Qin Yingran naturally did not know she had been made the scapegoat. She had been looking forward to meeting Han Xingyan since she learned that he also lived in this community. However, she did not know why she had not seen Han Xingyan in a long time.

Han Xingyan did not appear recently since he knew Shen Chuchu would be in the imperial capital so he returned to his old residence for a few days.

“Xingyan, you are not young anymore. You need to think about your marriage. If you aren’t quick enough then your grandfather may not see your wife.” Grandpa Han sat on the sofa and looked at his grandson.

Han Xingyan’s heart tightened and comforted, “Grandpa, you will live to a hundred. Even the doctor said if you take good care of your body, you won’t have any major problems in the future.”

Grandpa Han waved his hand and smiled, “There is no difference from living to eighty and a hundred. I’ve already experienced the ups and downs and walked the road I should have taken. I have no regrets in life. It’s just that I have a little regret that you haven’t taken a wife yet. What will I tell your grandma when I am down there?”

Han Xingyan pursed his lips and uncomfortably replied as he looked at his grandfather, “Actually I already have one.”

Grandpa Han was stunned to hear this and his movements paused. He asked suspiciously, “You say you already have a girlfriend? When did this happen? Why has your father never mentioned it? Your mother even said a couple of days ago that she was going to introduce you to some girls.”

“It’s quite recent. It has only been a couple of days.” Han Xingyan replied when he saw that his grandfather was filled with curiosity.

“Good good. It’s good that you have a girlfriend. I was worried that you may not find someone for the rest of your life. Haha.” Grandpa was both relieved and excited that he added, “Also, bring her to see me in a couple of days.”

Han Xingyan hesitated and replied, “It’s still too early. I will bring her after some time.”

Grandpa Han’s face went cold from Han Xingyan’s explanation and said, “What, you don’t want to?”

When Han Xingyan peered into his grandfather’s enquiring eyes, he felt a sense of powerlessness. He was not against it but was worried that Shen Chuchu would not agree. After all, they have only been together for a few days. If he suddenly brought up bringing her to see his family then he was uncertain she would agree.

“That’s not it. I will ask her.” Han Xingyan replied.

Afterwards, Grandpa Han’s face looked somewhat better and said, “That’s right. As a man, you need to take responsibility. You must not learn from those who are changing girlfriends every day. If this was in the past, they would be in jail for sleeping around!”

Han Xingyan sat quietly opposite his grandfather and listened to his reprimands.

When Han Xingyan returned to work the next day, he discovered that word of his girlfriend had spread across the workplace, and everyone knew about it.

Firstly it was his mother: “Son. Do you have a girlfriend? Is it Miss Shen?”

“Did Zhang Teng tell you?” Han Xingyan asked and looked at Zhang Teng, who stood in front of him pretending to be innocent.

Mother Han replied. “No need. You’ve moved across to Miss Shen’s apartment. Even a blind man can tell. I didn’t realise my son had such great emotional intelligence. It’s a shame I assumed you didn’t know anything. You are my son after all.” Mother Han was very proud.

After the call ended, Han Xingyan looked at Zhang Teng, “You really didn’t say anything?”

Zhang Teng raised his hand, “Cousin, I swear it was not me.” What he did not say was that he did divulge some information about his cousin’s neighbour.

Afterwards, it was Han Xingyan’s childhood friend: “Okay, our Young Master Han has finally bloomed. But which fairy came to earth and was able to take down our pure and unfeeling Tang Sanzang*.

*TL-note: Tang Sanzang is a central character in the 16th-century novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en. Tang Sanzang is based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuanzang. His character is a kind and compassionate monk who is very obedient to the rules and prohibitions of Buddhism.

Han Xingyan: “…” It made it seem as if Shen Chuchu was a bewitching woman.

After knowing that Shen Chuchu would be back the next day, Han Xingyan left the company the night before and returned straight to Liyuan Apartments. As soon as he entered the area, he found that the front was blocked. The driver was talking to someone in front. After waiting a while, he noticed that the car in front of him was still stopped motionless. He honked the horn but the owner of the car in front of him did not respond.

Han Xingyan had no choice but to exit the vehicle. He approached the car after locking it and learned that the owner of the car in front had accidentally hurt a dog in the neighbourhood. The driver wanted to leave but passersby stopped him.

“This dog is not even yours so why do you care about it. This must be a stray dog.” The driver said angrily.

“Even if it’s a stray dog, what you did was wrong. Do you not have compassion?”

