I Have Time Tonight

Su Shen wasn’t worried about having Xie Yan come forward and clarify at all. In the past, Xie Yan’s side would immediately come out and clarify at the first signs. Even if she didn’t go and ask, he would clarify it?

On the contrary, the matter with Mu Yao was more problematic right now. She has yet to sign the contract and there’s still a lot of uncertainty. It’s possible for the producers to be influenced by the fans and want to change her.

“I will ask him when it’s convenient.” Su Shen replied.

On the other end, Liu jie seemed to have a call coming in and she hung up after a few more words.

With a sigh, she changed her clothes and went to wash up. After eating breakfast, she went to set. She could be considered as arriving early since her scene was in the afternoon.

Tong Le’s scenes were finished yesterday so there was only her and the makeup artist in the dressing room now.

“I saw the news today. This is very normal in this circle. Basically, whoever has more fans will have more confidence. It’s quite perilous for you right now since you still haven’t signed the contract.” The makeup artist sat there legs crossed scrolling through her phone while looking up at her and said, “It’s the fan economy right now. The producers choose those artists with a huge following just to please the fans but since you’re being boycotted by Mu Yao’s fans right now, it’s very likely that they may replace you. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen before. At that time, that artist was already on set filming but got replaced at the last minute.”

Su Shen indifferently smiled, “I’ll leave it to fate then.”

“Hey, aren’t you from Xing Hua Entertainment? Their PR team is pretty good but if you want to keep this matter under control, unless someone comes out with news to divert the attention from the public, things will just get worse.” The makeup artist kindly warned her.

At that, Su Shen wanted to scoff. Just wait, in the end, that someone would still be her.

Xie Yan had been filming constantly. It wasn’t the best time for Su Shen to go over there right now. Just as Liu jie predicted, after several marketing accounts had reshared that photo, by noon, all of Xie Yan’s fans exploded.

The headline with her and Mu Yao got suppressed. But now, the entire internet was discussing the relationship between her and Xie Yan. In the span of a few hours, that photo has been reshared ten million times already.

As far as the eye could see, the entire trendings page seemed to have been occupied by #Xie Yan’s Kiss Scene#, #Xie Yan Su Shen#, #Xie Yan Reuters#, #Su Shen Mu Yao#, and #Thief Su Shen#.

Liu jie sent a message which said that in just a few hours, her social media index has been slowing rising with the number of searches ranking at the top of all artists in the past week. She told her to quickly find Xie Yan or else, the consequences would be irremediable.

Su Shen knew that those people were just searching who she was…

Netizen A: As a rational fan, objectively speaking, Su Shen’s beauty is pretty beautiful. She looks like a clean-looking girl but after I saw her dramas, I just ask that she let our Yan ge go. She really doesn’t pair up. [cry]

Netizen B: I refuse wholeheartedly! Hubby actually did a kiss scene! Furthermore, with an 18th-tier!!!

Netizen C: NO!!! My hubby’s first onscreen kiss was actually given to an 18th-tier!!!

Netizen D: Although this newcomer looks quite pretty, her acting really can’t be praised. Moreover, I also heard that her background is pretty strong and that she had stolen Mu Yao’s role. This is how society is!

Netizen E: Just now, someone had dug up her background. This Su Shen’s sister is the Vice President of Tangerine TV with her brother-in-law being the President. Her maternal grandfather was a professor at a top school while her Dad has a company that’s about to go public. That drama with Jiang He TV also has investment from Tangerine TV so she’s technically not a thief, her role must’ve been predetermined a long time ago. But Fan Meng’s background wasn’t bad either, at least she’s a best actress. Why didn’t Xie Yan film the kiss scene with the female lead but with a supporting character??? 

Netizen F: After seeing this photo, I just want to say “let go of that man and let me do it”!!!

Netizen G: Does the 18th-tier want to use Xie Yan to hype clout now? Just wait for our Yan ge to come out and clarify. [smiley face]

Netizen H: Miss Su should just focus on her acting, cause no matter how much you hype you would still be an 18th-tier. [vomit]

These comments were already considered to be reasonable since the more crazy ones have already flooded her entire Weibo with saying that she was deliberately hyping up clout, using Xie Yan for clout and whatnot. Her latest post had over half a million comments already.

Liu jie also said that if she were able to resist those verbal hurls then she didn’t need to go and find Xie Yan because this had already increased her popularity and exposure. But this kind of popularity, Su Shen only wanted if she really was thirsty for fame. 

After wavering again and again, she walked out of the dressing room and found that the people outside were already eating lunch. Xie Yan couldn’t be seen on set so he was most likely resting in his dressing room. Regardless of what others thought, Su Shen went to find him.

After knocking on the door twice, the door was then opened by Zhao Tong. He was currently in the midst of playing a game and after noticing that it was her, he looked back down and continued on with his game, “Su Shen, you’re not gonna go eat?”

“I already ate. Is Xie Yan inside?” She asked.

“Yes!” Zhao Tong immediately kicked the door open with his foot, then muttered to himself as he walked out with his phone in hand, “The signal inside is super terrible, it’s so freaking slow!”

After watching him leave while talking to himself, Su Shen went into the dressing room and closed the door. The AC inside was especially cool and refreshing. Xie Yan was in the midst of eating with everything being vegetarian, no meat or fish in sight.

