After listening to Liu jie’s long stream of consciousness, Su Shen simply closed her eyes and said indifferently, “You don’t need to say more, I won’t get a boyfriend so casually.” 

Liu jie: “……”

“A man should get married on coming of age, and so should a girl. This is originally heaven’s law and earth’s principle. Even if you tell your sister about this, I will also say this to her. Maybe your sister wants you to find a boyfriend more than you.” Liu jie said in earnest.

“That being said, Xie Yan is just interested in me because of my cooking. The two can’t even be mentioned in the same breath.” Su Shen’s voice suddenly trailed off as she spoke of this and didn’t know how to explain it. After a moment of silence, she told the person on the other end of the phone, “You said to hype a CP, I cooperated. However, I will handle my personal matters myself. I hope you can understand.” 

The person on the other end of the phone went quiet when they heard this and then said, “Alright, this matter was my fault. Remember to go on set tomorrow; you also have a reality show you have to participate in the day after tomorrow.” 

“Got it.”

Taking a deep breath, she hung up the phone. At this time, the condo was empty and strangely quiet. After sitting for a while, she went to get some clothes and took a shower. 

The crew usually start work at eight in the morning. With so many scenes, Su Shen had to go on set to get her makeup done in advance. Fortunately, this was a wuxia drama. If it was a historical palace drama, it would take at least three hours with the hair and headdresses. 

Early in the morning, the staff on set were setting up the scene with the assistant director directing the placement of things and the like. The other people who had come early were sitting on their stools eating breakfast, only Zhu Qinqin hadn’t come yet. 

After getting her makeup done, Su Shen sighed. The makeup artist when she shot the film had better techniques. When she became extremely busy in the future, she should ask her to be her exclusive makeup artist. 

It was not until 10 o’clock that Zhu Qinqin arrived in a hurry, saying that there was a traffic jam on the way. They had to wait for her to get her makeup done, which delayed the filming schedule once more. 

“Su Shen, come here.” Director Wang suddenly waved at her at this moment. 

Su Shen then walked over to the monitor with her prop sword in hand. When she neared, the director was still standing and pointed to a stool for her to sit on. 

“Here’s the thing, I think that some of the plot can be changed a little. You said you don’t film kiss scenes, but dramas these days must have a gimmick or two. It’s impossible to have no kiss scenes at all.” The director leaned on his chair with his hands crossed in front of his chest and looked at her beseechingly. 

Hearing this, Su Shen looked around at the busy staff around them and asked conscientiously, “Then what are your thoughts?” 

The director suddenly took a script from the table and handed it to her upon hearing her words, as if he had prepared it in advance, “There are some plot changes here. What do you think?”   

After taking over the script, Su Shen flipped through it and found that there was indeed a kiss scene. There was not only a kiss scene but also a large-scale sex scene!

But it wasn’t for her! But for Zhu Qinqin and Jiang Yin! 

She didn’t want to shoot this kind of scene anyways. However, the content of the revised script was much different from that of her’s. Most of her scenes had been deleted by more than half, whereas Zhu Qinqin’s scenes had been greatly increased. 

As the finale approached, the male lead mistakenly went to bed with the supporting female character, and then the supporting female character infatuatedly followed the male lead from place to place to look for the female lead. Later, the supporting female character died in order to save the male lead, and thus, the male lead felt greatly guilty towards her and even cried… 

In the next ten episodes, her role was to go back and forth into prison and show her face from time to time. 

“Director Wang, was… this prepared a long time ago?” Su Shen did not appear angry, because this matter was very fishy. 

Director Wang also helplessly sighed upon hearing this, “This was something a certain investor wanted to change. You get what I mean?” 

How could she not understand? This kind of absurd plot was a smash to a director’s reputation, and no director is willing to do so. But capitalism controls the production teams now, so that’s why there are so many dramas where the female lead’s role is less than that of the supporting female character. But Su Shen didn’t expect it to happen to her. 

Moreover, this person was shrewd. They didn’t change the script at the beginning but waited until she had filmed for two months already before suddenly changing it. Now she had to film even if she did not want to. 

“I don’t mind, but I don’t know about my manager.” Su Shen pursed her lips and appeared indifferent. 

It wasn’t bad, actually. With Zhu Qinqin’s acting, and now with the deliberately added scenes, she would definitely be cursed to death. But Jiang Yin had it even worse. When the drama airs, he would certainly be cursed as a scumbag. Whereas, for her, she would gain sympathy and draw a wave of likability.  

But Liu jie would definitely not agree. A heroine who was just padding could not be considered a heroine. 

“Well, show it to Liu Min first. This isn’t the final version, actually. We can adjust it slightly.” The director seemed to sympathize with her. 

Upon hearing this, Su Shen just stood up with the script in her hand and smiled, “I will tell her.” 

The director was somewhat surprised as he didn’t expect her attitude to be so good. It was common knowledge that getting their scenes deleted was the most taboo matter for an actor when filming. 

Holding the script, Su Shen was preparing to send Liu jie a message when she suddenly noticed that The Song of Troubled Times had released another one-minute trailer. But her Weibo was managed by Liu jie, and she had already reposted the trailer from the official account.  

Su Shen was about to take a look at the comments below it to see the reactions when she noticed a person suddenly stopped in front of her. 

“Is this the new script? The director sure cares a lot about you, seeing how hard you work each day. Now, you can finally have a good rest.” Zhu Qinqin said sarcastically with her arms crossed in front of her chest and a face with a thick layer of foundation. 

All the other staff looked at them furtively. Su Shen put away her phone and looked up to see a face that looked as if paint was brushed onto a wall, and smiled, “You gave me a fright. I almost thought I had stepped into a funeral home.”

Cough cough…” Xiao Zhou, who was behind her, almost burst into laughter. 

Ignoring the eccentric Zhu Qinqin, Su Shen walked straight back to her dressing room. As soon as the door closed, she sat on the sofa and checked the reactions of the trailer.  

However, Xiao Zhou couldn’t help but stare at the door and complained, “What kind of script is this? The male lead unexpectedly fell in love with the supporting female character? This is too absurd!” 

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