She discovered the errors of her own ways. Although she can not see her own marriage, it did not mean she could not see Han Xingyan’s. She could look at Han Xingyan’s marriage system and find out whether she was his future wife or not.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu felt very stupid. Sure enough, it confirmed that a woman’s IQ drops when she is in love.

She had performed countless matches but had never looked at Han Xingyan’s.

The pink heart on top of Han Xingyan’s head was shining brightly on top of his head. Despite the fact that she had just decided to investigate his marriage system, she felt nervous at the moment.

She put down her phone and paced around the room several times. She could neither sit nor stand. She drank some water and then wanted to go to the bathroom. After dawdling in the toilet for more than ten minutes, she made up her mind and picked up her phone only to see that the other person had sent a message.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: I think there was a misunderstanding last time. I am sincerely asking you to look into it for me. Please do it for me, okay?”

I am Yue Lao: …as I said, no celebrities.

A minute later, Moonlight Beautiful Girl replied: Alright, I didn’t want to say this but let me tell you plainly. This person to me is not a celebrity because he is my boyfriend!

Didn’t you say last time that you were Qin Yingran?

Isn’t Han Xingyan’s girlfriend herself? Who is this person…a fan of Han Xingyan? She was well aware that Han Xingyan was well-known on the Internet. After all, he was wealthy and attractive. There were still a lot of women that wanted to marry him.

I am Yue Lao: You know that I am Yue Lao so I can tell that you are not his girlfriend at first glance. This man already has a girlfriend but it is not you.

Mother Han was so shocked at this message that her facemask fell off.

“Lao Han, perhaps I have really encountered a deity?”

Father Han pushed his glasses and raised his head, “Oh? Is it Taobao matchmaking? These people are usually skilled in order to tempt others to go to them for matchmaking. However, you should only look at it and don’t take it too seriously. They have a full suite of cheating scams.”

Mother Han disagreed with Father Han, “But the owner of this shop already knows our son has a girlfriend. Don’t you think it’s strange? As his mother, I only found out recently. How did this person find out so quickly.”

Upon hearing this, Father Han glanced at his wife and said, “I heard our son found a female celebrity. Did they get photographed? Didn’t I say he shouldn’t find these types of girls? That circle is so messy.”

Mother Han glared at Father Han and replied, “This time is different. The last time was a misunderstanding. The reviews are good this time. You better not meddle. It’s lucky that your son found a girlfriend with his personality. I’m just afraid that he got a girlfriend in order to deliberately fool us. Nobody has ever known what goes on in his head since he was a child. This won’t do, I think the owner can be counted on a little. I better ask again.”

Father Han frowned at Mother Han’s words. Their son would fool them? That’s a bit far-fetched. After a moment of thought, Father Han said, “I don’t think that’s likely. Our son won’t fool us. He’s never had that thought before, isn’t that right?”

He looked up to see his wife was on her phone chatting happily. Father Han helplessly shook his head and continued to read his book.

Shen Chuchu assumed that the other person regretted it and did not need her service anymore because they did not respond for a long period. But…she was also curious and wondered what to do. But when she remembered that she had wanted to investigate Han Xingyan’s marriage but had been denied by him, she was conflicted about taking a sneak peek. Just a peek!

The other person sent another message right as she was debating.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: Did you find out he has a girlfriend through entertainment news?

Shen Chuchu was stunned by this message. Why did she and Han Xingyan get on entertainment news? She quickly searched online but did not find anything about them being together and Shen Chuchu relaxed.

I am Yue Lao: No. Since I rely on this to make a living then naturally I can tell. Also, I know that his girlfriend is not the one that has been in the news recently. As for who it is, I cannot tell you. Mysteries of heaven must not be revealed.

If this person is a fan of Han Xingyan then she must repel them. She then added: So little girl, you should stop having unrealistic fantasies. This man has already been taken.

Mother Han:… (I’m his mother, not a little girl. Furthermore, why were this merchant’s statements weird, as if they had some hostility against her? And the more this person was like this, the more she wanted to find out.)

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: So what if he has a girlfriend. They can get divorced too. Just tell me who his future wife is! I will pay ten times the price. Ten thousand yuan!

Was this fan of Han Xingyan brain-dead? Without waiting for her reply, the other person sent another message.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: Twenty times!

Shen Chuchu: …

Five minutes later.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: Fifty times!