“Um, sorry to bother you. Can you help me with something?” She took a few steps forward and didn’t beat around the bush.

Xie Yan looked up and saw her hesitating expression. He leaned against the sofa and insipidly said, “This is so bad.” 

Su Shen: “……”

“You didn’t accept the one million last time. I’ll treat you to dinner when you have the time?” It was just a favor. Xie Yan wouldn’t covet her one meal. 

After that, Xie Yan didn’t say anything. He then glanced at the sofa across from him, “Sit.”

Su Shen accepted the courtesy. She lifted her complicated muslin dress and directly sat in front of him, then straightforwardly said, “Do you know what’s happening online?”

Their eyes met. She had heavy makeup on again today with vermillion lips. Xie Yan didn’t know that lipstick was actually sweet?

He coughed with his expression unchanged, “I know, what are you going to do?”

Although it was a bit sudden, Su Shen could only be shameless, “I think this isn’t good for you or me. I was wondering if you could clarify?”

Xie Yan: “Clarify?”

She nodded slightly, seemingly embarrassed. Her eyes wandered around, not daring to look at him.

Xie Yan looked slightly down and grabbed the phone on the side. He suddenly said, “How do you want me to clarify?”

The AC blowing in the room made her inexplicably cold. Su Shen slowly released her hand from her sleeves and said after contemplating for a moment, “Just say that we’re just ordinary friends.”

“We’re just ordinary friends?” He suddenly glanced at her.

Su Shen was taken back and was a little embarrassed as he looked at her. She once again recalled yesterday’s kiss scene and quickly explained, “Sorry, you can explain it however you like then.”

True, they weren’t even ordinary friends.

Xie Yan fixedly looked at her and noticed that her ears were slightly red. He couldn’t help but smile and nonchalantly said, “Are we not friends?”

As she saw him look down while tapping something on his phone, Su Shen blinked and softly said, “Xie lao shi is my senior.”

“It’s my honor then.” He took the remote control from the table and turned the AC up.

She smiled and in a few polite words said, “No, it’s me who’s lucky to be friends with Xie lao shi.”

Xie Yan looked up and slightly frowned, “Aren’t you treating me to dinner?”

En?” She was startled.

Xie Yan: “I have time tonight.”

Su Shen: “…”

“Xie Yan!”

The door was suddenly pushed open and the sunlight outside immediately shone through. A middle-aged man wearing a black suit suddenly strode in.

He Hua arched an eyebrow when he saw that there was a woman inside and glanced at Su Shen. After discovering that she was that Su Shen, his tone remained cold, “Miss Su, don’t worry. We will clarify it.”

Su Shen dazed and suddenly remembered that this person seemed to be Xie Yan’s manager. From his words, he must’ve thought that she was deliberately hyping.

“I’ve already clarified.” Xie Yan suddenly said.

He Hua immediately took out his phone and after scrolling through it, his complexion changed and after putting his phone away, he looked at Su Shen, “Miss Su, I have something to talk about with Xie Yan.”

His tone was very polite but there was a hint of coldness when listened carefully. Su Shen also didn’t want to be a nuisance so she immediately got up and left.

As soon as she left, He Hua closed the door and pointed toward the door: “Who said that they will never do a kiss scene and will only kiss their own girlfriend? Great. Now, you’ve done it. You threw your words up in the air in a blink of an eye and even gave them an opportunity to hype. How the hell is this newcomer better than Fan Meng, that old fox?” 

Xie Yan poured himself a cup of tea and after taking a sip, he glanced at him indifferently, “You don’t understand.”

Hahaha!” He Hua laughed from anger. He strode over and sat down across from him with a burning gaze, “Who’s the one that doesn’t understand? This type of person is like a parasite. Now that she’s glued to you, she would continue to glue onto you for clout and you wouldn’t be able to throw her off by that time.”

As if he was a little annoyed by his nagging, Xie Yan looked away from his phone and arched an eyebrow, “Can you stop overseeing my private life? I shot a kiss scene and you are already making such a big fuss about it. Then if I were to film an idol drama, won’t you go crazy then?”

He Hua: “…”

You’re crazy!


After returning to the dressing room, Su Shen noticed that Xie Yan had just posted a clarification on Weibo.

Xie Yan V: It’s just for filming.

A meme was attached to his post.

Netizen A: So cute! My Hubby actually uses memes! Can you also post a selfie then???!!!

Netizen B: I just knew that Hubby would come out and clarify. [smiley face]

Netizen C: Although he had clarified, I’m still very sad that Hubby’s first onscreen kiss was actually with another woman. [sob]

Netizen D: Once I saw that photo, I felt as if I was lovelorn. [grief]

Netizen E: Although it’s just for filming, I still can’t accept it. Why was I not the one who got kissed!!!

Netizen F: The 18th-tier’s hype failed. [smiley face]

Netizen G: The thought of my Hubby kissing another woman, my heart aches so freakin’ much!!!

There were still a lot of people cursing at her down in the comment section. Su Shen hesitated for a bit and reshared Xie Yan’s post to clarify once more.

Su Shen V: Xie lao shi is a great senior. I will try my best to learn from him. [muscle emoji]

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