Scenes Finalized

After posting that, Su Shen chatted with Liu jie for a bit. She said that the production team hadn’t thought about replacing her yet. It may have been a blessing in disguise as the clout and popularity that she lacked had temporarily been increased after what had happened today. This was also a reason why so many people in the entertainment industry hyped. Whether it was good or bad, it was alright as long as it could increase exposure and popularity.

Since the production team hadn’t thought about replacing her for the time being, Su Shen didn’t want to read the comments online either. Some of Xie Yan’s fans were finally rational again but most of them still cursed at her for using Xie Yan to hype up clout. By nighttime, they gradually calmed down.  

Netizen A: Compared to Fan Meng’s plastic face, Su Shen’s more pleasing to the eye. I just saw the video of Su Shen playing the flute and she’s quite mannered. But please stop acting and let everyone off. [laughing]

Netizen B: Besides her acting, Su Shen doesn’t have any other dirt. But after I watched her drama, I can’t imagine her and our Yan ge rehearsing. [covered face]

Netizen C: Hehe, the 18th-tier got slapped in the face. Does she want to be the second Mu Yao now? Thrower Mania! [vomit]

Thrower Mania – someone that throws themselves onto another

Netizen D: Miss Su, can’t you just go and play your flute? You insist on acting but have you considered the audience’s feelings?

Compared to the morning, the comments were a bit more moderate now. There were still some diehard fans crazily cursing at her but Su Shen ignored them. This could also be considered as a forewarning so when the trailer came out, those fans wouldn’t have zero readiness in watching that kiss scene else, they would be even more crazy than now.   

Perhaps it was because she was trending a lot today, Su Ruan gave her a call asking her whether she wanted her to use money to remove the headlines. Su Shen declined. She couldn’t let her sister deal with everything for her. In the entertainment industry, this kind of stuff happened frequently hence she needed to get used to it instead of avoiding it.

When she was about to go to bed, her Mum called her again asking how she could have a kiss scene with a man when she had clearly said that she wouldn’t film this kind of stuff before. Su Shen said it was an accident and explained to her for a long time before her Mum hung up the call.

Su Shen knew that her Mum was very worried about her. She reminiscenced her past life where there was no familial love so she cherished this hard to come by family a lot.

After a few days, the comments lessened because Li Xue had another catfight with Mu Yao which diverted most of the passer-bys’ attention. The cause was stemmed from a variety show that they had participated in and during a game, Mu Yao had accidentally pushed Li Xue to the floor. This caused both of their fans to rip each other up. Li Xue’s fans adamantly said that Mu Yao did it on purpose. Now, both sides wouldn’t let one another off.

Mu Yao’s fans, however, were still boycotting against her casting as the female lead under the drama’s official Weibo. That headline had been read by more than a million times. Fortunately, the production team hadn’t mentioned replacing her.

It rained heavily on the day her scenes were finalized. Liu jie also came over to pick her up.

“Let me go over the itinerary. Tomorrow, you will go with me to have dinner with the producers and investors and in passing, sign the contract. On the 10th, you’ll go meet Director Wang. Road to Immortality still has some roles that haven’t been casted yet. Director Wang is very satisfied with your appearance. For the rest of the month, you will go and learn martial arts. I’ve already hired a professional martial arts teacher for you.”

Liu jie sat on the sofa drinking her coffee while reporting her itinerary from memory, “You will go on set on the first of next month. That drama is signed for three months during which you can leave to participate for a few other activities. In between, you have two variety shows to record. As for the small endorsements and editorials, I didn’t accept them for you.”

The heavy rain outside splashed against the window. Su Shen held her script and looked at her final scene conscientiously. She indifferently replied, “Have I been handed scripts recently?”

Liu jie placed her coffee down and said, “There are but it’s either some web drama or a supporting character for some small production. Nevertheless, after the matter with Xie Yan, your popularity has really increased. There have been some small productions wanting to cast you as the female lead.”

At that, Liu jie took out a script from her purse, “Look at this one. Although the director isn’t very famous and the crew isn’t the best, it’s still a female lead role. I’m mainly keen on the relationship between the producers and Xiang Dong TV. They have collaborated a few times and this drama will definitely be broadcasted on Xiang Dong TV when it airs. It’s also possible for a small production to be a hit.”

Su Shen flipped through the script and found that this drama seemed to be an IP* adaptation. It was a modern, urban romance drama. The male protagonist was an Interpol agent and the female protagonist was a reporter. The male protagonist rescued the female protagonist from danger during an on-site interview which then sparked their love.

