Drinking Wine

Su Shen took a closer look, and as expected, found a man in a black coat speaking into a microphone; Xie Yan seemed to have gotten tanner again. 

“Su Shen, wait here for a moment. I’ll go and speak with the Director for a bit.” After saying that, Liu jie walked toward an office. 

Seeing this, Zhao Tong immediately and unrestrainedly chatted with her, “You’re so famous lately; I’ve been seeing news about you everywhere. Your asking price has gone up a lot, right?” 

Upon hearing that, Su Shen smiled helplessly, “Are you mocking me?” 

Compared to Xie Yan, her appearance fee was not even a fraction of his. Moreover, this kind of exposure was not one she wanted.

“I actually don’t understand. With your personality, you wouldn’t have done such a thing as hype. Did your manager force you?” As Zhao Tong spoke, he took a look at the direction in which Liu jie left.  

Upon hearing this, Su Shen pursed her lips and said in a clear voice, “No one can force me.” 

She was not so noble as to refuse all the hype. 

Ah?” Zhao Tong was startled, and he glanced at her rather peculiarly, “You… voluntarily? Or… this isn’t a publicity stunt after all?” 

OMG! What’s his Yan ge gonna do!

“You think too much.” Su Shen smiled, “Forget it, let’s have dinner when there’s a chance.” 

As she said that, she was about to go sit in the lounge. But Zhao Tong hurriedly caught up from behind, “Let’s not wait for a chance. How about today? It’s already the afternoon, and you certainly don’t need to film tonight. Dinner at your house?” 

Su Shen: “……”

“No, no, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean just me going to your house. I meant together with Yan ge. Ah… that’s not right, anyways…”

“Okay.” Su Shen interjected his awkward explanation, and with a deep breath, “I have to go home to rest tonight, next time then.” 

While they were talking, the door of the recording studio opened from the inside and could see the person beside Zhao Tong at a glance. The person paused and immediately walked toward their direction. 

Today, Su Shen wore a white t-shirt and a denim skirt. Her long legs were fair and straight. She was particularly eye-catching standing there in a corridor where people came and went. Although she appeared innocent, her temperament showed a calm that one who had experienced countless events would have. It was like a contradiction, making people unable to understand what exactly had she experienced.

They hadn’t seen each other for two months. Xie Yan noticed that she had lost weight again. 

Su Shen also saw Xie Yan. Although he said he had a bad appetite, Su Shen noticed that he was even more buff.  

“It’s just you?” As he approached, his gaze fell on her face. 

Seeing Xie Yan, Zhao Tong immediately said he needed to go to the restroom and left clutching his stomach. 

“No, Liu jie went to deal with something.” Su Shen’s expression remained unchanged. When she saw that he had gotten a shade tanner, she couldn’t help but said, “You seemed to have gotten tanned again?” 

So, was Xie Yan preparing to change his image and go Li Hao’s man of steel route? 

Upon hearing that, the latter was taken aback for a moment. As expected, did she like those pure and fair xiao xian rou more? 

Xie Yan: “It’s you who’s too fair, not because I’m tanned.” 

She didn’t expect that he would compliment her. Su Shen smiled in correspondence. Seeing that there was no one in the recording studio, she pointed at it and said, “I’ll go in first then.” 

TL Note: In Asian culture, the idea that one has fair skin is still perceived as a beautiful feature. I hope everyone can understand that the idea of beauty differs from culture to culture and don’t take this to heart. We are all beautiful in our own skin, perfect the way we are. 

Seeing that she was about to leave, Xie Yan grabbed her arm subconsciously, “You…” 

En?” She turned around. 

Their eyes met. After a moment of pause, Xie Yan said, “Would you like to have dinner later?” 

He added, “Outside.” 


Su Shen blinked and pulled her hand back, “No, thanks. I…”

“Su Shen!”

Just at this moment, Liu jie suddenly came over. Seeing that they were talking, her gaze wandered between the two of them. As if she thought of something, she turned to Xie Yan and smiled, “What a coincidence. I heard that you recently accepted a film by Director Fang. Filming should start soon, right?”  

Su Shen glanced at Liu jie, wondering what she’s concocting again. 

“Starts at the beginning of next year.” Xie Yan said insipidly. 

Upon hearing that, a hint of glimmer flashed in Liu jie’s eyes, “There are more than four months left; you can have a good rest before then.”  

Hearing this, Su Shen completely understood what Liu jie was plotting. All this questioning was just to inquire about the other party’s schedule to see if they were really going to partake in that drama or not.  

“Let’s go, I have to go record.” Su Shen glanced at Liu jie, seemingly as if she wanted to say something. 

The latter patted her on the shoulder and said with a smile, “You have to go record, not me. Go on ahead.” 

Su Shen: “……”

Glancing at the two of them, she swallowed what she wanted to say and proceeded into the recording studio. 

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