Ten minutes later.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: A hundred times!

Mother Han said in frustration when Shen Chuchu did not reply, “Lao Han, what is wrong with this person? Didn’t they open a store to earn money? I’ve already offered a hundred times more and they still haven’t responded? All the reviews are clearly positive. Perhaps they are made up?”

The fact that his wife wanted to spend a hundred thousand yuan to learn about his son’s marriage did not phase Father Han. He did, however, have some comments about his wife’s confidence in a fictitious internet fortune-telling service. He closed his book and calmly said, “Hasn’t the country introduced a new law? Malicious fake reviews can be compensated for up to 2 million. You can try to report it.”

Mother Han appeared to have ignored this sentence and remained lost in her own thoughts. Suddenly, She clutched Father Han’s arm and muttered hurriedly, as if thinking about something, “Lao Han, is it possible that he said this because our son doesn’t have a wife?”

Father Han frowned, “Don’t believe in this sort of thing. It’s okay for entertainment. Don’t take it too seriously.”

Mother Han replied, “No, look at her positive reviews. This owner is definitely reliable. I need to ask again.”

Shen Chuchu could not help but open Han Xingyan’s marriage system while Mother Han was speaking with Father Han. She continuously assured herself that it would only be one look only. This is not an invasion of other people’s privacy, so it does not count, she muttered silently to herself.

She had already mentally prepared herself beforehand. If Han Xingyan’s wife was not her then she would continue to date him but would silently withdraw when his wife appeared. After all, the chances of meeting your future marriage partner when you date for the first time are extremely slim. Although this way of thinking was a touch depressing, and she felt a little heavy thinking about it, curiosity still wins.

Shen Chuchu opened Han Xingyan’s system in an unpleasant mood and her nervous heart almost sprang out. She closed her eyes as soon as the system opened. Gradually she opened her eyes little by little. Once her vision was clear and she saw the name shown beside his marriage partner, the corners of her lips turned upwards instantly. 

Han Xingyan’s marriage partner was her!

After a brief period of excitement, she pondered on the fact that there were many individuals with the same name as her. What if it was not her? She later took out her phone, looked at Han Xingyan’s picture and tapped on the pink heart. She finally relaxed when she saw her photo beside her name.

After having the system for so long, she could finally see her own marriage system!

She scrolled down and was relieved to see that Han Xingyan only married once and she did not have any accidental deaths.

After being excited for a long time, she discovered that Moonlight Beautiful Girl had sent another message.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: Fine, I won’t ask who he is marrying. I just want to ask one question! Answer me this one question!

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: Yue Lao?

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: Deity?

Shen Chuchu was in a good mood and replied: Alright, ask.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: Will he really get married? Is there really someone on the other end of his marriage?

Shen Chuchu: … (Of course, was she not human?)

I am Yue Lao: Yes, he will marry.

Mother Han was relieved to see this message and finally put down her phone.

Father Han watched as his wife put her phone down and curiously asked, “What did they say to make you so happy.” After all, he had convinced his wife to sleep for a long time but she kept messaging on her phone.

Mother Han proudly replied, “The deity said that our son will get married so I am relieved.”

Father Han stared at his wife, stunned and convinced that she had been tricked today. At first, it was about their son’s marriage but in the end, they have only received the simplest information. In this society, there were very few people who did not marry and he also knew that his son would marry in the future.

Father Han could not help but ask after some hesitation, “So you spent a hundred thousand yuan to find out the answer to a question that everyone knows?”

Mother Han was stunned and frowned, “What do you mean everyone knows? Do you know for certain that our son will get married? Remember back in school, he would throw his clothes away if a girl had touched them. Other people’s sons knew to hold the girl’s little hand in secret, but he hid from them every day. I don’t know where he got this fault from. Also, the owner didn’t take my money.”

Father Han: …You used to praise our son for his cleanness. When did you start to get annoyed by it?

After being told off by Father Han, she felt deceived and nervously looked at Taobao then asked again.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: So who is his future wife?

Shen Chuchu thought they had given up but they asked again. This time, she would not say anything else because Han Xingyan’s marriage partner was her. Naturally, she would not say something stupid in front of others.

I am Yue Lao: No celebrity.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: …(Why is this owner like a recorder? And falls out with someone faster than turning a page in a book.)

The next morning, Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan with a somewhat different expression in her eye.

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