IP* – stands for Intellectual Property, an IP adaptation means that a studio is turning pre-existing property such as a manhua or a novel into a movie or a drama

“En, the theme of this script is alright. As for the others, you can negotiate so long as my schedule permits.” Su Shen placed the script away.

“Don’t worry, I’ve calculated it. This drama is most likely going to start filming in October when you so happened to be free.”

Su Shen didn’t say anything else. For a newcomer, her opportunities were already pretty good.

“By the way, do you know Jiang Yin?” Liu jie suddenly asked.

Su Shen looked up and blinked in confusion, “I’ve only met him during the audition. Why?”

Liu jie looked at her meaningfully, “Who’s this nice in this industry? You guys aren’t close yet he’s willing to recommend you?”

Just when Liu jie was about to say something else, her phone suddenly rang.

Su Shen continued to look through the new script as she saw Liu jie answering her phone and found that this script was actually not bad except that there was a kiss scene.

“I still have something to do so I’m going to go first. You can take a taxi home, I’ll have Xiao Zhou go with you. However, we need to allocate a car and a driver for you in the future.” Liu jie put her phone away and got up ready to leave.

At this, Su Shen immediately passed her the script, “Why is there a kiss scene in this?”

Liu jie didn’t take the script and laughed, “I’ve asked about this. The director said they can use positioning. Okay, I still have something to do so I’m going now.”

Su Shen still had something to say but Liu jie seemed to be in a hurry and left at lightning speed. Su Shen could only put away the script and ask in detail next time.

It was raining heavily outside but the sets were already set up indoors so it didn’t affect filming. But the rain today complied with a scenario on the script which saved the use of a sprinkler truck.

While preparing to shoot, the director was still there discussing the script with her and had even demonstrated an eyeline shot for her.

“Su Shen, your actions need to be more dynamic and vigorous later. You have to vent out your resentment and unwillingness. At that moment, you can’t show any tears but your eyes have to be red which would give others the impression that you’re holding it in. You can first mull over your emotions.” The director also knew that this scene was quite difficult and gave Su Shen enough time to prepare.

The latter sat there and gave an OK sign, “Let’s start, I’m ready.”

“Alright.” The director said and sat back down before the monitor. When he saw that everything was ready, he then yelled action.

The gloomy sky not only shrouded the entire Earth but also the hearts of the people. Inside the luxurious hall, there was an abnormal silence. In front of the hall, a woman kneeled in plain clothes with no powder on her face and lips slightly pale. She kneeled there motionlessly.

Niang niang! Bad news!”

A palace maid stumblingly ran in then knelt down in front of the hall and pointed toward the entrance panickingly, “The rebel army… have stormed in. Quickly leave!”

There was fear all over the palace maid’s face. Su Shen continued kneeling motionlessly. She took a glance and her gaze gradually landed on that cup of alcohol on the table.

“Go.” Her voice hoarse.

The palace maid’s complexion changed and her voice contained a hint of lament, “Niang niang!”

“Go!” Her voice sterned.

The rain outside was still as heavy. The candlelights in the hall were sometimes dim and sometimes bright. The palace maid looked at the woman before her and gritted her teeth. Ultimately, she got up and hurriedly ran to the side hall.

Su Shen stared at the cup of alcohol in front of her and not long after, she picked it up with her slender pale hand. Her eyes were red and after a bitter laugh, she then suddenly raised that cup of alcohol and drank it in one gulp.

As the cup fell, the sound of footsteps suddenly sounded outside. Soon, a group of soldiers covered in rain and blood stormed in headed by a man in silver armor with an austere expression. The sword in his hand was even dripping with blood.

“Yao fei, your death is here!” Li Hao was full of murderous intent. He raised his sword, ready to rush over and kill her. 

Just at this moment, Xie Yan, who was in front of him, suddenly raised his hand. Li Hao’s expression immediately changed and wanted to say something but in the end, he gritted his teeth and left, leading everyone else to withdraw as well. 

Until he was the only one left at the entrance, Su Shen slightly looked up and looked at the man from a distance. She smiled in vain, “I remembered that Zhang ge ge said that he will protect me forever…”

A gleam suddenly permeated in her eyes and she clenched her fists tightly.

Looking at the familiar yet unknown woman in front of him, Xie Yan frowned and said coldly, “When did you ever need my protection?”

At that, Su Shen laughed at herself, “Right, I’m Yao fei who brought ruin to the loyal subjects, stole the tiger tally* and caused the hundred thousand soldiers at the border to die unjustly. My crimes can’t be pardoned…”

tiger tally – used by a king or emperor to command and dispatch the army

Her voice was hoarse. When she said all this, she opened her eyes and suddenly shouted, “Do you know what I’ve experienced after you left? If I didn’t enter the palace, Hu Zi would’ve died. If I was kind in the palace, I’m afraid I would’ve become a pile of dry bones under this red wall a long time ago. Hu Zi’s in Lu Yuan’s hands, how could I not listen to his orders and do all those atrocities? But you, you’ve never listened to my explanations. Where were you when I experienced all this?!” 

