not participate in variety or reality shows. Xie Yan was one of them. It was rare of him to agree. At that time, the topic would be trending on the news. 

“There should be.” He said insipidly. 

“Alright! I’ll let you know the schedule at that time.” Producer Fang left with a smile after saying two sentences, seemingly afraid that Xie Yan would renege. 

When there were only the three of them left in the lounge, Su Shen turned to look at Liu jie, “We…”

“It’s a hard to come by chance for us to meet. Let’s have dinner tonight, I’ll treat.” Liu jie grabbed Su Shen’s arm and said with a smile. 

Xie Yan glanced at Su Shen, “Sure.” 

Su Shen: “……”

Liu jie’s thoughts, how could she not know? It was just that if she were to refuse at this moment, she would not give face* to Xie Yan. Forget it, it’s just dinner.  

face aka 面子 refers to a cultural understanding of respect, honor and social standing. Actions or words that are disrespectful may cause somebody to “lose face” while gifts, awards and other respect-giving actions may “give face”. -Source: China-Mike.com

Walking out of the building, the sky outside was dusky, with a rose-tinted hue illuminating over the building. Street lamps had been lit on the road with endless traffic. Pedestrians passed by in twos and threes. Su Shen’s long hair was parted in the middle and could cover up her face, while Xie Yan wore a black cap and deliberately lowered it. 

This area was part of the financial district. As such, there were not many restaurants except for one western cuisine restaurant standing among the many office buildings. It seemed that their business was pretty good as well. 

Liu jie had already arranged things with the server beforehand. When they came to a table near the corner, Liu jie suddenly received a call. Su Shen didn’t know whether it was true or false. Liu jie said something came up and had to leave immediately. 

“I’ll send you.” Su Shen got up with a forced smile. 

“No need, sit back down. You guys take your time. Today, Su Shen will treat. I’ll give you the money later!” Liu jie patted Su Shen on the shoulder and looked at Xie Yan with a smile before turning around and walked away in her high heels. 

In a blink of an eye, she was no longer in sight with only the sounds of the melodious and sweet-sounding violin dithering in the restaurant. Couples whispering and laughing in pairs. 

Su Shen felt rather awkward. If Xie Yan merely saw her as a friend, it would be fine, but that wasn’t the case. 

“What do you want to eat?” He pushed the menu to her. 

The restaurant was serene. When she saw those couples who were feeding each other, Su Shen didn’t dare to look up whatsoever. 

“Anything’s fine.”


The server at the side still wore a smile on their face. This was their first time seeing such guests with their heads down acting so furtively where their faces could not be seen in the slightest.  

Taking a deep breath, Su Shen looked up and took the menu. After glancing through the menu earnestly, she pointed to one of the many entrees, “I would like a sirloin steak.” 

With that, she looked at Xie Yan across from her and asked, “What would you like?” 

“Anything’s fine.”

Su Shen: “……”

“Then one filet mignon.” She handed the menu to the server with a smile. 

Inexplicably, the server felt that this woman looked familiar and took a look at her fixedly but could not remember who, so they left after taking the menu. 

Just at this moment, a violin piece just finished. The couple at the neighboring table left hand in hand, and the violinist went to another table again. Su Shen saw the piano on stage. In fact, she quite liked the piano. If she has time, she would like to go learn it. 

“I got tanned even though I didn’t go out lately.” Xie Yan looked at her fair and tender hands on the table and then looked at his obvious tan and couldn’t help but frowned. 

Upon hearing that, Su Shen looked at his hands and stretched her hand over. After comparing, she couldn’t help but laugh, “I’ll recommend you a men’s brightening cleanser, my Dad is using it, and it’s pretty good.” 

Looking at her eye-smile, Xie Yan gazed at her fixedly for a while before coming back to his senses and mumbled, “Do you think I’m too tanned?” 

Upon hearing that, Su Shen was stunned, “En?”

Xie Yan was rather peculiar. He appeared to be taciturn and aloof, but after getting to know him,  he was actually not that different from ordinary people. He also liked to eat delicious food and cared about his appearance. It was just that he didn’t like to express it. 

“You’re fine.” She said lightly. 

“Hello, this is the Lafite that you ordered.” Just at this moment, the server suddenly came by with two glasses of wine. 

Su Shen was taken aback. She didn’t seem to have ordered any wine. On second thought, it must’ve been Liu jie

“You want to drink wine?” Xie Yan arched a brow and stared at her. 

Su Shen didn’t know how to explain it. She couldn’t just say that it was Liu jie who ordered it, right? But why did she order only two glasses? 

But when he looked up, the server swept a glance and instantly widened their eyes, “Y-you’re…”

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