“What do you mean I have no compassion. Little girl, don’t randomly label people. I don’t have the same patience as you when it comes to stray dogs. I need to hurry home for dinner so get out of the way.” 

As they busily argued, more and more people gathered around. Han Xingyan glanced at the dog then at the driver and frowned.

“No matter what, you better take the dog to the animal hospital first.” Han Xingyan had spent the entire day at work. He could not help but speak up when he saw so many people just watching and doing nothing.

They stopped arguing at the same time and glanced at Han Xingyan. The car owner examined Han Xingyan’s appearance before moving on to Han Xingyan’s vehicle. He recognised the guy in front of him as wealthy and reputable, and he refrained from saying anything anymore. The little girl who stopped the car owner, her eyes lit up when she saw Han Xingyan and wanted to say something. But, someone approached her from behind before she could say anything.

“That’s right. Just as Mr Han said, hurry and take the dog to check its injury. What a poor little dog.” As she talked, Qin Yingran crouched down and then looked up at Han Xingyan.

“Ah, Qin Yingran!”

“Yes it’s Qin Yingran, this is my first time seeing her here.”

“She’s so pretty in real life.”

Han Xingyan’s expression darkened when he saw Qin Yingran.

“Since the matter is resolved, everyone should disperse.” Han Xingyan said and glanced at Qing Yingran. Afterwards, he turned around and got into his car.

The owner in front immediately peculiarly said, “Ah, only you celebrities have compassion. How could we, normal people develop affection for cats and dogs? Thank you Miss Qin for quickly resolving the problem.” He then opened the car door and got in.

Qin Yingran felt a little perplexed as she saw Han Xingyan and the owner of the car that hit the puppy get inside their cars one after the other. She did not understand how the situation developed into this. When did she say she will take the injured dog to the animal hospital?

It was just difficult for her to stop midway in the face of the observers’ comments.

“Woah, Qin Yingran is so compassionate. I will post on Weibo.”

“She is very kind and does not care that the dog is so dirty.”

Qin Yingran listened to these discussions, and the smile on her face became a little stiff. After a few tries, she finally closed her eyes and picked up the injured dog. She also said, “What a poor little dog, I can’t bear to leave it.”

After she picked up the dog, the driver who hit the dog started honking his horn. Qin Yingran stepped back and stood on the steps. Then she stood there helplessly as Han Xingyan, who she had been waiting for so long, swiftly left. She could only detect a faint odour of car exhaust and the stench of stray dogs under her nose.

She wanted to toss the dog down, but with so many people watching, she had no choice but to smile and carry it before leaving. When there was no one around the corner, the assistant in charge of taking pictures stepped forward.

“Ran-jie, there is no one here.”

Qin Yingran heard this and quickly threw the dog onto the ground. She heard the dog bark and glanced at it with disgust.

“Did you take the photos?” Qin Yingran quietly asked.

The assistant shook the camera in her hand and proudly said, “Mission accomplished. I also captured the moment you picked up the dog.”

Qin Yingran nodded with satisfaction then glanced with disgust at the dog again, “That’s good.” Finally, today’s work was not in vain, it can be said that it was completed in one swoop.

The next day in the afternoon, Shen Chuchu, who was about to board the plane, was instantly upset when she saw two familiar names on Weibo’s hot search.

Despite the fact that she knew Han Xingyan was not such a person based on her knowledge of him, it was inevitable that she would feel bitter in her heart after reading such news. The photograph of two people standing together and staring at the dog was particularly beautiful.

She wanted to call Han Xingyan and question him. Why did he flirt with another woman after flirting with her? What was his purpose in messaging her every day on WeChat and ordering her meals? However, she also felt she had no right to question him.

Because she always had the impression that there was a sort of distance between them and that their relationship was less formal.

Shen Chuchu and her assistant boarded the plane after hearing the boarding announcement. She did not turn on her phone after disembarking the plane and did not call Han Xingyan as she had promised a long time ago. Han Xingyan did not ask for her flight number today anyways, she thought. If she called him and he had forgotten then it would be embarrassing. 

Wang Qian was really puzzled when Shen Chuchu called for a taxi. Did she not refuse the prepared taxi because CEO Han was coming to pick her up? Why was she calling for a taxi now? Didn’t she seem fine at boarding? Why has her mood suddenly changed now? People who are in love are really hard to figure out.

Wang Qian could not figure out her boss and could only silently follow her into the taxi.

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