Hahaha!” Su Shen suddenly got up staggeringly and frantically pointed at him while shouting, “You were with Nangong Xue!”

The face of the woman was still the same but was now enveloped with insanity. Her voice was full of despair and it was so penetrating. The director stared at the monitor and a mirth of appreciation flashed in his eyes. The rapport between the two of them was perfect.

“How do you explain the tiger tally then?” Xie Yan’s expression slightly changed with a trace of peculiarity in his eyes.

Su Shen arrived before him step by step and her tears finally fell down, sliding down along her fair skin to her jaw with her eyes full of his reflection.

“I don’t know what’s righteous or not. I just wanted to save you. If I didn’t take the tiger tally, would Lu Yuan let you go? Yes, I don’t understand what righteousness is. I’ve wronged a lot of people in my life but I’ve never wronged you, Zhang Quan!”

Their eyes met and her tears continued to fall down, those teardrops seemed to have pricked his eyes. Xie Yan stayed silent with his fists tightly clenched and his expression complex.

Su Shen took two steps back and suddenly laughed in vain, “In this palace, I’m apprehensive everyday. If I’m not careful, I will die. I don’t want to be trampled on by others. My life is already like this, if I’m going to live, I’ll live at the top!”

Su Shen thought of her past life. She didn’t like the hypocrisy but also didn’t want to just get by. She worked hard to climb up the ladder just so she could live a better life. Whether it was living humbly or living the high life, it was all the same so she might as well just live more willfully! 

Noticing the changes in her emotions, Xie Yan discovered that perhaps there was another story behind this girl.

“This is not an excuse for you to harm the loyal subjects.” He frowned and gripped the hilt of his sword tightly. 

She turned around and their eyes met. Su Shen suddenly walked forward and slowly embraced him. Even though her touch was met with the cold armor, her smile was still as pure.

Xie Yan pushed her away and the latter staggered to the floor. Su Shen bit the fake blood pouch in her mouth and a mouthful of blood spurted out. 

“What’s wrong?” Xie Yan subconsciously placed his sword down and went over to support her. 

Su Shen spat out another mouthful of blood as she saw the concern written all over his face and a slight smile appeared on her face, “Zhang ge ge… you… you still like me… right?”

She tugged at his arm with the last of her strength with her face full of hope. When the camera got closer, Xie Yan showed a trace of hesitation. Su Shen gaped her mouth, “You… you…”

As her hand fell and her eyes slowly closed, Xie Yan pursed his lips with his fists clenched without saying a word.

When the camera withdrew, the director then called cut.

“Great, passed in one take!” The director was in a pretty good mood and was quite satisfied with Su Shen’s performance just now.

“Treat everyone to dinner!” Just at this moment, Wang Cheng ran over in his dragon robe. 

Li Hao on the other side couldn’t help but yelled, “The paparazzis are waiting for you outside!”

At that, many of the crew members laughed out loud and Wang Cheng angrily went to find Li Hao to argue. 

It was rare that such a long shot was passed in one take. Su Shen immediately sat up and Xie Yan on the side grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

“Thank you.” She insipidly smiled at him then turned around and went to the dressing room to remove her makeup.

Su Shen relaxed now that she finally had completed all her scenes. After she finished changing her clothes, she was ready to leave less Wang Cheng and the others would pester her to treat them to dinner again.

It was still raining heavily outside. The crew members braved through the rain and tore down the set up. Fortunately, Su Shen brought an umbrella. She had told Xiao Zhou to go back to the hotel first as there was not much for her to do on set. Now that she’s finished with all her scenes, she just needed to return back to the hotel to grab her luggage and then she could go home.

It was still raining heavily and a lot of rain was splashed on her. Moreover, cars were not allowed to enter the film site so she had to walk outside to get a taxi. After walking for some time, only a few taxis passed by and there were only a few people on the entire street with only her standing on the side of the road all alone. At this moment, she suddenly felt that Liu jie’s suggestion was not bad and she should get a chauffeur in the future.

Just when she was about to walk up ahead to take a look, a Land Rover suddenly drove up to the side of the road. As the window rolled down, Xie Yan’s sharp and distinct silhouette was slowly revealed under the streetlight.

He gestured his head and his husky voice blended into the sound of the rain, “Get in.”

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