She stayed at home for another day. When she went back to set the next day, Su Shen heard another news. It turned out that Jiang Yin didn’t want to film the bed scene with Zhu Qinqin and was dissatisfied with the following script. Clearly, he didn’t want to be a scumbag either. 

It was said that both sides were still negotiating, but this did not concern Su Shen. Her role was still little, with four or five scenes a day. When the reporters finally came to visit, she just finished filming her last scene of the day.

“Su jie, a reporter said they want to give you an exclusive interview.” Just at this moment, Xiao Zhou ran over with a bottle of water.

Su Shen took a sip of water, then walked over to the dressing room and asked Xiao Zhou to bring the reporter over. 

This was an entertainment reporter from a video streaming website. Unlike her sister’s website, this website was a leading domestic figurehead. Over the years, it has produced many popular web dramas and earned a great deal of money. Many TV dramas and movies would be broadcasted on their site as well. It was just an exclusive interview. It was not bad to build a good relationship with them. 

When the female reporter and cameraman came in and saw that she was having lunch, they greeted her with a smile and said that they only need 10 minutes of her time. Su Shen naturally agreed with a smile.

After adjusting the angle of the camera and filming began, Su Shen smiled and said toward the camera, “Hi Panda TV, I’m Su Shen.” 

After she finished speaking, the female reporter glanced at her lunch, “Su Shen, are you usually afraid of eating too much and gaining weight?” 

Just at this moment, the camera was also aimed at her lunch box—three dishes and a soup were normal. 

“Yes, so I will usually eat something good then eat something light. But I’m still okay, even if I gain weight, I won’t gain a lot. But you know, there’s no girl who doesn’t want to be more fit.” Su Shen couldn’t help laughing.

The female reporter also laughed in rapport, “That’s true. This is your first time working with Jiang Yin, how’s the rapport between you two?”

Seeing that she finally asked the real question, Su Shen replied with a smile, “It’s good, he works well with the others too.” 

“There was a picture of you guys having dinner together online, do you guys have a good relationship in private?” The female reporter continued asking. 

Su Shen blinked and paused for a second before saying, “We’re great friends. That day, I heard that the food from that restaurant was good, so we went and had dinner together.” 

Female Reporter: “Then, is there any possibility for you guys to develop into something more?” 

“We are just good friends.” She said unwittingly. 

Hearing this, the female reporter looked a little disappointed, as if she didn’t achieve a satisfactory answer. She didn’t expect that Su Shen would rush to clarify either. Then, she asked a few more questions and Su Shen answered them very strategically. As soon as time was up, the female reporter and cameraman left.   

Su Shen leaned on the sofa and rested for a while. Since she had no more scenes in the afternoon, she changed her clothes and returned back to her condo.  

As expected, Liu jie called again at night. 

“Didn’t I tell you to answer euphemistically? Why did you clarify immediately?” Liu jie’s voice was full of questioning.   

Leaning against the sofa and biting into an apple, Su Shen didn’t know why she clarified it so suddenly either. Perhaps it was done subconsciously. 

“It’s the first time I’ve dealt with this kind of thing, so it’s normal for me to say something wrong. You think I’m one of those diplomats who won’t leak anything every time I speak?” Su Shen said, imitating the tone of the original Su Shen. 

Liu jie on the other end was so angry that no words could come out. She thought that this heiress’ temper had changed, but she was still the same!  

“Okay, okay, it’s fine. Anyways, as long as you still don’t have a boyfriend, you guys’ cp fans won’t disperse. As for Jiang Yin’s side, I’ll go and explain. I don’t care if you did it on purpose or not, but you can’t talk nonsense henceforth!” Liu jie said with compromise. 

If it had been before, Liu jie definitely would not have dropped the matter so easily. It was just that she and Xie Yan would start filming soon, and the cp with Jiang Yin would not last long. It was fine if it was broken now, since the clout from the hype before had already been achieved.  

Su Shen, however, would not admit that she had said it on purpose. After saying a few equivocal words, she hung up the phone. 

When she was scrolling through her phone, she found that her interview today was trending. 

Netizen A: Hehe, Miss Su really knows how to get rid of someone as soon as they have done their job. She’s even worse than Mu Yao!

Netizen B: These antis are hilarious. If Su Shen just wants to hype, she can wait for the drama to finish airing before clarifying. Moreover, Jiang Yin hadn’t said a word before. Why didn’t he come out and clarify? To let Su Shen be attacked by his diehard fans for so long, why not say he’s the one who wants to hype! 

Netizen C: This scheming b***h’s fans are hilarious. My hubby needs to hype with a D-lister to get noticed? 

Netizen D: D-lister? Does this anti have some misunderstanding of the meaning behind “D-lister”? Which D-lister’s first leading role in a web drama has more than five billion views? Which D-lister’s first movie was directed by a famous director? As far as I know, Jiang Yin’s first movie flopped like a motherf***er. [smiley face]

Netizen E: If the woman did not clarify, did the man plan to continue like this? And let the woman be attacked by his diehard fans? Even an ordinary friend wouldn’t be so irresponsible, would he? 

Netizen F: This b***h’s water army is here to wash the floor away again. Couldn’t help it, after all, she’s rich. We simply cannot compare! Lemme take our Jiang Yin away! 

With the increase in exposure, Su Shen found that her fans increased more and more. If it was before, she would definitely be suppressed and attacked maliciously. But now, she could actually fight back. No wonder so many people hyped to attract attention. 

After scrolling through the comments, just when Su Shen was about to ask Liu jie whether she had apologized to Jiang Yin’s side yet, since she did violate the agreement first, her phone suddenly sounded; Xie Yan had suddenly sent her a message. 

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